Gigi Tiji Oct 2014
spark of life
touches earth
leaves crackle and
explode into breath

in deep romance, my
lungs kiss smoke
and Spirit expands within

sinking and
soaking through skin

deep into my roots dripping
into channels of rivers flowing
freely to my brain crackling
with neurons ever grasping
dendritically to reach
nutritious extrapolations
stormy interpretations
and interpolations

branches of
white birch lightning
Aditya Shankar Sep 2014
Light fades away slow
And your feet move backwards
Underwater, underwater now
Shh shh shh, bubbles of time
Float by your eyes, glimmering
Black; in the dark every thing drowns
Back back back, you go now
Flow back, rewind to the start
Shh shh shh, it begins now
All interpretations are welcome :)
Melody W Nov 2012
They are all swimming upstream;
you watch as their shivering bodies
take on a relentless frenzy of solidarity

your eyes glazed as the suffocating one
further down, past whispering corpses,
mouths agape with surrogate longing

As light from diaphanous free-falling leaves
casts a faint rosy glow in your dying cheek,
you linger in the dreaded realization -

you’ve become the stunned recipient
of monotony's ill-begotten child
Styles Dec 2014
The times here, mind clear
removed fear, mind fully-aware
they can’t calculate my circumference
they try-angle-hate to encompass
i’m too persistent
consistently consistent
my philosophy brilliant
they’re mindfully malignant
plots thicken and spots pigment
perfect gentlemen, acting indecent
handed them knowledge, didn't keep it
then peep game, telling secrets
I’m sure they’re getting seasick
its been written, still going off the top
the deep-end, the stuck on the plot
Poetry by MAN Mar 2014
Wake up Mi Amor..enjoy the Days to Come
Life isn't a sprint it's a marathon run
Hold yourself together through the good and bad
As we ride the roller coaster of happy and sad
Emotions like the weather here comes a storm
Take shelter in my heart I'll keep you warm
We can take a trip..don't worry about money
Lounging on the beach..I'll feed you when you're hungry
A picnic for two with a good bottle of wine
You can relax read a book as the day unwinds
Refills of morning affection overflows your cup
Clear your daze..Feel my gaze..Baby it's time to wake up..
M.A.N 3-25-14 Just a fun a way to wake up loved one..;)
SøułSurvivør Jan 2016
off the roof  


(C) 1/16/2016
MaryJane Doe Nov 2014
Is an ocean
   We flow in
               A tide
      That we ride
   High and low in
                     A wave
                   Can behave
        To infact be the save
           You must know when
            To put your own toe in
Marley Jane Jun 2014
It is cruel to love the pieces of this world
With all the pieces of you
That fit
Into its existence and yours.....
But flow into mediocrity
K Balachandran Jan 2016
From the green hill, blows downwards
a wind, gently titillating the languid trees
of this dense forest,the rustling of the leaves create,
an impromptu tune, proving they are taut strings,
yielding willingly to the sensual fingers of the wind.

Super moon,while raising, listens keenly awhile
as if she had never heard one like this before.
The wise silver owl, sitting on the high branch
keeping account  of every stroke of night,with an imaginary wand,
as the conductor, catches the emerging mood that seethes
within the million pieces of orchestra that gently merge,
get exhilarated, finds a pause to punctuate it with a timely hoot,
the moment freezes, falls in to the repository of time for keeps.
Styles Sep 2014
It been a while now I'm back,
playing the beat on a track,
Lyrically I attack,
I'm an M C,
So naturally,
That's how I react,
You might not get my psych,
goin ape shyte crazy,
chasin these monkeys of my back,
I guess opposites still attract.
Rapidly rapping raps,
spitting facts,
I'm what these other cats lack,
cut from another cloth,
Can't cut'em no slack,
This rifts, rat,
I'm way better than that
I master my craft
Like captain kirk taking a bath
higher than an aircraft
Plotting my path
like a hovercraft
Fully prepared for the crash.
These other guys, think they fly,
I just laugh. They get puff up,
While I pass by, getting
Roughed up, crossing my path
Iooking like ironman with this mic in my hand,
Feels like I'm hold a staff.
Like a titan, I clash.
I am the better man,
check my clasp,
I got a better plan,
Better lyrical grasp,
I'm so smooth,
These other rappers, rap sound like ass.
I land minds, no gymnastic class
my geographic quadgraphics better than a veteran
with a can of V8 in his hand
Still crazy from the war,
tasted the blood of a warrior,
Now I'm thirsty for more.
I'm dropping bombs like the army core in 94
With more confidence than Al b sure on tour
Finding common sense scattered all over the floor
Picking up feed back on channel 4
Turning the microphones up,
Then slam it to the floor,
Cause I don't want to rap anymore,
Back and forth I go,
It's all a part of the flow,
I'm just putting on a show,
rhythm book, pinned up,
It's a wrap, flow after flow,
Pulling up, getting my spins up,
The treble and bass doing chin ups,
While I'm spitting rhythms galore,
BML May 2014
The probability of me being improbable is highly definite.
The statistical occurrence of randomness
Is proportional to the flow of consciousness.
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