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Sarah Flynn Nov 2020
it's not that I don't
want to die anymore.
I still do some days.

I am still not okay,
but that's okay.

the way that I stay alive
when I want to disappear

is that I look for one good thing
in every day of my life.

this morning, I made
some pancakes with
blueberries in the batter.
I really like pancakes.

yesterday, the sunset
was gorgeous. it's usually
not so pretty this time of year.
I love watching sunsets.

I could hate every part
of my life, and honestly,
sometimes I still do.

and yes, there are still
bad things and scary moments
and breakdowns and pain.

and yes, sometimes there's
more bad than good,

but if I wasn't here,
I wouldn't have eaten
those pancakes this morning.

I wouldn't have seen that
beautiful sunset last night.

I would never have gone
on that impromptu road trip
to the city where I grew up in.

I would never have gone
to college, or even graduated
from my old high school.

I would never have learned
to speak Mandarin, or how
to play chess, or the way that
the gears look inside of those
antique grandfather clocks.

I would never have met
the love of my life.

I would never have realized
how amazing love can feel,
or that I am deserving of it.

I would never have seen
my friend's baby daughter.

he'd be telling her all about
how much I would've loved her,
and he would be right.

but I would never have
loved her, because we
would never have met.

there are so many things
that I still haven't done

and so many places
that I still haven't seen

and so many people
that I still haven't met

and so many memories
that I still haven't made.

and yes, maybe the truth
is that at the end of it all,
I will still hate it.

maybe ten years from now,
I'll still want to die some days.

maybe there will always
be more bad than good,

but there will always be good.

the reality is that I don't have
an endless amount of time.

the clock is ticking.
one day, I will die,
just like everyone else.
I can't change that.
none of us can.

when those thoughts
come creeping back in,
and I don't see the point in
anything anymore, I pause.

I remind myself that
it's not logical for me
to end my life any earlier
than it's meant to end.

death is inevitable.
eventually, it will
be my time to die.
but today is not that day.

so if I die, and one day I will,
it won't be at my own hands.

life is too short, and
I don't want to leave
depressed and crying.
I want to go out laughing.

I want to die with
some good memories,
not just bad ones.

so I stay alive for
all of the good things.
I stay alive for pancakes.
I stay alive for sunsets.

I stay alive for those moments
where I laugh so hard that
my stomach starts to hurt.

I stay alive for the sound
of raindrops hitting our roof.

I stay alive for all good things.
even if they're little, even if
most people would
find them insignificant.

and that's okay.

if you've ever felt
the way that I feel,

I'm not here to tell you
that life gets better.

I don't know anything
about your life, or
about the battles that
you are fighting inside.

I don't know you.
I can't promise you that
your life will get better.

but I can promise you
that if you look closer,
there will be good things.

stay alive because you
need to feed your cat.
stay alive to see the beach.
stay alive to find your
new favorite movie.
stay alive to read that
book that you keep
saying you'll read.
stay alive for the
warmth of your clothes
fresh out of the dryer.
stay alive because
the cactus on your
windowsill will die
without you there.
stay alive to see clouds
shaped like funny animals.
stay alive to find a
four-leaf clover.
stay alive because you
haven't beat your
high score yet in
that video game.

stay alive for yourself.
stay alive for your family.
stay alive for your friends.
stay alive for your pets.
stay alive for your children,
or your future children.
stay alive for your coworkers.
stay alive for the homeless man
who you give a dollar to when
you pass him every day.
stay alive for the people who
secretly rely on you, who
read your poetry and listen
to your songs and feel
changed by you, even
if you'll never meet them.

and if you have no one,
then stay alive for me.

I care about you.
I don't have to know you
to be inspired by you.

it takes strength to
stay alive when you
don't want to live,

and for that, you are braver
than you will ever know.

so stay alive because
you still have a life.

stay alive for whatever
you'd miss if you weren't.

stay alive because maybe
it's true. maybe you're right.
maybe things won't get better,

but you won't know that
if you aren't here to see it.
David Nelson Oct 2013
"Stay Away"

You gave me too many chances
Now it's drivin' us apart
I keep on runnin' with the boys, girl
But then you knew that from the start
It must keep building up inside you
'Cause you never let it show
I know I'm hanging on the edge now
But I won't let go

I never meant to hurt you
But something was on my mind
Just give me one more chance
We can make it this time

Stay away, stay away from my heart
Stay away, stay away from my heart

If you gave me three wishes
I'd throw two of them away
I've seen that look in your eye girl
I'd use the last one this way
We've been from rags to riches
But your love can't be bought
I'm just a junkyard dog, girl
Who's afraid he's been caught

You're standing in the shadows
Watching everything that I do
And I know the way things must look
It couldn't be further from the truth

Stay away, stay away from my heart
Stay away, stay away from my heart

Remember how it used to be girl
Makin' love like it's the last time
We held each other close
Not knowing what we'd found
You felt the pounding of my thunder
As your rain was pouring down

[Instrumental break]

I never meant to hurt you
But something was on my mind
Just give me one more chance
We can make it this time

Stay away, stay away from my heart
Stay away, stay away from my heart
Stay away, stay away from my heart
Stay away, stay away from my heart

Steve Lukather

Gomer Lepoet....
from TOTO - the band not the dog :)
Jaicob May 2021

                                        stay alive
                                   stay alive stay a
                                live stay alive stay a
                                 live stay alive stay
                                    alive stay alive
                                        stay alive

                                        stay alive
                                   stay alive stay a
                                live stay alive stay a
                                  live stay alive stay
                                      alive stay alive
                                              stay alive
                                                stay ali
                                                ve sta
                                               y al
            ­                                 |-/
A semicolon is a piece of punctuation used when an author chooses to continue the sentence even though they could end it with a full stop easily. Therefore, the semicolon is used as a symbol of suicide awareness- the choice to keep writing your life's sentence until it comes to a conclusion. I believe in you no matter what difficulties you're facing. Keep writing your story. It will be worth it; I promise.
Derrek Estrella Oct 2018
Stay safe for me
Stay sound for me
Stay warm for me
Stay rested for me

I couldn’t stand to see your tears
I could hide you away from fear
I couldn’t watch you saunter alone
I could walk you home

I know I am too eager
I know my smile is meagre
I know I can do better, when due
I know that I love you

Stay safe for me
Stay grounded for me
Stay home for me
Stay happy for me

This isn’t me
This is not life, flee
We are not meant to be
Not happily

Stay safe for me
Stay bound for me
Stay swarmed for me
Stay vested for me

Stay for me, won’t you?
You won’t, will you?
It is not healthy

You must yield
I am not your shield
Stay in your bed
I have lost my head

I will continue to long
For you
Believe me, you do not belong
To me

But I love you
I do
And I couldn’t stand
To see your tears

Stay safe for me
Stay safe for me
Stray from me
Stay away from me

But first and foremost,
Be safe
Got your mind made up,
You’re leaving this town.
Just as soon as the next summer rolls around.
Let me be your reason to stay.

You’re grabbing your keys,
Headed to the door.
Got nothing else to say, nothing no more.
Let me be your reason to stay.

Getting in your car,
Not a look back.
Going on home, just to pack.
Let me be your reason to stay.

A slight knock on your door.
One little kiss.
Something that drives you mad, something you’ll miss.
Let me be your reason to stay.

Grab my hand.
Pull me in close.
Say you’ll miss me the most.
Let me be your reason to stay.

You’re slowly moving on.
Long down the road.
I’m just sitting at home, “missing you” mode.
Let me be your reason to stay.

Would you miss me at all?
Every second, every hour?
My tears are pouring down, one long rain shower.
Let me be your reason to stay.

You’re having some regrets,
You want to move back.
Going to your newfound home, just to pack.
Let me be your reason to stay.

