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KitaRaizal Apr 2013
Those Soft Golden Eye's...
Your Gentle Tone...
The Way You Make My Skin Tingle...
With Every Touch...
I Love It All...
Please Please Don't Ever Let Go...
Soft Touchable Skin...
Your Smooth Lips...

My Ex..... an hes there for a reason....
I'll never be able to love again,
Well, at least not like the way I loved you,
As this night is a little before three, but well after two,
I lie wide awake in this bed unable to sleep beside a woman that I don't want to pursue,
With my mind wondering,
How do I leave her without leaving a bruise?
And wondering,
Will I ever be able to love another woman,
Like the way I loved you?
I was sixteen when my father died
so I started to follow Christ
Though I knew
that there would come a time
when my faith would be tested .
I was living this tragic  double life
by faking the funk
while trying to be alright
I guess you can say I never expected the unexpected.

I’m known as the fixer,
the healer,
Be motivating for those that need a motivator,
the hugger,
the seeker,
Believe in those that need a believer
But there’s one thing
One thing
I’ve always wanted .

When I was fourteen
you caught my eye
But later on down the road
you didn’t treat me right
so I had to stop ,
take a breather ,
& then realize
what I wanted in my life .

I can love hard
but I won’t be *******
I can be strong for others
but I won’t be used
by ****** needs of others
with their outbursts & attitudes
in their life
because that’s what they
like to use to substitute.

I was 17 when you first came out
So I thought I had a shot with you
But that idea burnt out
But before  I turned 18 you started acting flirtatious towards me .
I told you what I’m all about  
& how much your heart plays big part in mine some how .
I’m not like the rest of these folks that lack the action of being a committed boy friend
But I realized you heart was broken by your first  love
that came to an end.
& yet you still choose
to “mess” with him

I can be the healer,
the nurturer
Be inspiring to those that need an inspirer,
the decision maker,
the provider,
Be the guide to those that need a guider,
But there’s one thing,
one thing
that I’ve always wanted .

Now I am 18 soon to be 19
& all of this stuff is not so surprising
Because every year,
every day,
every moment,
Has someone or something
snatched away from me
as if I had owned it .
But I can’t seem to figure out why
All my life
it’s been filled with
We’ll see’s
& eventually’s
& I hope that  people
can relate &
Understand to what I’m saying .

But out off all of those
maybes & possibilities
I pray to *** that one day
he’ll bless
& grant me
the wish I’ve always wanted
treasured & needed .

My mind ,
& soul
has been blessed with capabilities & things I never knew
I once had & now told
But my heart is weakening
as I’m still thinking
because  the one thing I keep saying & needing ,
no one in my life
can do for me.

I WANT TO BE .... loved

But I know my time will come
I want to be able to say
That every **** day
I am
truly ,
& unconditionally
loved .

& then it found me ....

~ Jordan Munchenburg ~
ryn Sep 2014
Poetry moves from within our souls,
It's emotions pouring out
Covering us in rhymes and flow,
Like rain from the clouds

Infinite letters, words and phrases
In various permutations we play
Collaboration between heart and mind
Breathed into these pieces that we lay

Touching lives with our written form
Healing with words, what's poetically true
Freedom of expression, thoughts and ideals
Crying out in ink, until our sadness is through

Similar in thoughts but meander through individual routes
We all sing the same but to different rhythm and tunes
Inscribe our innermost but to varying worthy causes
We all draw inspiration but from the same loyal moon

A different form of art, yet art none the same
It's in the eye of the beholder, so they say
Poetry is life drawn in pen, it's not an erasable game
It truly breathes life, looking forward to each new day

**We proudly fly our diverse flags
United under one banner
We revel in words of poetry
In the hopes they'd last forever
Deeply honoured by the fact that the amazing "The Girl Who Loved You" would even consider a collaboration with me! Such an experience! Thank you TGWLY for this opportunity! Awestruck!
Pax Jul 1
What makes a poem
- a poem?
Does it express your
emotional life and
the selfish deeds
it contains
.... then you shamelessly
Share it...

Does it really matter
someone might
read it or not?
Someone might
understand you or
not, does that really

In the world
we live in
many hearts
have died
for they don't
know how our
pen works.
How it does
- what it does.

When a poem
does all the
it may seeks
the power of
fame and fortune
but does it really

I may not understand
fully what makes a poem
- a poem. But behind all
of it, I'm just here
trying to write a poem
whom my heart
spoke out loud
like he never could.
"How many have to die
so that you can feel loved.
by Florence + the Machine"

you know her music resonates my darkness.
her music really tugs some heartstrings I
tried to hide.
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