Evelyn Silver Dec 2015
My head, my heart, they are empty,
producing, containing nothing.
Yet, they are stuffed to the max,
flooding with thoughts, emotions, worries, hopes.
How can one be so empty, yet so full?
I am a ghost existing,
alive and dead in this twisted world.
They drain us of vitality and fill us with emptiness.
We are the lost.
Don’t bother looking for us,
we are already gone, found.
We walk not of this world way, but by Faith.
For each of us has been promise different things.
Yet we still walk by the same Faith as the other.
We each are on a different path with him as well.
Some Faith may stronger today, but not tomorrow.
For Faith is by hearing, then believing it is true.
We all have the very same objective here in life.
It is to finish this race=Journey that we are on.
Thus then being told by our Savior well done.
Leal Knowone Apr 2015
Her neck calls to me, bringing out my primal state
am i ee Sep 2015
bathed in the cool light of the moon,
my sweet puppyhead and me,


under the full soft light, 
her ray’s illuminating the yard,
the woods.

footsteps crunch drying leaves,
fox, deer or foe?

waning canopy,
boughs lighter each day.

fall, majestic, peaceful
dying for another year.

plants and creatures, 
taking refuge in the deep dark void
of mother earth,
of mother nature.

squirreling away tidbits for a late winter snack,
coats blooming, thickening.

such delight, 
each night,
sitting outside,
my puppyhead and me.

quiet and solitary,
no humans 
annoying me.

silent and still
only nocturnal creatures
meandering about.

what magic,
what sacredness.
what mystical delight.
never apart,
only the ONE.

such silly confusion,
thinking a person,
separate and small,
quaking with fear.

the big deep dark mystery
laughing and jovial,
always here,
here for us all.

open your eyes, 
feel your nature,
always here,
never apart.

fearing death
fearing life,
what a silly way to live this

the moment you were born,
you began dying,
what a relief,
knowing the score!

relaxing into the madness,
laughing at it all,
pure and free,
forever more, 
and not……

not being,
eons of reflection,
sages and rishis
revealing the truth,
it can’t be done for you,
only you can become 
that which you are….
that which you always were.

my sweet love, my sweet life,
my puppyhead and me,
sitting here in Fall.
in Tao, in the One, her darkenss, her mystery
AnActualToaster Apr 2014
Fun filled lollipop triple dipped in psycho
Chaos and insanity all wrapped up in cookie dough
A hot fudge sundae with a cherry on top
It leaves me hoping the fun will never stop
The perfect amount of passion you can't recreate
To make a friendship impossible to duplicate
You're absolutely  perfect, I hope you know
Your presence brings a delicate glow
Unbound by life in the city
You'll always be my little chaos kitty
A thank you to my best friend (Silver Tongued Shadow)
A cardinal sings-
Its own melody drags it down, preventing flight
A bass filled tune that echoes in a cage of bone

Every day it cries
A hot spring that reflects its color
Streaming onto the rest of the massive prison

A grey man
Older than the prison, as old as the cardinal
Asks “Why do you cry in your lonesome, tender bird?"

The cardinal sings-
Its own melody deepens its intake of air
With a bass filled tune it says: “Because I am alone."
Read more of my works on www.brixartanart.tumblr.com
K Balachandran Sep 2014
Gentle evening wind, non existent till a moment before
lying low among the children playing with the flakes of golden sun
fallen on the silver white sand, quickly rises, unnoticed by any one
flirt with the comely coconut palms lined on the beach,that act coy,
blows towards the long, rolling blue wave, meeting it headlong,
a blast, white spray springs up spectacularly like a fountain,
then, easily lifts three kitesurfers, fling them high up stylishly
across the fortress of water, they look invincible, untouched
by the waves, that look foolish eyeing skywards, the milling crowd
howls in mirth, seeing the dramatic twist, it's all fun till sun down.
Stu Harley Dec 2013
even though
i am much
older now
all the hard work
that goes into raising
your son
i have found
the bitter-sweet courage
to say that
i love you
father dear
i love you now
more the anyhting and
here i am
your flesh and blood
at you graveside now
where I am
suppose to be
dust to dust
ashes to ashes
now my heart
planted on
solid ground
be filled with thee
Ben Mar 2012
self-righteous souls
saved from the
everyday run
of the world
skulking throughout
the shadows
cast by the
most holy
grasping at
the lost the
unknowing and
the damned
who don't accept
their beliefs as
irrefutable excuses
to be pretentious  
oh how far you will fall when brought                                               low from your exalted pedestal
down on your knees, covered                                                   in the wretched filth of the masses
that you had gazed down upon                                                       in all you hypocritical glory
everyone looks the same when                                                      your eyes have been gouged out
you bleed the same as everyone                                                  when your too-godly heart is removed
you liar, you snake,
you backstabbing fuck,
hidden behind
accepting smiles
go forth and
be righteous!
go forth and
beat down the weak!
go forth and fill
the world with
your treacherous,
blasphemous rage!
pray for the
strength to fell
the wicked
pray to keep
a closed mind
and to be
in your silent
hate, mistrust, and
suspicion of all those
different from you
pray to keep your teeth sharp
to devour those deemed less holy than thou
and go to a fitful, dreamless sleep at night
confident in the knowledge that you are *saved
so i wrote this at church today, sitting there and looking around at all the *holy* people and feeling utterly disillusioned with all the backstabbing and false smiles, all the self-righteous feelings of superiority, and i remembered why i stopped going
Deepening Wells Feb 2016
I train my throat,
To take the smoke
But not to make these lyrics dope
Though I'm here to stay as I hoped
I'll smoke ya spirits and hope you choke
I'm getting better at rhyming guys. So excited cx
Weeping willow Feb 2017
Moon glows
in a white mist
Shadows move across the light
leaving blackness upon it's face
Dusty mist graces around
Darkness glows within
the moonlight sky
Nighttime sparkles
up the evening
Like day was dancing into night
With stars sparkling
in the light.

By Weeping willow
The moon was big and bright on a shadowed filled night
Tyler Houck Jun 2016
life                         money
    work             friends
                 school                      studies
practice         family

There's too much on my mind.
I need to
This has been a very long week so far...
Joseph Valle Aug 2012
Family is
not the humorous, "ha-ha" funny.
It more resembles the "ah-hmm,"
intriguing, pensive sort of funny.
It's the only unconditional love
you're nearly promised to receive.
It comes and goes with every
passing situation
surrounding an ember-filled fireplace
of an eve gone by,
blindly staring at the lights
as they flicker across faces
so worn from storied conversation.
An occasional outburst ends in laughter
if one tries to contain it,
it subsides in subdued breathing
from under-breath mutterings,
and upper teeth, cheek-strained smiles.

Maybe we're to love
only in this way,
only in the way of trusted, known,
unabandonable looks, for you,
only for you,
and those whom you love.
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