A slight knock on your door.
One little kiss.
Something that drives you mad, something you’ll miss.
Let me be your reason to stay.

Grab my hand.
Pull me in close.
Say you’ll miss me the most.
Let me be your reason to stay.

You’re driving through traffic,
Pedal to the floor.
Yelling you can’t miss me anymore.
Let me be your reason to stay.

Hitting every red light,
There could possibly be.
Nothing on your mind, nothing but me.
Let me be your reason to stay.

I see you coming down the street.
Seeing you here.
Down my face, falls one little tear.
Let me be your reason to stay.

A slight knock on my door.
One little kiss.
Something that drives me mad, something I’ve missed.
Am I your reason to stay?

Grabbing my hand.
You pull me in close.
Looking in my eyes, saying you’ve missed me the most.
Am I your reason to stay?

Grabbing both of my hands.
Pulling me closer.
Telling me I’m your reason to stay.
Whispering, you’re never going away.
Maybe a song?
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2019
Tower of Silence - Track 10

(( Stay low ))

Stay low, stay low
They say to shut the fire in my bones
I know, I know
If my bones are Yours, the fire, will grow

I wasted time, I wasted death
I think I thought myself of breath
I need to stand, I need to fight
I need to move again tonight

Verse 1
No one to confide, hiding behind walls that confine
A system where I’m walled in
A rhythm that keeps me in depression
Oppressed, restrained to digress
No, I don’t desire to—this pattern I craft fire to
A wall in my way that obstructs my view
Contained by the lies that set my life in skew
With the help of my Blood I’ll reach the top
With the sound of our Kind we won’t fear the drop

Stay low, stay low
They say to shut the fire in my bones
I know, I know
If my bones are Yours, the fire, will grow

I wasted time, I wasted death
I think I thought myself of breath
I need to stand, I need to fight
I need to move again tonight

Verse 2
Sometimes I’m able to see the other side
Then I’ll look back and find my mind is tied
These lies convince me I can’t get over the wall
They hype up the doubts and make me fear I’ll fall
Could it all just be one of these schemes
To make me believe in such silly things
What I say when I wanna be more
Make a move and make a break for it
Take a spray can and leave your mark man
Stand up and step out into our plan
Opportunity does not make me certain
But what I’m certain in is, we will will
We can leave this society
Join me in the face of anarchy
Help me destroy our old world
Join with me to build a new one
Rise up and fulfill your duty
Join me in Exarcheia

Wake up—Give up
Rise up—GiVE IN
(((Remember, remember)))

(( It seems so fun to let the worry inside
I can’t get the darkness out of my life, anyways
So maybe I should give in
Fancy the dark—it’s a habit
So maybe I should do it anyways ))

Verse 3
So let’s take this energy, this emotion this notion this dependency
Use it, to chose it, for others to lose it
stAY LOw, they say to hold our hope at bay
I know, but I don’t know if the spirits should stay
Demons in this room, should they stay or should they go?
Eyes in the dark, are they friend or are they foe?
Man gave names to all the animals, so no wonder we give names to our own
To what’s not in sight of our candles, what is hidden deep in our bones
It was man that labeled all the beasts, we crafted the dark on which we feast
Was it our duty to name our demons, could this have any sort of meaning
We’ve named the monsters under our bed
For some reason, it’s the blood beneath our skin
And we’ve neglected His blood instead
We’re only engraving our own extinction

( Though I am weak, still I need to stay moving
Still I need to stay moving )

Verse 4
You are tired, you are bruised
Your world is blurred, and so confused
Don’t give in to these neon lamps
Loneliness hyped and darkness vamped
The blackness seems to inspire
With the nihility we don’t desire
They lure you into a heatless light
You my friend must stand and fight
You, my Kind, you know both sides
I know it’s hard, the silence intensified
So raise your hands up even higher
I know your arms are tired and they have your ankles bound
So stay low to the ground and we’ll leave the freezing fire
Whether it’s the easy way or the hard way, it’s time
To decide which side of the battle you’ll side with
And I promise you, friends, the latter is mine

Though I am weak, still I need to stay moving
Still I need to stay moving

Stay low, stay low
They say to shut the fire in my bones
I know, I know
If my bones are Yours, the fire will grow

Though I am weak, still I need to stay moving
Still I need to stay moving
Though I am weak, still I need to stay moving
Still I need to stay—

(( We need to move again tonight )) .
Margo May Oct 2014
if the day is long
and everything goes wrong,
stay positive.

when the sun won't shine
and there's no silver line,
stay positive.

if you are in mourn
because your heart feels torn,
stay positive.

when you cry all night
and can't see the light,
stay positive.

if you feel alone
like you're unknown,
stay positive.

when you wanna die
and say goodbye,
stay positive.

if you think you've failed
because you haven't set sail,
stay positive.

when nobody hears your plea
and you wanna be set free,
stay positive.

if you don't understand
why nothing goes as planned,
stay positive.

when you lose your friends
to the latest trends,
stay positive.

if nobody answers your call
and you take a fall,
stay positive.

when you live in dread
and can't pick up your head,
stay positive.

you are loved.

so don't lose hope.

it's going to be okay.

stay positive.
electroacidzxx Nov 2015
Dear Strong,

No matter what,

No matter how hard
the wind hits you,

No matter how painful
the scars on your soul,

No matter how empty
and lonely you are,

No matter how heavy
the rain of tears
that falls from your well of fears,

No matter how tired
your legs are
from running in the jungle of thoughts,

No matter how hurtful
the song of tortures that came from the mouth of unbelievers,

No matter how annoyed
you are by the colors of the fake rainbows,

Stay and Stay.
You only have yourself.
You need you,
as much as they need you.

Just Stay.
You'll make wonders
when you
Stay, Dear Strong.
My heart is now shattered on the ground,
I stay wondering if love will ever be found.
I’m constantly in a war with my past,
I stay wondering if were moving too fast.
If I was judged on love I'd be in last place,
I stay wondering why my heart is constantly in a race.
I’m trying hard to win you over,
I stay wondering if your smile is just a cover.
I want to know if you want love or lust,
I stay wondering if it’s you I can trust.
I tend to always push you away,
I stay wondering if you will leave or stay.
My heart wants you to stay beside me,
I stay wondering do you even think we could ever be?
I fall harder and harder with every touch,
I stay wondering if its right to feel this much.
Have you ever needed someone so bad?
I stay wondering if one should ever be this sad.
Everybody dies, but not everybody lives,
I need to relax and think about all the things he gives.
I stay wondering how beautiful love looks to most,
I can only imagine as beautiful as the horizon on the coast.
Hannah Thacker Oct 2010
I want life to stay
Just the way it is
I want life to stay
Just as simple as it has ever been
I want life to stay
Frozen in my memories
I want life to stay
And preserve all the precious moments
I want life to stay
Forever young

I need life to stay
Just the way it was
I need life to stay
Just as simple as it  used to be
I need life to stay
The way I remember
I need life to stay
Simple as a child's game
I need life to stay
Forever young

