A Oct 2015
in the morning it gets better,
trust me, my dear,
when you're weeping while you sleep,
i promise to be right here

if you twist and turn in bed,
i'll pour you a cup of tea
and pray you start to shut your eyes,
so your mind flows like a sea

in the morning you'll forget it,
you'll leave the monsters behind,
while your temporary sunshine eases
the moon on the other side

once you wake up you will see
that you've got no more tears to wipe,
for the battle in your head will cease,
merely a moment, out of sight

in the morning you'll be better,
trust me, my dear,
when you learn to let love in,
you will have nothing to fear
a letter for my future children
AS Jun 26
They witness what irradiates,
finding something else to blame.

To something that would create world of pain.
Never questioning why, what for? to the toxicity they spore.

Running to conclusion to ensure,
to avoid the flaws.

To which they derived,
by the symptoms they explored and the real cause they ignored.

Unable to place their hands up, to the mistakes they make and the way they only take.

Need to be commended for basic things they do.

When complexity starts, the leaning begins to spurting out sins.

Flabbergasting that they're so unaware what actions they bare, to those who anchored on your capsizing ship.

Unable to latch onto the disgusting phrases, as of course you can't do anything wrong.

The world has to sing you praises, wrap you up in its loving embrace.

But as soon as it makes the littlest of accidental mistakes, you irradiate a full blown earthquake.

Depicting oneself as victim, oh behold no one can react to the venom that you enact.

These people seeing pass your masks, know its too late for you change from your past.

Still you like to point the blame, making those who truly care feel shame and your skilful manoeuvring of guilt.

For those who take a stand, holding a mirror to your face.

They burn and feel your wrath, spreading to their inside to fester over time.

A world of torment you unleash, but to your captives compassion and empathy they feel.

Seeing past the edges and the façade, knowing and sensing the ways you were scarred.

Those scars, destroying your life or anyone attained.

Inspiring others to run, now your beauty fades one by one company fades.

Others try to fight for the little light which was left inside, letting many years of their own lives pass by.

With you around, they flounder peace, opportunities and chance of a life they seek.

Not aware to the manipulative ensnare, how you've drained and tormented covertly with your natural flare.

They now know there is no hope, refusing you to continually keep taking their glow.

Finally taking flight, creating the most simulating, rewarding life.

Finding the person who truly lives inside, not the one who nurtured and co-dependently gave up her life.

Now the last loyal person can't standby, to the destruction that you blow and clean up the viscous shows.

She understands and knows your distance past, but knows its no excuse to be inflicting that level of abuse.

As life is to grow, to slowly flow away from the pain and strife.

Consideration and reflecting on the way you act, to protect those you love and not to react.

So on my way I go, goodbye and sympathy for the misfortunes you reproduce.

Obtuse and lonely you'll remain, sadly until your dying day.

As those who chose to stay, keep distanced from your terrain.

No longer letting you rain down shame, manipulation and guilt.

Only accepting to be hit by a light spray, these are the reasons no one will stay, living with you each day.

At this point in life there is little chance of change, but for your sake let this entitlement fade and your destructive mind frame.

It is too late, as your emotional state sees nothing or understands the inflictions you partake

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
Below is a link to how I moved to thriving, instead of trying to survive each day:

Pyrrha Jul 16
They say I am too young to understand the way the world works.
They say it as if I'm not already aware of the wars in foreign lands or violence in our homes.
As if I don't know of the fear of death.
The price of freedom.
The cost of living.

They say it as if I don't know about the shootings or the homicides.
As if I'm unaware of those making a living off of selling poisons to others
Or of the ones who sell themselves to stay alive.
They think I don't know about sex, drugs, death, fear, pain, or life itself.

Nothing is hidden in this world.
Your children grow up knowing about horror and crime.
Its ridiculous to shelter them from what they already know.
You believe they are innocent until they turn 18,
But little girls and boys grow up with pain.
There are no thoughts that you can contain.
They will find answers to the questions even if you dont want them to be found.
I have never understood why people these days are so reserved and offened by the truth. My parents raised me to be informed not to be afraid of the truth or speaking my mind.
Tahirih Manoo Aug 2017
In white water lilies ;
Miniature specks of radiant light
Swim in clear water of minerals, nestled by honey brown soil of nourishing elements
Engulfed by inner petals of delicate but impenetrable comfort
Transported by wise ripples along a translucent rectangle
Eager to drop off the water-fall edge of the plane
To fall as rain and unto its chosen carrier
Of whom shall be called its mother
Waiting to start developing physically after the essence of the mother's choice is fused with her very own jewel
The essence belonging to whom it will call father.
12:57 am . Monday, 21st, August, 2017.
Oh! Mamma hear me
please.. I'm the one
crying from your womb;
longing to see you..

I'm so excited to
see you next week.
I'm the one who need
your love and care..

I heard your sweet voice
I felt your touch. I enjoyed
your stories and poems and
all those fairy tales

I love to hear your songs
You are a good singer..
You gave me the things that
I need for my growth..

I know everyone outside
is excited to know
whether I'm a baby boy
or a baby girl...

I'm pleading you to give
me enough care I need
Gender is not the fact...
Thank to the Lord for

giving you a healthy child..
Childrens are the gift of God ,
if you deny that precious
gift, God will not forgive

to your deeds.
Oh! Mamma you are my
angel in this unknown
world.. Care me.. Love me...

You are my warmth and shelter
Yours lovingly..
Your baby child..
From your womb.......
Children are the gift of God from heaven. He appoints an angel on earth to take care of them.
Children call those angels.."MOTHER...."
Orange Rose Jun 16
I walked a mile in Mother’s shoes,
Before turning around.
I realized everything I’d done,
And crumpled to the ground.

For all my tears she wiped away,
She cried a hundred more.
I heard her praying late one night,
For all God had in store.

I lived a life of pleasure.
She lived a life of pain.
She always wore a smile,
Though for all she lost I gained.

And although I’m still changing,
And growing everyday,
Her simple midnight whispers,
Have always stayed the same.
Naomi May 25
Its exciting
To run through the light
To escape the forever days
To escape the non stop reality
To release the naive child
Who loves and explores with glimmering eyes
Who chases butterflies that run away from her
Who speaks to dead toys that come alive for her
Who sings a madeup melody for the dead
Who splashes with color the suffocating white walls
Who never looks back
Some love was meant for the young
Some love was meant to remain the same
set the child free
let her run with the wind
let her fall and rise again
let her love the wild
let her messy hair untangle her thoughts
let her be
She is a child after all
She is only learning
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