Piyush Gahlot Jul 27
That pure innocent smile,
Your childish face and that side profile,
Your silky hair and that perfect hairstyle,
Would never forget you.
Damn I miss you!

The touch of your smooth skin,
That beautiful little chin,
Your blushy cheeks and that grin,
Still I adore you.
Damn I miss you!

Those big dope eyes,
That Stupid nose ,
Those size 7 feet and pinky toes.
Your medications and Ayurvedic dose.
Wish again to feel you.
Damn I miss you!

Baby I still remember,
that freezy December,
The day we fell off the scooter,
Your stupid buggy computer.
Our first date and the perfect kiss,
That raining night we spent in balcony
When you burnt the toast and macrony,
That birthday card you made me,
Helping in projects and assignments,
You taking care when I got sick,
I recall all those perfect memories of you,
still there's a place for you,
Damn I miss you!

I wish you would have waited,
I would have come back ,
But I can't blame you,
It was me who needed the space ,
The fault is my own
So I am the one left ALONE! :'(
I miss every cell of her body,
every second I spent with her,
every piece of memory,
Every bite I had with her.
I fucking miss the whole of her.
rd Jul 24
Your words touch me
    in the most intimate places..



Mena Mulugeta Jun 20
When the thought of fear strikes you, you freeze up the thought of fear is sending you shivers up your spine I bet you’re afraid of many things fear is mental fear shall not defeat you.

Fear is emotions that you must learn to master, and when so you’ll look at yourself and realize the outstanding things you’ve done to conquer fear.
#fear #defeat #purpose #conquer #life #real #feelings
Shadow Puppet Jun 2017
You'll never believe that I am the secrets and you're the words
Just like I don't want to believe I was the ball and you were the bat
What am I even saying
Why am I still writing
These words don't feel the void in my chest
Church says God bless
But then talk down about you
I can attest
I'm drowning in myself
The beast of my mind is consuming me
How much is left
I have no ambition to fight
I'm weak and you'll never know how it feels to be me
No matter how much you relate
You won't know how much I feel it's in vain
Depressing words to match feelings
Dressed in a uniform
Tears roll down my cheeks
Snot dripping nose
All, just leave me alone
Yes I'm broken hearted because the crack was never sealed
And although I act like a cold blooded murderer
I'm the one dying
I'm fading away
You'll never believe that I am the secret and you're the words
The ones I never heard
I don't know myself
Death is stuck in my head
These words you're reading don't mean a thing
Just another broken soul
Probably nothing original
Everyone feels pain
These emotions are cliche
Nothing, still got the same feeling
Drowning in my thoughts I couldn't cough up what I thought. I never did know my feelings....
grace snoddy Feb 25
i stand in a graveyard.
i see, though i am blinded by the past.
i see millions of tombstones surrounding me,
each one has words i dare not read.
i am scared,
and i am alone.
though i am not alone, there are ghosts who hold faces that are familiar around me.
they tell me that the light shall come soon.
they promise me this.
i do not believe them,
i have been fooled too many times.
and as i walk throughout this graveyard i come to a realization;
no matter how many ghosts stand by my side,
i am the only one who is of real flesh and bone.
who stands above the ground and not beneath it.
i cannot come to terms if this is good or not.
nish Jul 30
if only you could make me feel
the way my fingers
make me feel.
- to men, from me.
Asiaa 5d
can i tell her tht
she was her.
i wanted
all of she!
i juss knew
she is
to be w me..
her... she is
juss so beautifully.
eyes, nose, lips
& body... mainly
she is her
her is she
wow she’s so
i juss want her
to be with me
can i make you my
queen on saturday?
nvm.. i think
she’s has somebody..
sadly i thought
maybe it
was jus an imaginary
but now were friends..
and in the end
can i tell you tht?
she is her.
her is she

... i wanted her to be w me
i want her. and till this day i still do.
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