DC raw love Jan 2015

What would you do
If no one loved you

Would you cry
Would you sigh


Do you care
Do you swear

Do you look for love
Do you hide from love

Do you want it
Do you need it

Do you know what love means
Real love
Never ending love

are you a hopeless romantic
romantically wanting love

What are the feeling of no love

are they silent
are they loud

are they sharing thoughts
are they lonely thoughts

do you have thoughts of joy
do you have thoughts of nothing

do you smile
do you cringe

do you want it

It's actually not that hard to find


Dark Jewel May 2014

Alone the wolf roams,
Through the mountains.

She only wishes,
To have a pack of her own..

   And Feel

But I Don't

Fourth in my series of 'lies', click on #mylittlelies and #mytruths to read the rest.
Weeping willow Feb 2017

I carry you
in my heart
Dreams come alive
when I think of you
Drawing your face
in my mind
With a memory pencil
I sketch you alive
I hear laughter in your voice
Bringing tears to my eyes
Seeing you as though I could
touch your face
Inside the memory book
of grace
Mystical sounds of the past
now run through my mind
Memories lie inside my heart
where you come alive
Each flick of the page
that rolls through my mind
Brings emotions
The past gently skips me into life
Before the book closes
and your face eases back into the shadows
of night
Leaving me in the present
with vague memories of our life

By Weeping willow

Memories of loved ones,gone in a flash.So cherish each moment as you never know when death will call you aside;-\
Written for my Mother who passed away many years ago,but not forgotten.

i have loved,let us see if that’s all.
Bit into you as teeth,in the stone
of a musical fruit.  My lips pleasantly groan
on your taste.  Jumped the quick wall

of your smile into stupid gardens
if this were not enough(not really enough
pulled one before one the vague tough


              flowers, whom hardens
richly, darkness. On the whole
possibly have i loved….?you)
                                    sheath before sheath

stripped to the Odour.  (and here’s what WhoEver will know
Had you as bite teeth;
i stood with you as a foal

stands but as the trees,lay,which grow

Ruth Cardenas Feb 2016

I want to be loved for my thorns
For even the sharpest of them all
And no matter how ugly they may seem
I want to be loved while my shriveled leaves fall

I want someone to see past my weeds
To leave them beneath my feet
Because no flower or plant is perfect
I just want to be loved for being me

And even when things might seem ugly
For having rips and tears in my leaves
I want to be loved unconditionally
I want to be loved for being me

Cassidy Shoop Apr 2014

The only thing
that breaks my heart more
than realizing you don't love me
is the look on your face
when you confess to me
how much you used to.

LoveIsReal Sep 2014


Yes I loved you, yes I left you, Yes i broke up with you,
But I didn't stop caring.
I will never stop caring.
I'm sorry I hurt you, I'm sorry I broke you,
But i had to find myself to be able to be happy.
I wish you could understand, but you never did,
You never gave me a chance to explain myself,
but we did try and talk after the brake up.
I never showed up because,
I was scared I would fall back in love with you,
Without having found myself.
I still wanted to be your friend,
But i guess I broke you to many times to have that friendship.
We were friends before we were a couple,
We shared the same friends, we were happy,
But my world was falling apart way before we were together,
It was a matter of time until I broke and had to leave you behind.
I was scared for you, and of you.
But if I once loved you, then know, I will always love you.
I'm sorry for braking you and hurting you so much that we are no longer friends.

The field is littered with dead sunflowers
Their petals strewn across the grass
A petal for everyone that loved me
And a petal for everyone that didn’t

In between the yellow and the green
The love and the not love
There is me, wondering
If knowing was worth killing all those flowers for

The concept is that people can send me three words and I try to write a poem with them
Anonymous Apr 2015

You tell me you regret her, that you wished I was your first,
I look at you with distain because you know the mistakes I've made,
I wonder,
Will you say to the next one,
"I wish you were my first."
It seems to me quite strange because you once loved her like you did I,
But Ill tell you this,
I will not regret you, I will not tell them Id wished you were they, because although we loved and lost, all that matters is the first.

thehiddenwriter Sep 2016

Hands all over and
Tongue shying to enter
How shall I tell her
That I'll always be her lover

Maya Wa Mar 2016

She said one, I said two
She said empty, I said full
She said hate, I said love
She said left, I said right
The disturbing thing is, this is all one person
with two different personalities.

People in this world have two personalities. I'm encouraging them to use their right personality, their true personality and not the fake personality. :) BTW this poem is about my struggle with two personalities I had and changed to be a better person.
LoveIsReal Jul 2014

You do something
Something bad
Then you forget.
You say something
Something important
Then you forget.
You get told something
Something that needs to be remembered
But you forget.
We forget everything
So when people leave
Do we forget them?
Can we forget?
I forget a lot of things
But I always remember the ones I care for.
Please don't forget me.....

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