I wish life would stay
The way it was before
I wish life would stay
Preserve every moment
I wish life would stay
The way it is seen through a child's eyes
I wish life would stay
As innocent as it used to be
I wish life would stay
Forever young
indelible ink Jan 2013
Yet you stay. Holding onto me, yet you stay, reaching
out a hand that I push away. The cold is not meant for you
yet you stay, you stay, you stay. When I know it’s not right
for you.
The ice fills my veins and I can’t feel the pain, yet you’re
there like the heat that sends me screaming in fear.
I can’t feel the warmth I need to feel the ice. I want to
hold it all in and numb it till I can’t feel the knife.
Your heat threatens to melt it all and I know I can’t bear
the pain if the ice melts away.
So I push you away and I scream out your name and I
know I can’t need you yet you give anyway and I run
wishing you would run too.
Yet you stay. Holding onto me yet you stay reaching out
a hand that I push away. The cold is not meant for you yet
you stay, you stay, you stay. When I know it’s not right for
The blackness is my shield. I pull it closer still.
You’re the light that I hide from, the light that I hate.
You’re the light to this darkness and I can’t let you stay.
I need the dark around me like I need the ice in my veins.
The cold is my healer. The cold is my safe place. You
aren't welcome with your heat you don’t belong beside me.
I hate you yet I love, I don’t want you yet I need you.
The dark will always be my cloak and you are the threat
to unveil my pain, so leave. Leave and erase the memories.
I need to face the life that’s meant for me. Don’t stay and
ruin all my plans.
Its from one of my favorite novels <3
Baby stay with me
Make my heart your home
You will be my guardian
And we could build a rome
Baby stay with me
Through every wrong or right
We could be like moon and star
And make the night look bright
Baby stay with me
Because you’re my drug
You will be my socket and I will be the plug
And forever ‘d be our starting point
Baby stay with me
Coz I can’t live without you
Ask me if I’d be your heaven and earth
And I will tell you “I would”
Baby stay with me
Although today is blur
But tomorrow could be brighter
And we could have enough
Baby stay with me
I’ll be your half in love
No matter how little I have
I’ll give you my world
Baby stay with me
And I’ll be your armour
I will fight against the odds
If they trynna harm ya
Baby stay with me
I wont man you with greed
And I will do everything
To satisfy your needs
Baby stay with me
Be my love and friend
And even when we reach heaven
Our love will never end (we would continue there)
Baby stay with me
You know I’ve always been lonely
You know my life is lifeless
Coz you’re the only one for me
Baby stay with me
I’ll never misuse my ego
Although some people trynna rid you
But we’ll overcome their evil
Baby stay with me
And never let me down
And let’s write the kind of story
That ‘ll make the world say wow
storm siren Oct 2016
If you're not here to stay,
Then you're here to cause pain,
And if you're here to hurt me,
Then you can get up and go.

If you're not here to stay
Then you're here to go,
And if you're here to go,
Get up and leave.

But if you're here to stay,
Then take my hand
And take me away
Take me away
If you're here to stay.

If you're here to stay,
Let's find a way
To love the night away.

If you're here to stay.

(If you're here to stay,
And I know you are,
Then love me that way you do,
And I'll be glad
To stay here with you.)
Twelve. Days. They need to go faster.
Edward Coles Mar 2014
Don't leave, stay with me.
Stay with me, oh blossom tree.
Stay with me and remind me
that not everything is lost,
as you peer over the garden wall,
to greet the concrete
with your tears.

Don't go, don't leave
and just stay with me.

Stay with me, my bodhi tree.
You wear your hearts upon your eaves,
leaving love over pavements;
leading love to a truth
more honest,
than ever I could hope to be.

Don't fly, nest here
for one more night,
and stay with me.

Stay with me, weeping willow tree.
Stay with me and show me
the beauty through anguish.
Tell me, tell me that even
in these joyless days
of all potential, but minimum wage,
that there will always be art.

Don't go, stay with me.

Stay with me, old birch tree.
Stay with me and remind me
of the stories from last summer.
Walk with me to the wishing well,
past the skinny dog and naked Adena.

We can laugh through an endless afternoon.
We can quit our jobs and marry the summer.
But for each gasp of breath, of happiness,
soon follows with me falling under.
GhostlyLiving Oct 2014
Stay calm.
Stay calm.
Stay calm.

Stay pink.
Pink is calm.
Calm is peaceful and useful.

To stay calm,
Look at someting calm.
Or pink.

Or pink.
Look at something calm,
To stay calm.

Calm is peaceful and useful.
Pink is calm.
Stay pink.

Stay calm.
Stay calm.
Stay calm.
Ston Poet Dec 2015
I'm just smoking my **** &
(spitting facts2)..*****..

Aye..(Smoking **** & spitting facts
/I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts2)../2
Smoking **** & spitting facts..
/Smoking ****3
Spitting Facts
I stay (smoking **** 2) & spitting facts
Spitting facts..
That's what I stay doing man,Yeah Aye....just
(Smoking **** & Spitting Facts2)..I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts2)..(Spitting facts2)....& smoking **** up..Yeah man

The real is back , we been here, we never left, we just evolve man, evolve yeah to bring death to all the fake rappers, Yeah *****, I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts
2)..(Spitting facts2)..Ayo, I'm on my gangsta ****, Ayo I need me a platinum grill, what up DJ Drama. We need to collab, & do a mixtape real quick..,Aye I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts..,2)..Aye I don't want no drama or any problems homie, I just want to get my cheddar, I roll alot of marijuana Yeah so what man, but I also tell the people what's real Yeah man..

I'm bout to get so many **** bands, so much that I gotta throw some to the fam, Aye.****, I might throw some  to the fans,..Aye man, I'm bout to cause so many problems ***** like Ol ***** *******,Aye..I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts3)..Yeah man..,my *****, turn on the fan, its so much **** smoke up in the air that I'm starting to lose breath, Yeah I smoke awesome,.. I smoke on that dope, that choke,Yeah ***** that potent..while I'm rhyming to improve society not impress it..
Yeah I'm  smoking **** & spitting game to the  youth man..Let's get it..Aye..

Aye..(Smoking **** & spitting facts
/I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts2)../2
Smoking **** & spitting facts..
/Smoking ****3
Spitting Facts
I stay (smoking **** 2) & spitting facts
Spitting facts..
That's what I stay doing man,Yeah Aye....just
(Smoking **** & Spitting Facts2)..I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts2)..(Spitting facts2) & smoking **** up....Yeah man

Mufuck a opinion, when all I  rap about is the truth my *****,..I be spitting facts, so Talk yo **** be a critic man, Imma be a hustling young *****, Yeah a hard worker, a go getta, a goal digger, A dream chaser..Yeah,

I be spitting facts while these other rappers be spooning each other..***** and
Gomorrah type **** ..they fooling the people, but yall dumb ***** don't wanna listen to what's real, be it..Imma still rhyme  this same way..I know I can Spark the mind up of a future revolutionary leader mane..Yeah....Aye
(Smoking **** & spitting facts.. Spitting facts, Aye

I'm the best MC in Atlanta since Outcast,.. Yeah the biggest fish, so if the industry trys to hook me, Imma drown their ship..I'm a Outcast of this world no fallen angel..Im my favoritest artist , Young Ston he be going so **** hard, Yo he be (spitting facts2)..Aye, I'm smoking on a doop, 2 in 1 dawg, King size cone, while I'm writing scriptures..Aye..Yeah..Uhh

