Eleanor Rigby Mar 2015
I can't sleep tonight;
I am longing for a message.

BL Jul 2015
I can see the stars tonight.*

I can see the moon

I can see the dark sky.

I can see the clouds, as it covers my eyes.

I can see everything from where I stand.

But why...

Why can I see the stars tonight, and not you?

© 2015 B.L.
All Rights Reserved.
Meditating in the carnage,
my core's cyanide became
warm milk before bed. My carcass
coexisted in inconsistent comfort, that
safety untouched like internal feelings.
Unstable caramelized eyes watered down to a
wary hazelnut from lack of love, the way the
phone screen glows white to gray at 4 AM.
Aching in agony; pins and needles
prick my bones tonight, as
my mouth is sewn with graphite-
I love using metaphors, similes, etc for poems.... This one took an odd turn...
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