T'yana Thomas Jun 2014
Is it me
The reason why i may not be good enough

Am I too given
Did I love you too much
This life I'm in doesn't seem worth living

Your phone rings and she answers
The reason why I may not be good enough

Just a thought
Jason Mar 2015
Good morning,
Good morning,
The day's just begun.
May yours be filled
With much laughter and fun!
The original works and writings of Jason Deegan.
All Rights Reserved. ©2015
Carey Jan 2014
not good enough to be alive
I could  just disappear and no one would know I was gone
Im the person who sitting in the corner
Cry themselves to sleep
hope and prayers that I die and never wake up

dreaming is the worst
I never know when dreams stop and real time begins
Jessica Jun 2014
Sometimes I over think
Every single little thing

I wonder if anyone could ever love someone as different as me.

I get sad
I get mad
I get depressed
I get stressed

I fall apart

It tears me apart thinking I'll never be good enough for anyone.
Lauren Beattie Oct 2013
I've been tired lately,
When I'm tired it shows up on my face,
And in my body language,
Like a bold flashing sign,
Topped with puffy eyes and weak shoulders,

I've been fighting lately,
With the world and with other people,
To be recognized for who I am now,
Not what I did before,
And I've been fighting with her too,

The old, younger me,
Caught up in her surroundings,
Too focused on what went wrong,
Never looking forward and so never moving on,
Who just wouldn't let up on me,

"You're not good enough,"
I know that,
"You're not good enough,"
Okay I know that, but,
"You're not good enough."

Well you know what?
That's not good enough.

I can't use that,
There is no benefit to that kind of thinking,

Fear of rejection,
Fear of success,
Those are not good enough reasons to keep me in critical condition,

Self-loathing is not good enough for me.
It's not good enough for anybody.

"You're not good enough."
Says who?
anonymous Nov 2014
I know you have been homeless all you're life but make my heart you're new home
Brandon Davis Dec 2012
A friend of mine walked up to me and asked me: "What is a good woman?"
I replied "you would know if you were a good man"
He said "Stop joking I really wanna know"
"There is no definite answer, but when you meet one, it will show"
There are many characteristics  that make a good woman, but it would take days to speak them all
Since my friend brought this to mind, I thought I would list a few for y'all
A woman who is proud of what she brings
and won't complain over petty things
A woman who is well spoken and not opposed to listening
because communication is key from the beginning
A woman who is wise and able to realize
the pit you are in doesn't matter because she will help your rise
A woman who wouldn't try to control her man but also wouldn't be a doormat
And when trouble comes up, her feet won't be flat (she's ready to go)
A woman who never stops believing in the man that you are and the man you can become
So much confidence in you, it almost makes her seem dumb
A virtuous woman who prays for you more than she prays for herself
Remembering God is number one above all else
A woman who tries to pay for herself before you can offer
Knowing the difference between selfless and selfish is something you should prefer
A woman with the power of forgiveness
But don't abuse it
Because a good woman is not stupid
She will lose it
You will lose her and have no one to blame when your heart takes the hit
If you hurt a good woman, in my eyes, you aren't worth the saliva I spit
The ice cream no one would lick
The one that gets thrown down in hope ants would leave a picnic
To pick apart your existence
Use your common sense
Realize what's in front of you and cherish it
Woman is the title a female receives at a certain age
But it takes a good man to realize a good woman is on the next page
I'm not saying a good woman needs to have this quote for quote
I don't think any woman does, if so, let me know
I haven't met any besides my family, but I don't go down that road
I'm being patient, waiting for my good woman is giving me time to grow
So I can give her the best Brandon Everett Davis, the world doesn't know
To not be on their level, would be a sin
Let's become better men for these good women
Good-by, proud world, I'm going home,
Thou'rt not my friend, and I'm not thine;
Long through thy weary crowds I roam;
A river-ark on the ocean brine,
Long I've been tossed like the driven foam,
But now, proud world, I'm going home.

Good-by to Flattery's fawning face,
To Grandeur, with his wise grimace,
To upstart Wealth's averted eye,
To supple Office low and high,
To crowded halls, to court, and street,
To frozen hearts, and hasting feet,
To those who go, and those who come,
Good-by, proud world, I'm going home.

I'm going to my own hearth-stone
Bosomed in yon green hills, alone,
A secret nook in a pleasant land,
Whose groves the frolic fairies planned;
Where arches green the livelong day
Echo the blackbird's roundelay,
And vulgar feet have never trod
A spot that is sacred to thought and God.

Oh, when I am safe in my sylvan home,
I tread on the pride of Greece and Rome;
And when I am stretched beneath the pines
Where the evening star so holy shines,
I laugh at the lore and the pride of man,
At the sophist schools, and the learned clan;
For what are they all in their high conceit,
When man in the bush with God may meet.
SomeoneSomewhere Jan 2015
It's never been said out loud.
It's more of a mutual understanding
hanging heavy in the air
I don't want pity, I need clarity
Yes or No.
I cringe at the wait
Will you love me forever or let me go?
Jenna Cozart Jan 2015
"You aren't good enough" echos in my head, I can't silence it. I try to convince myself I am but the voice in my head echos louder "YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH". I try to build myself up but there is always something there to knock me back down. I feel so lost.
Its four am in the morning
And my thoughts wandered as they do
Found it sad to think
That you hate being you...
This is for my best friend who told me that he feels that he will never be good enough . I promised him that for every single day that i live will remind him every single day that he truly is good enough until he believes me.
Cameron Godfrey Feb 2012
The first step in, I want to step out
The first word spoken, I wanted to shout
The very first sentence, “life is so tough”
The very last breath, It just wasn’t good enough.
anothershrubbery Mar 2015
a simple fact
i was not good enough
for something i have wanted
since i could remember how to covet
so you know what fuck me
i guess i am
not good
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