PieLovinUnicorn Feb 2015
I serve
To my team

I catch
with my face

I pass
To the floor

I score
Into the net

And yet
I frown
By smiling

And win
By losing

A defeat
Can be a good victory
Its all about sportsmanship
This is some true stuff that happen to me
If i lose you i will never be the same anymore,
i will lose my best friend , my soul mate, my smile , my laugh and everything. Once i lose you there will be no more sunlight , no clear skies, just like the clouds my eyes will do the same cry until you make the tears go away, if you walk away it will rain.
I cannot lose you because if i lost you everything would be meaningless,I wandered into the darkness looking for something to bring happiness to my life, something real. I found you and ill be damned if i lose you. You mean more to me then you'll ever know! I've fallen so hard for you, that if i ever lose you, ill lose myself. If you were a tear i would never dare to cry. I might lose you ! I don't think you'll ever understand how afraid i am of losing you Stephen <3
My worst fear is losing you </3
Maybe im scared because you mean more to me than any other person. You are everything i think about, everything i need and everything i want.
Stay. No matter how hard it is being with me, just stay. I need you!
I get jealous very often, i get jealous so easily and its only because i dont want to lose you <3
Even though i know things won't always last forever, I want to have you for as long as i can. Youre the one who brought the happy feeling inside me again. i haven't felt like this since i was a kid when my family would make me laugh , and i dont think ill ever want to lose my happiness again. Please don't go anytime soon. You make me really happy and i cant risk losing someone like you.
My nightmares are usually about losing you, I don't want us to be strangers again. I dont want to lose you after all weve been through, all the pain we push past , all those beautiful memories.
Promise me, promise me youll never leave.
I dont wanna lose you baby, please dont ever let me.
You see i love you and i dont want to lose you because my life has been better since i found you <3
GaryL Sep 2015
it's getting scarier by the HOUR
OUR world will never see PEACE
PIECE by piece we're overpowered
overpowering us as our fears increase

we sit idle as hatred BREWS
BRUISED by the war torn SCENE
SEEN as only pawns to lose
losing all of our hopes and dreams
i capitalized the homophones for beginning writers, who may not know what a homophone is
Jealousy of all emotions is so painful,
Causing the heart to ache and head to spin.
Jealousy is a trait I suffer from,
Making the tears pour down across my skin.
Jealousy is one of the pains of love,
The double-edged sword.
Whether you lose,
Or win.
A huge thank you to Joseph Paris for editing this, make sure to check out his pieces because they're amazing.
Nicholas Morin Mar 2015
I relapsed last night
As the knife met my skin
and introduced itself
Over and over again.

I'm disappointed with myself
I shouldn't harm my skin
I'm losing every battle
Because I refuse to win.

- N. Morin
Say that quitters never win.....

You gotta quit,
to start winning.
If you believe in yourself and give praise to your Lord you will achieve anything.
Clindballe May 2014
You fight or surrender.
You win or lose.
You do or don't.
You can't do both so we have to choose.
Will you give all that it takes to win
and fight the battles that comes sneaking up from behind
or will you do nothing
and get beat up till you can't do anything.

*Or can you actually do both?
Written: May 6. - 2014
Atul Jun 2015
If I lose my father,
I will be an orphan.

If I lose my mother,
I will be an orphan.

If I lose my loved one,
I will be an orphan.
My HP Poem #883
©Atul Kaushal
Deelightful Apr 2014
I'm scared to lose him.
                                                                                            But not enough to stay.
Mark Lecuona Jun 2015
You know me
I'm like you in many ways
It's only a matter of taste for the details
But I feel what you feel
You don't have to impress me
Or be the prettiest girl in the room
I don't want you at your best all time
We can't live together like that
I just want you to live near where my mind Iives
To understand my neighborhood
And the things that are pressing down upon me
I only need a bit of room to find myself
Or at least to remind myself who it is I'm trying to be
It's not that I can't be myself
It's just that I'm trying to be who I want you to be
Or maybe I'm trying not to expect so much of you
I just want things to be peaceful between us
I want you to be able to take care of what is important to you
And to live the life that is right for you
And if that means we cannot be lovers
Then let us part as friends
And if we see each other again
Let us remember there was a time when we saw something in each other
And it was enough to make us dream
Let us never lose that day
Miguel Muller Nov 2014
And so we elect
we elect
to reject
we elect
to disconnect
we elect
which one
showed more

Hardly do we
hear that the
winner will
an approach
to the issues they
really need to dissect
instead letting time
simply ride to neglect
the many whose
rights they should
be out to
the many whom
their lack of direction
will affect.

