Thomas EG Mar 2015
I go out, for once.
You appear before me and reach instantly for my beloved treasure chest, but I am uncomfortable. No means no tonight, as does it every other night.
You do not step back.
Only the chairs' arms are willing to support me, so my own small hand reaches for your twelve o'clock and now it is you who must flee.
The candles' tongues lick you on your way out.
Are you happy now? Where's your horse and carriage babe?
By the way, you dropped your fucking shoe.
Hahahaha. Ha. Alcohol does good things to my brain. Good vibes.
JWolfeB Nov 2014
I have been waiting
for her to pick me off the shelf

To remember me as fondly
as I dream of her nightly

Wanting nothing more than to be
used like her favorite toy

The one she played with as a child
when holding each other came simple

For her to lay me next to her heart
during the dim nights under gods shadow

Giving up on the complexities
of the never ending day before us

While engulfing each other in stories
of an emotion we remembered as love
Chloe Elizabeth May 2014
I look at you and longing overwhelms me. It's the only way I can describe it. When someone you had is so quickly ripped from your grip, it feels as if a hole were punched in the middle of your chest and what once filled that space now walks around outside of you. Seeing you feels like you're beside me but you haven't filled that emptiness in months. When I look at you it hurts because you don't look at me back.

By Chloe Elizabeth
To that boy again, the one whose name starts with an A
DRPQ Nov 2014
deep inside my chest there is a whirring a stirring
of flavors such as lemon and chair
pull me aside
explain to me that everything's going to be alright

all I hear is silence
and the thumping of my heart
why is it still beating
I thought I heart an eating, a rotting
deep inside my chest

What is this I'm feeling?
Please tell me that everything will be all right.
I don't know
I feel weird
Francie Lynch Mar 2015
I'm immobile
As my dentist blathers
On events and people
That don't matter.
I'd rather he just
Get IT done,
Leave rants and jokes
And silly puns
For one not in
His dental dungeon.
Today was his crowning glory,
When he'd finished needling me,
Before he filled my cavity,
In gest suggested
To fill the hole
Found in my chest.
Lady Bird Apr 2015
hummingbirds that flutter in my chest
can't see the broken pieces of my heart
each and every piece  did shatter
with the hummingbird's chit-chatter
my poor heart it just fell apart
matt Oct 2014
stress like the rest I’m trying to get something off my chest. its a weight so great my body begins to shatter all i want to do is yell but this weight is hell it pushes all the air from my lungs till they are bare. do you even care? are you even there? stress is the pain in my chest it feels like cardiac arrest i feel like i should be wearing a bullet proof vest because I’m wearing a red target on my chest. just something to aim at. stress is a mess with no clear way to clear a path without being cluttered by fear. it will bring tears, it will make you think of the ones you hold dear, stress is that weight on your chest making you feel oppressed. its something i deal with normally dont worry i dont repress. i paint it on this page with each move i make a digital valve releases letting you read this.
just a thingy i wrote in like 10 minutes
mk May 2015
my head against your chest

I remember
that no
ever be
more powerful
the sound
of your
when it
// it is the sound I wish to wake up to every morning & fall asleep to every night //
Vamika Sinha Mar 2016
the words
are beads and gems
and hooks and strings

scattered in a box
somewhere in
the softness behind my breastbone

my palms are up to catch the key
whenever it chooses to land

a pandora poised
to make ornaments
from all she uncovers,
all she unleashes
Jaderbug dreams Sep 2014
It clings to his chest,
and touches his neck.
It cascades down his back and sides
touching every part I crave.
It even goes down near his belt --
maybe even down into his pants.

That's one damn lucky shirt.
I wanna be that shirt...
Jon Po Dom Apr 2017
Her dark chocolate skin is an aphrodisiac
Yet I cannot taste
Awakening the beast within
Dormant for so long
He longs to play

Her chest expands with every breath
Beautiful skin tone and gorgeous smile
Hair the way I like in pigtails
Reaching down to her buttocks
And her eyes?
Big brown eyes
They pierce through me like a sword
Never letting up their gaze
Seeing through to the beast within
Roaring with intensity

I long to feel,
My hands travel freely to antagonize
I long to taste,
The forbidden fruit
I long to see,
Her body move beneath my touch
I long to smell,
Her chocolate skin moistened by the heat of immense passion
I long to hear,
Her moans and cries as she comes undone at my hand

The beast wants to torture my beauty
Whips and chains await you my dear
Let's explore your pleasure together

JM 4/26/17
Jules D Aug 2016
and it is the worst,
that descent into silence,
slow and all at once, they say,
that sudden shaking sadness.

it springs outta nowhere,
see, that pounce, that shadow consuming,
and see,
suddenly you’re hollow.
suddenly you’re gone,
or you wanna be gone—
like my heart’s tryin’ to pound
only my chest’s on lockdown
and no words’ll come out my mouth;
see now,
it just seems
there ain’t nothing i can do.

nah, see, i’m sorry, just—
some days,
i am consumed.
intensity twelve: and my mind too is in calamity.
DH Oct 2013
clicking teeth
rattling breath
veins too small and cramped lungs
spindly ribs and spiderweb lips

you wake up
sunshine on your face
lazy smile lazy voice eyes squinted
why can't I be happy like you?

you taste like ozone and i have traced the knots on your ankles
and the hole in your chest
for hours
revising calculations
compiling a chart
mapping your unknown spaces to find the real distance from you to me
not in the light years from your mouth to mine
but thoughts
four thousand six hundred fourty four instances without me
that void is infinite

your mouth is full of flies
your brain is a quasar with no light on the horizon
there is nothing left of you but bones
and a nest of veins and arteries with your heart stuck in the center like an egg

your wings are melting
you've flown too close to the sun again
wax tattoos you poppy red in drip

how could i forget you?
your parabolas
your rosy cheeks
and the weight of you
how could i forget?
you have no solution
     (i could help you find one)
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