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Tyler G Dec 2012
I carry the shallow weight of my own regrets.
I carry the guilt of my mother who felt she could’ve done more for my grandmother.
Nights spent, teary-eyed phone calls to the nursing home.
I carry the comprehension of my father.
Hundreds of times he’s defeated me at chess, at card games.
I am his knowledge.
I carry sorrow from soccer games lost and triumph from games won with the stench of wet grass and caked on mud still fresh in my memory.

I carry the weight of high school, the pressure to get into college, the weight of rumors and the regret of not paying attention in class.
Feeling hopeless and defeated when I fail a test, though I remember I can carry the power of success.
I carry the daily jeers and spite of my peers and my teachers.
I carry the burden of my mother’s size eight firmly up my *** when I don’t do what I’m told.
I carry three-day weekends and the joy of a snow day.

I carry my blood, my veins, my organs.
I carry my bones, my cartilage, my flesh and my hair.
I carry my beating heart and the sound it makes letting everyone around me and myself to know that I’m still very much alive.
I carry the ability of perfect hindsight vision, the ability of blind foresight.

I carry my friends, the pressure of their own burdens.
I own the ability to make them smile, the ability to cheer them up when I don’t know how to help myself.
I’ve carried some of them for as long as I can remember; some I can’t carry anymore, and some I’ve just started to carry.

I carry love and passion; I carry hate and abhor.
I carry confusion, delirium, nostalgia of days past.
I carry insomnia and sleepless nights dreaming up at my ceiling of life to come.
I carry my dreams, both physical and mental.
I carry what I aspire to be.
I carry photography, a story of my life through pictures, through captivity, through still frame.
I carry my wishes.

I carry the beach, the waves that crash down onto the shore and onto me and the salty residue that lands on my flesh and hair from staying out too long.

I carry stupidity, I carry charm and I carry luck.
I carry the regret of anonymity and the fear of being alone.
We all carry that; no one wants to spend life alone.
We carry expensive wedding bands and the pressure to say “Yes” and the hope that she’ll say it.

I carry the everlasting gaze of older relatives, some who have passed on to a better world.
They won’t have to carry anything anymore.

I carry countless vacations and holidays spent with my cousins and the millions of laughs we have shared.

I carry reminiscences of vacations and of meeting new people, people who I tried to stay in contact with, but alas, distance prevents friendship.
I carry the knowledge of the traveled world and the confusion of the uninhabited, undiscovered land.
I am a world traveler, I am a superhero; I am what I want to be and I carry that.

I carry a tainted mind.
A mind spoiled by politics, by war, greed and corruption of not only the government, but of my parents as well.
I carry the ignorance of thinking I’m right and everyone else is wrong, the false sense that I know what is really going on in the world and that I, and I alone, can make a difference.

I carry the benefit of living in a prosperous nation, a flourishing town.
I carry the thought of uncertainty of impoverish nations and how they live everyday without food and water, while I sit here and type on my own personal laptop.

I carry teenage angst.
I carry thoughts and memories of former lovers.
Some girls who have grown up to be different than what they once were, some who haven’t changed a bit.
I carry the thoughts of wonder, should I have said something to her?

I carry individualism, not being afraid of letting you know who I am and what I do.
I am myself and if you can’t deal with it then you won’t have to carry me anymore.
I no longer carry these words; my thought have been poured onto this paper.
My future holds the risk of not knowing what I will carry tomorrow, but I know I will carry life.
I know I may not be able to carry this all, but one thing is for certain: I will carry myself.
Dust Bowl Jan 2015
I carry my backpack, and the addition thirty pounds of stress that goes along with it.
I carry an MP3 player, filled with 1500 songs that make more sense to me than any math lesson ever has.
I carry a necklace from the 1800's that no one in my family cares enough about to remember who it originally belonged to. We both carry the feeling of being passed along.
I carry a notebook with letters I'll never have the nerve to send. I carry a pen that's been through more with me than any of my friends.
I carry my scraped knees and a tendency to fall to the waste side.
I carry my father's temper like a hot coal in the pit of my stomach. I carry his high expectations and my mother's victim complex. All three of which are, apparently, hereditary.
I carry Chapstick, Neosporin, and band-aids. Because things crack, and things break, and some things tend to cut.
I carry the same mindset as an Oxford comma and a worry of being replaced. We both carry the feeling of not really mattering.
I carry my uncle's divorce, & the way we buried him only a year after the papers were signed. I carry the way his ex wife's grudge is stronger than her children's love for their family.
I carry the dream catcher my dad keeps in his room, the one I got rid of years ago when I realized nothing would keep my nightmares away.
I carry the time my hero had his heart broken and spent the next year at the bottom of a bottle.
I carry the headstone that marks the beginning of my abandonment issues.
I carry a .037 fl oz tube of eyeliner in the hopes that no one will mess with a girl who always looks like she has two black eyes.
I carry a pre-med major that will never make me as happy as it will make my parents. I carry my family's hopes on my back & the way I feel like an emergency room with no more room left for patients.
I carry my best friend's name like an obituary I never got to read. I carry the way his head hit his windshield faster than it ever hit my lap, and the way I've hated sitting in the driver's seat ever since. I carry the way I never want to be invited to another funeral & the way each body they've buried makes me feel like I'm already 6 feet under.
I carry the mattress I slept on as a child. Pink flowers & blue satin & cold sweats detergent couldn't fade. The one I spent an entire afternoon scrubbing bloodstains out of, hoping my mother wouldn't notice when she changed the sheets. She never did, or at least she never asked, and sometimes I still wish she had.
I carry how my friend thinks her high school boyfriend breaking up with her is the worst that could happen, and the way I hope she always does.
A response to "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien (a book I HIGHLY recommend).
Angie S May 2017
I carry the clothes on my body–
a plain t-shirt and sweater leggings–
attempting to stay warm and keep cool.
I carry my backpack,
my heavy, heavy backpack,
to carry the things I can’t carry in my arms…
my books, pencils, papers, and keys.
In my arms I sometimes carry more books,
sometimes a cup of chai, and sometimes, nothing. Sometimes
I wish I carried a little bit more time;
then I could carry the things I’ve left behind.

