Haunter Jun 2012

Beneath the lies
of a thousand
broken-prayer beads.

Surrounded by all of my....

False hopes.
Fake friends.
crooked priests
who are exorcising their own demons.

On the dark side of the confession booth.

This is nothing.
But a divine
waste of my time.

I'll see you all, in Hell.
Myaja Black Sep 2015
Black Rose
                      Black Queen
              Black me with my black heart
      You think my black clothes are so trite
Because they cant be seen at night maybe
They weren't meant to be seen I keep trying to lay low Its so hard to hide with all this melanin im bound to be spotted
Becca Seyoum Jun 2014
Black was there with you

  when you took too many shots

  and passed out at 4am

Black was what you imagined

  before you fell asleep at night

Black stayed with you

  until the sun came up

Black was empty

and full

of ideas


black was


of life

but no light

black was

JadedSoul Aug 2014
I lie here
All is black
The white light
Yellow screen
Pink pillow
All is black

blood frozen
Heart rate spiking
Breath shallow
All is black
Swimming in the world of black and white,
For we cannot see beyond the rainbow.
Two lines that mean so much to me. Two lines that describe me.
ic Mar 2014
you came home
with black eye,
black as your soul.
ZinaLisha Oct 2014
black ice



danger in disguise.


sick from the rain

clear cries

black eyes
Poetry by MAN Feb 2014
Black Rose sweet Demon bud
A kiss from a Vamp with the taste of blood
Emotionless hearts infused with desire
Intoxicating lust sets us on fire
Exposed skin..Reveals our sin ..As we dig in
I tie you up..You go down..Feel my whip..Wrap around
Call me Dom..You my Sub
Wearing your body like a glove
Drop your disguise..Through your eyes..See this devil rise
No surprise angels cry when I enter your thighs
In the realm of our imagination together we flow
Erotic stroke mental poke entering you slow
Is there Beauty in the Darkness? I suppose...
My Bloom under the moon my Black Rose..
M.A.N 1-27-14 inspired by CR friend Vampskiss
rxsemary Jul 2014
Just because someone looks happy doesn't mean they are because even a white rose has a black shadow.
farahD Oct 2014
Sky is black with rage,
Roars in the familiar sound of thunder,
So strong and bold,
In the heart of the storm.
Kay-Ann Apr 2015
The Black race is so magical
and I would like to think it's a manifestation of God's greatness
He created and designed us in different shapes, sizes, hues
Who ever thought that the pigment of our skin was an issue
Segregation was seemingly about power and wealth but they had to bring up the tint of our skin
They enslaved us with this mindset and now some of us have adapted it too
Our ancestors wouldn't like this
No they would not be proud
Of this colorism that exists
They taught us that lighter is better
That your dark skin is not suitable
They slander us for our features yet they lust after it
This systematic thinking has our men slandering us too
But I'm here to declare that this must not happen
We can't let it be true
Black men and women are synonyms
We are carved by the same hands, of the same beauty
and without one, the other can't exist
So my people, let's not conform to their standards
Let's appreciate the melanin we were born with
No matter the shade
Light-skinned, dark-skinned- doesn't matter
We're all comprised of mahogany, ebony, caramel, chestnut, coffee and sienna
We can be as dark as the midnight sky
or brown like honey
Think about the history, not the whips, that are laced into our skin
Not just slavery, but years of excellence and grace
We are reminiscent of hot cocoa that warms cold nights
And we have constellations, even galaxies swimming in our eyes and tucked in our bones
We are Black
That means we represent depth, strength, elegance and nobleness
We are Black
Indeed we are filled with our own light
Let's not let the glaring whiteness replace the beauty we have
this is a poem about black empowerment, not white hate. This is in no way slandering or shaming white people. There's an immense difference
Bad Jokes Inc Jun 2014
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don't tase me bro!
This will be famous like Martin Luther Kings balls.
Brianna Ki Jan 2011
Dark, Dreary
Frightening, Hiding, Scaring
Dead, Silent, Cold, Treacherous
Blinding, Gleaming, Flowing
Peaceful, Pure
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