Jon T Wagner Aug 2014
I'd give up my left arm to always be right beside her. My right arm for her to know she's what I have left and both arms to be able to hug her when's she away. I just don't think I have enough to give to get the courage to tell her when she's here.
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
Why? Simply that,
Somedays, It's just so

Than being

I'll be honest with my feelings. Just, I'll be flirty about it, so maybe it won't hurt so much when you say no. I'll just laugh it off and continue being your favourite flirt
Victor Marques May 2014
Close to nature, close to God.
The rainbow up the sky,
saying hello, saying goodbye!
Rivers with solitude,
Children asking for food.
Close to nature, to you my friend,
Loving everything in the end!
Gratitude with smile on your face.
Nature full of grace.

Days of rain and sun,
Close to nature again, and again...
God the universe embraces,
All countries, all races.
Close with infinite care,
Fog is on the air,
The birds sing in melody,
Flowers, honey and the bee.
Victor Marques
Kimi Sanchez Apr 2015
At one point I'm gonna miss talking to you.
It's inevitable.

One day I'd miss running to you for my problems
and you telling me
that everything's gonna be fine.
Someday I'd know that when I lost you,
I lost.

And I'm sorry if I will.
I'm sorry if I come running back.
I'm sorry for running away.
John B Dec 2011
anise flavored love song

black as night unseen

fog fills tinting windows

bite me like I'm soylent green
blythe Oct 2014
That is how my heart behaves
When I am so close to you.
Katie Anne Aug 2014
is never
close enough
for me.

I want you
on every inch of my skin
no part of me
that exists
without you

I want your arms
around me
as tight as possible

I don't care
if i can't breathe
Turtle Eyes Aug 2014
When I close my eyes, I see your beautiful face
It makes me so happy

When I close my eyes, I see your amazing smile
It warms my heart

When I close my eyes, I see your intoxicating eyes
It takes my breath away

When I close my eyes, I see your backward glance
It makes me smile

When I close my eyes, I can see you shimmy
It makes me laugh

When I close my eyes, I can see us together
It fills my heart with joy

When I close my eyes, I see my future
It is full of you

When I close my eyes, I see you walking down the aisle
It is my dream 20
BrookGina Nov 2014
I'll never know closeness*

I was neglected at an early age
years later, I'm in the abandonment stage

I have avoidant personality
crazy thoughts that nobody loves me

I'll never know closeness
so when you try to cuddle...

please know this.
T'yana Thomas Aug 2014
Early every morning
I see a person I once knew
Tears run across my face
The thought of having you

I wish we were where we use to be
The feelings were mutual - I could tell by the way the way I'd look at you.

We are so close in person but we have we been in our minds cause I feel we've been distant
WistfulHope Oct 2014
I want to stand behind you and
     press myself up against you.
I want to gently nip at your ear.
I want to wrap my arms around you,
     and trace my fingers over the arch of your eyebrows
     and down your cheek.
I want to outline your lips with my finger tips
     and to bring them down your neck, slowly.
I want to trace your clavicle and run my hands over your torso,
     producing all kinds of friction.
I want my hands to find your hips
     and work my fingers under the waistband of your jeans.
I want to keep you close to me,
     keep myself pressed up against you.
I want to kiss, lick, and bite
     at your neck and shoulder.
I want to make you moan.
I want to have a moment like that,
     and I want to make it last.
I wrote this during an ecology lecture this morning...
I think I'm a little too turned on by the thought of him.
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