English Jam Jun 1
Lips a shade of red so deep it sucks all the attention in the room to her
Legs that trump the very air she breathes
Hair dangling in a fashionable mess
Jacket hanging on her shoulder in true rebel style, voice crackly and relatable
Eyes a window into her harlequin soul, coloured in glass-like turquoise as enriching as the foam of oceans
And when she smiles at me, she gives off the impression that I've  
made her day by looking at her
But she's made my day just by existing
She's chaos unfurling into beauty
I am but a humble star gazer, and she is as astronomical as a nebula on the verge of becoming a fierce star
Who knows when the cliche metaphors to describe her will end?
She's indescribable
A neat lil Beach Boys-e texture there, ey?
A Sad Alex Jul 24
Stare into my eyes
Deeplly, Sweetly
Fall in love with my gaze
They are yours stare, yours to take
Lose yourself in them

Gaze into my eyes
Green like emerald gems
Unlock the secrets of my mind
Make me yours through them
Never leave my side, stay with me until the end

Observe into my eyes
Profound, in trance
See yourself reflected upon them
Your joy, your sorrow
You can´t bear it anymore, you need them every day…

Obsess over my eyes
They haunt your thoughts, your brain
You can´t live without them
Get your fix every day, without them you are hopeless
Return to me, as if revived from the dead
You need them, you can´t stop now…

You need to see them…
They haunt you, they pursue you
They won´t leave you be…
Like green voids, like hungering maws
You need to be here, with me…

Just watch them, loose yourself
Forget all the pain
Just watch them, again and again
And again, and again
Until infinity…
The original version of the poem, posted as a reference and for people who enjoy it more than the edited version. I like to go back to my poems and edit them, sometimes its minor stuff, but sometimes I edit it so much that it´s basically a new poem so I re-release them.
cait-cait Jun 18
im there when you want to
rip out your
hair and scream ,

knees on the floor, your face is
in my hands  .

there seems to be glass everywhere
you look
you're crying ,

you can see it.

i dont know who told you i was dangerous --

i can only be so kind .
who has ever thought about how i feel?

when i was little my mom had this vanity that was covered in mirrors and then draped with a cloth, and i have memories of trying to pull the cloth off to see the full thing, and also memories of being on her bed and being able to see myself where there were slits.
Robin Lemmen Jul 13
There is art
In your heart
Painting pictures
When I lay
My head down on your chest

There are songs in your eyes
Singing lullabies
When you hover
Pin me down
With your stare

There is a poem
On the tip
Of your tong
I taste it
When I kiss you

You are tortured
My jaded lover
I hear it
When you won't talk
Stare into my eyes
Deeply and sweetly
Fall prey to my gaze
They are yours for the taking
Lose yourself in them.

Gaze into my eyes
Green like emerald gems
Brave the secrets of my mind
Take me and make me yours
Be with me until time stops

Peer into my eyes
As you would into a lake
See yourself reflected upon them
They give you joy and sorrow
And they will do so
Until you run out of days...

Obsess over my eyes
They haunt your thoughts
You can´t live without them
As they take root on your soul
And nurture you back from the dead
You need them
You cannot stop...
You need to see them…
Like ghosts they haunt you,
Like spectres they pursue
They won´t leave you be…
They will hunt you like wolves
So stay right here, with me...
And watch them
Let the pain go all away
Just watch them, again and again
And again, and again
Until infinity…
I like to go back to my poems and see if I can make them better, at least in my opinion, but maybe there are people who enjoy the previous editions, so I´m posting both
My moon drips silver;
Gliding from its craters, flown
Across galaxies

Alien beings
Stare at its state; leaking a
Peak at what it is

But the moon's just the
Moon to us; nothing more than
A dab to the sky

How I wonder the
Way y'all see it tonight; can
You find the beauty?*

~Or is it just the moon?~
I feel sometimes I underappreciated things I never really seem to think are so incredible...
All feedback is welcome :)
The difference between actions and habits, is often measured by the person you're asking.  
One bump, one line, one half ounce... All shared by people you don't even give a fuck about.

These chemicals make me sick --
Limitless...Why quit?
When it's only ten bucks for a hit like this?
Even Jesus Christ would have gotten addicted, if drugs in his day were half this good.

"Yeah, I'm smashed -- but I promise I can drive fine."
Walk and push the limits of a real fine line...
If I don't kill myself, or someone else... I'm happy.
Stare death in his eyes, wink, and start laughing.

Gasping as I swerve lanes --
Stay safe, get paid. Mundane daily.
Living a-live.. Eat. Sleep. Dream. Get laid.  
Chase feelings.

           Please, just feel me now.
                                    You know me, right?

           Please, just feel me now.
                                    You love me, right?

I want to melt with you -- let our souls collide...
Dissolve the boundaries between students and teachers.
To bridge the gap in the great divide
No secrets between us -- bleed into the speakers.

Feel the air in your chest, and ask God for a reason...
To stay or leave Him.
He makes excuses...

                                                     ­                        ... Believe Him.
PoserPersona Jul 27
Your hair stills heart's rhythmic meter
  For this I wish forever
Strands spun with goddess gossamer;
  softer than touch of mother

Your eyes dazzle with no glitter
  For this I stare o're yonder
Locking jewels with coins of others;
  Leaves throbbing chests emptier

Your form flows as gentle rivers
  For this I grudge past swimmers
Glory bequeathed to the winner;
  drown will the losing suitors

Your voice humbles angel choirs
  For this I listen eager
Songs molding seraphs from satyrs;
  in harmony with nature

Your being stirs wildfire
  For this I bear the pleasure
Ethereal flames dance together;
  fueled by spiritual tethers

You are my love light of summer
  For this I waded winter
Glowing 'bove, spring was made greener;
  blooming nascent desire
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