Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Become a member everything. Happiness isnt based on money and sometimes not even on what you're doing. Its about who your with.
its about living with no regrets
And realising that a bad thing will last a few months, so who cares if he doesnt ask you out? who cares what your parents catch doing with the one who does? and who cares what anyone says about you.
Happiness is taking a risk
and it pays off
and even if it doesnt
another oppurtunity presents itself.
happiness is staying up all night with your frends.
happiness is water fights on late summer evenings.
happiness is love....lust only gives moments of happiness to the fact you cant believe you have that leaves you eternally in wonder of how you ended up feeling so right.
happiness is being with your friends and wearing crazy *** hats in public
happiness is seeing a familiar face in nevr ending sea of lies.
happiness is no homework
happiness is having tickle fights with the one you love
happiness is lying in the sun looking at the clouds
happiness is doing wat you want to do
happiness is helping one another
happiness if giving all of you no matter how much you recieve in return
happiness is being able to speak your mind
happiness is knowing you have earnt all the praise you get and being able to say thank you...not going red, studying your shoelaces and bringing yourself down
happiness is confidence
happiness is working hard for something
happiness is being wateva you want and not caring what anyone only get to live will nevr live it down if you're on your deathbed and you realise that you've spent your whole life being what everyone else wanted you to be. living a lie
happiness is finding out who you are
happiness is coming home and your parents ask you how your day was...evn if u jst grunt back
happiness is singing in the shower as loud as you can...i mean showers hav that magical power that means no-one else can hear you...rite?
happiness is not being afraid to say someone is makes u all giggly...saying someone is good looking doesnt neccessarily mean you want them
happiness is feeling safe
happiness is feeling wanted
happiness is feeling at peace with yourself
happiness is feeling that someone always has your back
happiness is when something isnt funny..but your so happy to see someone that u cant stop smiling
happiness is that one thing you can nevr really express to someone...its like a drug, it makes you do crazy things...its make you feel ontop of the world.
this made me happy knowing that peopl will read this and feel happy
it made me happy because i made a good attempt to describe something that can nevr be completely decribed.

happiness is the one thing that keeps you going when you're like the single flowers whose colours hav turned to shades of grey

i cant explain this happiness
Lucy Jan 2014
Clap along if you know what happiness is for you.

Happiness is going for a run with the dog
Happiness is waking up and looking out my bedroom window
Happiness is being part of the universe
Happiness is music full blast
Happiness is learning to South Coast Swing
Happiness is dancing round my kitchen
Happiness is cooking, baking, EATING
Happiness is being at college with my friends
Happiness is the cinema with Margaux
Happiness is knowing I'm not perfect, and being glad not to be
Happiness is a lie-in
Happiness is a cup of tea
Happiness is getting my assignments in
Happiness is seeing how much I have grown
Happiness is seeing my brother and sister
Happiness is my sister proud of who I'm becoming
Happiness is dreaming
Happiness is talking about my Mum
Happiness is the colour red
Happiness is my brother and his girlfriend
Happiness is the friends I've yet to make
Happiness is the classes I've yet to teach
Happiness is everything I've yet to learn
Happiness is Christmas with my Grandparents
Happiness is spending New Years Eve quietly
Happiness is knowing I'm going to be home
Happiness is choosing a path to get there

Happiness is everywhere when we look for it
Happiness is me.
What is Happiness? Is it Success?
Is it Achievement that creates so much stress?
Success creates money that creates Pleasure and Bliss
But this is not what true Happiness is!

Happiness is not money, otherwise the rich would be glad!
There are people who are successful, why are they sad?
Happiness is not Pleasure that depends on many a thing
True Happiness is Peace, it is a state of being

Who doesn't want to be Happy?
Who wants to be Sad?
There may be a few, but they are then mad!
Everybody in this world wants to be Happy, wants to smile
But most have miseries that are longer than the Nile!

Money can buy pleasure, but it can't buy Happiness
Money can buy medicines, but health we can miss
Money can buy a diamond ring but love it cannot bring
Money cannot buy Bliss, though it can buy many a thing

Happiness is like a shadow which we cannot chase
Further it goes away, when you are in a race
Those who seek success may become an ace
But they are sure to end in the misery maze!

Happiness is something that everyone seeks
Happiness can be found on three little peaks
The first peak is Achievement, the second is Fulfillment
But the ultimate Happiness comes with Enlightenment

On the first peak of Happiness, what we get is Pleasure
We become Happy because of material treasure
The Happiness on this peak is not very strong
We are Happy for a moment, but it does not last long

The second peak of Happiness is called Fulfillment
It comes from being satisfied, living with Contentment
It is letting go of Pleasure that comes from Achievement
And living with Peace which gives Bliss that is consistent

But while we have Pleasure and while we have Peace
We will have Sorrow that will make our Bliss cease
If we want to be Happy, then Life's Purpose we must find
This is Enlightenment, it is transcending the mind

The Mind is a monkey, it steals our Peace
It makes us desire and it continues to tease
It swings like a monkey to a past that is gone
And robs our Bliss because of a future not yet born

If we want to be Happy, we must still the Mind
We must be still, Consciousness we must find
In this state, we are not caught in a thought
But this Bliss to enjoy, we sadly forgot!

Because we are chasing money, success and wealth
We lose our Life, we lose our health
We may have all the money that can give us pleasure
But we will not attain Peace which is the real treasure

Peace is the foundation of Happiness
Where there is no Peace, there cannot be Bliss
Therefore, we must make sure not to lose Peace of Mind
Then, true Bliss and ecstasy in life we will find

Far happier are those who have Peace in their tank
Than those who have a lot of money in their bank
Money is important, but it can't buy Happiness
With money, can you go shopping for Bliss?

But more important than pleasure and peace, is this
Finding Purpose leads to true Happiness
Who am I? Why did I come to earth?
True Bliss is realizing the purpose of this birth

When we overcome ignorance and we realize the Truth
We are free from sorrow when we get to the root
When we realize we are not the Body, Ego or Mind
All misery and suffering, we leave behind!

But to reach this state of Enlightenment is rare
To be Enlightened in Life, not many people care
We are ignorant that from misery we can be free
If we evolve on the Happiness peaks, from one to three

Everybody who is born must suffer pain
We become miserable again and again
But the one who realizes that who suffers is not me
He from the triple suffering is free

Because we think we are the Body, we suffer aches and pain
Because of the Ego, we are miserable again
Because of the Mind, we live with worry and fear
The Ego, the Body, the Mind, create many a tear!

But once we realize we are none of the three
Then from all miseries, we can be free
We can live with Bliss and Peace Enlightenment makes all miseries cease

Happiness is thus, not what we are taught
Alas! In the Success race we are caught To make money, is our primary thought And what true Happiness is, we forgot!

