Haunter Jun 2012


Beneath the lies
of a thousand
broken-prayer beads.

Surrounded by all of my....

False hopes.
Fake friends.
crooked priests
who are exorcising their own demons.

On the dark side of the confession booth.

This is nothing.
But a divine
waste of my time.

I'll see you all, in Hell.

JadedSoul Aug 2014

I lie here
All is black
The white light
Yellow screen
Pink pillow
All is black

blood frozen
Heart rate spiking
Breath shallow
All is black

Becca Seyoum Jun 2014

Black was there with you

  when you took too many shots

  and passed out at 4am

Black was what you imagined

  before you fell asleep at night

Black stayed with you

  until the sun came up

Black was empty

and full

of ideas


black was


of life

but no light

black was


Myaja Black Sep 2015

Black Rose
                      Black Queen
              Black me with my black heart
      You think my black clothes are so trite
Because they cant be seen at night maybe
They weren't meant to be seen I keep trying to lay low Its so hard to hide with all this melanin im bound to be spotted

ZinaLisha Oct 2014

black ice



danger in disguise.


sick from the rain

clear cries

black eyes

Swimming in the world of black and white,
For we cannot see beyond the rainbow.

Two lines that mean so much to me. Two lines that describe me.
ic Mar 2014

you came home
with black eye,
black as your soul.

Ofentse Tsie Aug 2014

Is there something wrong with being black? Different
                 skin color tone war,
is that what our heroes fought for?
Why is it necessary for white men to form similes about our color? Is this freedom or what?
            I feel like being black is a sin.
What's really funny is racism is found in the black community only because it has turned on itself “I'm light skinned I'm better than” “dark skinned is ugly”
is this what we call love? Ubuntu? if so then I want none it.
It's amlaot disgusting how we can't show love to each other but expect love from another kind.

by: ofentse_tsie & dvniel

Different subject. We hope it moves you. Enjoy
The Quiet Poet Apr 2014

There's only one thing I see
There seems to be only one thing
The blackness goes on and one
Forever black.

I hardly remember colors.
I sort of remember red
kind of green or maybe it was blue
how would i know,
i can't remember what color went with what name.
maybe it was yellow or pink or orange
or white.
the opposite of black.
what a luxury
an unappreciated luxury
to see the opposite
of black.
what a luxury
to see anything
other than

thats the only color i'm certain of.
i see it all the time.
i wake up
i try to walk
i do nothing
i go to sleep
and the cycle repeats
after day
after day
the cycle repeats.

it's boring
and i'm sick of it
but it's all i have.

farahD Oct 2014

Sky is black with rage,
Roars in the familiar sound of thunder,
So strong and bold,
In the heart of the storm.

Kinara Apr 2014

when i was younger never understood why some people would wear black all the time
i swore to myself that i would never be one of those people
i guess im a hypocrite
i thought that black was such a basic color
but it is anything but basic
its the color i find the most comfort in
it it my invisibility cloak
it warms my soul
my heart skips a beat when i see someone dressed in it from head to toe
it is such a deep and beautiful color
i guess i changed

Bad Jokes Inc Jun 2014

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don't tase me bro!

This will be famous like Martin Luther Kings balls.
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