Indrew C Sep 2014
My penis is a dream come true
my penis is for me and for you
my penis is a simple get away
for cats and hearts that are astray
my penis is an action star
and you are the leading lady
you can play with my penis like a guitar
but please don't leave it off shaking
my penis is a spectacle
all of the world's wonder in a nutshell
but if there's one thing my penis needs
it would be time and seeds
it needs to grow because it is small
this poem was just used to stall
strong desire Mar 2015
Dude it is ok , the art to use it matters .
10 word poem
Al Aug 2014
I used to say your lips were too small.
but now,
after feeling so many,
I realized yours weren't small.
They were a perfect fit,
like a puzzle piece.
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Small town people
Small town minds
Gossip turn sour
No secrets left behind

Small town girls
Small town boys
Turn off the lights
Lock up your toys

Small town crimes
Small town night
Light up the fires
Creeps into sight

Small town games
Small town sins
Newlywed murders
Takes it on the chin

Small town stories
Small town fairs
Drowning in the lake
Nobody cares
Based on my own small town I grew up in
Chin-Hooi Ng Nov 2014
Small town,

starry night,

the playback of old times on vinyl,

small town had our dreams,

osiers standing silently,

along the causeway,

seeing shadows of  days gone by,

against the wind,

memories of  the small town,

bright and luminous like pearls,

small town has changed,

dreamers no longer dreaming,

laughter and tears demised,

and became our own treasures,

walking in this city,

you can go back to a lot of places,

but you can’t ever go back,

to the days of yore,

of the small town.

Pink—small—and punctual—
Covert—in April—
Candid—in May—
Dear to the Moss—
Known to the Knoll—
Next to the Robin
In every human Soul—
Bold little Beauty
Bedecked with thee
Nature forswears
Rachel Skoda Oct 2015
I hate this small town
full of small minded people
who suffocate me with empty promises and spiteful comments about the way I look and act.
Taylor Feb 2013
such a small town
has built such broad shoulders
and such strong arms

from holding each other up

such a small town
has endured such heartbreak
and such loss

because of things we can't control

such a small town
has cried too many tears
and lived their biggest fears

because life is unfair

such a small town
has learned such ways,
the value of their days

and that makes life a little sweeter

but such a small town
could never forget
those we miss

because our hearts
are not so small
Too many losses, far too soon. You are missed.
She stands where the river blows her hair wild

no youth and no favor for her
no hands to clean the salt licks on her skin
her palms are dreams wrinkled dry
yet craving an offer.

You come from a distant land, she says,
heavens bless you.

I got no small change, I respond,
my mind drifts to ponder,

a small change, I need that too,
always hungered for
and faltered through
like I missed the vessel narrowly
to be on the river's other side.

Maybe when I come back,
I turn toward her.

She was gone.
Harwood Point, Dec 5, 2017
An abortive river trip, a chance encounter
Poetic T Sep 2015
Could of filled a thousand times
Up I went, opened that loose pink hole
Must have felt like air between thighs.
But you were always wanting more in-kind
Up it went did you feel anything inside
Could say I was small I was 9 inches 2 wide
Keep it coming fill you up, my sacks gave too much
Empty shrivelled bags seeds sewn now only dust
T**ill the next time my sexy Cum Bucket love.
Laney Mejias Nov 2012
i may not be strong
but every ounce of strength i have
i will use to hold you
as tightly as i can.

i may not be tall,
but i will take you higher than you have ever been
where there is no color, race, fear, or pain
and all is filled with beauty, love, and hope.

i may not have money,
but i am rich in love, and happiness, and soul
and i will share everything i have with you
each second i am by your side.

i may not have been whole,
but that was only because
i did not have my souls twin to complete me,
i had not yet found myself in you.
Chaz Kirshcmann Oct 2012
The strain
The pain

To nothing
To something
For something

I'm stuck
In this small town  

No idea
What I feel
I'm going insane

Risk must happen from here
Or Ill be confined
To a simple little life
Its time to shine
Arataikii Aug 2014
I'd like nothing more  
Than simply everything.
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