Alexis Apr 2014

I want someone
Who can read my eyes
And communicate with them
So that we can share jokes
From across the room
Or alert each other
During emergencies.

I want someone
Who can differentiate my smiles.
Real ones, fake ones
So that even when everyone else
Is fooled,
You won't be.

I need someone
Who can understand
That I'm a complicated,
Contradictory person.
That I may blow hot and cold
But in the end
I'll still love you.

Jamie Jul 2013

There is something I'm missing
Not yet to understand
What am I thinking
Doing these things

I am loose at the seems
Pretending I am fine
Maybe it will help if I can
Cover up these blues

Sam Smith - Lonely Hour
Praline Poet Jan 2015

I want to take a stand
extend my human hand
and to be tall
but most of all
I want to understand

Kim Denise Jul 2014

I feel as if I'm
made to understand but not
to be understood.

Silver Lining Apr 2014

Because starving doesn't hurt as bad
As looking in the mirror.

Because dragging a thin piece of metal
Across my skin, gives the pain a place to live.

Because when it's dark and I'm alone
There's no more voices to say "No."

Because I know it'll be hard for you
To understand- thats why I'll give you a hand.

Because I know how badly you want
To know me. But help me understand this-

Are you ready?

It's getting harder to fight. He wants to get to know me.. But who would want to know *this*?
Destiny Jun 2014

I'm always trying to put my
thoughts into words  
& constantly trying to  
make those words
fathomable to the  
correct common brain

infinite mind May 2014

your mind is like the ocean
a constant wave of emotion
for a second it was a storm of hate crashing out
now it is a calm tide of love surfacing about

beneath the tides lie countless wrecks
like memories resting inside my head
I thought I'd forgotten
placed them deep below
but they surface from time to time
trying to stay afloat  

my mind has a never ending complexity
I own it - yet struggle to control it
it is drowning in emotion
it is struggling to keep afloat

but for now I will bathe in the undisputed unknown

Just Me Dec 2013

How do I make you understand
     Understand what you mean to me
          How your words cut me
How do I make you understand
      Understand that I don't know what I would do without you
           Even though your words cut me
How do I make you understand
      Understand that I love you
            Even though I know you don't love me

Bridget Allyson Apr 2015

I want to get inside your head...
See the world through your eyes...
Touch the ground with your feet...
I want to hear what you hear...
Feel your heart beat.
Only then can I understand.
Understand me...
Understand you.
Forgive yourself for your sins...
You are only mortal filled with blood and bone.
Forgive yourself for being so fragile.
I forgive you.
Forgive me...
For not understanding
your world.

There will probably be a part 2 to this poem. I was inspired to write it after seeing the movie "Far Away, So Close." It's a German movie about an angel who tries a shot at being human, but he finds that humans can be terrible... yet being an angel he will never stop loving them.
Jaimi M Jan 2015

You say
you want
someone to
To get you
on a deeper
and really
with you...
Then why do
you push

Bridget Allyson Apr 2015

I want to get inside your head...
See the world through your eyes...
Touch the ground with your feet...
Only then can I understand.
Forgive yourself…
For your sins.
Forgive yourself…
For being fragile.
You are only mortal.
Forgive me…
For not answering your burning question.
Forgive me…
For I cannot answer.
I know so little…
I’m trying to understand.

So this is part two to "Understanding."
This poem was inspired by the poem "We are the messengers"
Phoebe Hynes Mar 2015

Understand me.
Understand me.
Understand me.
I’m standing in front of you.
Understand me.

I stood before you,
And you never understood.

JP Jun 2015

Don't find someone who understands.
Find someone who don't, but still stays.

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