If you want to be Happy, pause for a while
You can be always Blissful, with a smile
Don't try to become Happy, then, Happy you can be
If you realize you are the Soul, not Mind and Ego, ME

True Happiness is being in that state of Consciousness
True Bliss lies in a state of Thoughtlessness
When we **** the Monkey Mind, we can have true Happiness
But ******* the Mind, we don't know this

The Mind is like a monkey, notice EY is its tail
It is Ever Yelling and Ever Yearning and it makes us fail
When we still the Mind, and its desires that create a thirst
Then we conquer Sorrow, that otherwise makes us burst!

There are many ways to be Happy and be glad
Count your blessings and you will never be sad
Discover True Love, the fountain of Bliss These are simple ways to Happiness

Success is not Happiness,
Happiness is Success
Those who don't realize this, end their life in a mess
They just zoom from the womb to the tomb
And all they have is misery and gloom

Instead, look at the Yogi who is always in Bliss
He is never in a state of unhappiness
Ever-united with the Divine, he knows it's all a show
Nothing is ours, the Yogi knows that we come and go

Do you want to be Happy? Then Happy you can be
Then realize that the peaks of Happiness are three
If you run after Success, Happy you will never be!
But if you are enlightened, from misery you will be free

To be Happy, you must live in the 'Now’
To be Happy, you must take a vow
Moment by moment, enjoy this treasure called life
Be enlightened, and you will be free from strife

Are all Successful people Happy? The answer is ‘no!'
But all Happy people are Successful, this truth we must know
We must realize the truth that life is a show
We will live with Peace, Love and Bliss, and go!

Not only will we be free from all suffering on earth
Realization will free us from Rebirth
It will free us from Fear, Worry, Anxiety and Stress
And give us Joy, Love, Peace and Bliss

So are you seeking Pleasure?
Are you seeking Happiness, Peace and Bliss?
Then Evolve from one Peak to another Peak
And you will attain the Eternal Happiness you seek.
James Mar 2019
What is happiness?

Happiness is a smile plastered across your face.
Happiness in you is seeing happiness in others.
Happiness is accepting who you are.

Happiness is love.
Happiness is being content with what you have.
Happiness is knowing that no matter what,
someone is there to hold you tightly.

Happiness is money.
Happiness is your house.
Happiness is your car.

Happiness is the parties you throw.
Happiness is the girl you met last night
the girl waiting for you on your bed.

Happiness is solitude.
Happiness is not poisoning yourself
with everything in the world around you.

Happiness is keeping the door shut.
Happiness is keeping the world out.
Happiness rolls down your cheeks at night.

Happiness pins you to your bed.
Happiness holds you down.
Happiness tells you that you’re not good enough.

Happiness lives in the rope swinging from your ceiling.
1SP Apr 2017
Happiness begins with blessings from heavens above,
Happiness begins with all that I prayed for,
Happiness begins with what every man dreams of,
My true happiness only begins with your love...

Happiness begins with sacrificing my whole life,
Happiness begins with bidding loneliness goodbye;
Happiness begins with crying all my tears away,
My true happiness only begins with you everyday...

It's no question true happiness may not sound real,
Something very hard to wait for and keep still,
But you are the one who gave me something to feel,
True happiness began with you as the Lord revealed.

Happiness begins with declaring your arms my home,
Happiness begins with no need in being all alone,
Happiness begins with companion who believes in us,
My true happiness only begins with earning your trust...

It's no question true happiness may not sound real,
Something very hard to wait for and keep still,
But you are the one who gave me something to feel,
True happiness began with you as the Lord revealed.

Happiness begins with a virtuous woman with grace,
Happiness begins with putting a smile your pretty face,
Happiness begins with finally finding soulmate like you,
My true happiness only begins with saying I do...

Happiness begins saying I do...

Mmm, baby, yes, I do...
Josiah Wilson Mar 2018
Happiness is hearing your voice
Happiness is seeing you smile at me
Happiness is your laugh when I say something funny
Happiness is your eyes lighting up when you see a dog
Happiness is you being happy about cute animals
Happiness is playing with your hair
Happiness is having your head on my chest
Happiness is you snuggling up to me
Happiness is hearing you talk about sloths
Happiness is you explaining environmental science to me
Happiness is kissing you on the nose
Happiness is you singing Disney songs
Happiness is holding you in my arms
Happiness is experiencing something new with you
Happiness is making stupid jokes at Barnes and Noble
Happiness is a long drive while holding your hand
Happiness is your lips on mine
Happiness is hearing "I love you" and saying it back
Happiness is coming home to you
Happiness is falling asleep and waking up next to you
Happiness is "just a few more minutes" in the morning
Happiness is loving you
Happiness is you
AiR Apr 2020
If Success was Happiness
Then achievers would be glad
But look around and you will find
That many of them are sad

Of course, Achievement gives joy
And excitement, oh boy!
But when our need becomes our greed
To misery, this will lead

The whole world is chasing Success
Everyone wants achievement
Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose
There is no Contentment

Why do people want to succeed?
Why is everyone in a race?
The Truth is that we want to win
So that there is a smile on our face

But though we win, we are not glad
We have money, why are we sad?
Happiness is not money, the sages said
It's sleeping soundly when you are in bed

We hear of suicides in the homes of the rich
If they were Happy, then why this glitch?
Although they are achievers, this fact we know
They are not Happy, their face has no glow

If successful, but unhappy, what is the use?
Winning or smiling, what would you choose?
The purpose of Success is for us to be glad
What is the use of winning, if it makes us sad?

Happiness is something different, we learn
Not just money that we earn and burn
Happiness is built on a foundation of peace
Then we are blissful like waves in the seas

Look around at the people who are glad
They live in the moment, they are never sad
They don't swing from the future to the past
They are the ones whose Happiness lasts

Happiness has no price tag, know this my friend
It's a state of mind where nothing can offend
It's being able to smile, and able to laugh
Not just trying to raise our Success graph

We can't measure joy in dollar and pound
Happy is he who peace has found
Though we may fly the world around
We may be miserable on the ground

Success is not Happiness, this Truth we must know
We may have everything, what's the use of this show?
The truly successful one is he
Who lives with smile, laughter, and glee

If one is Happy, then one has achieved all
One doesn't have to be rich and in fame be tall
One can have little, but if content is he
Then he can live joyously

Achievement gives Happiness, this fact we know
But with Fulfilment and Contentment, does Happiness grow
One who is Happy, doesn't need to win
He has Peace and Joy without committing sin

Joy doesn't need a foundation of cash
One doesn't have to be rich, to enjoy life's bash
Happiness is a simple state of the mind
It comes from being loving, it comes from being Kind

Happiness is Success. It is achieving life's goal
It is being Happy in the heart, Peaceful in the Soul
True Happiness is eternal, not just a moment of joy
It last's forever, it can’t be destroyed

Success is a journey of valleys and peaks
Life is a see-saw, there are laughs and squeaks
Success, unlike Happiness, doesn't last for long
But the truly Happy ones always sing a Happy song

So, Success is not Happiness, Happiness is Success
You may be an achiever, whose heart is not at rest
But though not successful, if Happy you are
Then you are an achiever, you are the very best
Andrew Parker Nov 2018
How Does Happiness Happen Poem

I once heard that happiness is like watching the sunrise.
That when its golden shining rays meet your eyes, their solar power can bring the darkness its demise, by summoning a radiant, dazzling smile--that's how I thought happiness happens for a while.

