Frustrated Poet Sep 2014
Before I thought of doing it
My neck cradles itself sidewards
A strange glimpse
Stood out with radiance
And I knew it was different

I catch myself looking at you from afar
Your eyes meet mine
Is it just coincidence
Or an accident that happens too often?

Our glances hold messages
Of undefined feelings
Words become fathomless
For our eyes manifest.

Your eyes wandered through the crowd
And mine roamed around
We both know
This is just an excuse, a distraction
Not to seem obvious...
Until they locked
And I swear I won't let this moment pass

Oh, your eyes
Inviting me to see
Bidding me to come closer
Wanting to let me know you deeper.

I'd look at them all day of course;
Because of all the eyes staring
I only care for yours*.
Martin Feussner Aug 2014
You sit
You stare
You breathe
You wonder
You blink
You imagine
And then,
You realize...
Rockie May 2015
You smile sadly at the screen.

You stare sadly at your thumbs.

You laugh sadly at the joke.

You watch your reflection sadly.
Michael W Noland Aug 2012
i want to do right

but its so hard to find

another boot party tonight

im still just fine

franky on the mop
billys on the floor
only from the top
i sit laughing and drinking

refusing to clean these boots

cleanliness is godliness

twisted and stunted roots

praying in godlessness

as they all line up at the ticket booth

take this knife

give the slow slice

through my jugular and wind pipe

            into the
Dot Nov 2014
Sounds echo;
My eyes are aware
but not looking.
No focus.
No sight.
I've stepped out
and no one even knows

I wonder where I went...
Lunar Mar 2016
He was sleeping so soundly,
I couldn't help but stare
At his figure lying on the bed,
No barriers surround him there.
I leaned in closer for a look,
His hands resting near his face.
The feeling of my arms around him,
The feeling of his strong embrace.
I yearned to relive that moment,
But this time he's asleep.
All memories of him conscious and not,
All these I want keep.
So I stared too long at his lips,
I stared too long at his cheeks.
And when i got to his eyes,
He was staring back at me.
jeon and jane are staring game goals
Dee Bach Sep 2014
I’m radiating a smile,
In this moment I’m unstoppable,
I can do anything.
No one will break this smile,
For smiles are the most beautiful,
When worn for not everyone,
But for yourself
When you know you are
I’m radiating a smile
Because I know
I Will Be Okay.
Dougie Simps Feb 2014
When you stare at me…
Make sure you look for my flaws
When you stare at me…
Look for my pieces on the floor, from my broken fall…
When you stare at me…
Look at my color dripping from my saturated body paint
When you stare at me…
Don’t perceive me as an angel, don’t identify me as a saint.
When you stare at me…
Do it with disgust, see all those who I have given pain
Stare at me & my demons, locked up in hell’s kitchen,
Forced to stir up evil in a pot mixed with insane.
When you stare at me…
See my mind, see the loss of emotions, and see the hatred I’ve gained
When you stare at me…
See the untamed beast, see the monster who is internally chained
When you stare at me…
Forget all my rights, see all my wrongs
When you stare at me…
Look for my black heart, a pulse that is suddenly gone
When you stare at me…
See my smile that tells a sad story
When you stare at me…
Search for all my losses & mistakes, not my small success & moments of glory
When you stare at me…
I expect nothing less but the dark looks
I expect nothing from those who just stare…
I expect nothing from observers who watch me die & just overlook
Stare at me some more…*
Continue to tell me all the negative you see,
Because those who don’t stare… I love
Those are the few who truly notice me
If you are staring you are judging. Let me be.
Why is it so hard
to look straight into
your eyes?

or maybe I'm just
preventing myself
from getting noticed

I wish I could have
because the last time I saw you
could be the last

how could I waste
all the time
that I was with you?

I was foolish enough
to believe there was

and I still ended up
foolish enough
to waste all the time I had

  something I got
but never really deserved

just even knowing
that you exist
makes me feel blessed

because when I
look deep into
your bright eyes...

I fall deep into trance

I feel high

even though I've

never been before

all I see is you

and all I feel is infatuation

and it's all I ever want to feel

and it's only you I

want to be with

but now I'm not
wishing I could
look into the illusion of
your bright eyes
oni Sep 2015
caught like an animal
in headlights,
which way do i
Laura Palmer Dec 2014
look into my eyes
and see the monster inside
Back in that day
When all i could do is to stare
Looking up where you sing
In the church i was just looking

Curious on who you are
Seems like you're thinking too far
How could i ever talk to you
When i'm just someone you never knew

Thursdays and Sundays
Those are my only chances
To have stolen glance with you
And dig what's there within you

Years have passed
I never even got a chance
To say hi nor hello
Even a smile is hard to do

Now, a man you've become
Confuse but firm and sound
And me, i'm here
Having a life with fear

You came at my weakest
Waking me up in this madness
Now you know how much im wasted
Curled up and dreaded

Rarely i talk about my life
But why its easy with you to start
Dark stories i have or had
How could i tell you with out a doubt

Everyday i'm liking you more and more
You make me happy and afraid i cant control
This feeling that started with a stare
Back in the days when i dont even care

I wonder how playful life could ever be
Thinking there could never be you and me
We both have plans we need to start
A self commitment we should never depart

I've thought that meeting you is my luck
But knowing you is more than that
Though everything may seem blur
A blessing, that's what you are....
For someone i admire in the church back in high school ^^, 9 years or so of just staring and now, i got the chance to talk to him unfortunately he has his thing to be done and i have my plans too, sometimes i wonder why he came in my life in the most unexpected time but then im thankful still cause he's giving me reason to smile..... i know it may last soon so im just embracing this chance of talking to him on the phone with out seeing him in person.... thank you for being there ^^,
Hannah Holliday Sep 2014
All it took was one look
one stare
the absence of not even a blink
your mouth looked disappointed
I understood you were embarrassed
How do you think I felt
I had shown you every part of me that you asked
And for the first time I'd seen you in person
I felt superior to you
But then you looked at me like I was nothing
like you saw right through me
and that hurt.
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