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Johannah Jeanty Jan 2018
I see you watching somebody else.
What are you wanting? I'd really like to help.

Call it whatever you want,
You will not be ignored!
You say their ways are blunt,
They cut you like a sword!

Would you be wanting more?
Would you be wanting more?

I see you hurting, hear you silent screams.
Well done pretending- now wake up from your dream.

Come face reality:
Embrace your insanity!
This is not a nightmare,
It's just the true world that you fear.

Oh, won't you live until you die?
Naturally, not suicide!

You deserve life.

I see you loving though so many hate
You are still giving, though they steal, they take
Your mind, your heart
They rip you apart
You are climbing,
Reaching for the stars
You're healing and still sore,

A letter from myself to myself
Contempthy Aug 2018
Shame on me,
For not trying harder to be a miscarriaged baby,
Shame on me through being a surviver of a deadly tumor,
I am a tumor of the world,
Shame on me for taking up space,
Shame on me from not being able to prevent her sucicide,
Shame is all I feel,
I am shame itself;
And that voice inside my head I can’t figure out if it’s actually mine,
Or if I died off long ago,
And now I’m just something’s vessel.
I’m so scared of negative judgement from other people. But I am exposing pieces of me and maybe through that I can be pieced back together. I hope you find relatablity or  at least understanding.
Carmen Jane Jun 16
You've anchored your words in my heart
And now at night, my eyes  won't shut
Salty droplets soak my pillow
I've asked if you're better, you said you're still low
How I wish I knew the answer
Cause I'd lay it on a platter
And instantly, to you I'd run,
As I would do for anyone
Yet, I must say you're pretty special,
I know these times might feel so stressful
Yet don't forget you're not alone
You've received your talents when you were born
So don't deny them, just pause the world
Focus on you and make yourself bold
Write down your feelings
And wait for the healing
Enjoy the sunrise and the sunset
I'm thankful for us, that we've met!

— The End —