Someone else said that happiness just takes some time, while living in the present. That its like you wake up one day and suddenly things seem more pleasant. In other words, it should feel like the cut scene of a Disney movie--but my movie writers must have missed the memo.

I've also been told that happiness is a habit. That you tell yourself kind things in the mirror, and then they'll stick to you like a jacket you wear covered in positive patches made of hearts and unicorns and stuff--although my jacket never seemed to keep me warm enough.

Some say that happiness is letting go of the what if's and why not's, the whose its', what's its, and the what nots.
That it's the power to accept what you cannot change.
They all say that happiness starts within, but what if happiness is not in me? What if my body doesn't know how to make happiness happen?

Because I've been through sleepless nights to watch the sunrise, but its shining rays must have stopped before they hit my heart. Instead of a super smile, all I could muster was a lukewarm shoulder shrug and tired yawn and thought to myself, "Well, I guess that's all," as I watched the sunrise, and felt my hopes fall.

I've tried living in the present. I've patiently waited and wished to wake up one morning and be over this. I know they said that happiness just takes a while, but it's taken so long that now it's the ******* future and I've stopped believing in that fool's rumor.

How many mornings have I spent saying sappy affirmations in the mirror? Telling myself, "You are smart," "You are kind," "You are fine, fresh, and fierce," "You will be happy someday." By now, those words I once wore like a jacket have outgrown me and they no longer fit.

Maybe my soul is like a sapless flower, a ship that sinks, or a staring contest filled with blinks... ****, that stinks.
Maybe my brain chemicals have leaked, or my allotted amount of happiness has already peaked.
Maybe my stress and anxiety disagree with me being happy.
Maybe my happiness frosted, the first time I fell in love and lost it.

Even after all these things I've seen and done, I can't comprehend why my happiness is still long foregone.
My smile's corrosion has continued unspoken -- so I've issued a new one with permanent pen.
But I couldn't concoct a formula for the happiness potion -- one that would raise my happiness quotient.
I haven't unfrozen my heart out of fear that it's broken -- and thawing it out will release the emotions.

But I do know one thing that's true -- it's for certain.
If my happiness is broken, then by the principles of inversion, it can be rewoven.

There is no guarantee that it will come promptly,
but until then, I'll keep my pursuit in motion,
and continue to believe in the notion
that someday happiness will just happen to happen to me.
Kelly Bitangcol Jun 2017
Let me tell you the story about the 6 people I’ve met. Let me just say first that they are famous. They are always talked about. But don’t envy me or feel anything bad, because don’t worry, you will meet them all too. Or perhaps, you have probably met them. You probably met some of them already. We all did. Now I will tell you the story of when I met them, of where I met them, and how I met them.

I first met Happiness when my mom bought me my dream barbie doll. I was so eager to have it and seeing my mom holding it made me feel.. incredible. I couldn’t explain it at first because I was so young, I didn’t know emotions yet but when someone named Happiness came, I immediately knew what I felt. Happiness stayed with me for a long time, happiness was with me during my 7th birthday when I had a party. Happiness was with me when I became the first honor of my class. Happiness was with me when I watched the Hannah Montana movie. Happiness was with me when I traveled with my whole family, when we were all together. To sum it up, Happiness was with me when I was young. And when I grew older, Happiness needed to leave. I begged Happiness, “Please don’t go.”, like Happiness was my father leaving us, like Happiness was my childhood friend moving to another country. But Happiness told me, “I need to.”

And then nostalgia came. Nostalgia came when I missed my barbie dolls. Nostalgia was with me when I was listening to Best of Both Worlds and all the memories of being a Hannah Montana fan came back. Nostalgia was with me when I was looking at the old pictures of me and my family. Nostalgia was with me when I was looking for my shirt and I suddenly saw my dress when I was a baby that reminded me of my childhood. Nostalgia was with me when I was missing what it felt like to have a complete family. Nostalgia was with me when I wished to be just a little kid playing barbie dolls with no worries in life. Nostalgia made me miss Happiness more, and made me wonder when will Happiness come back. And then Nostalgia left, and another person came. I was hoping the person would be Happiness, the person wasn’t.

A person named Loneliness came unwanted. Loneliness came the first time I had a failing grade. Loneliness was with my side when my friend needed to move to another school. Loneliness was with me when I was no longer an honor student. Loneliness was with me when my mom scolded me about my low grades and I locked myself inside the bathroom, alone, crying, and I didn’t have someone, only Loneliness. Loneliness was with me when I was growing up. Loneliness was with me when I was compared to other people, and they were better than me. Loneliness was with me when I lost everything. Loneliness was with me when I became a nobody. Loneliness was with me for a long period of time. Loneliness was like a friend who I never wanted to be with, a friend who I hated so much, but that friend won’t just go away no matter how hard you try, and no matter how hard I try Loneliness will never be a friend to me. But Loneliness told me, “Don’t worry. I will leave soon. I won’t be here forever.” And so Loneliness left.

And this strange, mysterious, indescribable person came. The person was named Love. And I thought, “Oh, so this is the famous Love.” I wanted to tell Love I wasn’t ready to meet you yet, but I didn’t know Love would come, Love came unexpectedly. Love came when I met you. Love was with me when you held my hands. Love was with me when I felt safe in your arms. Love was with me when I was reading Murakami. Love was with me the first time I wrote poetry. Love was with me when my best friend told me she would never leave me. I didn’t know why Love came, but I didn’t want Love to leave. But just like everyone and everything else, Love wasn’t meant to last.