(I'm smoking **** & spitting facts
Smoking ****3
Spitting Facts

Uhh,..I stay (smoking **** & spitting facts2)..
Yeah (spitting facts
I'm just smoking my **** &
(spitting facts*2)..*****
Amber Lake Oct 2016
So here we are, Dressed in the same skin that touched,
Days that turned to nights, Nights that turned to magic.
The same minds, more like chaos. Labyrinths.
Filled with treasures & nightmares,
Angels & Demons. Tricks & mysteries.
The same beaten down hearts
That we have so gracefully sewn back together
With thread made of the same stuff forevers are made of.
I've watched out my window a while now,
seasons of change, skies sunny to gray.
I've ran out of fingers and toes counting the # of days
The daydreams I've had are always the same. & they stay.
Each time the seasons change, there we lay.
Each time the summer ends,
colored leaves being to dance in the breeze, there we play.
Like children, amused & amazed.
Never quite getting to the frosty cold.  
There, in that place, I have learned
Our hearts beat a little slower, hands touch a little softer
minds wonder instead of race, eyes glisten instead of glance.
But instead, here we are... 1000 miles away.
Should a million moons rise & fall, I will stay.
Should rain fall like today, drown me in my darkest days, i will stay.
Should the silence scream at me for days on end, tho deafening, i will stay.
Should mistakes be made with haunting regrets, i will stay.
Should days seem like months, & the months turn to years, I will stay.
I will stay in this skin, where your touch has poured over every hated scar.
Covering them all. Leaving behind a shimmer of whats become
My fondest memories. So here I stay, Cherishing the skin I'm in.
I will stay lost in this maze of a mind.
Passing the evil i have seen & done. Revisiting the beauty.
The things i believe in, the things you've said, in my mind.  
The better, replaying.  The worse, unforgotten.
I will stay, beating to the rhythm of this heart of mine.
The way i love & the things i love, coursing through my veins.
Should time go on & my body old,
Should my lungs grow weak from all the smoke they hold,
Should you get locked away from a world so rare
I too will have shackles to wear.  
Whether a thousand extra miles & a million extra moons,
I will never stop loving you. A love I've known not before.
Because i believe, My Dear,
We are made of the same stuff forevers are made of.
& forevers never go away. So forever I will stay.
Erin Hankemeier Apr 2014
I'd sell my soul just to see your face.
And I'd break my bones just to heal your pain.
In these times I need a saving grace, but time is running out and I'm starting to lose my faith.

But if I told you I loved you, would it make you want to stay?
I'm sorry for the way I hurt you and making you walk away.
(I should have took the time to tell you)
And if I wrote you a love song and sang it to you every day, would it ever be enough to make you wanna come back home and stay?
(I can't go another day without you)
Would it make you, make you, wanna stay?
(Girl you gotta know I love you)

My heart's on my sleeve, but it's turning black.
(I guess I know what it feels like it to be alone)
Without your touch I'm not gonna last.
(I know you know that I need ya just to carry on)
It feels like my walls are caving in.
(You'd always hold me before I left you hanging on)
And I'll do anything to have you here again.

But if I told you I loved you, would it make you want to stay?
I'm sorry for the way I hurt you and making you walk away.
(I should have took the time to tell you)
And if I wrote you a love song and sang it to you every day, would it ever be enough to make you wanna come back home and stay?
(I can't go another day without you)

Yeah, the days are cold, the nights are long.
And I can't stand to be alone.
Please know this is not your fault.

And all I want...

Is to tell you I love you and make you wanna stay.
There's gotta be a way, 'cause going on without you is killing me everyday.

And if I wrote you a love song and sang it to you every day, would it ever be enough to make you wanna come back home and stay?
(I can't go another day without you)
Would it make you, make you, wanna stay?
(Girl you gotta know I love you)
Would it make you, make you, wanna stay?
(I can't go another day without you)

Would it make you, make you, wanna stay?
I am not a big fan of Florida Georgia Line, but I feel a deeply immense connection with this song. I ponder the lyrics because they mean so much to me and my life. I hope you enjoy!
Rachel Shussett Sep 2014
It hurts
You feel empty
Like no one will ever know

The pain is crippling
Takes you down in a moment
Impossible to stand back up

Where's the light at the end of the tunnel
The rainbow after the storm
The color in the picture

It's all gone
It's disappeared
It's empty

But you have to stand up
You have to hold your ground
You are important

There will be a light
There will be a rainbow
The color is still there, just open your eyes

Stay, stay, stay.
Akira Chinen Apr 2016
Sweet love won't you stay with me
Stay here in my bed where I'm lost dreaming
Stay here under my sheets where my body aches with longing
Stay here by my lips whispering your name into my pillow
Sweet love won't you stay with me
Stay in this day where I fall into you a little deeper
Stay as the stars come out and hear them sing in envy of your beauty
Stay under this moon with me and watch the sun go down as my admiration grows ever brighter
Sweet love won't you stay with me
Stay here in my heart that beats quicker for your name
Stay here by my side and in my arms full of desire
Stay here where my soul is yours consumed by your fires
Sweet, sweet love won't you stay
Danziel Jul 2014
Stay strong
You may have been defeated
Stay strong
Cuz your fight has been completed
Stay strong
You will heal, those bruises won't last
Stay strong
Your will to fight, will forever last
Stay strong
There are more battles up ahead
Stay strong
Keep calm and don't lose your head
Stay strong
Victory is hiding in the mist
Stay strong
Your hope is mightier than this
So just stay strong.

-V.v.V. Ds
Always stay strong!
SquidInk Nov 2020
stop telling me that this is just a phase
stop telling me that you will change
stop telling me that you need me
stop telling me to stop overthinking
stop breaking my heart
stop crushing my trust
stop trying to change my mind
stop trying to include me when you know you don't want to
stop acting like its such a hassle to be my friend
stop acting like our relationship is the same
stop making me cry
stop making me jealous
stop giving me false hope
stop telling me that ill be fine
stop getting me stuff and saying "all fixed"
i don't even want that stuff
i want you to care
i want you to listen
i want you to love me again
i want you to break your habits
i want you to tell me that you're sorry
i want you to come to me crying saying that you messed up
i want you to promise me that you would never hurt me like this again
i want. i want. i want.
i never receive
but i stay because im not selfish
i stay because you were once worth it and i hope you can be again
i stay because you used to be my happiness
i stay in hopes that you can be again
i stay because i loved the person you were
sometimes i wonder why i stay
i ask myself why i put myself in so much pain
then i realize
i stay because i know you're going through so much right now
i stay because if i left you would break
if i left it would get worse
if i left you would be lost
and so i stay
not for me, but for you
i am in pain so that you don't have to be
Lauren Aug 2017
Darling stay out of my war.
Continue believing I have a heart of ice.
Do not turn at the glimpses of warmth and wholeness you may stumble upon.

Darling stay out of my war.
Do not question what is behind the walls.
Stay satisfied with the flowering fields I have created for you.

Darling stay out of my war.
For as strong and fierce as my love is–
it is only aiding to make the darkness hurt more.

Darling stay out of my war.
I have lost myself to it far too long ago.
To become a ghost was the only way
to stop the whirling blades from taking my life.

Darling stay out of my war.
Stay on the outside.
Do not let me break you; in your desire to love me.

Stay thinking I am helpless and cold.
Stay on the outside.

Darling please,
I beg you–
Stay out of my war...
Anurag Banerjee Feb 2012
Fragrant smile,
Drifting time,
Stay a while,
Lest I whine.

Distant dream,
Melodious screams,
Stay a while,
Lest I whine.

Humming rains,
Enjoyable pains,
Stay a while,
Lest I whine.

Deep breath,
Calm and no stress,
Stay a while,
Lest I whine.

Green leaves,
Colour streaks,
Stay a while,
Lest I whine.

Vibrant rainbows,
Swiftly flying swallows,
Stay a while,
Lest I whine.

Moistened eyes,
Hastened cries,
Stay a while,
Lest I whine.
Lightning flashes,
Thunder clashes,
Stay a while,
Lest I whine.

Rolling hills,
Charming rills,
Stay a while,
Lest I whine.

Roast and barbeque,
Mum, make me some stew,
Stay a while,
Lest I whine.

Daddy’s arm,
Mummy’s charm,
Stay a while,
Lest I whine.

Fragrant smiles,
Drifting time...
Stay a while...
Lest I whine.
Mercy B Apr 2013
Please Stay

If only for just one moment longer

Stay and

Hold me, till inside I feel stronger

Just Stay

So we can watch the night turn into day

Stay because

With you I can chase my thoughts away.

