Ashley Somebody May 2014
A fairy poked my little nose
And gave me a sense of adventure
And now every time that I'm held back
I wonder what that scent was meant for.
Brianna Ki Jan 2011
Dark, Dreary
Frightening, Hiding, Scaring
Dead, Silent, Cold, Treacherous
Blinding, Gleaming, Flowing
Peaceful, Pure
Anna Jones Nov 2015
Dancing under digits
Spacing between words
I count them all
Each syllable
Once, twice, I heard them dancing in my mind

Floating, instant reality
Bringing distance
Separating elements
From pen to page
You sing in colour
Yet speak so beige

Words, what do they mean?
Sailing through an infinite horizon
Your thoughts like waves
Shattering a tranquil line

Trying to entwine
Encapsulating a memory
That will never be mine.
Written at the Halton Poetry Writing Group - 12th Nov 2015.
Tyler Brooks Aug 2013
A metal frog swimming through the icy water
Words without a story
Something lighthearted
A comet
Frank Sinatra in the background
Metaphysical relationships
Bouncing on a comet
A kettle steaming
Sarcastic bombs and sunsets
Sneaking off to drink
Future video games and bro love
Clerical errors and burnt memories
Funny people subtract lingerie
Maybe limbo
Sometimes tragedy.
Tonight is the night of forgotten poems, poems I wrote long ago and stumbled upon once more tonight.
elizabeth Nov 2014
friday night
is a blur
except for

the sight of you

running towards me
with such a pace
I thought I might dissolve
before you could make it
to my pavement pedestal

the sound of your voice

that I did not ask you
to turn down
as it echoed in the night
off the sleeping suburban homes

the touch of your hands

against my hip
lightly enough to let me go
but strong enough
to make me stay

the smell of your hair

as I wrapped
my arms around you
in hopes
it would heal the kind of hurt
you cannot see

the taste of your mouth

in the most familiar way
standing just beyond the door
as though the walls
and darkness
would keep it a secret
Dominique U Apr 2014
I find
feathers so beautiful
I guess
it's because they are so light
That sense of lightness
Makes them so pretty
That sense of lightness...
**I envy
Lani Oct 2012
Sometimes I wonder about my sanity
If I have any
I often wonder if there's others like me
Who think the way I do
Notice and exam the things I do
I'm quite unusual and I know it
No matter what anyone says
"You're not weird Lannie"
They only the know the facade I put on
The fake smile and glow I wear
Underneath there's nothing but dust and shells
I wonder if anyone had the mind I had
How long would it take for them to lose it
Its been 21 years and I'm still holding on
Over analysis
Short tempered
and irrational
I am insane
Constant feeling of dread and doomed
Complexity can be interesting
to a certain point
I am insane
And I know it.
eccentricities Oct 2013
I stand there, avoiding the instance of your coming
letting the noise drown my thoughts
allowing the wind to remind me to move on
restricting any word to escape my mouth

But my senses always got the best of me

I feel you
My skin could not contain it's longing to be held again
I hear you
My ears immediately focus on your husky voice
I smell you
My nose has never been so familiarized to a scent
I see you
My eyes lose control but manage to cancel everyone else in the room
I almost talk to you
My mouth chokes and reminds itself that I am its master
I let this mutiny pass with the exception of my words
Restraint is our motto
But I guess I couldn't avoid the unplanned rendezvous of our eyes

You're coming closer
Your eyes filled with determination
filled with comfort
filled with happiness
While mine remain the total opposite
You comfortably say, "How are you?"

How dare you

You managed to make my mind lose it's control once again
You have manipulated it to reminisce a tormenting past
Something I thought I have trained it not to do
Ruining my scripted response of "I'm fine"
Messing up the story line in a matter of three words
My eyes are telling a story
I hope it's language is foreign to you

My eyes
I recall you saying it was my best asset  
And often I would close it, an action I'm restraining at the moment
You know I closed it when you touched me
Setting my skin ablaze with the feeling of security
I closed it when you carelessly said "I love you"
Making my gullible heart get too attached
I closed it when you cuddled me
Wanting to get lost in the moment
I closed it when you kissed me
Hoping the feeling will last forever
I closed it when you stopped all these
Wondering what I was doing wrong
I closed it when you were texting someone else
Dying to know who, but afraid to ask
I closed it when you lied to me
Wishing you would take it back
I closed it when you left me
A moment tattooed in my vision
Open or closed, I see it
And others see it too

Your question remains unanswered by words
I will not close my eyes
Not this time
I'm just staring
Directly at your beautiful pair
Half-hoping you see it too
My eyes that scream "Save me"
Louder than what my lungs can reach
For this is the most effective way to respond

