ANu Aug 9
Twilight shadows gather
in an empty park,
to celebrate the close of day usher in the dark.

They run around and
chase each other
whispers on the ground
one last game of hide and seek
before they can't be found

They relish dusk until
our star finally bows its head.
Then in a rush
the park's hush-hush
til dawn gets out of bed
I've always believed in shadow monsters.  Inspired by the immortal Michaelangelo's Dusk and Dawn sculpture in the Medici mausoleum.
delicatefractal Nov 2017
the things you hide behind have swallowed you whole--
with multiple years' soil buried
cumulative suffering
do I look dead in the eyes?
(the boy you loved)

when you look in the mirror,
how do you know it's yourself looking back at you?
how many times have I forgotten how to kiss

I'm very hungry

take me
on my knees
my beautiful stillness
April Mar 7
Two different faces
Who am I?
The one they see
Or who I am
They don’t notice,
So I hide
Behind my
Double faces
D A W N May 20
you said you didnt love me anymore.
yet your face tells everything we steal glances of each other.
how your cheek grazes my eyes, burying every sinful lie within each and every moment.
you try to hide your feelings inside and pushed the love i gave to you
that you denied.
i see light in your eyes, darling.
now why couldn't you just let it be and see how you truly mean to me, see the countless times, the consecutive tries of trying to make you mine again.
now darling, i'm waiting for you. waiting for you to take me back one more time. i just need one try to prove to you that i was worth it all the time.
and i dont know why youre fighting back the truth and burying them with distinctive lies saying that i never loved you and you never loved me too and that we were never meant for each other but deep down you know it wasnt true.
so doff your pride and don a smile,
run to me with arms open wide
and accept me back
with the love
that never once died.
September to November-gubot na panahon
pk tunuri Mar 12
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers
We don't accept when people insist
But frankly, they do exist
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers

They once stood at your side
Now, They lie and hide
Even though they confide and cried
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers

All the thoughts of how'd they betray
All the happiness they took away
All the pain we suffer every day
All the crying they gonna repay
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers

Our pride may want them dead
But then a lot of things will be left unsaid.
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers
Diabolicizmz Aug 2
A spun child I am, dizzyly geeked that im the last to get found, no peekaboos or hide N seek.
Finally invistable here juzt maybe
I might could finally stand out only enuff to fit in. When there you go xrayz invisibility
Opaque transparency watching you delightfully looking to see through me?
How dare you, dearly be encouragingly genuinely appreciative of these
Humbly honored diabolic mentalities.
Trying ever so fervently to not see me looking back at me in every mirror I see narcissisticly
The foreground is not sacred to me.
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