I need you to Stay

Without you here my soul grows weak

Stay let me

For once, be the comfort that you seek

If you Stay

I can drift away to your heart's rythmic tone

Stay for inside

I dread the idea of going thru this all alone

You must Stay

In your eyes I have found my way home

Stay and save me

From my broken soul doomed to blindly roam
This is dedicated to my best friend Angel and her boyfriend Adam... I love them with all my heart...
Jaide Lynne Apr 2014
Lately I have been thinking about reasons to live, not because I am suicidal or I am ready to die, at least not now. I have been thinking about reasons to live because I have started to take the path of least resistance. I am no longer living I am merely alive, I wake up, survive, wake up, survive, wake up, survive. I wake up and I survive, and that’s it. So I made a list, of reason to stay alive.

1. Laying in the grass in the middle of summer

2. Dancing in the rain

3. Learning stupid, pointless skills

4. You never know, My Chemical Romance could come back

5. Going for long walks alone

6. Concerts

7. Mosh pits

8. Pulling all nighters that you regret the next day

9. Laying in the grass watching the clouds

10. Driving aimlessly in the country

11. Road trips

12. Spending time with your best friend

13.Sleeping until noon

14. There is someone, even if it is one person, who cares

13, wait 14, no 15, that’s right

15, you are probably better at counting than I am...

Finally, you should stay alive just for the reason of living life to the fullest. Stay living to prove those who said you can’t wrong, stay alive to see every state every country, stay alive to prove to yourself that you are stronger than the **** that is happening around you, stay alive if not for your self stay alive for you family your friends, hell, stay alive for your dog because life is meant for living...
This is still in progress, and I might end up taking it down and re-writing it.
Gwendolyn Jul 2014
I'm flying while your falling and I don't know what to do.
Your end is much more permanent, and I can't live without you.
Faster and faster my hearts beating now.
Higher and higher we are getting off the ground.
You seem to be stuck on the floor.
I don't know if I can stay with you anymore

Stay with me,
Oh stay with me.
Stay with me until you're sure you won't leave.
Cause I can't take,
Another heartbreak.
I can't just be another mess in your wake.

Cause you're...

Catastrophic, chaotic, no good for me.
Still I find myself yelling please.
Stay with me for just one more night
Stay with me until you see the morning light.


Stay with me,
Oh stay with me.
Stay with me until you're sure you won't leave.
Cause I can't take,
Another heartbreak.
I can't just be another mess in your wake.

No I can't take,
Another heartbreak.
I won't be another girl in your wake.
This is a song I wrote.
Saylor Kay Jan 2016
Soulmates aren't lovers
You dream when you sleep
Soulmates you fight with
While you dream
Soulmates aren't perfect
As some have you believe
Soulmates cause messes
That you have to clean
Soulmates are annoying
And drive you insane
Soulmates are friends
That will dance in the rain
Soulmates make you laugh
When tears fill your eyes
Soulmates don't always understand
Though they try

Soulmates are the ones who stay

They stay when you're down
They stay when you're up
They stay when you rock
And they stay when you ****
They stay when you love them
They stay when you don't
They stay when you're hurt
And need them the most
They stay in the end
After everyone's gone
They stay in the end
So you're never alone

Soulmates are the ones that stay
empire ants Jan 2018
Take a flower,
Keep it with you all day.
It will wilt away.
Take a flower,
Hold it close to your chest.
One day, you know,
I will have to rest.

But my garden remains
You're welcome any day
But you can't stay, no,
No, you cannot stay.

Take a ****,
You can hold it for a moment.
Throw it away,
That's the agreement.
Take a ****,
Don't think on it too long.
Please, you know,
Not to dwell on the past.

And my garden remains.
You can come in any day.
I appreciate the help, I do,
I do,
But you cannot stay,
You can't stay, no,
Please don't stay.

Take a memory,
Keep it with you all day,
Take a memory,
Then throw it away.
You can always,
Dig back for it.
But don't keep it,
Don't keep it,
For more than a day.

My garden remains.
You're welcome any day,
But you cannot stay.
You cannot stay.

You cannot stay,
In the garden, In the garden,
You cannot stay,
Because that's where I live.
You cannot stay,
In the garden, In the garden,
You cannot stay.

But I wish you would stay.
this is more of a song than a poem rip
Future doctor, Mummy’s daughter beware.
Fathers daughter, Future doctor beware.
Forget about this decorated slave, focus on your education.
Focus on your future goals, your success is our vision.
Stay away, Stay away from this decorated slave.
Stay away from our community shop decorated slave.
If you are also one of them, join them and stay away from me.
If you are a decorated slave, stay away- stay away from me.

Decorated slave, who said bask the sun in front of our shop?
Decorated slave, who said disturb our kids from our schools?
Decorated slave, stay away, stay away from our future generations.
We hate your expensive clothes, stay away from our shop.
We hate your cigarette, stay away, stay away from our school.
Decorated slave, stay away, stay away from our future generation

-Written By: The Senior
-This Era is Mine
I would stay here
If you would lay here
Next to me
That would be ecstasy

Let me daydream
Keep the theme but stay away from complacency
That’s all I need

So, would you stay or would you go
Would you stay or would you go
Cause baby come night time
I will be by your side
Are you on your way  

Am I expecting too much for you to change
I’m feeling rearranged
Taking a step forward
To help to ease the pain
It’s a dangerous game we play

So, would you stay or would you go
Would you stay or would you go
Cause baby come night time
I’ll still be by your side
Are you on your way

I’m wide awake
Waiting for however long it takes
For you to come and stay,
Stay with me, It’ll be okay

Let me daydream
Keep the theme, but stay away from complacency, complacency
I just want you here next to me...
That’s all I’ll ever need

Scroll to 16:65 for best version.
It’s still a work in progress
JP Jul 2019
Stay here
when everything says run.
Stay here
when the jaw grinds shut.
Stay here
when the breath runs thin.
Stay here
when you're out of your skin.
Stay here
when the drink calls quietly.
Stay here
when the voice says spitefully,
"you're not enough"
when it comes to this stuff,
running feeds the fire
and true healing requires
staying here.
Benji James Jul 2017
Looks like a good day
To stay in bed
Alarms waking me up again
Feels like a good day
To stay in bed
Throw the phone across the room
That's when the home phone rings
*******, can't seem to catch a break
Guess things ain't gonna go my way

Trying to make the most of each moment,
Trying to stay positive and not lose hope
Kicked my toe, on the bed corner
**** hurts like hell
Bad luck streaks building up again
This has to change sometime soon
They say good things will come to you
The longer you wait,
the bigger the reward
Starting to think those people are all talk
Not sure where they picked up that thought

Looks like a good day
To stay in bed
Alarms waking me up again
Feels like a good day
To stay in bed
Throw the phone across the room
That's when the home phone rings
*******, can't seem to catch a break
Guess things ain't gonna go my way

Lost all sense of social skill
Can't chill, can't keep it real
Trying to find the light
Amongst all this dark
Trying to find something
To spark this broken heart
Nothing seems to go to plan
Keep trying to improve myself and
become a better man
Insecurities are getting the better of me again

Looks like a good day
To stay in bed
Alarms waking me up again
Feels like a good day
To stay in bed
Throw the phone across the room
That's when the home phone rings
*******, can't seem to catch a break
Guess things ain't gonna go my way

Feels like I'm wishing
On broken mirrors
Life really kicks you
When your down
Thought there wasn't anything lower than the ground
It seems I've found a deeper ditch
Sometimes life makes you its *****
And you get fed up with all this ****
And all you can think
Yeah all you wanna do
Is sleep the whole day through

Looks like a good day
To stay in bed
Alarms waking me up again
Feels like a good day
To stay in bed
Throw the phone across the room
That's when the home phone rings
*******, can't seem to catch a break
Guess things ain't gonna go my way

©2017 Written By Benji James
Keva Minus Apr 2013
He holds me tightly with warm embrace.
His hands pull me into his beating chest.
Like galloping horses his heart starts to race.
His heart whispers forever stay.

