leena May 2014
there are some feelings that no matter what you say no one can feel them but you..
No one can see how you feel.
people say the feelings deep within you should leave them alone.
showing feelings deep within is like playing with fire, you will get burned.
No one wants to show their feelings if they fear they will get burned.
It is ok!!
Faye David May 2014
I'm scared of feeling
Feelings that i can't describe
Feelings that i can never understand
Feelings that i'm afraid to face
I just want to be numb
Alyanna May 2014
I could never tell you what was on my mind
So I wrote every thing down on paper
Each passing day with you only made things worse
Because all the things I was too shy to say
Became too lengthy to write in one sitting
So I typed them instead

Then one day you kissed me
And all the things I tried so hard to hide
Spilled from my mouth
And I dare say
Into your heart
Violet Blue Jun 2015
I can't even seem to type
what I feel right now
I know what  want to say
But the words won't come out
Through my poetry
I feel blank
I feel useless
I feel the goosebumps on my skin

I feel hatred
I feel love
I feel the problems I am in

I feel lost
I feel found
I feel like a sin
Amanda Kyara May 2014
I can never find the right words to describe how I feel,
the words never seem to make sense,

everything I say sounds like a contradiction,
but they say opposites attract

But when I'm around you,
all my feelings just go away,

and all the negatives become positive,
and it doesn't make sense at all
feeling discomfort dissipates as
I embrace instead of
pushing away
Kate Lion Sep 2014
Don't try to hold my hand (because I'm a jellyfish)
Love is like lightning,
Beautiful from a distance,
But just wait till you're struck by it
Don't try to hold my hand (because I'm a jellyfish)
It's difficult to write
about my feelings in ten words.
Irene Mejia Oct 2014
The darkness,we can find it anywhere.
In love
In happiness
In all feelings that we have
There is going to be darkness
Tears and broken souls.
I saw you one day and never thought a thing
As we grew 3 years, I noticed
My heart decided to thump faster
I smiled shyly at you and you smiled back
So I asked you a question, over a note
You broke my heart...You won't ever know
I cried when you left, clutching your answer in my arms
Sobbing for days, broken inside
Last day of school, you gave me a hug

High school began and I saw you again
My heart betrayed me, no matter how much I trained it not to
You smiled at me, and I grimaced back
I wanted to hate you, and I let you know
You talked to me, asking why?
I can't tell you, I might cry
I keep a straight face, a bravado to cover my feelings
Yet somehow, I wish you could see a chink through my armor

I have a class with you
I stare at you, hoping you stare back
When you do, I sneer at you and glare
I confuse myself
I have feelings
This is a true story on how I asked out a boy in 8th grade..and how I transgressed into 9th...I'm a freshman
Purple Rain Nov 2015
These feelings & emotions
Feel as if they are Infused inside,
A depressed state of mind  
Discovering myself is the hardest rhyme,
I drown in every hide tide
Never able to win
Restraining the pain within
My blood drys thin
Noise mutters from the hells next door
Waves crashing at the shore
Of my brittle skin
Crying on the edges of hell  
A heart that can't mend
Handling what I can't hold in
I swallow down my sins
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