Atul Nov 2013
Let me declare in the opening of this article that at the time of writing this article I was a young man aged almost 23 years but have never had sex as a personal choice based upon my experience. My reasons for not getting laid till now are not many but just three reasons:
1. I am a guy who is a one woman man.
2. I believe that whatever may be my future wife's virginity status, I am not to loose it to anyone else but to herself.
3. I have analysed and found that for Indian men the best age to loose their virginity is not before 25 years of age and similarly for Indian women, the best age to loose it is not before they themselves are at least 23 years of age.

You all might already have labeled me various titles till now, but wait let me tell you the whole story and I would rather recommend you to be ready for trashing all your presumptions. It's all about self-control that this article is about. You can easily relax and lie back as you are going through my article.

I have a female friend from a big city in India who has been subjected to the raging problem of today's world. I'll be referring to her as Dhara, she was in the first year of her college life when she fell for a good looking rich guy and this guy, Sagar, was her classmate.

In the beginning of their relationship, they both were like the very much perfect 'made-for-each-other' couple like in stories. They both shared a golden relationship between each other and neither of them were aware that one day they will be made to separate away from each other.

The two of them seemed inseparable and one fine day Dhara even eloped with Sagar to start a new life with him. Sagar took her to a new home that he succeeded in procuring for them. It was a farmhouse away from the city. Dhara started following all the daily chores as an ideal housewife would. Both of them ceased attending the college and dedicated all their time to love making. Three months after having eloped, Dhara happily told Sagar that she was pregnant.

In the mean time, Sagar's father who is a powerful person in politics decided to make him marry a different girl for political benefits. And this way a problem arose from this fact that Sagar was told by his family that soon he would be married to a girl for political reasons. Along with this, both Sagar and his father were jailed in a political context. The trouble which had befallen was resolved by another powerful politician who bailed both the father-son duo out of the problem with a condition that Sagar married his daughter.

Sagar then told Dhara regarding the same problem at his home. Dhara straight away went to Sagar's home hoping to win hearts and showed them the Mangalsutram which Sagar had tied around her neck. The Mangalsutram turned out to be the same which Sagar's mother had found missing.

Dhara was accused of thievery and was put behind the bars for the same in the followup time. Sagar somehow succeeded in bailing Dhara out from behind the bars. Soon, Dhara was asked by Sagar to take some emergency contraceptive pills which halted her pregnancy in a period less than three months. Then Sagar ejected himself out from the unregistered marriage, resumed his regular college studies and ditched Dhara.

Here, both Dhara and Sagar were at fault according to me. Neither of them were at an age which could be considered marriageable, either medically or morally. Both had studies to undertake which they turned to for diverting their minds.

Dhara shared with her elder brother regarding the same event having taken place in her life. Then one fine day, I met Dhara at our university's Students' Activity Centre - SAC, where I had been to the University Food Orbit - UFO, and I started conversation with a group sitting there and we both got to know about each other and exchanged numbers at her insistence.

So much experience had made Dhara a wisecrack when it came to making friends. She accepts that it was her mistake that she took a rush of hormones to be love.

In addition to this Indian viewpoint over the subject, a Western viewpoint needs to be mentioned separately because of the biological differences between our bodies' biological observations and our differently made up societal liabilities and settlements.

The West has a superior physique for both men and women and professional services. So the ideal age to loose it dips by 2 years.

To end with the article, I would like to summarise the best age and conditions of loosing virginity globally with a special localisation to India:
1. Get married firstly and then loose it only to your life partner.
2. If you must still have the pleasures of love making before your marriage with the person you have your first intercourse, keep it safe and pleasant. Use a condom or similar contraceptive if you must have sex before the ideal age but remember that these may fail as well, even if rarely.
This is not a poem, so comment keeping this thing in mind.
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