What lips, his lips, what emotions they create.
With heated passion, they roam, they travel.
As his lips linger leaving me in a frozen state.
His kisses plead don’t go away.

Those eyes stare deeper than they can see.
They pierce through my inner being.
What love in his eyes, his love grows free.
Stay in my presence his eyes persuades me.

When he laughs, what a cheerful sound.
That creates an inner joy in me.
And when he smiles, my heart falls down.
I know that he wants me to stay around.

And because he’s telling me stay forever.
Through every action that he portrays.
Just because I’ll leave him never,
I’ll stay, I’ll stay forever.

Because I’m telling you stay too.
Forever, I’ll stay, forever with you.
Forever I’ll stay, forever with you.
By: Keva Minus ©
Kate Eddy Jun 2019
The blaze took the house with great speed,
Those inside at once had fleed,
But all was not as it appeared,
For when at last the smoke had cleared,
Among the husk of the home
The children discovered they were alone.

They dashed about at a frantic pace,
Looking around for the smallest trace,
Fearing the worst was yet to pass,
One last glance the children cast,
It was then they noticed her cloth of blue,
And the fate of their mother they finally knew.

Running to where their mother laid,
They knew a farewell they'd have to bade,
Knowing that they couldn't stay
For their only relative live far away,
When their mother was put to rest at last
Julie knew she had to push them past.

Leaving the ashes of their past behind,
Hoping a new home they would find,
Julie did for her sisters all she could,
Knowing that reliving the past would do no good.
And so at last Julie and sisters journey began
To reach their home was the only plan.

When the sky turned black as night,
Julie knew something was not quite right,
Stopping their ride Julie and Linda can tell
That something must not be going well,
As they returned they were alarmed to see
Their sister Clotild drowning in the sea.

Julie at once knew what to do,
Into the water at once she flew,
Clotild's head went slowly down below,
The fate of her sister Linda afraid to know,
But when Julie came to the surface at last
Seeing Clotild, Linda knew the danger had passed.

"Clotild, what were you thinking?" they wished to know,
Clotild answered simply saying she was hot and wished to go,
To cool her feet with the fresh feel of the sea
At the time not seeing where the fault could be,
Please don't do that again, they'd scold,
For had they not known, a different story would of been told.

Racing to where the smoke had led,
Each took in the scene with dread,
As flames spread across the little town
Chaos had evidently ensued all around,
Julie looked about the destroyed land,
Knowing what it was like to see the damage firsthand.

What Julie saw then made her blood go cold,
For upon a burning threshold
A girl lay unconscious in need of aid,
Julie knew if she stayed
Or if she delayed-
A heavy price the girl would of paid.

Julie ran as fast as she ever had before,
Diving last minute towards the floor,
Dragging the girl safely away,
The girl opened her eyes as if to say,
She felt she was going to be okay,
Julie couldn't imagine how she'd come to be alone,
Thankfully, evidence of life had clearly shown.

Many had seen what had transpired,
The courage of Julie they had all admired,
But when asked why she put herself in harm's way,
She said, I couldn't very well let her stay,
Julie then took her to where Linda and Clotild stood
Knowing that she'd done all that she could.

It was clear that the girl had no home,
As tattered clothes had clearly shown,
Julie realized that there was one thing she could do,
Knowing that the girl's options were few,
She decided to offer her a chance to restart,
For with them she'd always be a part.

Frightened she was when she finally awoke,
Noticing in gentle tones the sisters spoke,
What happened? They wished to know,
Tears at once began to flow,
They listened to the tale she wished to be told,
As the story of Chloe began to unfold.

I'm an only child, I only had my mom and dad,
In fact they were the only family that I had,
I had to do homeschooling for we were too poor,
Yet, even with that I'd been happy as none before,
Then today fire took my home and the next I'd known
I was fighting for life on my own.

Julie didn't know what to say,
Yet she noticed even now Chloe seemed to be okay,
As if she'd accepted what had passed,
Hoping her parents would feel peace at last,
Linda and Clotild felt like they could relate,
It seemed as if tragedy was the common trait.

As they continued on their way,
Julie and her sister's story they relay,
Finishing with when they had met,
There was something Chloe couldn't forget,
She looked at Julie asking,"Why help me?"
For the reasoning she did not see.

Julie looked at her kindly and without hesitation said,
If I didn't move I knew you'd be dead,
I knew I couldn't leave you there to die
Hopeless though it seemed at the time I had to try,
I took a emergency class a few weeks ago you see,
And the first thing I was taught was never to flee.

The spell of silence was suddenly shattered,
When Julie noticed a girl pale and battered,
Who suddenly collapsed in a heap
As if she'd fallen fast asleep,
Julie went at once to her side,
Sweat thick on her brow she spied.

They knew something had to be done,
Already the setting of the sun had begun,
Julie drove as fast as she could,
And into view a little town stood,
Spotting a doctor's office the girls go,
Hoping the illness the doctor will know.

Slowly the girl began to groan,
Opening her eyes confusion shown,
Seeing her awake Chloe asked her name,
Instead of an answer a blank look came,
The doctor took the girl into another room
Returning a few moments later with a look of gloom.

"Please, she said gesturing to some seats,
With a critical look she asked,"How'd you meet?"
We were driving along when we saw her in the road,
The girls said as their concern clearly showed,
The girl sat in quiet destress as the doctor stressed
This poor child's memory is quite a mess.

"What could you possibly mean?" Julie asked at last,
The doctor answered as a pitiful glance she cast,
She doesn't know who she is or where she's from,
Linda asked," Then for her.....what is to come?"
She will have to go into foster care I'm afraid,
Yet as she said that the girl had swayed.  

Julie was at her side rather quickly,
As the girl appeared even more sickly,
Against Julie the girl then went,
As if to show her energy was clearly spent,
Julie and Linda laid her in a bed,
Knowing she heard all that was said.

The next day when the first ray of sun appeared,
The girl's condition seemed to have cleared,
She said to the doctor as if to get her to see,
I think those girls are my only family,
Julie heard what she said wondering where this would lead
For it appeared as if she planted a seed.

The doctor went to the girls asking if this was true,
"Yes, was the answer that Julie threw,
As the doctor could not prove them wrong,
The girl was allowed to come along,
Leaving the little town behind,
All appeared to have recent events on mind.

Finally Julie asked the girl as she wished to understand,
What was it that made it so she lied to change the plan,
The girl said at last, I felt a bit safer with you,
And I'm not saying that the doctor wouldn't know what to do,
But you helped me , even though you didn't know me at all,
I didn't want to be alone, she said appearing small .

They looked at the girl in a kind way,
At first not knowing what to say,
Finally, Linda asked if she remembered her name,
The girl responded with much disdain,
I'm afraid no name comes to mind,
And I want to leave my past behind.

It's time I start again she proclaimed,
As things can never be the same,
I think we should start with who I am,
So you can call me and all can understand,
How do you like Lucy as a name?
I think that will do nicely as it is simple and plain.

And Lucy was what the girl was to be known,
As if to show how she felt, relief was what had shown,
Lucy then listened to their adventure,
Ending with when they'd met her,
Lucy looked at Julie in a new light,
Saying, "now I know my decision was right."

When the day had come to an end ,
A night under the stars the girls did spend,
Do you ever think about that day ? Asked Clotild
Her voice was sadness filled,
Julie and Linda glanced at her and with pity said,
Clotild we've got to move ahead.

