CK Baker Nov 2017
mirrored fly-glass
and polished chrome
are tinted
in the blood orange dawn
running dogs of lummi
hush quiet
on this celestial
summer morn

clubman bars
and tan saddles
strapped to
the lowered hind
skull caps
and fitted chaps
for the open flow
and rich peripheral scenes

concessions at the peace arch
(from the blue-coated fuzz)
black balls
and maples
cake the bow hill
and chuckanut

choppers launch
at edison
(with their metal fleck
and tuft)
a half moon rises
on the concho
and interstellar cross

cinnamon gulls
and ravens
scour the netted docks
warlock driftwood
and row homes
spot the winding
coastal roads

rumbling sounds
at the packer slew
the redolence
of briny bay
on the overlook
at fairhaven
Spent a couple days in late September on a motorcycle trip with my brother...weaving through the small towns and villages of the Pacific Northwest.  Magnificent!
Eva Aloezos Jul 24
As I drove
the rainy, foggy atmosphere wisped me into a long forgotten dream
one in each, for a  momentary while nothing was as it should seem

So I continued down the path less chosen,
where my soul had risen
out of a confining mental prison

it all appeared like a scene from Where the Wild Things Are
I felt as if I could grasp it, yet it was simply too far
longed to make it my home

However, as Pope's Head Road grew windy and dark,
a sense of fear inside me sparked
as the caution tape swirled from an abandoned fence of wood, from a broken down shack
I decided I shouldn't look back
nor keep track
of this seemingly enticing journey

As I passed the final sighting,
chopped up wood in a mushroom's disguise
I scolded myself, as I realized I find much brilliance in stormy skies

I was told I had potential
That I could do great things
But nothing has transpired
Into the glory that it brings
And so the bar gets lowered
As far as it can go
Until, it can get no lower
Or I’ve met my status quo
Perspective is welcomed greatly
Opinions come and go

Focus is illusive
As well the ebb and flow
Focus is illusive
As well the ebb and flow

I've been stagnant without direction
As the years pass and I grow old
The consensus is its never too late
Or at least that's what I've been told
It's far, so far beyond my vision
Down that long and winding road
I once thought I held it in my grasp
But it slipped right through the fold

Focus is illusive
As well the ebb and flow
Focus is illusive
As well the ebb and flow

Greatness isn't given
Or earned through years alone
It's what we say and how we say it
It's with our words and tone
It's possible you've reached your peak
Up the mountain through the snow
It's still no cause to lower the curtain  
After each and every show

Focus is illusive
As well the ebb and flow
Nothing is more conducive
Than letting shine your inner glow

If there's a chance then you should take it
Show us all how much you've grown
From the prince who lost his kingdom
To a crowned king on his throne
Not everyone can make it
The choice is yours and yours alone
Just don't become complacent
When the world is yours to own

Focus is illusive
As well the ebb and flow
Nothing changes without change
When you still have room to grow
This started as a writing prompt many months ago. Directly due to positive feedback, it was made into this poem and ultimately, into a song.
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
Let's speed down the highway
85 under the street lights
Watching the towns grow small behind us
The music murmuring in the background
The cars fading
Shadows dancing across your face
And no matter what's ahead of us
I can't stop looking sideways
As we drive into the night
Making memories in the moonlight
Holding hands under the bridge
Exchanging kisses at the stop lights
Staring at you while you drive
Cause you can't stare back
with both eyes on the road
Laying my head against your arm
Wishing this damn console wasn't here
Wishing the night would last forever
So I could ride along with you
Medusa 3d
all our little itches come out to play
I eat them aflame as if I were next

I know I am to be
next comestible girl thing

something, irritant beneath your back teeth

and you sit on your sofa and wonder
you fall down my stairs and look up

we sleep by the river and listen
to the frogs and the praying mantis
as they glisten

all that matters
as they walk a certain way

all that wonders
why you and I just

seemed to fade a——way

as I couldn't chew weeds
like the rest of them
as if a dog choke chain we rot
circus familiar to me,

smile like you feel it, baby,
grin as if you are inside those
photo graphs

see clouds of pink paint
descended of you
clouds love me so
love me more than you

I am what I am
a fog of knowing

knowing how you will love me
in your very veins is restful
eases me to sleep a rolling
train way dream each night

midnight wakes me
your name on my lips

I am a dark slick highway woman
moaning like a new birthed bird

I am never going to be yours

but you could borrow me
take all that  I am

I will be here sighing,
waiting for the true blue

thrust of you

everything we could have been
never leaves us, that’s a myth
we see now, and it has no service

I choose for us a perfect ending
this is my living song
I just forgot
how to sing

really, I thought for once
we nestled in your
Written in a few minutes.  It had to get out.
soul Jul 30
Searching for the mind to react
To find how to act
Blank mind like a empty road
Searching for the one left untouched
Even not a bird crossed it
Leaves like heart left uncrumbled
Breeze makes them walk
Slowly and slowly reach the soil
Where they become one
I dont really know why i wrote this but my hands were working on its own
as this poem describes the medd inside me right now
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