Everything made sense
And my senses were playing along
But you walked away naively
And what hurt me the most was the fact that
(I guess Superheroes only save the pretty ones huh?)
This is my first poem here. Please give me some constructive criticism if you can, I would really appreciate it! - a.b.
Missy Wong Feb 2015
This stranger
Was introduced by my cousin
While we were talking
His eyes were distracted
His mind was wandering

His eyes were looking at my cousin even for just few seconds
I knew they were mutually attracted to one another
I knew my sixth sense was growing
I couldn't be wrong
Besides, I have the experience 12 days ago
How can I forget that kind of look?
Only lovers know
Later, I did a tarot spread. There were 3 of pentacles, world and lovers. It screamed at me, the attraction was mutual. I did feel humiliated that my cousin (married) wanted to introduce this guy to me, even she perhaps knew he feel for her. But I choose to believe my already-cousin has good intention.

** I told my cousin about this. She avoided the topic. Have you thought of the reason why she refused to talk to me? ... unless the attraction is real.
sweet leigh Jan 2014
Maybe you’re normal.

Maybe everyone feels like this.

Maybe everyone spends days hiding in their bed,
terrified of nothing and cringing at every imagined sound.
Turn off the lights, stop your ears and pray it goes away.

Maybe everyone tucks a vibrator between their privates
(sticky pink lips leaking),
on grocery trips, bank errands, and late-night fast food runs.
Sometimes you just gotta feel a little something more than nothing, you know?
More than no one, more than Not Now, Babe, I'm Busy.

Not that you can.

How'd you let us get so numb?

What should take minutes, might take hours.
The clitoris wasn't made to combat the all-powerful battery.

You should probably stop before
your pretty little cunny swallows up the toy in retaliation.
You’ll die from toxic-shock syndrome,
even after all those tampon-box warnings, and when they cut you open,
the coroner will sneer derisively at the shiny rhine-stoned pleasure bullet,
and your mother will blush and stammer
when they ask if she’d like to keep it in memory of you.

It’s so cute and handy
and it smells like pineapple jam...

Everyone should have one.

Maybe everyone cries on their way to work,
shaking and gasping because their hands gripped the steering wheel too tight,
and you knew you were a second away
from jerking your car into the oncoming vehicle
but you stopped yourself just in time,
and now you’re not sure if you’re more horrified that you almost did it
or that you still haven’t done it...

Maybe everyone needs things in twos or fours.
Not sixes, and never fives (unless it’s 10).

In pinks and not blues.
Oranges, not reds.
Oh god, never red...

In horizontal stripes or perfect tiny dots
each one an equal distance from the others.

You need colors arranged by ROY G BIV,
and big to small, A to Z.
Crunchy grapes and crustless bread,
washed hands and doors that open rightways inwards,
not leftways outwards.
You need buttons buttoned and laces tied.
You need straight lines and hip height,
You need perfect spelling and drawers that shut neatly.
You need lids that fit and matching earrings,
You need absolute silence and clocks that don’t tick.
You need dreaMT, not dreamed. EIther, not EEther.
You need speed limits and dress codes.
You need time frames and outlined lists,
you need to always see the sky outside and every door locked shut.
You need spoiled endings and expectations met because if they’re not
you want to scream.
You want to shriek and caterwaul.
You want to rip out your hair and scratch at your eyes, and you want to smear the slick juice of your pussy under your nose and throw your arms against the windows 'til you crack and bend. You want to shit in the mouths of everyone who ever told you Not to Fret because how could this happen, oh god, why could this happen, what did I do wrong? Why is it all wrong? Why is everything so wrong? Please help me, fuck, help me! I can't breathe, everything is wrong and I can't breathe...  

But maybe everyone is like that.
an excerpt from my book
is all about
making sense
out of all

try to make sense
I always looked for a sense of belonging
A calling
Something I could claim as my own
I searched for something inside me
But never felt at home
And as people started to find themselves
I was stuck in a hole
Not knowing who I was
Searching long and hard
For my soul
People told me to be whoever I wanted
And I just wanted to be free
But this secret kept a hold on me
It latched on and wouldn't let go
And I knew I had to let it go
But this whole feeling of belonging
Stopped me in my tracks
I couldn't look back
See it turns out that I knew who I was
But I hoped along the way
It would change
I would hopefully outgrow these feelings
Even though deep down I knew they would stay the same
So my sense of belonging quickly went away
And I had to be ok with it
The sad thing is
I spent so much time pushing it away
Instead of smiling and being ok
So much time lost trying to find a new me
So much time lost trying to be free
Instead of living
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