Deneka Raquel Oct 2014
A thousand love poems yoking to pages you will never read.
Though some have slipped from my reach,
Seeking refuge from the muse, responsible for their existence.
L is for lion.
And is what you are.
Sam Y Starlight Jan 2016
..She tried to find herself
in places that didn't exist
Aaargh! Can't believe I won the daily! Thank you to everyone who liked and shared. Lots of love.
Mercury Chap Apr 2015
The dark (k)night,
Cold and dreary,
The silver spot of light,
Soothing but scary,
Draping the shadows beneath the (k)night'sky
Running away from a reproachful eye,
Wolfs cry and leaves rustle
Sprinting feet quickly hustle,
(K)night's dark but the dawn breaks,
(K)Night sleeps deeper and deeper, it's insatiable,
Mother doesn't but son wakes,
The dystopian slumber doesn't quiver,
He's only one left awake in this rubble
He's only one left alone to flow away in his dreamy river.
My first sonnet.
Hannah W Oct 2014
Communication is the key
but my hands are shaking
as I start the ignition

Styles May 2014
Saturday afternoon:  She came over for the audition. She was wearing a black leather mini, black blouse, black fish net stockings and black high heels. She was hot. So was I...She told me to get on my knees and look under her shirt.  Her perfectly shaved pussy greeted me, followed by her flat stomach and bra-less breast. I couldn't resist -  I reached up, grabbed her, and throw her on the couch. I wanted to fuck her right there but, she stopped me. She said that she wanted to touch it first. That, she loved touching her pussy after it's shaved- the friction of flesh rubbing against flesh, the sensation, made her cum harder. She said she wanted me to shave her the next time - so I can watch her cum, the help her wash everything off.  She says a lot of things... After all, its only an audition
Harsh Sandhu Nov 2014
Country's condition that time being
Same time nation got some pearls
Those elite, scholars and interpids
Being tyro of revolution done great
Tho­se martinets, enthusiatics and
Fought till last breath of being mother land
Having high characters had the power
                                           to placate
Gathering all brought strength to open
                                         victory gate
In the rememberance of those freedom fighters for those to freed the nation was the only dream with open eyes because they couldn't sleep a single night with pleasure because of the  thoughts of mother land.
Industrial love,
western manufacturers,
they fuck us over.
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio - This is the first of 54 haiku's I wrote while on a Haiku frenzy. Bare with me.
IcySky Jan 2016
This soul isn't as beautiful as it once was, my soul has been burned, beaten, and buried beneath the betrayal, and hurt this world has cast upon me.
Beauty is beyond the mirrors view,
Beauty defeats peoples opinions,because its more than that.
Beauty is learning to be satisfied with self and not comparing yourself to others,
Beauty is loving and respecting yourself,
Beauty is a loving heart,
Beauty is a beautiful soul..
Loise Aug 2016
( written in Filipino )

Sisimulan ko na
Ang kwento nating dalwa
Natatandaan mo pa ba?
Wasak ka non, dahil sa kanya
Nariyan ako, para alalayan ka.
Iniiyakan mo siya.
Iniiyakan kita.

Siguro totoo nga
Na minamahal natin
Ang mga taong hindi sa atin.

Kalaunan, nagbago ang ihip ng hangin
Isang araw, ikaw ay lumapit sa akin
At may sinabing na aking ikinabigla
“ mahal kita “

Abot langit ang tuwa
Ng binanggit ang tatlong salita
Pero may konting pagdududa
Aking puso ay nangangamba
Nabigla ka lang ba?
O totoo ang iyong mga salita?

Pero siguro nga,
Isa akong malaking tanga
Dahil kahit may pangamba
Ay minahal parin kita

Sinagot kita
Naging tayong dalwa
Tayo’y masaya.
Nagmamahalan tayong dalwa

Pero ngayon?
Isa nalang itong mga alaala.
Tayong dalawa.
Ay tapos na.

Ito na ang huli.
Dahil alam ko
May mahal ka ng iba.
Masaya ka na
Tumatawa ka na...

Sa piling ng iba.

Hayaan mo.
Naniniwala ako.
Na balang araw,
Ngingiti nalang ako
Pag naalala ko.
Na nagkaroon pala ng ‘tayo’.
The Fox Sep 2014
Feelings are terrible teachers

They’ll stress your mind
and take away your time
you will never draw a line
on whether they’ll push or pull

If you refuse to listen
to their endless lectures
then expect to have these
constant complications
with their code of conduct
and their strict regulations

Yes, you can and will skip class
for as long as your white lies permit
But you know you’ll end up coming back
or end up punished by a higher hand

Soulless, stress-filled, a vacant face
stares you straight into your little eyes
and from here, your life begins to lacerate
Karma Jun 2014
I wish for you to see me...
Alone in my room.
Singing,writing about you.
Crying,begging darkness.
Throwing notes,paintings,
Watching our memories rain down.
Covering my floor in
Tear-drenched declarations of love.
Watch me prove predictions,
I said,
without you, I'd be dead.'
Save me...
You're the only one watching.
. xxx .
David Rusiecki Aug 2014
Girls, girls, slutty girls
You crave the nectar of the ball

But STD's aren't Pokemon
So you dont gotta catch em' all
I write comedy poems
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