I carry all the parts of me simultaneously, and I am full now.
I carry my eyes, for without them, my path would be blurred,
and I would be ignorant.
I carry my ears to hear music and dissonance and
I carry a heart to feel the soundwaves and make sense of them.
I carry my nose to hold the sweetness of a flower in my lungs,
and skin to caress their soft petals,
without plucking them.
When I carry nothing, I sleep,
and in my dreams, I carry the clouds and the stars beyond them.
From there I may see the things I have yet to carry.

I carry my own weight across the populated Earth.
I carry my own gravity and the light of the sun.
I carry the stars from my dreams, and from them,
I create constellations in broad daylight.
I carry my heart.
I carry the soundwaves of voices like
space nymphs, singing songs I want to remember.
I carry the sight of people coming closer and drifting further from me,
escaping and re-entering my orbit,
an arm-length or a light-year away.
I carry their images and sometimes,
I reach for their silhouettes and I try to feel their thoughts.

I carry my heart and it is full.
My heart is filled with emotion,
and my emotions are the Earth’s turbulent winds
across a golden, sun-kissed field and
the sound of a waterfall crashing into
a pool of water at the bottom of the valley, and
equally the eye of the storm in which
the world is a spinning oblivion,
but here, it is quiet.
My heart is the recollection of times past
in a yellowed, well-worn tome awaiting a reader and
the diary of someone whose story begs to be forgotten.
My heart beats for someone to understand its journey,
but it longs to understand what it beats for.
I carry the silence and the music alike;
I carry the Earth and all its wonders.
If I let go of all the things I carried, I would miss the weight on my shoulders.
This is one of the last poems I've written for high school. My final day is this Friday, and I have my graduation ceremony next week :)
Caitlin Fisher Aug 2015
I carry a backpack full of note books and my violin everyday to school
I carry a softball glove and a bat and the fear that I’ll have to use them again
I carry a flannel and apple scented lotion because it reminds me of her grace
and how I’ll never get to see her
I carry a cameo about my neck and they story I’ll never know behind it.
I carry sheet music and my drama script because I’ve yet to see those change.
I carry a friend who loves me and a friend who hates me and sometimes I don’t know which one I’m talking to
I carry two silver cups which are the only honour to my name
I carry the name of a boy who loved me, but I didn’t love him back
I carry old Latin books and the love I threw away
I carry music that I want to learn but will never have the time to
I carry audition results that made me lock myself in my room
I carry the lies upon lies that I told so I wouldn’t be disappointment
I carry my grades and the B that cast me from my parent’s grace
I carry a vase that I dropped and didn’t mind when the glass cut my feet
I carry scars from softball and how I was used as a punching bag and a pawn because I wouldn’t cry
I carry the love of a friend that I only knew for a week and the friendship that I wish I could still show her.I hope she sees this and I hope she knows that I could never hate her and was just too much of a coward to answer that message.
I carry the thought that she hates me now
I carry tears cried in my closet after I couldn’t figure out how to format a chemistry paper and wishing I would just die
I carry the humiliation I felt when all my friends got A’s on that paper and I barely managed a C
I carry the knowledge that one of my favorite teachers thinks I lied on a vocab quiz to gain half a point.
I carry the Wuthering Heights paper and how I worked so ******* hard to be .6 points away from an A.
I carry Linton’s fear and the knowledge that I was .6 points away from getting people to believe that our pain mattered.
I carry the fear that my best friend, the girl I love, is going to **** herself
and I’ll be left with old texts, a letter, and scars that will never heal
based off the first chapter of The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien which I highly recommend
Elizabeth Martin May 2014
Everyday I carry with me a purse.
In my purse I carry a heart key chain, a heart that loves to much.
I carry keys
Keys that lock doors to my past and unlock my hopes and dreams.
In my big pocket I carry the ponderous weight of my own regrets
I carry the guilt of the things I could’ve done for other people
I carry my phone
My phone sits in my front pocket and symbolizes my friends.
Friends that I don’t talk to anymore, friends that I see everyday and friends that have long gone.
I carry Chapstick
Chapstick to heal the burning wounds, of people I let take advantage of me
I carry make-up, It’s very heavy because it masks the flaws and imperfections
of the bumps and indents on my skin
In my side pocket I carry mascara
Mascara to fix the lashes stuck together from endless crying
Tucked away safely I carry lipstick
Lipstick to brighten my day when I have nothing left to give
I carry my wallet in my second pocket
My wallet with my I.D to remind me of who I am when I forget
I carry loose change in the front hidden pocket
Change to give to people when they’re a little short
I carry pictures from past memories
To remind me of who those people are when they have disappeared
Tickets from years passed line the bottom of my bag
Reminding me that memories stay when people and places change
I carry a pen and paper
Paper that haunts me with the pressure to get into college
Straps from my purse strain my shoulder
I carry an eraser, It’s very bulky
Hiding the mistakes and regrets I have
I carry Hand sanitizer
To wash the sins off me, making me feel band new
I carry headphones
Headphones to block out the world when I need a break
I leave an inside pocket empty
Empty from the absence of people I once loved
And a little room of space to let in new ones
Luis Valencia Apr 2018
Each day I carry things that I wish I could drop.
Each day the burden of the things that I carry crush me into submission.
I feel alone and lost each day; it’s like I’m gasping for air and holding onto a fragment of hope.
Each day I carry something new and it piles on until it will ultimately lead to my demise.
The burden of solitude, guilt, a necklace, a fragment of hope.
Each item or emotion that I carry holds a piece of me.
I can’t dare part with these things it would tear my very existence apart.