And so heartbreak came. I met Heartbreak two summers ago when you told me you would leave me. Heartbreak was with me when I saw you with someone else that wasn’t me. Heartbreak was with me when I wasn’t accepted at my dream school. Heartbreak was with me when I didn’t win the poetry contest I worked hard for. Heartbreak was with me when my best friend suddenly became a stranger. Heartbreak was with me when I saw sadness and disappoint in my mother’s eyes. Heartbreak was a ****** person. I couldn’t wait Heartbreak to leave. But Heartbreak was with me a little longer than I wanted Heartbreak to be. And when Heartbreak will finally leave, I asked a question emotionally, “Are you related to Loneliness or what?” and Heartbreak responded, “No. As much as I’m the opposite, I’m the twin of Love.”

And a beautiful person named Hope came. Hope came when the storm was finally over. Hope was with me when I decided to write again. Hope was with me when I see people believing in my strength. Hope was with me when I looked in the mirror and told myself, “I can survive all of this.” Hope was with me when I watched the film Dead Poets Society. Hope was with me when I saw the most genuine smiles of my family. Hope was with me when I helped myself and became better. Hope was with me when I found myself. And I was hoping Hope would never leave.

But then I learned the truth about these 6 people. These 6 people, they leave, and they come back, in no particular order. Happiness came back when I made my family proud. Happiness came back when I met you. And suddenly Loneliness arrived again in the middle night, but good thing I was stronger now and I made Loneliness leave sooner. Nostalgia came again when I heard this one song that reminded me of my friends. And then Love, Love was here again. And Love confessed, “I am the only one who can be with you always, but sometimes another person makes you feel something more. I was with you since the beginning. I am with you every time you’re with your family and friends. No matter what you’re feeling, I am with you every time you’re with the people that mean so much to you.” And the horrible person named Heartbreak came back again, and as usual, it was ****. But I’m starting to accept Heartbreak’s presence. And I’m currently with Hope. I was with Hope when I attended my first rally last year, when I saw the people who can help change the world and make it a better place. Hope is with me every time I see people who help each other, even if they don’t know each other personally, even if they knew each other on the internet. Hope is with me when I see people never giving up. Hope is with me while I’m writing this piece. And when I knew the truth about these 6 people, I accepted it. I accepted the people I don’t want to leave will do, and the people I don’t want to come back will do. I accepted they’re always here. I accepted they will be here unexpectedly, I accepted that any of them will come sooner or later. And when that time comes, I will greet the person, whoever the person is, “Welcome back.”

Elizabeth Thorn Jun 2013
I'm going to ask myself a question
I can do that, you know
Alright, here we go
What is happiness?

Oh well, let me think about that one
Happiness is...
Ah, I know!

Happiness is you and me
Happiness is being free
Happiness is a summer breeze
Happiness is the sun through the leaves

Happiness is ice cream cone and tater tots
Happiness is daffodils and forget-me-nots
Happiness is a well aged book
Happiness is every picture took

Happiness is how we cope
Happiness is how we fight
Happiness is an eternal strength
Happiness is what is right

In short,
Happiness is you
Sharon Talbot Nov 2020
Happiness is an empty street
And a fast car.
Happiness is a clean, cold pool
You plunge into on a hot day.
Happiness is someone in your bed
Who’s gone in the morning
If you don’t want company
Or who stays if you do.
It’s someone who is happy to read the paper
Or take a hike with you.
It’s not worrying what others think
About you and your beliefs
And the wisdom to know who counts.
Happiness is strength,
Enough to fight the world
Or luxuriate in things gone well.
Happiness is attracting and repelling
Without having to try.
Happiness is a an aching fist
And an attacker’s black eye.
Happiness can be a warm gun,
Depending who gets hit.*
Happiness is not waiting for love,
Then falling in love in seconds.
It is knowing that you are fine
With or without a vow,
Yet being able to say “yes”,
When lightning strikes
And “no” when it’s just a cloud.
Yet happiness is not being sure
And bathing in uncertainty,
Of the pleasure in mystery.
Happiness is loving, faults and all,
An intensity so focused
That you’d gladly die for the one
Who was sent by some mixture
Of sunlight and shade,
On an ordinary afternoon,
Happiness is his body in yours,
His sweat on your skin in summer,
And body heat on cold nights.
Happiness is loving a little boy
Who looks like both of you
And knowing that love can transfigure
Time, exceed itself and encompass
More than one.
Happiness is contentment
In realizing how much you’ve had
And say you’ll feel rewarded
When your random life is done.
Happiness is the legend they tell
About you when you are gone;
The feeling is theirs and maybe yours.
Happiness is knowing that, if you go too far,
That there is no heaven or hell,
Or if there is,
Then anyone can play guitar.

September 9, 2020
I was reading about the Beatles' song "Happiness is a Warm Gun" and then listened to "Anyone Can Play Guitar" by Radiohead. That reminded me of how much the traditional idea of "heaven" has always bothered me, as well as the grandiose things we expect out of life. Why are humans so given to hyperbole about life and death? This was supposed to come out as a much simpler poem, but well, there it is.
*NOTE: 1-11-21 - In light of recent violence in Washington D.C., I wanted to explain that this line pertains mainly to an article about the Beatles' song (specifically, John Lennon's comments). I believe in the right to self-defense, but in no way condone gun violence, to make political points, vent anger or for any other reason!
Irina BBota Jul 2018
My happiness ... it comes from the smallest things,
as it flows into the clepsydra the grains of sand.
My happiness ... is the thought of using my wings,
my warm soul that surrounds you with its hand.

My happiness ... is the rainbow after a big storm,
is the fragrant, beautiful scented flower, like a lip balm.
My happiness ... are your eyes as a color spell in uniform
and you embrace me all in your comforting palm.

My happiness ... is the song humming your name
under the burst of tender kisses of a guitar on fire.
My happiness ... is your vibrant glance in a frame,
your touch on a bear fur, like a hot desire.

My happiness ... is my smile in which you mirror in the night,
your face is dear heaven in my humble garden.
My happiness ... is faith in love and in what is right,
it's the flame burning, without asking for a pardon.

My happiness ... is the sleep you will watch for me
with fine caresses on my long raven hair.
My happiness ... is the starry sky where I feel free,
our bathing in the great spiritual love, like a prayer.

My happiness ... is coffee in two until we're much older,
when the sunrays brings us to life without any risk.
My happiness ... is the sea breeze on our naked shoulder,
spring suite appears, warmed by the heavenly yellow disk.

