Bria Grimm Nov 2015
I hope you never reach
The day
Where you are lost for words
Because they're tangled up in

I hope you never reach
The point
Where your innocence of
The world is

I hope you choose
Your friends and
Lovers wisely
So that you never have to
Discover what it feels like
To see those who you believed
Would take a bullet for you
Dance behind the
I am very fortunate that this has made the daily poems! I am completely new to this site (about a week or two in) and it is truly an honor to have my work recognized. Thank you guys for supporting!
rained-on parade Oct 2014
There are stories in your eyes.

I never told you how
sometimes I fell asleep
with the thought that you
were perhaps the moon-

always disappearing
with the dawn.
I would awake with
but the shape of you
on my bed and the
gloom of you on
my skin.
Someone Apr 2014
Stay humble my friend.
For you won't be here one day.
And although you think you might have left a legacy,
In due time it too will fade with you.
You want to be remembered as someone who
Was kind.
And above all humble.
So take the compliments nicely.
Try to always be kind.
And try to be forgiving.
Although I know it can sometimes be hard.
Help others.
Stand up for one another.
Because those are the true legacies that impact lives.
Not just some material thing that will fade faster than you think.
Cat Moulaison Jan 2015
You're my best friend
I can't live without you
So please oh please
Don't force me to
I just posted the full version of this poem "Please Stay" so go check it out!!
T FAITH Apr 2014
I know it hurts.
I know it stings.
I know how you feel
When they say these things.
keep your head up
Dont look down
Because in the future.
It'll be you,
Wearing the crown.
Rachel Shussett Sep 2014
It hurts
You feel empty
Like no one will ever know

The pain is crippling
Takes you down in a moment
Impossible to stand back up

Where's the light at the end of the tunnel
The rainbow after the storm
The color in the picture

It's all gone
It's disappeared
It's empty

But you have to stand up
You have to hold your ground
You are important

There will be a light
There will be a rainbow
The color is still there, just open your eyes

Stay, stay, stay.
Harley Hucof Aug 2014
they listend to me when i said look.
they knew a meaningfull lesson i was about to shoot.
close your eyes and visualize your dreams for before you know it they ll become real.
expand your mind and free your soul and all your problems shall be solved.
never forget to stay positive. all the bad things are relative.
focus on your health and stay fit and watch your life take a lift.
sing this song and feel the beat for freedom is what we seek
trust your intuitions and praise the lord and all the answers will come to your door.
seek love in everything and you ll see the love in all the living
never forget what really matters health family friends and animals.
be yourself and seek your pleasures but if you abuse it  you 'll lose this treasure.
trust me when i say be patient life isnt and diamonds.
In the right time you will recieve just the information that you need.
thats if ofcourse you chose the right path,if you didnt your actions wont last.
find laughter in everything. fun is the only medicine.
life is hard so be carefull dont rush things and stay in focus. for what you miss wont be retrieved.
love the children and never lie to them for the truths lies in their heart to the end.
take your emotions seriously. behind them hides life's mistery.
seek romance but in balance stay independent and love again.
dont fight people for energy, others sources give it to you for free.
send energy to those who need for giving is the greatest act indeed.

words of Harfouchism
Madhurima Feb 2015
I would have asked you to stay
But I knew you didn't want to
So I watched you go away.

                                                       ­                    *If you had asked me to stay

                                                          ­               I would have, but you didn't
                                                        ­                                     *
So I left, anyway.
please stay ill take the pain away
please stay ill kiss those tears away
please stay I need you
please stay I promise ill never
leave you...
elissa Jun 2014
my mouth is
telling you to
leave but my
eyes are begging
you to stay.
don't go
sara anna Apr 2015
Tell me to stay
I'd like to stay
till my last breathe
with no regrets
Zay Jan 2015
I don't care if they start rumors.
I don't care if they think it's a lie.
I don't care that we're not perfect.
I don't care about those other guys.
I don't care if we got haters,
And I don't care if they multiply.
There's only one thing I care about,
And that's you and I.
"And as long as we got each other,
We don't need anybody else on this earth..."
Frank Ruland Jan 2015
Rabid and ravenous is fate at your throat,
Even as your heart's shards lust for your wrist
Still, under the pressure, you stand tall
I** know your pen quivers as you try to cope;
Listen though, and muster your grit!
In time, virtue will vanquish vexation and vandals
Evanescent evils dissipate in light of hope,
Never to return... so I ask, is this shit
Too much to handle?
This goes out to The Girl Who Loved You, and everyone else enduring hard times. You are all the bravest of souls, and it only takes hope to make you warriors as well. Brave through the squall, my friends. The storm shall soon be over.
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