My mother once said that each day I walk into the world, someone would try to hurt me.
It was a cold night and my mother was at the kitchen table holding something. My birthday was fast approaching, and somehow I knew that whatever was in my mother's curled fist was my gift.
She whispered my name, and I walked in, anxious and excited.
Her hands were soft in the kitchen light.
She looked tired and worried.
I walked to her and held her hands.
They were small in size and frail to touch.
A swift rain was tapping on the windows, begging to be let in.
In a delicate movement, she dropped a sea of silver into my hands.
When my eyes finally fixed on the object, it was a necklace that had a treble clef on it.
I felt the cool silver in my hand and looked up at her.
She held my gaze with her eyes and whispered to me.
She told me that as long as I had that necklace, I would never be alone.
I carry it with me but never wear it in fear of it getting damaged.

When walking down a street alone, a person hears things that they never thought they would.
I hear life blooming and blossoming with emotions of love and happiness.
But each day I carry something different.
My emotions are dark, and I am unable to change them.
They are a black hole ******* in any ounce of happiness that I have.
I carry the weight of not fitting in anywhere; I carry the blood of the cuts that harsh reality has laid upon my body.
The world has slammed me to the ground, and I carry the bruises that life has placed on my heart.
Each time I try to get up, the burden of all the things that I carry becomes crushing.
I feel useless and alone; I doubt that the things I carry will ever go away.
I just have to hope and pray.
The only way to forget the emotional trauma that I’ve been through is to let everything go,
but I'm not strong enough to say goodbye,
nor am I strong enough to keep holding on.    

There are moments in life that stay with us even when things seem rough.
I remember when I was younger, and the world seemed like a huge place. Everything just felt smaller at grandma’s house.
I would go over there everyday and help her clean her house and arrange cans of food by their expiration date.
We would laugh and sing together, she would hold me close to her chest, and I would hear her heartbeat in her chest.
The sound of life pulsed through her, until it didn’t.
My grandmas funeral was on a very hot summer day, but I had never felt colder.  The vision of seeing her casket being lowered into the ground made my heart twist in my chest.
I was alone in that moment, and it will always stick with me.
The memories of life and death remind me of how little time we really have on this earth.
Now I live each day as if it was my last.
I carry the memory of time that pressures me to be more and do more before my time runs out.
When I look at all the things that I carry I realize that being human is one of the hardest things to do.
We have to carry the burdens of life, things to keep us from going down, and the hopes and dreams to do better.
The things I carry each day are a reminder of how the world has shaped my personality.
I would never be able to part with the things I carry because, ultimately they are the things that make me myself.
I felt lost and alone yet I realized we all are lost and alone
Josian de Aqua Oct 2014
Frozen in indecision
Conflicting signs blurring my vision
Can I love under your conditions?
The world around me tells me that it’s all wrong
That what we have isn’t meant for a love song
It’s easy to believe them when you tell me that I’m not strong
So many times when I feel like you want me gone
But even when I break down I still hold on
I hold on to the memories of making love at dawn
My first kiss in the rain
Your teeth against my skin in sweet sweet pain
Nothing could truly ever explain
Please don’t refrain
Tell me that you never want me to leave again

Carry me home
So no longer would I roam
Take me into your arms
Carry me home
I’ve been wandering my whole life
Carry me home
I need it more than you’ll ever know
No need for anyone to put on a show
Just Carry me home

I whisper to my pillows at night all the things that I want to say
Dreaming of you cooly uttering the word, “stay”
Your feelings for me are shrouded in gray
I’m just waiting for the day you will show me that you love me the same
The day when there are no more protective games
The lion and the wolf dancing in the flames
Make me dream the way you used to
Of all the things that we will do
Keeping me close to you
I want to keep seeing the world through your point of view
Wrap your arms around me making my faith in in you renewed
I’m hanging on by a thread
Too many tears shed
Too many words said
Too many signs left unread
I hear your paramount voice in my head

