Dallas Hogue Jul 2014
Happiness is Christmas decorations in April. Good memories  trapped in time that we never wish to release

Happiness is release
Paramount Pawn Apr 2015
Whenever you're feeling down
Don't always come with a frown
Come look like a happy clown

Though of course you can't hide it
At least try a bit

But there are people around
Where your happiness is found
cursed Dec 2014
You're my source of happiness.
I can't be happy if my happiness is not happy.
Maria Villalta Aug 2014
isn't it ironic that happiness is
something humans need?
We spend our life
looking for it.

The definition of happiness
is different for each of us.
For some people being happy
means love themselves.

For other people being happy
means being rich.
And for other people death
is their only happiness.

Toni Sep 2014
Maybe its just me,
but I hardly ever see poems about happiness

Is it because the bad times outweigh the good?
or do they outshine them?
Lia Feb 2015
happiness is like a golden apple between my teeth
oh so rare & oh so sweet
There were some Mountains.
Storms raged.
Stone split.
Time wore on.
And there great heights,
were reduced to tiny Grains.
Millions of tiny Grains.
Heat and air.
And then Glass.
So much beauty.
From such beauty as before it.
And in reflection of the beauty it is gifted to.
Tangerine Jun 2014
We waste most of the time,
trying to find that one thing we all desire,
But what we all do not know is,
happiness lies in everything,
even the littlest things.
Happiness lies in a beautiful day,
where the sun is up,
and the sky is in a shade of blue.
Happiness lies in the people we love,
a lover,
a friend,
a family member.
Happiness lies in a good cup of coffee,
and a friend we share lovely conversations with.
Happiness lies in wonderful moments,
Happiness lies in music,
the ones we dance and sing along to.
Happiness lies in someone's laughter,
and a smile so bright,
it shines one's heart.

Happiness lies in everything surrounding us.
Craig Harrison Jun 2014
Wind blowing, leaves falling
In the woods I am walking
Birds chirping, squirrels digging
Not stopping my mind from wandering

Fashion walks, beach resorts
Nice weather, beautiful people
City breaks, country retreats
Exotic animals, spiders and snakes

Mona Lisa, The last supper
Beautiful art, beautiful mind
Excellent artists are hard to find

Beautiful things everywhere
open your eyes, happiness is right their
GfS Jun 2015
I could draw everything that comes to my mind
except for your smile. Because I feel that
no one can do your smile better than you.
I want to remember how it looks everytime I close my eyes
But every time I see it, it gets better and better every time.
If you were happy with the wrong person, imagine how happy you’ll be with the right one.
Harley Hucof Aug 2014
because im happy i dropped my insecurities
because im happy i love everybody
because im happy im full of energy
because im happy i lost my fear
because im happy im free
because im happy i dont care
because im happy im aware
Mari-Elle Dec 2014
If happy ever after
Weren't some desperate dumb attempt
To make us all believe that happiness
Is existent

Then I'd sit on some beach somewhere
Waiting for the moment
When happiness didn't feel so
Goddamn important
Happiness is a state of mind
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