Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
Once, the summer sun will rise in London
Like halve of the Ge meets the other halve.
Like a magic by the Lamp of Aladdin
The love flame hidden in the chest lits out!

Like a blooming rose in a glowing beam of light,
Like a smiling face speaks a gentle word,
Like a beautiful sunrise colour in the first light!

The summer in London will pop and sizzle
We will see a threshold in our land.
The rose for a while is tucked away
Off the winter and is given to the sun
Winter is not forever spring is on the corner
Come back in the sun with the early bird
Before Cinderella takes on the primrose path.

Keeping an eye on a thriller is in the winter’s field
Oozy ozone misty land gets a gingerly seasoning
What on earth will it strike, will it dish out?
Ah the sun will pop out like a river breeze.
This is a poem from my book Zero and One available on Amazon.
I remember the long nights that I'd think about her and I'd write,
With her sleeping right there by my side,
I remember how within my mind
I was so confident that this woman would be my wife,
Though, with her departure, I can't even lie,
I began to regress as all I did was cry and cry,
With my heart that felt like it was punctured by a sharpened knife,
I held out hope through the lonely nights,
Hoping that this wasn't really our final good-bye,
Until that is she told me the words "I'm pregnant by another guy"
As those words are the reason why I no longer have a purpose in life,
With those words being the reason why I'm outside of her window and outside with a knife,
With the intent not to make her cry nor to take her life,
No!–as my only intent with this knife
Is to slice and take my heart outside of where it usually resides,
And to place it in front of her where I'll die in her arms on this Valentine's Day night
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
Looking back on everything
Like a distant movie scene
Sitting cross-legged on the windowpane
Last December
There's a fire in the fireplace
The light dancing on your face
As sweet Miles Davis plays
I remember

How have you been?
Since we last began
All those things I couldn't stand
Seem like nothing
I waited in the hospital room
I hope you're better. Then I am too
There's nothing I wouldn't do
In the beginning

Is the summer sun too much?
Is your skin too hot to touch?
Is any of this enough,
For another?
I can look into your eyes
Like I did so many times
But now I see a friend of mine
Not a lover

Sometimes things just fall apart
They can fall back together
Nothing is ever now or never
Or forever
No matter where you are
Or where you'll ever be
If it's without or next to me
I remember
MalakF Jul 21
The words I write down can never ever be wiped away. At the day of the dawn I’ll most probably be gone but these words are here to live on. These words are a snapshot of how I felt and whom I was. Soon I’ll be erased away but my words are here to stay.
Shofi Ahmed Apr 2017
Not even the heaven did
encompass Adam forever
nor can do the earth.
But with a woman, with Eve
He is got his perfect match.
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