Carry me home
So no longer would I roam
Take me into your arms
Carry me home
I’ve been wandering my whole life
Carry me home
I need it more than you’ll ever know
No need for anyone to put on a show
Just Carry me home

Take me home
So I can wake up under the city skyline
Where all of the this pain will resign
In a world where I get to call you mine
That even when the stars aren’t aligned
We will still shine

As you carry me home
So no longer would I roam
Take me into your arms
Carry me home
I’ve been wandering my whole life
Carry me home
I need it more than you’ll ever know
No need for anyone to put on a show
Just Carry me home
So no longer will I roam
Just carry me home
Dillon Kaiser Nov 2018
I carry the fire in your eyes, like when you made us laugh recklessly at the old man’s rage. I was scared and you weren’t. I wasn’t scared with you.

I carry the jealousy of your physical nature. Your hands with a ball or a skateboard and everything that came to you but never came to me.

I carry your destruction. The way you downed kerosene and the fire in your eyes lit up as you practiced self-immolation in your bedroom at night, and sometimes I practiced with you.

Because I carry that the first time you set yourself on fire I was on fire too, and I told you it’s warm and good and the flames are badass and you listened.

I carry how they laugh you off like dead weight in their dead eyes. How they slough off your bloated body like it ain’t worth saving.

Well **** them.

I carry the silence, the stretches of nothing, I carry my cowardice in my lips as they remain stapled shut for fear of ripping open and blood pouring forth, bubbling at the broken words my tongue won’t form.

I carry the hospital. I carry what I learned there when I saw you; that the boogeyman is real and he wears the skin of our loved ones as he shambles in the dark. We gotta light that ******* up.

I carry my love for you forever and always. I carry that I fought for you the only way I knew, and that it wasn’t enough.

I carry you.
Alexa Pishtey Jul 27
Invisible eye, that I cannot see
Watch, what happens here
Let the world remember
What happened to me

Invisible eye, that I cannot see
I know you are watching me
Tell the world, what you have seen
Show them that, we are denied peace

Singing, in the streets
We want nothing but peace
Please, don't aim at me
Aim at your own tainted heart

Wind, wind, blowing
Louder than I am singing
Carry my words
So everyone can hear them, please

Carry my words
Carry all of my hurt
Carry my pleas
As I fall to my knees

Invisible eye, use the wind to hide your presence
Invisible eye, you risk treason for my life
You bring remembrance
Even if they never fight to end this

Wind, wind, blowing
Louder than I am singing
Carry my words
So everyone can hear them, please

Wind, wind, carry me
Carry words of peace
Wind, wind, carry me
Carry them to the free

Wind, wind, blowing
Louder than I am singing
Carry my words
So everyone can hear them, please

Invisible eye, you may take your time
So long as you make it out alive
Let the world see
What they have done to me

Wind, wind, blowing
Louder than I am singing
Carry my words
So everyone can hear my pleas.
Megha gupta Mar 2018
I carry your heart in my soul..

I carry your love in my soul…

I am alive when u are here…

Flame of love give me cheer….

Let us get up.. let us fall..

Let us get up ..let us fall..

I carry your heart in my soul…

I carry your love in my soul..

Your love becomes mine..

Days of love are sunshine..

Love is a bliss.. Love is fine..

Love conquers the cloud nine..

This love conquers all…

This Love conquers all…

I carry your heart in my soul ..

I carry your love in my soul ..

Rain of love showering joy …

Feeling like a bright star enjoy…

Dancing music of my beats…

Feeling like a symphony greets..

You are my destiny goal…

My destiny goal…

I carry your heart in my soul..

I carry your love in my soul…

Love is desire.. Love is hope…

I can’t handle me without you nope..

I want you my girl forever…

I am yours.. You are my prop… .

Let us get up.. Let us fall..

Let us get up.. Let us fall..

I carry your heart in my soul..

I carry your love in my soul…
Read more poetry like this written by me at
Jules Dec 2012
The things I carry weigh just three pounds,
But there are three tons of weight
That stay with me all of the time.
When I'm walking, when I'm reading,
Even when I'm sleeping,
These things are always sitting
On my shoulders and poking my head.
I always carry my phone,
And my license sits in my wallet with money.
I carry the keys to my car and the key to my soul:
I always carry my iPod
Because music is the lifeline that seems
To hold some weight and give me a break
From those heavy thoughts that
Always weigh me down.

I carry the brain that produces these thoughts,
The place where they linger.
The intelligent brain that gives me good grades
But frustrates me with the uncontrollable
Switching from highs to lows.
I carry the hope for a good future
Filled with love and happiness
But the fear of failure, too.

