My type is tall,
My type is dark hair-
My type is kind,
My type is brown eyes-

My type is witty with a smile so clean,
A smile so natural, a smile so wide-
Not sure what it was, I must've implied,
But I'm sure of it now, I must firstly confide-
My feelings for you, I need not must hide,
If your name was Bonnie, then I'd be your Clyde
Shashi Jan 2017
It was a moment of destruction,
that created something beautiful.

When your eyes met mine,
for the first time

Love was created,
and the heart....  destroyed !!
Short Tales of Love #1
Bipasha Dutt Jan 31
first rain on dry earth
Petrichor fills atmosphere
with a mild perfume
My first haiku
Boi Jul 16
"When the gold melts in the fire,
which glitter will you admire?
which color would you favor most?
which burn will you desire?
They rule the eyes, like one another
They grace the mind, on and the other
They lure me in, but what's a cost
Of trying to clasp them together"

My blue flame melt the gold
I turned the fire to grand pyres
I clasped them all, it burnt tenfold
Now I am the ashes, and winds are dire
I remain still, blown, the lost
Greed blinded me, my will my liar
whatisthisplanet Apr 2016
what a cruel thing
to have your other ripped apart from you
cities falling from skies,
heavens tearing asunder,

empty screams
with a hollow heart
Goodbye My Half
inspired by age of ultron, wanda losing her brother peter in the battle
My love
the only one
I was deceived
because I'm a nobody
and I liked it when you treated me as a somebody
so I fell for a 3 year war
what's the body count of all the heart's you've killed
what was the score of the game you were playing
The puppeteer I should of seen
I became another one on a string  
I shouldn't of said it was all in my head
maybe I would have realized he was walking ahead
and I was the one hanging on by a thread
why did it have be
that I was just a hobby to fill
the time you had to waste
the side dish if you will
why was she was the main course
plus the dessert
how is it fair that I'm the one having withdrawl
when it was me who was suppose to be the drug
but at least my heart will heal
As for you though
Don't you know
Even if take you 100 hearts
you'll never even have 1
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