Clotild said nothing and proceeded to bed,
As if to shut out her sister's presence instead,
The next day away from her sisters Clotild did stay,
And not one word did she say,
They came at last to a city to see,
And angry mob corner a girl while she looked back defiantly.

The girls went at once to the scene,
So the situation they could glean,
Linda asked what they were doing,
The mob answered saying, a thief is who we're pursuing,
Linda got in front of the girl asking, "what has she stolen?"
A shop owner pointed saying, it's in the bag she's pullin.

Linda took the bag and looked inside,
In which many foods did reside,
The group glanced at the girl asking the cost,
Paying for the items they had lost,
As the mob slowly trickled away –
the girls asked why she didn't pay .

The girl hung her head Shamed,
you can't blame me she claimed,
at first they had not caught on,
it was then that a girl came along ,
she doesn't have any Home,
she's with me and we're on our own.

My name is Nancy and this is Carol she said,
saying this as if on thin Ice they did tread,
Julie stepped forward and said then,
We won't hurt you, we are friends,
Linda went to them with the bag
knowing that it was all they had.

Once the bag was in their possession,
Nancy said as her weariness began to lessen,
"Thank you for all that you did,"
and with that the farewell they bid
later that night where the girls stayed,
an unexpected visit Nancy and Carol paid.

Hey , Chloe said is everything okay?
Carol answered saying we decided not to stay,
the girls looked at each other asking where they go,
as all of them now wish to know ,
Nancy looked at the girls with hopeful pleasure,
Hoping to find a life that was better.

We were wondering if we could join you guys
and find out where our future lies,
Come and join us, Lucy said to them,
for now they only saw friends,
it was then their story they began to tell,
and at once silence fell.

We are sisters you see,
For so long we'd no where to be,
Believe it or not we had a home,
Better than any have ever known,
For a minute not a word was said,
Carol continued with a look of dread.

"We were well off because of our parents occupations,
The girls listened with much anticipation,
My mom was a doctor and dad was a lawyer you see,
That's why we were such a wealthy family,
One day, said Nancy picking up the story, that changed
Dad came and with mom words were exchanged.

Apparently, dad was being sued,
For as far as his client viewed,
Dad hadn't done all that he could,
Therefore to his client he was no good,
I don't know how much they took,
But the nerves of our parents it clearly shook.

Soon word spread throughout our town,
And eventually people stopped coming to him all around,
Soon mom had to pay for all of bills on her own,
And the stress of it had clearly shown,
One day our parents argued whether or not to send us away,
Carol and I didn't bother to stay.

The girls looked at them with dismay,
Wishing there was something they could say,
Nancy continued saying, the next day we packed our bags,
As she said this  her shoulders sagged,
We knew then that we'd never see our home again,
I thought Carol and I eventually mend.

We ran away from every place we were sent,
Even though no unkindness any family meant,
Since that time we've been alone with nowhere to go,
Sighing, Nancy said, now our story you know,
Julie put her hand reassuringly on Nancy's shoulder,
Thanks for letting us know, she had told her.

What about you? The two sisters wish to be told ,
So to the sisters the story did unfold,
Nancy and Carol stared at Julie with the look of awe,
As if realizing only now who it was that they saw,
Is this really true? They asked as if yet to believe,
It's true, they said as if to show they didn't deceive.

"We've heard of you! Carol said suddenly,
As if the memories of those events surfaced finally,
You were on the news a few days ago,
She looked at Nancy as if she'd know,
Yes, Nancy slowly said as if the story began to return,
Julie was surprised at what the news people had learned.

I just helped those who I thought I could,
Just like I think anyone should,
Carol and Nancy smiled at Julie as if happy to know,
To a new home with Julie they would go,
Several weeks had passed since their journey began,
And out of Europe they were as they planned.

Six days later in New York they came,
And though tired they were happy to be on land all the same,
Through the vast city the girls drove,
Right down New York's main roads,
Throughout the day many had noticed the girls go,
As recognition slowly began to grow.

Comments circled about them regularly,
"Can't we be left alone!", Clotild said sullenly,
Linda and Julie glanced at Clotild momentarily,
She was worse then they thought, they noticed worryingly,
They went to a park and set up camp for the night,
Somewhere that was out of sight.

The glow of the moon lit up their camp in soft light,
Julie and Linda had a feeling that Clotild wasn't alright,
She hardly paid them any heed,
And when they approached she'd recede,
They wished they could make her feel better,
But she was just too bitter.

The next day the girls went through  to Nebraska's state,
Clotild what's wrong? Chloe asked seeing a look of hate,
"I'm fine!" Clotild said violently,
The girls stared at her silently,
It was then that Linda and Chloe swapped,
As the others continued to look at Clotild shocked.

A village came out of the blue,
Those in the village had looked at them as if the girls they knew,
As they set up camp villagers watched in awe
Not believing who it was that they saw,
A girl said, " mommy it's the girl from tv,
The mother glanced in their direction saying-it is indeed.

Looking in their direction Julie sees,
Sheltered in the shade of the shops a girl looked on miserably,
Julie went at once to her to see what was wrong,
All at once had withdrawn,
As the girl noticed and began to retreat, Julie shouted wait!
Catching up Julie noticed that she was pale and under weight.

Are you okay? Lucy asked then,
As a cut Julie did tend,
Linda went and got her food and drink,
And looking at the girl Julie began to think,
Looking at the girl seeing the bleeding,
Julie asked her what was wrong and she said," I was fleeing."

Julie glanced at the others with concern,
Trouble at once they began to discern,
Julie took the girl into her tent,
The other girls to guard the tent they went,
An hour later Julie came out at last,
How bad is it? They asked noticing the look she cast.

Her name is Rose and she's frightened and has good reason,
Julie said this her voice began to lessen,
Last night her parents were robbed and killed,
She witnessed it Julie said her voice with concern filled,
After a minute she continued, apparently the robber knew,
She ran because she didn't know what to do.

She's still in shock unfortunately,
Since no one's caught him he's still at large you see,
She no longer has a home,
She's afraid and she's on her own,
We can't leave her alone with that man on the run,
Okay we'll leave tomorrow at the rising of the sun.

The next day at first light the girls left the village behind,
Each one with the thought of home on their mind,
The sky was crystal clear the air crisp and sweet,
For a minute a pair of eyes Julie did meet,
It was a figure of a boy her age she saw then,
She did not see him again.

For the rest of the day Julie's attention seemed to stray,
To that boy that didn't stay,
Who was it who she had seen?
Was it an illusion or a dream?
As she watched the smoke from their fire burn into the night,
Something went across Julie's sight in flight.

Julie got up and said,"whose out there?"
As this reaction seemed quite fair,
It was then a boy had appeared as a silhouette in the night,
Julie went up to him before he went out of sight,
Why are you following us? she asked her voice tight,
Looking at him Julie can tell something's not right.

Hello Julie, I've come to warn you,
So when the time comes you'll know what to do,
There is one among you you call your friend,
That person you'll lose in the end,
Julie glaring said, " What do you mean then?"
The boy said," the one you call a friend will betray you in the end

Beware he said on and on,
Then as suddenly as he appeared he was gone,
Julie looked at the place where the girls laid,
Suddenly feeling very afraid,
She didn't know why for she thought it couldn't be true,
So to bed she went and thoughts of that night flew.

The next day into Colorado they appeared,
For all the girls weariness at last had cleared,
As each knew their journey was about to end,
And soon all of them would have a home again,
Keeping that in mind, the girls look until a clearing they find
Where a cabin lay with trees behind.

The group went to work setting up camp,
As the air turned cool and damp,
The girls sat to eat dinner at 6:00 that night,
Finishing they feel tired and Julie knows something isn't right,
Because try as they did to stay awake,
Julie knew a drug was placed in something they ate or drank.