I carry insecurities with me,
Although I'd much rather leave them behind.
I carry the absence of my father,
As well as the fear that this absence
Will affect me more than it already has.
I carry bad habits that might get worse,
And the pressure to do well and succeed
Despite these overbearing thoughts.
Ignatius Hosiana Mar 2016
I carry my mother wherever I go
and I am my mother the more I grow
she is a lady who never quits no matter the hurdle
a perfect example of endurance I've seen since my cradle
till now that I'm Journeying to the Grave,
she is wonderfully made and brave
a proof that true love exists, yes my mother
she loved Justus, she loved Ezra, she loved Cornel,Olive, Lucy,I & my father
the praise the Pacific receives is because the world isn't aware of the vastness of my mother's heart
she is a firm centrepiece and her family's close even when set apart
by the Sea that hides cornel out of sight somewhere in  Turkey
by the fresh responsibilities that blanket Lucy in Nairobi
by Destiny that holds father captive Home by the Countryside
Work that's keeping Justo and Oli dancing to the tune of Mint,
Ezra working his fingers to the bone
for my niece Shanty to spring up to a brighter dawn
Hustle that often keeps Mama a far toiling so that we become
who we are and who we will be tomorrow
and Education and future that manacles me in this city
Mama's the best student of the family
for she learnt all our
Weakness, Threats, Opportunities and Strength
weaknesses and helped us overcome
our threats and dug them out even when it meant whipping our *****
the opportunities she opened our eyes to
and our might, she is the reason we all know where our strength lieth
Mama'll always be the law that I follow
the woman I trust most and the best thing that ever happened to me
I carry my Mama in my Heart, I carry my Mama in my Soul
my Mama is my face, my Mama is my character too
she taught us to spread love wherever we go
by loving us unconditionally
she taught us to make the best decisions
for she chose for us the best Papa in the Stellar
she taught us to endure from her persistence
and today we stand for the people because from her resistance
& fight for what's right, truth defines our existence
I'm proud to say I carry my mother wherever I go
I carry her smile, I go an extra mile
I carry her heart even if not in the same measure
I carry her Soul, world's greatest treasure
And I carry her person in my Heart everywhere I go
Call me young, but I will always walk
with my Mother and pieces of my father
if I am an art piece of clay
the two are responsible for the pottery
and being moulded in such warm and caring arms
feels better than winning any lottery
or accidentally finding oneself in a treasury
I love Mama not only because her womb was my safest sanctuary
but also because she's the best player in the siblings I have & love
the baby and boy I was yesterday, the young man I am today
and the success of the person I see in my tomorrow
she's responsible for the art in my Heart
the upper in my cut and the purr in my cat
I love you Mama, World's most wonderful woman
Sending you this message from Stars away
Simply to Say
I love you Mama and
Happy Women's Day
Way back behind the high street
Down a cobbled, old, dark road
Sits a place of awesome wonders
And Christmas presents by the load

It's a little, tiny, Christmas Shoppe
It sits alone, with a small sign
It has sooty, frosted windows
And a door of painted pine

If you don't believe in Christmas
Don't carry Christmas in your heart
You'll never find The Christmas Shoppe
It'd be a waste to even start
To look for Christmas Magic
In a store you will not find
For to see it, you must carry Christmas
In your heart and in your mind

It's a place of magic and of wonder
It's only there one month a year
But, if you aren't a true believer
It's just best if you steer clear

Nick and Holly are the owners
When I say owners, I mean staff
They show up each and every Christmas
And these two know how to laugh

The door will open to believers
It can tell, you may be shocked
It decides for whom to open
For non-believers it stays locked

If you don't believe in Christmas
Don't carry Christmas in your heart
You'll never find The Christmas Shoppe
It'd be a waste to even start
To look for Christmas Magic
In a store you will not find
For to see it, you must carry Christmas
In your heart and in your mind

Once inside, the store is magic
It goes forever and a day
It's full of presents like no others
It's just a place you'd want to stay

Tell Nick and Holly your desire
What Christmas gift and tell them who
You would like to get this present
And they will find it fast for you

A gift for grand dad for his workshop
A special plate for your wife's mum
No request cannot be answered
You get your wish each time you come

If you don't believe in Christmas
Don't carry Christmas in your heart
You'll never find The Christmas Shoppe
It'd be a waste to even start
To look for Christmas Magic
In a store you will not find
For to see it, you must carry Christmas
In your heart and in your mind

The shelves are full of nothing
But, then again, you give your list
Then the shelves are full of wonder
And you see all the things you missed

The store is magic, that is certain
With gifts from many years gone by
It's full of gifts lost over eons
To find them now, you wouldn't try

There's extra men for playing soldiers
Made of lead and painted up
There's extra dice for snakes and ladders
And over there, a barking pup

As long as you are a believer
Nick and Holly, will come on through
They'll find a doll from 1940
They'll find a dress from back then too

If you don't believe in Christmas
Don't carry Christmas in your heart
You'll never find The Christmas Shoppe
It'd be a waste to even start
To look for Christmas Magic
In a store you will not find
For to see it, you must carry Christmas
In your heart and in your mind

It doesn't matter what you ask for
This store is full of what you ask
It knows exactly what you're thinking
It is a portal to the past

The prices, are within your budget
There's nothing here you can not buy
Even things now long forgotten
Nick sets the price, and not too high

The store shows up in every city
It's for believers and that is all
the one's who only think of retail
Well, they can do their shopping at the mall

There's toys and games from floor to ceiling
books and clothes and gadgets too
The store, it changes every minute
The things it has are up to you

Nick and Holly work their magic
Making dreams come true again
The help you find your hearts desires
The magic works on all good men

You must believe to gain your entrance
It's your one and only stop
You can find all you are wanting
At this little Christmas Shoppe

If you don't believe in Christmas
Don't carry Christmas in your heart
You'll never find The Christmas Shoppe
It'd be a waste to even start
To look for Christmas Magic
In a store you will not find
For to see it, you must carry Christmas
In your heart and in your mind
Muskaan Feb 2018
You may bring me down

Try to hurt and torture my soul

You may bring me to the ground

But like the wind I will carry through.

