In his eyes,
reflects a way of life I despise

he is narrow minded,
by a 6 foot tall statue of christ

I do not have the heart to break it to him
that in his lonliest hours,
dark showers
pain and defeat
his savior, he will never meet

instead I retreat,
let him be who he is
there is no sense to try
convincing him all he has faith in is a lie.
When he looks into my eyes,
he sees a misdirected sinner
barefoot and wild
a silly child

the irony spans for miles,
because I am far more selfless
all he fails to realize
is beauty I see

I do not mind
that he is not kind
or that his “all seeing eyes”
are in fact blind

I am me,
and he is he

at the alter
the soul next to me will be,
drastically different
someone lovingly free
Tim Mahon Jul 21
The Sun, of fire and beauty
Destruction and Life.
Something so magnificent,
You can't even look at it.

My son, of fire and passion
Life, until death.
Something so magnificent,
You can't look away.

Maybe we don't look at the sun,
Because we are afraid that we
Might not be able to let go
Of the beauty, that might just end up,
Destroying us.
Compares true love and that which appears to be love, but will end up destroying you in the end.
Peter Balkus Aug 2
When she was crying in my arms,
I licked her teardrop.

It tasted like mine.
Jackie G Apr 4
Have you ever gone soooo far.
You've felt there wasn't anyway you could return. Thinking*
What have i done?!
Too ashamed to tell
But too deep to reach the surface for Air.
One day I decided to let go
"Let go of the world" I Told myself.
For Everything in it has drowned me
When I let go
I've realized who i was.
That i only went Deep because i tried to find my identity
But My identity wasn't in the WORLD
All along it's been inside me.
You know! The beauty within!
Not my flaws.
Not my mistakes.
But the goodness from God's grace.
Same with you, Believe! Have faith! Soon you'll find
In this world you have no place- Because its wicked.
Now thats deep!!!!
Peter Balkus Aug 2
I see him
trying to find a reason
to carry on.
It's hard.
One reason
to make him stay
a light.
Hanna Jordan Sep 2017
I stood there,
getting lost in thought
as usual.  
The familiar sounds of
children's laughter mixed
with random conversation outside
dances through my ears,
I barely notice.
I gaze deeper into the abyss
of absolutely nothing
as my thoughts slowly
consume me one by one.
Each one completely different
than the last.  
"You okay over there?"
Sigh, back to reality...

- H.H.
Tim Mahon Jul 21
She was beautiful as she sat there
I stared through foggy binoculars
Red rings around my eyes from staring
Too long.

A migrating bird encapsulating an entire
Ecosystem's aroma.
Each feather soft as seafoam spun from silkworms.
She gazes into nature's greatest gifts of nectar.
Sweet and rare.
She sits across the class from me.
Never to glance over to her humble
Bird Watcher.
This is not meant to seem stalkerish but in an effort to emotionalize how a shy kid feels when looking at a beautiful girl
s Jul 22
the place I belong
is submerged in your essence;
found and deep within
safe and sound
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