As Julie was the last to go down,
The closing of a door was her last sound,
When she woke at last around a room a glance was thrown,
As this room she had not known,
Wondering where you are? Asked Clotild in a mocking tone,
Julie looked at her as confusion shown.

Clotild what.....Julie stopped as understanding grew,
Julie felt as if she'd been hit in the face as she said,"It's you!"
"Why? Julie asked, what have any of us done to deserve this?"
Looking at the others who she originally missed,
Clotild glared as she said, " you don't care or know
To hear Julie this and Julie that wherever you go.

Yet even with that- before any of this began,
Instead of taking command,
You left mom in that fire to die,
And you didn't even bother to try!
So yes Julie, it was me
Because I had every right to be.

"Clotild, how could I have known this would of occurred?"
Yet even as she said this, she knew she wasn't heard,
Goodbye Julie, said Clotild as she stood,
"Clotild, Julie said realizing it'd do no good,
Julie tried to stand only to find her hands and feet tied,
Clotild ran out the door as the binds she tried.

When Julie freed herself to the door she went,
Without luck opening the door her energy she spent,
The others finally woke with a groan,
All went to Julie as she sat alone,
Linda came to her asking, Where are we?
And where is Clotild? For it was her they didn't see.

As they looked at Julie they knew something was wrong,
For she had an expression that didn't belong,
Julie told what happened and the girls began to dispute,
"It's true, said Julie at last , an answer they couldn't refute,
"What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?
The answer of which nobody knew.

The door was locked from the outside,
And yet no matter how hard they tried,
The door had stayed in it's place,
It seemed like too much for the girls to face,
When all seemed lost and hopeless then,
The door opened revealing only a friend.

The boy Julie had met came at once to her side,
As a look of depression on her face he spied,
"Who are you? asked Rose suspicion clear in her voice,
I'm a friend and I'm here to help, he said by choice,
"How did you find us?" asked Julie her annoyance plain,
"I followed your sister as she took you away", he claimed.

We might as well leave as there is no reason to stay,
"Be wary, your sister intends to make you pay,
What on earth could you mean? asked Linda upset,
Wondering how much worse things could possibly get,
But again as suddenly as he had come to their aid,
He vanished as if to show they were too much delayed.

Their journey home they still went,
To each other their strength they lent,
Not one word had anyone said,
For due to recent events their hearts were filled with lead,
Finally a town came into sight,
As they came they noticed a girl in flight.

From trouble the girl ran,
Behind her as she went she scanned,
Glancing to where her eyes lead,
The group at once to guard the girl they sped,
For a few thieves at once took chase,
Stop! Julie said intent on putting them in their place.

They stopped asking, And why would we listen to you?
At once a fist Julie threw and away they flew,
At last the girl the group had found,
Julie went to her saying, "they're gone, no one's around."
The girl glanced shyly about,
Sure it was now safe she then came out.

"Why bother to help me when you didn't know me at all?"
With them after me, I don't see why on you responsibility'd fall,
They had no right to take from you,
And I knew there was something I could do,
The girl said, I don't even have a home,
I was going to try and  find a life of my own.

Would you like to come with us? asked Rose,
Really...yes please the girl said as the door on her past closed,
What is your name? asked Rose facing their new friend,
Sky, said the girl as a note of confidence she did send,
Where you heading? asked Sky as they left the town behind
Linda said, we're hoping our dad we'll find.

Sky asked confused, what could you mean?
So the girls explained how their journey came into being,
Sky was so amazed that for a minute she could only say,
Julie there's no way
They looked at her and Lucy said, it's true,
And her admiration of Julie quickly grew.

Sky then said, I am sorry that your sister lost her way,
For the wound was still fresh and twas a heavy price to pay,
Thank you, Julie said to break the ice,
For silence had latched on as a vice,
At long last to their father's house they came,
Realizing to each girl life wouldn't be the same.

Knocking on the door as anticipation did build,
Throughout Julie's being fear had filled,
For Clotild's eyes Julie had met,
A look Clotild sent as if to say Julie's actions she'd regret,
At once Clotild took flight-
Quickly vanishing from Julie's sight.

"We need to get inside now, Julie said urgently,
The girls glanced at Julie not seeing what the trouble could be,
Julie? Asked Linda with growing concern,
Seeing what she could learn,
She's here, was all Julie had said,
The girls heard and looked around with dread.

The door opened to show a man with a serious look,
Asking angrily," where is the money that you took?
Your money was stolen? Was it by a girl with blond hair?
The man looked annoyed saying yes as if he'd despaired,
We'll get it back, Julie said taking off with speed,
To the place where Clotild had fleed.

Clotild was hiding in a group of trees in view of all,
"Clotild, Julie's voice did call,
Don't make this harder than it needs to be,
Julie ran into the area as the threat she didn't see,
Running at Julie blind with rage a knife she drew,
Yet as the knife was ****** in Julie it didn't go to.

For right as it came it was Rose who took the blow,
And slowly to the ground she did go,
Dropping the knife Clotild ran,
As she noticed the failure of her plan,
"Rose, Julie said as she sank into her arms weakly,
Her breath came rather futility.

Rose weakly noticed all the girls had gathered around,
They watched shocked and no one made a sound,
Julie asked her voice sad "Why did you jump in front of me?"
Rose smiling said, Julie you taught us all what we should be,
Wincing she said, I didn't want my friend to die,
So futile though it appeared at the time, I knew I had to try.

Rose had tears in her eyes,You gave more than I ever dream of,
Julie cried as Rose went to be with the ones she loved,
After everything Rose had been through,
Julie felt peace for she knew
At last her wish came true,
At once Clotild Julie went to pursue.  

But Julie didn't have to go long,
Seeing Clotild's hands tied Julie's eyes were drawn,
For next her a boy stood tall,
Seeing Julie a serious look did fall,
The money taken to their dad they returned,
Julie then to her dad she turned.

Do I know you? Her dad asked looking at her hard,
Suddenly appearing on guard,
"Dad, It's me Julie, she said as her voice cracked,
"Julie, is it really you? Her dad said as to react,
Why are you here? And why are these girls with you?
So introducing the girls, Julie explained what they'd been through.

For a while, Joe hung his head in shame,
Your mother's dead? As if he was to blame,
"It's not your fault!"Julie said with conviction,
"Yes it is, he said looking stricken,
I was a cop and I promised our plan wouldn't change,
For a time it worked he said this he aged.

What? Julie said wanting to understand,
Joe didn't meet her eyes, my job kinda took command,
I missed our anniversary and your birthday,
After a time your mother said she couldn't stay,
That was the last I'd heard from her unfortunately,
For years you girls were all I wanted to see.

"Dad,  we can be a family again,
Linda said jumping in hoping strength she'd lend,
Joe looked up with a sad look in his eyes,
But why would Clotild blame us for your mother's demise?
Julie said, She's broken and just looking for someone to blame,
I'm sad to say, she is not at all happy we came.

Joe looked at his girls and said, you truly wish to live with me?
Wondering where the reasoning could be,
Yes, said Julie I promised these girls a chance to restart,
I told them with us they'd always be a part,
Then yes, you can come and live with me here,
Hearing the girls did cheer.

Turning to the boy Julie smiled back,
You like me, she said as if it were fact,
What makes you think that? the boy asked in a mocking tone,
Looking up Julie noticed a smile had shown,
So why then did you come to our aid?
Because to the those girls survival a huge part you played.

So who are you? Julie asked then,
A tone of curiosity she did send,
My name is john if you really wish to know,
And as of now I don't intend to ever go,
Leading John into her home
A happy ending the girls at last had known.

Until we meet again  -
I have 2 words and they're The End
This is the first epic poem I've ever written. It's based on a story I wrote as a kid.

— The End —