Does my happiness upset you?

Why are you so selfish?

Cause I am strong and independent

I have the capability to do anything I desire.

Just like gravity in space

With everything trying to pull me down,

Just like the momentum to keep going

I will carry through.

Do you want to see me hurt?

Give up on everything I have worked for?

My body falling to the ground,

Weakened by the terror of the future.

Does my happiness upset you?

Don’t try to bring me down.

Cause I am strong like I’ve got superpowers,

Flying through the struggles of life.

You may hurt me with your words,

You may try to crush me,

You may try to torture me,

But still, like the wind I will carry through.

Does my confidence upset you?

Does it come as a surprise?

That I have the capability to do anything I put my heart to,

At the moment that is right?

Out of the struggles of life,

I carry through.

Up from a past buried in cries,

I carry through.

I’m a blue ocean, flowing and changing.

Capable to bear the effects of the tide.

Leaving behind all of the bad memories,

I carry through.

Into a world that I can call mine,

I carry through.

Putting the past behind me

I am the one who represents the future.

I carry through.

I carry through.

I carry through.
Little Bear Jun 2016
This is for the father that does not consider to be a whole in his creations life.
This is for the mother who chooses to 'opt out' of being a giver of love to the fruit of her womb.
This is for the one who has chosen to be an absent parent..

This is for you...

WAKE. the. ****. UP!!

What are you doing?

What is wrong with you?

It seems to me you may not fully understand the ramifications that your chosen absence will play in the life of your child.

So I will spell it out it for you..

Your child, your gift, your delight, the one who was created from your very own dna, the one that you willingly gave life to and brought into this world...

will remember everything you have not done.

And they will carry this as a load upon their back for quite possibly most of their life.

Each will carry it differently, but carry the load they will. Some will carry it with forgiveness, some will carry with resolve, some will carry with the added weight of a heavy heart. Some will carry defiantly and will never truly forgive.

And no matter how they position the weight you give, by choosing to be absent, they will still carry that load...
because of you.

And you will continue to add weight to that load every day you choose to be absent from their life.

Each missed opportunity will be a pound of disappointment that your child will carry... for you.

Each broken promise will be a pebble.
Each late appointment will be a handful of sand.
Each missed birthday will be a tablespoon of gravel
to fill their pockets.

And every achievement they experience, that you have missed, will weigh upon their mind and their heart.

And because of this, throughout their life,
they will continually try to win your love.

You hear that...??
They will try. and. win. your. love...

Because... it is not given freely...
so they will try to win it.!!!
because, bottom line...
let's face it...

you're a selfish ****.

And because of your self centered behaviour, everything that they need, want and have to experience without you will be tainted with your chosen absence.

Every tear and heart break, every grazed knee, bad dream, smile, whisper, secret, colouring on the fridge door, every clay model, every needed word of advice, comfort, support and encouragement, every exam result, every moment of despair, loss, grief and first love...

each and every lost opportunity to say 'i miss you'
each and every unuttered 'i love you'
will be carefully, silently and invisibly weighed,
and carried.

And i promise you this..
the weight you have placed upon them will be keenly felt  
when it is their time to fly.

This is not to say they will not fly, because they will,
and beautifully so..

And with wings that you did not help to fashion.

And, because of your chosen absence, your creation, your child, your very own delight will always carry the weight that you have placed upon them.

And the weight of your absence is so much heavier than you could possibly imagine.
This is a thousand times NOT about parents who fight to see their children against insurmountable odds and the evil they face in even gaining a few hours with their own child. Nor is it about the parent, for genuine and honest reasons, often out of their control, which means they cannot spend as much time with their child as they would wish. To those parents i wish for you so much love and kindness.

This is a rant if you will, for the 'parent' who 'opts-out' of being in their child's life. Who chooses to be anything other than a parent.

Maybe this will be controversial.. ?
I don't know..
This is written only from my own experiences.
nagle May 2014
i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
                                                      i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)
Larry B Jan 2011
Will you carry me,
When my walk down here is through?
If you leave this world before me,
I will carry you?

Will you carry me,
When it's time for me to sleep?
When it's time for me to say goodbye,
Will you be the one to weep?

Will you carry me,
When I leave this world behind?
If I leave this life before you,
Will I be on your mind?

Will you carry me,
When it's time to pass away?
Will you take me to my resting place,
When I face my final day?

Will you carry me
Will you be the one who's there
Will you carry me to paradise,
When there's no one else to care?

