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Demonatachick Oct 2016
Can I hide here with you ?

For I don't know what to do,my fragile soul's in half and my head and heart both choose different paths, let me hide here with you, away from public view, where their eyes can do no damage where my mind remains unravaged.
Izzy Apr 2017
Growing up
I was indirectly taught to hide my feelings
I was told she was doing it for attention
     "It's easier to ignore the situation than stop her"
I was told not to give her the satisfaction
I was told she would stop if I ignored her long enough
I believed my mother didn't care
       I was 8

I stopped showing my emotions
I stopped showing my annoyance
                                  my displeasure
I stopped caring
I became reclusive
I hid
I caged my words
      I was 12

Writing became my safe haven
Ink bleeding from my fingers
My words were all I had
My soul stayed hidden between the pages of my notebook along with my words
     I was 13

My sister died and it was in a counseling session that my mother realized her mistake
One I had forgiven her for years ago
     I was 15

If there was anything I learned it was that my words are mine and mine only
Lyn-Purcell Sep 9

I feel the darkness grow and stalk
                     the halls of my mind,
        whispering words of mockery,
                  words that I cannot help
                                but take to heart...

What if I am not good enough?
                                Am I a failure?
                   What if I can't do this?
                    Am I lying to myself?
What if I make a fool of myself?
                    Am I truly talentless?

  All of this runs around my mind,
       having me chase and bite and
      pull my own tail as the darkness
         laughs, loud, proud and cruel.
             Am I just wasting my time?
           Is the quill and ink meant for
                              someone like me?
           Am I even good at what I do?
                   I don't know what to do
                   I don't know what to think
                            All I know is...is that
                                            IT HURTS

It all hurts too much...
Far too much...

                       How I want to hide...

I couldn't fully cage my anxiety and depression,
but it's leaking out of the cracks, making me
feel restless, tired, weak and making me question
everything I do.
...I guess It's fortunate that this is happening before
I start my course on the 17th of this month,
But it's so draining to deal with.
I feel so exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally.
I feel like all my energy is being ****** out of me... I want to scream and cry...
I need a break and fresh air so I'm going for a walk.
I'll be back soon.
Devine Freyde Aug 11
A whole year
A whole wild world

Hundreds of laughter
Gorgeous amber
Restrain my anger
I thought it was for the better
But my heart is shattered

Unbearable pain
From a beautiful sin
Getting wider everyday
Getting sadder everyday

I am aware of limits
I face it every minute
But we're beyond that
Is it that bad

Been out all seasons
Escaping prisons
Fighting demons
I shout it out loud
Hold you around
Feeling insanely proud
You can tell by the clashing sound
But why am i wrong to believe in
Everything we are
Everything i got

My strength subsides eventually

Because i'm out here fighting
But you're in there hiding
delicatefractal Nov 2017
the things you hide behind have swallowed you whole--
with multiple years' soil buried
cumulative suffering
do I look dead in the eyes?
(the boy you loved)

when you look in the mirror,
how do you know it's yourself looking back at you?
how many times have I forgotten how to kiss

I'm very hungry

take me
on my knees
my beautiful stillness
Blade Maiden Sep 15

I want
my heart on a platter
so I can see the ins and outs
Want the act to matter
See it mirrored, my mouth, it shouts

Feels like
standing in front of the mic
singing of losing track of time
remembering this certain chime

Means I
don't really know how to defy
feeling lost in the rubble
of uncertainties and trouble

I hide
behind buckets full of the tide
I filled when the ocean didn't look
all I could see I took

I keep
time in a place safe and deep
live inside a moonlit jar
an ocean filled reservoir
read my own memoir
and said au revoir
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