Dominic Latino Jul 2014
I've been wearing a mask for so long
Hindering my ability to let people see me for who I really am
It's hard to breathe behind this mask
It's getting hot
Marcus White Jun 2014
They are worn
as a disguise or
to hide

To hide from the past
the shame that remains
the monster inside
the lies

To disguise
the pain that never
well change
Prea Aug 2014
You don't know me
And you don't want to
So don't give me a reason
To unleash my demons
Alexis Apr 2014
She would
Build walls around herself,
A thousand feet tall.
"Don't trust,
Don't let anyone near,"
She told herself.

But sometimes
She would soften up.
Tear down the walls
And let others in.  

Only to be left,
To be betrayed.
So she would construct them again,
But destroy it soon after.

It was a cycle,
Building walls and then tearing them down,
Over and over again.
Maple Mathers Feb 2016
Just a Game. . .

In the comfortable stockade of my mind
Hide and seek cannot be won
Tip­toe away and find a hollow,
The solitary spot
Slipping between turmoil
Festering in alcoves
Always waiting; back tensed,
Adrenalin sheathing the silence
If I remain undetected
Perhaps the seeker will ease off,
Forget the ollie ollie in comfree
Leave me stowed away.
Much later, I could creep into safety
Call a truce, change spots...
Yet unmarred, the same old rules;
Vicious whispers that ask of unknown.
Meaningful glances and gritted teeth,
The shock of lush green eyes chasing down memory lane.
Wake up, Maple. Wake up.
But I wouldn’t, and it didn’t matter.
Because the stabbing whispers would continue inside;
Dueling emotions I long ago left at bay.
Reside there, waiting.

*Ready or not,
(All poems original Copyright of Eva Denali Will © 2015, 2016.)
Audrey Apr 2014
Live in the shadows
And flee from the sun,
An army of rebels
Marching as one.
Mingle your voice
With the other outcasts,
Your single goal
Is to simply outlast.
Deep inside,
down in the dark,
they stir.
As if to say,
you can't see us but,
we're here.
You know they are,
but you try to ignore.
The stirring,
the nagging in your mind.
Deep inside,
down in the dark,
they hide.
The demons of my past,
really of my present,                                          
because they're still there,
stirring, nagging,
desperate to escape.
But I keep them locked up tight,
down in the dark,
deep inside.
Elvie Jan 2015
I cannot let you find me,
Leave me to hide in my sanctuary.
we had that thing
no one can quite
put into words
but they could tell
when we looked at each other
when we laughed together
what we had was intangible
and when I lost you,
I lost myself
and I'm still trying to find out
where I went
WistfulHope Sep 2014
Playing hide and seek
with the little kids
I was oddly
close to you

Part of me wished
it was him
and that he was
seeking me
and I'd finally
feel found
Iampureart Aug 2016
All I want to do is
to hide your beauty,
and my feelings for you
in Poetry, so they can last
- **forever.
She Writes Mar 2
Rape doesn’t always hide
At parties and outside clubs
Rape doesn’t always hide
In dark alleys and empty parking lots
Sometimes it is right in front of you
But you choose to look the other way
Rape doesn’t always hide
Behind the faces of strangers in the night
Sometimes it is hiding behind the closed doors
Of your uncles
And brothers
Rape isn’t always loud-
Screaming, yelling, and crying
Sometimes rape is quiet-
Gasping for air and silent tears
Manisha Uniyal Aug 2015
Drop by drop
How it was done 
Condolence ripped eyes
Forever in the dusky light

Marching soldiers like water glides
Country by country for the moments pride
Still digging and digging for the new way
Like ant's used to do near a cozy place

Elephants were humble to nod and stay
Loosing temper was not his game
Like pond still and shinning on a full moon day

Meteors fall just to burn in the way
Bam.. explosion
If they land to celebrate a day
Elephants might not live to sing
A Happy.... happy Birthday 

Who might survive
I guess ant's would stay
Coz they'll be hiding in their cave

this is not me, seriously believe me, Not meeee but 102° fever speaking.
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