My happiness ... is to be happy even if I'm sad and on my knee,
for you have the power to raise me up and wipe my tears away.
My happiness ... is to swim against the waves of the sea,
for you are expected, loneliness has announced its delay.
ShowYouLove Jun 2015
What is happiness?
Happiness is living, loving, and laughing
It is filling even the sad times with hugs and smiles
Happiness is many, many things
Among these things is love.
Happiness is having more than one family
Happiness is having a friend
A friend who shares your joy in laughs and your pain in tears
A friend who would gladly take the burden off your shoulders
And carry the weight themselves
A friend who would travel the whole world to find you again
A friend who would go to such lengths to keep you happy
A friend where everything they have is yours
A friend who would take each blow
So you might not know pain
A friend who would never leave you
A friend who is always by your side
A friend who is there both night and day
A friend who would even die for you
Happiness is knowing you will never be alone
Happiness is having a family all together
Happiness is a quiet time alone
Happiness is being among family and friends
Happiness is many things to many different people
But happiness regardless is a good thing indeed
Happiness is a smile or a hug when sad
Happiness is a rainbow after the storm
Happiness is the sun shining through a cloudy day
Tamera Brown Apr 2014
Happiness .
A word with no true meaning but a word that somehow depicts all of what one is feeling,
Happiness is when you catch yourself smiling for no reason at all.
Happiness is when everything possible is going wrong but you bring yourself to laugh through it all.
Happiness is accepting oneself fully for when you know your flaws and weaknesses no one can ever use them against you.
Seeing beauty in the bad is apart of this life.
The bad is what makes one who they are and pushes one to strive for everything one could ever dream of being.
Happiness is making everything worth seeing.
If there is one thing that one deserves it is to be happy,
to feel happiness and to allow the inner joy to shine through the inner walls of ones being.
Happiness is entitled to us and no individual , no moment , no fragment in time can keep one from experiencing happiness.
To live is a choice , to change is a choice , to succeed , to be happy is a matter of choice  .
Choose happiness , choose to live fully,  this life changes , and progresses far to fast to question your happiness...
Love yourself enough to let go of anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.
Loving yourself is a matter of happiness.
At times one may fail to see why others see what they see in them but in all honesty it is because one and others are looking at two completely different things.
One sees something they fail to understand and another sees of everything they've ever dreamt of.
To love one self is the foundation of happiness .
And to be happy is to truly live . And happiness is a choice that no individual, thing, or place can take away .

- Tamera Brown
Oscar Tarango Dec 2014
happiness comes in a cheek
happiness comes rapped in plastic
happiness is the first new i phone
happiness is 8 car in your drive way
money is happiness?
happiness is spending time with your family
happiness is playing with a ball and a stick
happiness is making a space ship out of cardboard
wealth is not happiness
things are not happiness
people are happiness
imagination is happiness
Marlow Feb 2017
Depression. Oh malicious depression.
Always there, never fading away, or going away in this case.
Coming at me like she's my first priority.
Staying in my life because I guess I like the company, the feeling like there's always a weight on my shoulders, always a reassurance that I'm definitely not going to be in the mood for anything besides sleep and sometimes not even that.
Depression is my side chick, not only because I need some difference in my brain, some pizazz to keep things spiced up, or spiced down, but because my brain needs some company while the main chick happiness is away.
My side chick goes away sometimes when the main is in town.
While happiness is with me I'm always scared because what if depression finds out and comes to win me with pure determination.
So I ditch happiness...
Depression gets total control over me and I can't seem to find hope of ditching her and finding someone like happiness again.
Depression finds the time to insert unwanted thoughts into my brain, talk to me like I'm some slave to it, I guess I am in a way.
She's inconsistent in her time with me,
I talk to happiness still to fill in the times when depression isn't there, it's not the same with her.
Sure we're close and spend time together, but happiness is never really there with me like she was prior to depression.
Depression is jealous that I spend time with happiness, but I can't help it.
Happiness will always have a place in my brain.
Unlike depression happiness has been there since the beginning.
Depression came along for the attention a couple years ago and now we're in a relationship that only goes one way.
Depression loves me, I definitely do not love depression.
I hang on to depression since she's all I have left...
Happiness is at the back of my mind constantly wanting to be set free from my thoughts.
I just can't let go,
Can't let go of the feeling happiness gave me, can't let go of the love she gave and still gives to me as a far off friend.
You see happiness found relationships in the people around me, she is constantly prominent in their lives, they never fail to give her attention, treat her like the priority in their lives.
I miss happiness, she was great...
Now I have the ***** called depression and she's not leaving anytime soon, so I sit with her, attempt to love her and fail miserably at doing so.
I try and tell her that I don't want her anymore but she keeps coming at me with kindness and affection.
So now I just sit with her and happiness is held in the back of my mind slowly fading away and depression is now my partial past my entire present and most likely to be future.
I thought I would never laugh again,
I thought I would never smile again,
I've only realized that I needed time and space to think,
I needed time to know what I want
Even though I knew what I wanted.
I only got a time to find myself, 
I only got time to find who "Am I"

I'm glad that my heart is healing day by day,
Hour by hour,
I'm glad that my wounds are now healing.
Is it because I've found happiness?
I would say;
Every piece of happiness I have, 
Comes from my very own supportive friends I have,

The pain I was feeling before
It was preparing for my happiness,
It was preparing me for my destiny,
This pain was basically showing me that I can also do everything for myself.

I thought that I've failed in life,
Because I can't stand up for myself,
I thought that life has given up on me,
But then I realized that it was preparing me for another day.
Life has showed me that there are people I cannot trust,

So, I was lost because no one could help me,
I was lost to an extent where I've come to realize that no one wants to hear me,

I was lost but then I was found.
I was found by someone who can prepare me for tomorrow,
Someone who showed me the correct path,

Someone who allowed me to lean on her shoulder when times were hard,
I will never forget the day I've met the person who contributed much of her time on me,

The person who talked with me and made sure that I understand, 
And at the end of the day I feel better.

The person who contributed her time,
Her space and showed me that life has it's own ups and downs. 

Someone I've trusted with all my secrets and became true to me.
But the question is;

How does this become part of my happiness?

This became part of my happiness 
Because only one person became interested to hear about my pain,
Not only that but also to help me step by step.

I believe that I had to trust only one person,
"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them."

Happiness has been all my heart was looking for,
It was what I always wanted.

I believe that for one to find happiness,
They need to accept themselves for who they are,
And begin to search for it different ways.

Here I am today,
I managed to find happiness,
I've managed to search for the seed to happiness. 

I think I needed happiness to find myself, 
But firstly I needed to forgive and let go,
I've managed to find the seed to happiness,
The seed to freedom, 
And the seed to find myself.

