Dark clouds roll over, rain fall's down. Lighting strikes perfectly and hits the ground, clouds clear up rain settles down.sun comes out and wipes away the frowns.
The clouds will clear up eventually XD.
Poetria Jul 2015
Up above me;
A cloudless sky
In my hand,
Clouded liquor
In my mind
A clouded mess
That's becoming clearer
With each sip I take...

**Who knew clouds could diminish clouds?
Clouds upon clouds upon clouds...
clouds are weird
usually we can feel certain things
not see them

with clouds
it is different
we can see them
not feel them
From my 10 day trip to Texas and Mexico back in May 2014.
Graff1980 Sep 2015
Today’s cloud is a rainbow
Dark blue
Light blue
With white

Some clouds are Pentecostal fury
Orange cotton burning
With daylight’s rage
Swirling and smoking
Working themselves
Up into a storm of retribution

The clouds descend
Bluish grey beasts
The skies
All things in sight
Leaving nothing
But a lone tree
To stand against
The rain and sleet
rey Jan 2015
I hope you find comfort in the clouds,
The one you don't find in me.
Jaimi M Oct 2014
Have you ever
stopped to listen
to the things
the clouds
are saying
as the rain
pours down
on this earth?
Maybe they had
a bad day,
and only need
a listening
Peeka Jul 2014
Clouds know true desire.
Gracefully lifting childhood hearts.
Pat adults on the back who miss days of old,
Fishing for simple strings to hold on to.
Don't fool a heavy heart,
Can't love somebody one day
Then the next, never could.
Clouds understand what motives are.
Do we act the same- no,
Will we admit it- no.
The sky winks though, as fire and nature collide.
Don't mind showing mankind that nothing stays the same.
Things change.
Madhumita Apr 2014
storm clouds blown in
by the turbulent winds
haven’t enough rain to wash off
your pain.
NaPoWriMo Day 11
Poetry form: Cinquain (traditional)
Ashley Somebody May 2014
Reach for the blue sky;
Even when you think it's clear,
You'll run into couds.
ic Mar 2014
there are
no clouds
in the blue sky,
yet it's still flawed.

there is
make up on
your beautiful face,
yet you're still *flawed.
Caitlin Jun 2014
The clouds always seem to want to float higher
As if the higher they go,
the closer they get to heaven.

Maybe that's true,
I wouldn't know,
I'm not a cloud

But if I were,
I'd want to go higher too..
I was at the beach the other day.. and the clouds inspired me to write this… enjoy.
raine cooper Mar 2016
the sun doesn't shine in your world, and i wonder why. perhaps it's because you choose to write all your poems in the clouds.
GGA Dec 2014
Crawling, slowly, firmly, effortless towards me.
Billowing from sea over hills,
the blue sky is envious of its charm.
What can it offer but a backdrop of blue?

Its ever morphing silhouette captures our gaze and fascinates.
Not to be revisited, once witnessed, suddenly changed.
Forever, only in memory it plays.

Lie back, enjoy it's visions,
for it is past, as quickly as it came.
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