Jacob Traver Sep 2015
They -- fall
Slowing down sight
I draw closer and closer
Then --
Flutter to stay awake and realize I'm not ready for this
I'm not yet able to enter that dark place of meditation
-- But
I feel it coming more swiftly
My heavy eyes falling
With every
Last shutter
No -- yes
Victoria Garcia Apr 2015
You should be here with me
My heart is as empty as the side of the bed that you used to sleep on
And my life's crashing harder than the waves on the shore like when you first kissed me
And I'm falling harder and faster into loneliness than I was when I fell for you
And I know there's no stopping this
But you should be next to me
Kissing each freckle on my arm and tracing "I love you" into my palm because each letter deserved it's own recognition for it made up a larger picture
And you should be next to me
With my head leaning onto the very shoulder I spent entire nights crying into
You should be beside me
But I guess this was all besides the point
And now you're next in line for a new girl
I just wish you would give me a next chance
farahD Oct 2014
Beyond imagination,
Beyond reality,
Your love and blessings are immeasurable,
Yet I  forget;
In despair I return,
Make me strong and compassionate,
Better than I was,
Above all,
Closer to you than ever before.
BrookGina Nov 2014
I'll never know closeness*

I was neglected at an early age
years later, I'm in the abandonment stage

I have avoidant personality
crazy thoughts that nobody loves me

I'll never know closeness
so when you try to cuddle...

please know this.
AmberLynne Apr 2014
I snuggle up closer,
                      ever closer,
trying to close the centimeters 
between our bodies,
Breathing in your energy,
Let me sink into the essence of you.
Not sure if I should name this "Ever Closer" or "Centimeters?"
Atul May 2015
I am here
You are there
Yet we both are near
Come that one bit closer
Let all distances disappear

Just bear it with me
We will synchronize
Come respire with me
Let both our lips meet
Hips moving to the beat
The above poem was written as a comment for a poem by Kripi, read the poem by Kripi 'Come' @ http://hellopoetry.com/poem/1067362/come/ and enjoy.

My HP Poem #854
©Atul Kaushal
Love Mar 2015
How did Heaven drift do far away?
When did California become closer than a place intangible, within your heart?
What do you do when you accidentally followed the red brick road instead of the yellow?
Where do you...where do I, go from here?
Who is there to guide me when my phone accidentally deleted Gods contact?
Why is California closer than Heaven?
Wildflower Feb 2011
I can't take my eyes off you..
Let me hold on
a moment more,
and the one after that
Let me look at you
let me drink from your thoughts
listen to your muted voices
I can't take my mind off you..

Let me come a li'l

There is something 'bout shedding your emotions, one by one, before the one you love. Just like shedding your clothes, one by one. It could be as cathartic as sex could be sometimes. That feeling of being emotionally naked before him, sharing all the dirty secret. The intimacy of being one, with him. The feel of being Closer, than Closer could be..
Chris D Aechtner May 2012
The sky resembles the robin's eggshells
                                                      scattered across the ground,

a blue so seemingly infinite                     yet fragile,
cracks running between understanding and madness

       complementing each other

as divine truths in their own right
to conquer my mind,
to unhinge the doors,
making it unnecessary to pick rusted locks

      letting thoughts fly free,
                                       releasing love out into the horizon.

If frozen within caged snapshots of mildewed expectations,
      it will surely die,
                 but even so,
  I was willing to strangle it by holding on too tightly.

    Until I saw the sky and eggshells today

      Peppered clouds reflected on the water,
                                            paralleling speckles on the eggshells,
                                    remind me of the freckles on your face.

  We need to be wide-open-free,
                                                we need to fly,
         without focusing too hard on shells of yesterdays.

We need to unclench our fists,
unclench our tongues,
explore the vast blue peppered sky
                                                      on wings of letting go....

so that we can once again feel with purity,      
so that we can hold each other ever closer.

Gaby Comprés Apr 2015
come closer,
look inside,
and don’t be afraid
of what you might find.
travel down
the roads of your soul,
until you know by heart
every corner and place
of your being.
learn your fears so
you may know how
to fight them,
and gaze at your skies
and try to number
the millions of stars
in your heart,
and trace with your hands
every bit of who you are,
and know yourself
so you may not
forget yourself,
and your worth,
and the constellations
of grace and light
inside you.
do not forget yourself,
do not ignore the
melody of your heart,
do not doubt your
beauty, your worth,
and the bits of glory
and stardust sprinkled
on your skin.
come closer.
No one cared until I started holding a pencil
until I started writing
let's call them poems

Did writing make people actually care about me?
Or did it just make them curious enough to ask about me?

Do they like my writing?
Or do they like how I can describe things in ways they can't?

Has this pencil brought me closer to people?
Has it made them finally see me?

Questions start to occur
every time I hold this pencil of mine

questions question question
so many questions
and not enough answers

If you ask me to speak my feelings
I will not be able to utter a word
I will not be able to form a comprehensive sentence
Give me a pencil
and I will express... gladly
Whether through writing or drawing

I suppose I owe a lot to my pencil
You might see it as a wood that leaves mark on papers
but to me
It's a whole world,
a world that I'm eager to explore

Thank you pencil
Thank you for being there for me
when my tongue isn't
Thank you for speaking up for me
Thank you for being my voice
I am new at this, new to writing but I love it! I love the feeling it gives me. Hopefully I can become a good writer some day. These are my beginnings so bear with me y'all :)
ZinaLisha Sep 2014
I never feel closer to Jesus,

than when people mistreat me.
Baby won't you stay?
Just once don't leave
Stay a little longer
I want you here
With me
Baby put down your phone
I'm struggling to compete
With this social media wall
You hold between you
And me
Baby keep me warm tonight
I love you can't you see?
Despite the coldness of our hands
You and I
Are meant to be
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