The most important thing is;
Find a seed that will grow the flowers of happiness to your life,
The flower that will unlock the seed of happiness...
cw Feb 2018
My sadness gets up at 2:00 am
Then again at 4:00
And 5:30
And 6:45
Then 7:00am

After the snooze alarm goes off
My sadness wears concealer and mascara to make it
feel awake
and pretty

My sadness hides behind a joke, a smile, a laugh
My sadness is scared of my happiness, who
Stops by once in a while
but just for a quick hello

My sadness doesn’t show through the way
I pull myself together in the morning like nothing is wrong
Or when people ask “how are you?” And replies “I’m good!”
People don’t see my sadness in the stories I tell,
the schoolwork I do, the advice I give them for their problems

My sadness doesn’t show up like other’s sadness
It doesn’t hold its head down in the hallway,
or sleep in until 12, it doesn’t go days without eating,
and it doesn’t try to keep happiness in a locked door


My sadness only shows through the poetry I write
The music behind my earbuds
The short stream of tears when the doors are
closed and the windows are open hoping that just one
small bit of happiness will come inside and stay for longer
than a joke, a laugh, a smile.

My sadness stays in the shower longer than usual,
gets angry a little too easily, and cries a little too much
when watching The Notebook.
It doesn’t look like sadness or walk like sadness or talk like sadness
But that doesn’t mean it isn’t sadness.


You can’t see my sadness.
It doesn’t show like a person with a
broken leg and crutches
You don’t take one look at it and know that
It is crippled and broken down


My sadness is like cancer
You don’t know it’s there until you strip me down
peel back the layers of my skin
to see that I’ve been breathing an air like smoke
that’s caused a growth in my lungs and heart so
that each breath I take, each drop of blood that flows
through my veins feels like a weight on my chest that
can only be lifted with you laying beside me and holding
me until I feel as light as a feather souring through the wind
after finally break free of its bird. Its burd-en.
The thing that’s been holding it down, keeping it from doing
the impossible. But, possibly you can’t lift that weight.
possibly it’s only me that can lift that weight.

Possibly it’s been me the whole time.
Possibly I am the one that kicks happiness out the door
When it stops by because I don’t see happiness
Without you here
But how dare I place the image of happiness
Only in your presence when happiness can fall
In from any joke, or laugh, or smile
And happiness can stay past the sunset
Because you can still see happiness when all you feel
Is the darkness
Happiness can come in when the door
Is bolted shut because happiness doesn’t
Ask if it can come over
Happiness waltzes right in, unannounced, but
Always welcome.
So the next time my sadness is sitting at the table
And we are having a cup of coffee,
And happiness runs through the door
I will show sadness the exit
And then turn to happiness and say “it is great to
See you, please stick around for a while.”
And later when it gets up to leave
I will grab it by the arm and hold
onto it tighter than you ever held me.
Tangerine Jun 2014
We waste most of the time,
trying to find that one thing we all desire,
But what we all do not know is,
happiness lies in everything,
even the littlest things.
Happiness lies in a beautiful day,
where the sun is up,
and the sky is in a shade of blue.
Happiness lies in the people we love,
a lover,
a friend,
a family member.
Happiness lies in a good cup of coffee,
and a friend we share lovely conversations with.
Happiness lies in wonderful moments,
Happiness lies in music,
the ones we dance and sing along to.
Happiness lies in someone's laughter,
and a smile so bright,
it shines one's heart.

Happiness lies in everything surrounding us.
Renee Jun 2015
Happiness is a rainy day
Happiness is soft teddy bears
Happiness is your forehead kisses,
and the way you always put a smile on my face
Happiness is laying with you
Happiness is looking into your eyes and seeing life
Happiness is pineapples,
and loud music,
Happiness is tiny kittens,
Happiness is your favorite sport ,
long naps,
tight hugs
Happiness is your lips on mine,
your presence by my side
Happiness is me
Happiness is you
Happiness is us

Happiness uplifts you
Happiness fills your heart, your mind, and your soul

Happiness gives you the strength you need
Happiness is a great feeling that
Enters your mind
Happiness takes the sorrow away

Happiness fills you life with joy
Happiness makes you feel happy, excited,
And thrilled

Happiness warms your heart
It gives you a sense of relief

Happiness welcomes you

Happiness can be seen by a smile
And in your eyes
Twinkling with shine

Happiness is a very beautiful feeling
Which allows you to enjoy
Every day to the fullest
For me it's a different definition
Happiness is a rose
Red, full of life
Happiness is warm blankets
Watching the snow fall slowly
Happiness is tea and books
Stories of elves and magic lands
Happiness is a summer evening
Riding in the car with my dad
Happiness is a hug from my nephew
His bright blue eyes sparkling
Happiness is a song
One that I can sing over and over
Happiness is a ladybug
Crawling on my finger
Happiness is little things
Happiness is what I make it
Happiness is the world
Gavin Aug 2018
Happiness, a strange thing.
Happiness with you, more than anything
I need to be with you, but it
Feels like I’m losing my touch.

Happiness, a brave thing.
Happiness with you, I’m begging for it please tell me where you’re going because it
Feels like I’m losing your touch.

You’re my light, yeah.
Otherwise, it’s all the same.
It’s just all the same.
All the same.

Happiness, deranged me.
Happiness with you, all I can think about, it’s true
I’m so ashamed, but it
Feels like I’m losing too much

Happiness, leave me.
Happiness with you, questions left unanswered, no clues
I’m to blame but lately it
Feels like you’re losing enough.

Why did it go to waste.
It’s all gone to waste.
A fire no longer tamed.
No longer the same.

Happiness, a stranger.
Happiness abandoned, the ship a wreck, seasick, no longer standing
And I
Have given in too far

