Sarah Spang Sep 2015

Bring to me infinity
From where it dwells in lore
Or return with empty, wounded hands
And speak of it no more.
For if we are eternity
As one, when brought together
Why then do our faulty lips
Find pause upon "forever?"

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Isha Kumar Oct 2014

I met her once
a little, blind girl
who had let me
inside her wonderful world.

Yes, she couldn't see,
the girl with eyes bright.
Yet, she loved her world
like she never lost her sight.

She heard the music
of the breeze that blew.
The love for her world,
it only grew.

She acquainted me with
that music she heard,
from the buzz of the bees
to the chirping of the birds.

Yes, she couldn't see
the wonders of life.
Yet, she smiled
without a sign of strife.

She had beautiful eyes
filled with wonder.
I stood speechless and thought
how could God make such a blunder?

She danced and sang
with a graceful twirl.
How she loved her life
the little, blind girl.

She smiled and laughed,
her face filled with joy.
With wonder in her eyes,
she was serene, yet coy.

She felt her world
beneath her tiny fingers
and on me left a mark
that would forever linger.

Yes, she couldn't see
the life that she felt.
Yet, she never showed
the sorrow that she dealt.

Her world was dark.
Yet,  she saw
the Earth's true form
pure and raw.

Yes, she let me in.
But I couldn't overstay.
So, I excused myself politely
and quietly walked away.

I had met her once
a little girl who couldn't see.
Yes, she was a child
but the happiest there could ever be

Probably one of my best works. I'm pretty proud of it. ^_^

Will you love me when I'm 80
When I walk and talk real slow?
Will you love my wrinkles
If I let them show?
Will you hold me every night
And kiss me in the morning light?
And when I see my last sunrise
Will you hold me when I die?

Nanna Harrow Jun 2014


Down the barren stone tower,
Through the craggy, coarse cliffs
Refining, polishing the necessary features
And streaming for the duration of my adventure,
One might wonder: Why?

Why! Oh what a question—
To purify what will soon be soiled in a moment’s time,
And yet, unremittingly,
Over, ad nauseam, again.

I cannot die.
No agony or desolation can destroy me.
Amaranthine, ceaseless, everlasting!
I hold steadfast, staunch, unrelenting.

I am a waterfall.
Nought can destroy me.
I am forever...

A Thomas Hawkins Sep 2010

Nothing lasts forever or so it seems

In time the sun will burn itself out and cease to bring life as we know it.
Even the very ground upon which we stand is slowly dying.

Why then do we expect so much of the fragile notion that is love?

Why do we hope beyond hope, beyond the wildest possibilities of hope that one day, maybe, just one day, that perfect person will stumble into our lives and want to stay. Forever.

Is it because we refuse to not believe in forever?

Or is it because we are only interested in our own forever? But that makes no sense, why not just say for the rest of our lives?

Because the rest of our lives isn't long enough.

Because the rest of our lives is a mere drop in the ocean of time that we wish to swim in with each other.

But forever is, well, forever.

Forever is beyond death, beyond time, beyond limits of any kind.

Because only in forever can we give enough of ourselves to do justice to what love really should be.

Because love really should last forever, even if nothing else does.

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A kiss...a hug
A life…a love
Time Spent
Friends left
Diamonds may be big.
Diamonds may be small
Diamonds can forget
The time the love
It all
Some things may last
Some things go by fast
Diamonds arent forever
So enjoy them while it lasts

Eudora Oct 2015

I know...
I am not one of the pages of your book
or the words in your poem
I will tirelessly watch over you from every nook.

I know I am your never
but you will forever be my always...

I know...
I am not the potrait you are painting
or the inspiration behind your masterpieces
in my heart , it is your name I am engraving.

I know I am your never
but you will forever be my always...

I know...
I am not the reason for your smiles
or the tickles of your laughter
for you, I would walk a thousand miles.

I know I am your never
but you will forever be my always...

I know...
I am not your shining star
or the light in your life
till forever is through, I'll admire you from afar.

I know I am your never
but you will forever be my always...

I know...
I am not the one your heart beats for
or the one you desire
my hearts says as long as it brings you happiness,
it wants nothing more.

I know I am your never
but you will forever be my always...

"Every feeling unreturned has its own rainbow."
Let your heart lead the way...
Curious Owl Jun 2015

We were perfect running schemes,
A joyful river, a flowing stream
But we never saw this sunset coming,
A surreal yet perfectly painful ending

Pedro Simon Mar 2015

You're like a peacock.
Not because you look like a bird.
But because you're mysteriously beautiful.
I could stare at you forever,
And it'll still be the best thing to do.

Paulina S Mar 2014

If you want something, you fight for it
If you want success, you fight for it
If you want that girl, you fight for her
You pour your heart with all your strength
With all your love, you fight for her
No matter what, you fight
With real, honest, pure, clean and harmless passion
You fight until your last breath
And you never, never give up
Fight for what's good

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