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lX0st Nov 2014
I was blessed with a smile that could convince you of anything,
But cursed with a tongue that could never make you stay.
oh, how I hate you
Em Quinn Oct 1

four letters that can't take away the pain.
i am nothing but a voice aside from the ones in your head,
the ones telling you how small you are,
whispers in your ear,
they tell you you are worthless,
i tell you you are beautiful.
only you can choose who to believe.


the day you leave, your best friend will sit alone at the lunch table,
turning to the spot you once sat,
and their eyes will become wells of emptiness
a quiet sadness filling the place that you once were.
your best friend will start fading away, breaking into fragments,
and you have the nerve to leave them alone?
you say, the earth will keep turning,
but your best friend's world is crumbling more every day,
and soon it will fall apart completely.

because of you.
AIA Nov 2015
I try to hold on but he let go of me.
I try to walk with him but he ran away.
I try to stay but he just pushed me away.
I try to fight but he told me to surrender.
I try to move on but, I can't.
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