Happiness, belated.
Happiness, I’m stranded, gashed the wound and taped over with a bandage
And yet
You’re too far out at sea for me.
Money money money money money ******* money. You think you’ll find happiness there. Happiness doesn’t buy you things, doesn’t take you out to dinner. Happiness doesn’t sit prettily on your finger or hang from your earlobes or rest around your neck. Happiness doesn’t have an engine and four wheels that takes you wherever you want to go. Happiness doesn’t add an extra comma or two to your bank account. Happiness doesn’t buy things to make you look beautiful or feel special.
               Happiness holds your hand when you feel down. Happiness cooks for you when you can’t be bothered. Happiness tells you jokes and laughs at yours and when you make eye-contact, happiness keeps it and smiles back. Happiness tells you you’ll pull through. Happiness walks hand-in-hand into the darkness with you without any apprehension.
               Happiness is a seed. You plant it and water it, watch as its roots take hold and the sapling breaks the surface. You nurture the fledgling stem as it grows over time into a huge and beautiful tree. It shelters you from the sun during summer and offers refuge from the snow in winter. It protects you from all the bad things. It gives and gives and gives unconditionally, asking nothing in return. It does not wander off to better climes. You will always find it exactly where you left it. It is your companion in an otherwise barren landscape.
               But I am a dead tree, useless and ugly. I haven’t produced leaves in years. I offer no shelter, just shadows of possibilities on the ground. I harbour no birds. No deer eat my bark. I will fall and all around no ears shall hear. I am not your happiness nor anyone else’s. Just a mess of sticks, not even any use for firewood.
B Jul 2013
happiness is fleeting
cold like the sleet
it gets
when it wets
and success
comes in a disguise
wearing a dress
of happiness
what it means
to be
not to be brought
or bought
or taken
with a restless mind
it's an image of time
in which relaxation
without the need
of a glass of wine
or a drop of this
hit of that
the happiness to be had
do you think
you deserve all of that
to feel good again
to do something
that makes you feel guilt
something you feel
to be a rude awakening
that keeps you waking
in your sleep
your dream
you thought you had
could come true
begin to penetrate
what you had in place
what you wanted
thought you needed
a happy place
you built in your mind
gets crushed
by reality
now you're blind
to what happiness is
but you continue to live
and redefine
shape it
make it
and see
what you can find
is it happiness?
and gladness
and manics
angry outbursts
not being able
to relax
has its way
into your life
how do you make
the number one
most felt
that you normally
how do you make that real
that happiness
how do you not conceal
your happiness
without letting
the people around you
clown you
down you
try to put you in a place
where they are
which isn't at
the same spot
you're trying to be
the happiness
as it fleets
and you grasp
at your bed sheets
slips away
through your fingers
give it time and let linger
feel breathe
get happiness
and when you see someone who needs it
and you still have some that lasts
go from within
and give it right back
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2017
We should never envy the happiness of others just as we would not want them to view us in
the same vein. How is happiness quantified? Who knows the extent of other people's happiness? How do we know whether they are really happy? Are we conjecturing?

Leave others alone. It's totally futile to make any comparison between our state of happiness with that of others.

Let us learn to be content with our happiness however tiny that is. Aren't we lucky not to be living in pain or sorrow?  To wish to have our happiness augmented is indicative of our discontent. A true malaise that would be.

No one can be totally happy neither can we have the same degree of happiness all the time. Our happiness has its ebb and flow and this duality we should always remember.

Happy people also have unhappy days just as unhappy people might have some happy days. Life viewed from this perspective is an alloy of happiness and sorrow.
With that in mind, we can assuredly say that happiness and unhappiness are not mutually exclusive.

If we can understand and accept that life is never perfect, that our happiness is only a contingency as all other aspects of our life are , we would have done away with that which unsettles us and would be a step closer to achieving contentment and tranquillity in our individual life.
Happiness is just temporary, Happiness never stays
They say happiness is choice, but it only chooses you on particular days
Happiness is a traitor, it will leave you high and dry
But happiness is all we crave for, without it, we only live to die

Happiness is not a cure, hopefully someone out there understands
That Happiness is a burden, like holding a beating heart in your hands
Happiness is found all around you, if you look closely, you might see
But I’m lost in a world of illusions, seeing nightmares instead of dreams

Happiness has a limit, like a meaning behind a smile
Finding reasons to keep you happy, that’ll eventually get old after awhile
For Happiness doesn't last, neither does anything else
We live in a world of agony, pleasing people other than ourself
Hanna Baleine Jul 2014
Define Happiness.
      Here I go: I do not believe I know the definition of Happiness. Not because I’ve never truly experienced it before, but because I think of it as a word with a great amount of meaning, such as the word “love”, but is overused and thrown around by mindless children. A boy once told me that he “loves” me. I explained to him that he is sixteen and does not know what love is and neither do I, so please don’t say that you love me. But because I am sure you will not accept an “I don’t know” as a response, I will try my best to define Happiness.
      My kind of Happiness comes in three different levels. First, the top level, the most superficial one of all, is the in between. I am a strange person and one of my strange qualities is that I am the happiest when I am in need of something. Let me explain: I hate being at home. I want to leave the overbearing side of my mother and my desolate home drenched in memories of my ****** past. In November of last year, I needed to clear my mind and visited my brother in Montreal. However, once I arrived in the pale city, I wanted to fly back home immediately. See the problem? I have since then realized that I am happiest when I am in between two worlds: travelling from a city that I hate but grew up in, to a city that I love but am lost in. Another example: there is a boy that I like; and when he leaves my side, I can’t help imagining the moment when he finally grips my hand firmly again. But once that moment comes, I want it to end. Immediately. I want to be on my own. Once again, I am happiest when I am left alone to imagine a scene of being with someone or something that I so dreadfully need but am disappointed when that opportunity comes.
      Second, the next and more profound level of my Happiness is comfort. Happiness here is all about talking about your secrets with people whom you do not truly know yet but share the same history with. You have just met these people and already you speak to them about the spots on your body where you like to cut the most and the amount of weight you lost in a month and the foods you so shamefully enjoy bingeing on and in what ways you’ve thought about killing yourself and the things you were so close to doing such as taking a hammer to your scale because you were fed up with it always admitting that you’re fat fat fat fat fat!!!! However, on this second level, Happiness is also proclaiming that you want Wendy’s because that is what your body is unfortunately craving, and then finishing a chicken sandwich and small fries and diet coke with no ice while sitting in a car, understanding that you will not be able to burn off the hundreds of calories you have just taken in because you are stuck on a five hour drive to visit your dear sister. On this second level, Happiness is putting ******* between your thighs and feeling them touch, pinching your double chin, and rubbing your bloated belly for four seconds then shrugging off your imperfections and driving to school without even thinking about them anymore.
      Finally, the third and most heartfelt level of my Happiness is associated with security. Happiness here is walking through a graveyard and knowing for a fact that you will die soon too so please don’t think you’re stuck like this forever. On this level, my Happiness is the thought shoved in the back of my mind reminding me that there is a blade hidden in a pretty shoe box in the corner of my closet, always accessible and always prepared to cure the pain I can’t seem to rip out from under my flesh. On this level, my Happiness is looking down at my thighs and caressing the scars that I try so hard to hide yet am so attached to because they keep me safe in times of desperation, reminding me that I bleed and feel pain (thank God). On this level, my Happiness is my mortality.
Pixievic Mar 2016
Happiness is in the smile
That lights up your face
Happiness is watching you play
Happiness is your whispered
I love you mum
Happiness is lazy Sunday's
Happiness is you
Happiness is us
Happiness is a red double decker bus
Happiness is hugs
Happiness is free
But mostly
Is bacon sandwiches
(cut into triangles!)
Today is International Day of Happiness! I asked my son what made him happy - & then did what makes me happy & wrote this based on his answers ........!!
z Feb 2018
the truth about happiness
is that is never lasts
not really

happiness is fleeting
like a balloon
after you’ve filled it up to fly
tied it and all
but the tie was loose
and so
it would fall

the oxygen escapes the balloon
like happiness escapes us
little by little
we become the least bit unhappier

when i fell in love with him
it was as if i received a balloon for a very first time
how happy he made me
gave me a high like no other
but again
the tie was loose
our happiness wouldn’t last forever

soon there was a day
where the euphoria wore off
the balloon left for the skies
and he followed
so i was left
to drown
in my own sadness
in the ocean
of my doubt

happiness is fleeting
taken for granted
it feels like a once-in-a-lifetime thing
and you just missed it

but life waits for no one
so i kept walking
and there, i found you

and my dear,
i would find out
that you made the world a little less bleak
gave me a little hope
made me a little happy
when i did not think i could feel happiness again.