Written about a woman who passed away with no family to carry her to her grave.
Mr S Jun 2015
i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
                                                      i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

I love this poem. E. E. Cummings is definitely one of my all time favorite poets, because of his paradox and unique style of writing.
Odi Nov 2011
I know it's heavy, the burden you carry,
But it's yours, and yours alone,
I know you’re tired, eyes weary,
But carry on, carry on.

So rest your heavy head,
On my comforting sleeve,
And as for that meddling heart,
Let it bleed, Let it bleed.

I'm amazed at how,
Your fragile bones don’t break,
Under that crippling weight,
That you have to carry alone,
But you must, so carry on,
Carry on.
Kathryn Heim Apr 2016
Do you carry the truth
or is it a curse?
Are they one and the same and which one is worse?
Do you carry a privilege
or a shame,
and is it apparent
in your name?
Do you carry a promise or a pain?
Joy or suffering,
a loss or a gain?
Do you carry
a burden,
a problem, a task?
Do you hide it behind uncertainty's mask?
Do you carry the worry
that gives the devil a grin,
knowing that's where
you've already been.
Do you carry a hope
for every tomorrow,
aide for the needy
relief for their sorrow?
What do you carry,
or should I ask who,
and would you object
if they carried you?
Whatever you carry
or how it's perceived,
Christ carried his cross
for you and me.
lluvia de abril Jan 2016
I don’t know if you know
I carry you
in an involuntary sigh
in a constant exodus of yearning
and in the frantic deepness of all
nostalgic thought, shaking time and distance
to place me near you
in the closeness of your warmth

I carry you in sorrow
in the absence of your voice
and in the memory of your rib cage molded
in the shape of ardent weakness
my embrace

I carry you, the braille at the tip of my fingers
life drawn in lines on my left palm
and in the carcass of calm interrupted
by the pounding of a heart’s ill-time

I don't know if you know, but
I carry you in the crown of memories consoled
and in the spine of excess
where I fall, between involuntary sighs
in your skin remembered
from the confines
of the heart
On a night...just a night.
M May 2014
i carry you with me
i carry you not only in my heart but in my mind
in every time i close my eyes
every ******* love song i hear
every smile i see on someone else's face
i carry you in the stars and the moon and the dances
i carry you in a tattoo of words on my soul
i carry you with me
(i carry you in my heart)
but i carry you everywhere else too.
yours truly Jan 2018
Carry on,
just carry on.
No one pays attention so we all just carry on,
living in the stillness but we all just carry on.
No one changes, no one creates,
we all just carry on.
Carry on.
Get through it,
And try to carry on.
Don't just carry on.
                                                  yours truly,
                                                                    . . .
Carry me, Holy Spirit Wind.
I know not which way to take now.
Where to begin.

Carry me, Holy Spirit Wind.
Leaving what I've lost behind,
I am ready to be carried into Your will.
Lost souls to mend.
Even as You mend.

Carry me, Holy Spirit Wind.
I am Yours forever now.
There is no other way to Life, to peace,
than to let You carry me.
Into the new.
Into the Higher plain.
My Heavenly calling.
Until You come.
To reign.
Please reign in me, O Holy One!

Carry me, Holy Spirit Wind.
******* where You wish.
Kiss me.
With Your Holiness.

Carry me, oh carry me.
Holy Spirit Wind.
Trupoetry Sep 2014
why are your empty hands so full
what's holding you there
In a space of clutter
And clingy
And reasoning for no reason
oh the silence we carry in noise
and the noise we carry like instruments
Don't you hear the band
or opera
Or hip hop
Or choice
carry things worth holding
carry smiles
And laughter
And babies on hips
twisting to sure sounds
carry love
and kindness
In our hearts
on our sleeves
that lead to hands lent to our brother
carry memories of your father
dead but not absent
carry no more tissue
tears won't be carried in your eyes
only a bright future
and poems on a phone screen
on the first of April
1/30 is worth carrying.
©2014 Trupoetry
J H Webb Jul 2015
May 17, 2012*

When it seems that life has left you all alone and without prayer
When you feel there is no reason to carry on 'cause no one cares
Remember I'm beside you to keep your doubts in line and
I will carry your heart. I will carry it in mine

When you are old and tired and your dreams are all but gone
When all your strength has left you and your feel you can't go on
When your fear and your anger have become too intertwined
I will carry your heart. I will carry it in mine

When you are dead and gone and the roses refuse to bloom
When the clouds are thick as thieves and the days so full of gloom
When your memory is fading from this world and from this time
I will carry your heart. I will carry it in mine

J. H. Webb
Concealed Carry can sometimes cause
More problems then its worth
If every time that you need
You always use it first

You're not supposed to stop and think
Of the fear that you may have
The pain that's caused by others
Is simply not allowed to last

Concealed Carry is hard to hide
When it always stays with you
It becomes the thing that you use most
When you dont know what to do

Concealed Carry might just be
The worst thing you can use
You should always try to talk things out
And do whats best for you

When you Conceal Carry feelings
And do not set them free
They become the worst of weapons
And can drop you to your knees

Concealed Carry can sometimes cause
More problems then its worth
If every time that you need
You always use it first

**Carl Joseph Roberts
Im a cop so no gun fanatics about our rights to carry. I carry and I believe you have the same right as long as we all abide by the same laws there should be no problem. Its the crazy ones who carry that worry me but i hope that I or a fellow conceal carry will be there if that were to happen. Ok, my rant is over and my poem was not about any of that I just didnt want to get the hate mail from the far right. Im right in the middle on most issues.
Ete Sep 2011
Totally let go.

