Peeka Jul 2014
Clouds know true desire.
Gracefully lifting childhood hearts.
Pat adults on the back who miss days of old,
Fishing for simple strings to hold on to.
Don't fool a heavy heart,
Can't love somebody one day
Then the next, never could.
Clouds understand what motives are.
Do we act the same- no,
Will we admit it- no.
The sky winks though, as fire and nature collide.
Don't mind showing mankind that nothing stays the same.
Things change.
Lunar Feb 2014
two fragile hearts made up of glass
everyone could see right through them both
only they themselves couldn't see the reality

both fell for each other
and whatever falls
will end up breaking

now those two once-glass hearts
shattered into a million emotional pieces

now those two once-glass hearts
will never find their missing parts

now those two once-glass hearts
have turned into nothing
but back into crushed sand
Nigel Finn Nov 2015
Words are harmless, so they say,
That's where the problem starts;
Sticks and stones
May break our bones
But words will break our hearts.

Words are harmless, so they say,
And point you to their charts;
It's harmless fun,
No damage done.
But... Who will mend our hearts?

The x-rays show no damage
Where words have scathed across,
But it still feels hard to manage,
And leaves you at a loss.

Words are harmless, don't complain,
That's where the problem starts.
It's quite absurd-
A single word-
Enough to break our hearts!

But words are harmless, they maintain;
The subject of their parts,
No less or more,
So let them pour
From all our broken hearts
“Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will break our hearts” is a quote I have stolen directly from Robert Fulghum.
In my defence, he'd already stolen half of that quote himself.
Leal Knowone Apr 2015
cheating hearts fear they will lose all they have, they have become numb and grateful for it
Elise Nov 2013
The birds fly free over the oceans surface,
circling the waters edge.
          You are the ocean and I am the bird,
          I may take the plunge, but you have
          to be willing to supply a fish.

Without you I would starve.
Sheldon D'souza Mar 2015
Broken hearts are stronger than those intact, for the broken cannot be broken further is a fact.
ATC Apr 2015
Oh how we pine and pine and pine over people who act as lumberjacks towards us.
Amitav Radiance Apr 2015
Finer moments
Chiseled and crafted
with hands that care
Hearts rhythm of love
Finer moments
will remain etched forever
Testimony of dreams
that came alive with love
Finer moments
are to be cherished
Chansee Williams Apr 2015
They Say Our Heart Is The Color Red

Everything to do with love is red

Well if so, i wish i can drown in my period blood for love.

Because thats red ..
Kate Lion Jan 2015
i cry during Bambi
you cried in your car after your high school girlfriend tried to come on to you

you and i--
we wouldn't, but--
or tomorrow
or the next day
we could give ourselves away

we could shoot white deer together in the mountains without a license
the blood from their heads would make cherry snow cones in the powder
and we would have fun savoring the flavor
watching something innocent die

but how would we feel the moment it was over?
Forgotten Heart May 2015
i never imagined
that i could
get a chance
to hear
your hearts beat,
you have mine
with you
but finally
i'm so happy
that i got to hear
the sound
how our hearts
together beats....!
our hearts will always be together
though we will never be......!!!
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