there were still days
where i fell back into the darkness
and my happiness dissapeared
but you stayed
and each time
you taught me a new form
of “happy”

and you told me
that to be really
more than loving you
i needed to love me

for if one day
you could not walk the same path as i
then my smile would not wither
like the flowers you gave me
or die out
like the love i gave in return
— and they did

so the truth about happiness
i was right the first time
it doesn’t last
not really
not with someone else

the only way to achieve “eternal happiness”
is to find that happiness
within yourself
— love yourself,
for you’re all you’ve got
Claire Elizabeth Mar 2015
Dear J,
   Happiness is a relative thing, or so I've learned. There are different versions of it. Your happiness probably differs from mine, which is most likely the reason we don't talk anymore. Your happiness didn't mesh with my own, causing some friction that lit a fire, at first starting love but then flaming into contradiction. That's okay. Happiness being a relative thing keeps us all from enjoying too much of one thing.
   You see, as humans we always expect that the people we love most share same interests and ideas and joys. However, this is wholly untrue. The most compatible couples have completely different opinions on what makes life better than others. This ensures that we have a wide variety of happinesses to choose from. If we were stuck with one our whole lives that happiness would eventually become nothing more than regularity. And that's another reason we became nothing more than acquaintances.
   Our happiness became so norm that we abandoned it in hopes that a new joy would come along, taming the fire of contradiction. When nothing was directed our way we instead became bored. And that's also okay because a little boredom reawakens our old happinesses.
   So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I hope you found your happiness. Whether that be the way the sun falls on her laughing mouth or the music you write or the poems you read, I really hope that they make you see what life can be about with this happiness in it. I loved you so much you became my happiness, and then you outgrew the position. Become someone else's happiness now.
              Love, Claire
I was listening to Appalachian Spring and had this idea of happiness from a previous conversation I just had about the very fact of optimism and such. They were being such a pessimistic *** I decided that I needed to redefine happiness for the sake of my own. And because the realization hit me a few days ago and I never wrote it down.
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Happiness lies on both health and wealth
Because without health
no use of wealth
and without wealth
no use of dreams
Happiness lies in dreams
Happiness lies in caring and sharing
Happiness lies in positivity
Happiness never means to hurt others in any way
Happiness never means to destroy someone
It's never can give you happiness
Happiness lies in never ending journey
not in a fixed destination
Happiness lies in us
Just we have to find it with love
Happiness is something beautiful
which ones can be adore
but when a person started hating someone instead of loving others and ownselves
they started lossing their happiness forever
that's why it's said forget, forgave and move on
That's only give you extreme happiness
LucidLucy Jan 2018
Happiness is rest on a rainy day.
Happiness is shade on a sunny day at the beach.
Happiness is going home early and there's no traffic.
Happiness is catching up on missed movies.
Happiness is different shades of light.
Happiness is wine and beer at night.
Happiness is a warm hand to hold.
Happiness is having someone by your side to grow old.
Happiness is being happy alone.
Happiness is growing on your own.
dont depend on people for happiness.
Haruharu Oct 2018
I've searched so long, for that phenomenon called Happiness.

So busy looking I didn't realize it was right under my nose.

Happiness is buying a stuffed dinosaur for your best friend's newborn.

It is getting to smell the scent of your favourite lip balm you thought you'd lost.

Happiness is knowing that you'll soon get a tight hug from the person you love.

Happiness is knowing that tonight you get to cuddle in your pajama after a hard workout.

Happiness is getting a text that makes you laugh so hard you cry.

Even burning your dinner so you have to start again.
Because you know you have more, that is happiness.

Happiness is singing and dancing along to corny songs thinking about the person who makes your heart flutter.

It's all about the little things, the things that make you tick.

That is the definition of happiness.

It took me so long to open my eyes, to see real happiness.

I'm glad I finally did.
RAJ NANDY Oct 2017
Everyone seeks happiness, and some acquire the same.
I am no exception, in this hide and seek game!
Some say happiness is got to be in ones fate and destiny.
I wonder if that’s the truth, or is it just to console me!

Radha found her happiness when she found her Krishna
after a wait;
Perhaps I too shall find happiness, if I am destined by fate.
Happiness is like the fragile butterfly if you keep chasing
it with a net,
It shall elude and escape you, when you begin to blame
your fate.
Perhaps one should in calmness sit and meditate, for this
butterfly of happiness to alight, making it worth the wait.

But our materialistic World says happiness lies in money
and wealth.
But none mention that for a septuagenarian, 'Health is true
I have begun to realise this at my ripe age of seventy three, -
When Good Health has become synonymous with
Happiness for me!
                                                 -Raj Nandy, New Delhi.
This verse is based on the random thoughts of a Senior Citizen of Delhi.
ChinHooi Ng Mar 2019
What is happiness
some say it's a bowl of rice
to allay hunger
some say it's a glass of water
to quench thirst
what is happiness
some say it's a piece of clothing
to cover
our bodies
some say it's a pair of shoes
so that we walk without hurting
our feet
what is happiness
some say it's when you
help others
and you hear
a thank you
and your heart
is touched
some say happiness is family love
that can melt the coldest ice in the world
some say happiness is having a good job
doing the things you like to do
some say happiness is a warm home
with that someone who cares
who makes it feel summery
when you're in winter dreaming
some say happiness is having some close friends
with whom your joy and worry can be shared
what is happiness
some say happiness is being wealthy
enjoying a luxurious life
some say it means having a healthy body
having your true love
what is happiness
everyone has their own answer
happiness is probably
the companionship
of peace.
Lunar Mar 2014
I just want you
to be happy
but sometimes
and selfishly
I want to be
your happiness

'happiness is a choice'
you say
and you didn't choose me

I clung onto the idea
since you made me happy
it would be the same for you

What is happiness now?
where has it gone to?
In time, society has robbed us
the real meaning of happiness

Go on your own way
and pursue your happiness
for your smile, is my smile
your laugh, is my laugh

and I'll be happy
when you find your happiness
because I love you
always have, always will

— The End —