Do not even hold on to life.

Stop and be completely still.

See and feel your heart beating with out your effort.

See and feel your lungs breathing with out your effort.

Realize that you are not bound to this body-mind by your own effort.

Give up all believes.

Totally let go to the moment.

You are aware of the whole moment.

You are aware of your breath, of your heart beat.

You are aware of what surrounds you.

You are aware of every-thing as far as your eyes can see.

You are aware of the thoughts going in and out of your mind.

You are aware of this whole moment.

You are awareness itself.

Nothing can touch you.

Nothing can hurt you.

You can not be destroyed.

Neither can you be created.

You simply are , and you have always been.

You are the eternal awareness.

You have experienced the whole existence, and now you experience the human.

You are the invisible and silent awareness that is bound to the human body.

This experience of being a human is to learn something new.

Do not carry believes with you.

Do not carry lies.

Be a total witness of this experience.

Take with you, your own understanding.

Watch your breath real closely.

Go deeply into the flow of your in and out breath.

Who breathes?

Who sees the breathing?

Surrender all efforts and let the breath happen on its own.

Watch thoughts come in and out of your mind.

How do the thoughts come in and out?

Who brings thoughts to the mind?

Who sees thoughts appear and disappear in the mind?

Give very close attention to your heart beat.

Are you the one who keeps the heart beating?

Are you the one who makes the lungs bring air in and out of your system?

How is the heart beating and how are the lungs breathing?

And who is aware of these two independent happenings?

Are you in control of the heart-beat?

Try to understand,  this life is not your will.

This life will one day end.

This life is just a teaching.

To make you aware of eternity.

Look deeply into an animals eyes, who do you see, can you see yourself?

Can you feel yourself?

Can you see if thoughts appear in your mind to say something about the animal?

Look very deeply and very openly into an animals eyes.

Can you see the awareness that they are?

Can you see how alert they are of everything in the moment?

Can you see that they are awareness experiencing itself threw the animal body?

Can you see the limitations that the animal body contains?

Are they capable of high intelligence?

Look deeply into their eyes, any sign of  them thinking ? or just being?

Animals do not carry a mind.

Animals do not carry memory nor the past.

Animals carry no believes, no knowledge.

Animals carry awareness and total trust.

They do not worry about what tomorrow may bring.

They only do the moment.

They are only concerned with the present moment.

They carry no fear and no doubt.

They carry no reminders and no duties, they are totally free.

What human being is totally free?

What human being knows real peace?

What human being is not worried about what the future may bring?

What human being carries no doubt of where this life is taking you?

What human being carries no past ?

What human being is in total awareness and love of the present moment?

What human being is exploring this life with an open mind and with an open heart?

What human being takes time to fully see the totality of another human being?

What human being takes time to fully see the totality of themselves?

What human being has the will to know life on their own?

What human being has the courage to not believe anything others say, and listen closely to his/her inner-voice that is so heavily and harshly pushed away  ?

And what human being is brave enough to have the whole world against him/her,
just to Be and express the simple and real truth that is deeply inside his/her heart?
Steve Page Mar 2019
Open both eyes
put on your slippers
and carry on

Take a bowl
lift down the cereal
and carry on

Angle the mirror
pull a face
and carry on

Choose a tie
polish your shoes
and carry on

Walk to the corner
buy a paper
and carry on

Return home
sit alone
and quietly, carry on
Greggory Haffer Jan 2016
i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
                                                      i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

- E.E. Cummings
For everything I want to say to you but don't know how
Ember Evanescent Nov 2014
I want to carry it with you.
I don't need to know your burden
Because it probably won't really help
And you probably don't want to tell me anyway
I get that
I've been there
I am there
I know people who have been there
I know people who are there
If you don't have one, you probably will one day.
Most of us do.
Because we live in an ugly society
But a beautiful world
If you want someone to know
If you want ME to know
That you are carrying a heavy burden
You don't need to tell me
You can if you want
I will listen
I will help you bear it
But if you just want someone to know you are carrying a burden
And nothing beyond that
Comment a heart <3
Just leave a heart like this: <3
If you want to share your burden
Message me, or comment telling me your burden
Just know, it doesn't make you weak to share your burden
It makes you strong
Regardless what you do, comment with a heart if you carry a burden
And I will know, even if no one else on the entire earth does
That you carry a burden
I will know that you are strong
And I will genuinely take some time at night
To ponder you, as a soul
And your strength
And try to find a way
Inside myself
To put myself in a mental state where I help you to carry your burden
No matter how many miles apart we are
I will be with you in spirit
To help you carry your burden
And I wish all of you love and strength
You are soldiers
You are all strong

Love Ember
I just wish I could fix everything but I can't, my hands are too small and too weak, but I can help you carry a burden. Spiritual support is all I have to offer. <3

— The End —