WiltingMoon Jan 2016
'May I have this dance?'

And that's how we met...
cracked nails with peeling hands
ugly dancers' feet
endless hours of stretching, leaping, bowing, and creating straight lines with no mistakes
you destroy me but, I love every moment of it
Deepening Wells May 2014
One more day
One more chance
Say the word and we'll have this dance
Not my best....
cgembry Apr 2016
Waters pour
From clouds on high
Restoring life
To a world so dry

I long to be reborn
Like the grass and grain
So I kick off my shoes
To dance with the rain
schadenfreude Nov 2014
he saw her dancing
in the night, enjoying
with lights, flickering
to the music, singing

she caught his glance,
smile at him in stance,
so he joined her and dance
because he cant lose the chance

they were so caught up in the night
they fell right in love at first sight
they knew the odds and are ready to fight,
because they know what future holds is bright
just a simple poem
Juliesen Night Apr 2014
Trigger the party?
State your right.
Enter the War,
Of bodies.

Hearts desire,
Lust's dance.
Meet the one.
That night of trance.
argus Feb 2015
we spent hours
fitting together our bodies
like two voices
reaching through dissonance
in search of unison
like a ritual
like a dance
Cäi Mel Mar 2014
show me
how you dance
and sing
for the cameras.
show the passion you have,
let me hear you hit those notes,
or perfect those moves.
i wanna
see how hard work and
the dedication.
show me, you.
your talent.
Stuart Lee May 2013
All of the dance moms are on their iPhones-
All I have is my notebook.
Pen scratching on paper, I am...

Old school.

An island of last century
In a sea of modern marvels of technology.
Dreamer Apr 2015
The crowd fades away
As chords in every melody
Rings in our ears,
And shivers downs in our body
It vibrates in every muscle
A musical fusion
Almost everything didn’t matter
It’s you, me and the beating rhythm
The graceful posture
The sway of every gesture
It’s a motion adventure.

Feeling the adrenaline pulsing through
Pervading the entity
Beating rhythm pounding, it electrifies the body
into graceful art, emancipating the sound of the music
Captivating the mind, liberating the young, reckless soul
covertly hidden inside an indifferent exterior

A freeing beauty
of movement to the rhythm
A therapy to the mind and body.
Dancing to the music,
feeling every tune
every beat
every breath of every movement,
with Explosions of Euphoria
how about that! :) I'm so proud of us, we did it! I'm having that totally awesome post-poem feeling you know? So incredibly honored to be working with you, dear Pax :) We did a fantastic job, woot woot! (((hug))))
Sam Jan 2016
Staring across the bar, it was love at first sight
- eyes so wide- I think I gave her a fright
She thought it was a sex look
thought she could read me like a textbook
wary of my advance
refusing me a chance
avoiding my glance
I put down my glass
in a stance
weakened by my lovestruck trance,
simply asked for a dance
ZinaLisha Sep 2014
Freckles dance
      across her face

  Like a southern gal in a
           juke joint place

Dance is everything ~ EVERYTHING IS DANCE ~
Everybody is a Dancer ~ Everything dances!
Sound is everything

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