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I will wake up to live another day,
I hope to survive another day.

I will adjust to the weather accordingly,
I wonder what the weather gods will bring me today.

I want/will meet you my dear friend,
I hope that you will join me –my dear friend?

I plan to do my usual routine,
I wonder what kind of day-it will turn out to be.

I will try something new,
I hope to learn something new.

I will be adventurous,
I pray not to get injured –from being adventurous.

I will do something kind-for a stranger,
I pray-for those who are having hardships-to soon become and have a better way of life (lifestyle) and health.

I will love myself,
to my fullest.
I pray-that you can give me the strength,
to learn to love myself more.

I want all my loved one,
to be able to enjoy and have a happy day.
I will take care of you,
if you are sick or need some cheering up.

I know somewhere - there will be a new birth,
a birthday and a death(s)
I pray for all to share this joy and excitement of love -New Birth.
To bring love and happiness- to that special person -A birthday.
The support and strength, for you to give to those, that need this the most in these times of sorrow -Death(s).

I will create a new experience,
I hope these experiences will become happy memories.

Is a day –to live in the now,
and to try to make each/and every, moment count!
Only happens once,
And just may be your last.

Remember –that life is short!
Do what makes you the happiest,
Or try to create a new way of happiness –for yourself.

Is a moment
-made of many moments,
Will become -a new memory.

So, for today,
Make your day count,
And enjoy your day.

© By HF-Whisper
7/5/2020 15:10PM
Hunter Taylor Feb 2019
My heads so hard today
As I stare at my scars today
And maybe I'm afraid today
That tomorrow will be the same as today

I don't hear what you say today
So I won't change today
But maybe I'll scream today
Or maybe I'll bleed today

I will not win today
I will lose again today
This is my fault today
I have my fought today

I can't see to escape today
I'm stuck in place today
If I try to run today
I would chase the sun today

But tomorrow became today
And I choose to change today
I won't be the same today
I accept my pain today

I'll do my best today
To use what's in my chest today
My head will have a seat today
I won't be beat today

I am so bruised today
But at least I flew today
My wings were healed today
My fate was sealed today
David Moss Sep 2015
Today is the day I will live, or I will die

Today I traveled to await the outcome  of my life

Today is scarier than yesterday that's for sure
Today could be my last

Today I might seem a little dramatic to you
Today to you might be just like yesterday

Today for me though, has been looming around the corner for so long

Today has finally come, and isn't going to be like any other today

Today the reality of existence for me sinks in

Today I will go to sleep and I hope I will wake up

Today I am tired, I am alone, I am scared

Today's sleep will be long either way

Today I am definitely unprepared

Today is something we will all one day face

Today doesn't feel easier just because it happens to us all

Today is, without a doubt, my Alpha, or my Omega

Today will be the first chapter of new beginnings, or the final chapter of an old tale

Today I feel like I haven't done enough with my life
Today regret and fear runs through my mind like wildfire
Today I promise myself  If I make it through, today and everyday after will be treated more sacred

Today I am telling myself lies just to get through today

Today I contemplate death. I contemplate prayer I contemplate afterlife I contemplate heaven and I contemplate hell

Today isn't a day I wish upon anyone

Today wouldn't be so bad

If only I knew

Tomorrow would come
Going in for surgery tomorrow. Pretty ******* scared I will die. I've told no one who knows me this feeling. It felt easier to tell it to random strangers.
Emeka Mokeme Jun 2018
Just for today,
be peaceful.
Just for today,
be loving.
Just for today,
be compassionate.
Just for today,
be merciful.
Just for today,
be kind.
Just for today,
be better.
Just for today,
be understanding.
Just for today,
have pity.
Just for today,
be forgiven.
Just for today,
Just for today,
Just for today,
Just for today,
Just for today,
be happy.
Just for today,
just listen.
Just for today,
Just for today,
be helpful.
Just for today,
make love.
Just for today,
stop, don't ****.
Just for today,
live in harmony.
Just for today,
be respectful.  
Just for today,
give a hug.
Just for today,
be generous.
Just for today,
be alive.
Just for today,
Just for today,
understand that you are part of the healing process to the earth. Together we all can contribute to each others lives to bring peace amongst our world family tree for survival.
Just for today let's join each other to bring healing to our homes, our family and our communities. Be part of it. Live in harmony. Each of us have something to give. Look inside you, it's there and it's free.
©®2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Danielle Shorr Apr 2015
Today I am human
Today I got two legs out of bed to face a world that is sometimes cold
Today I walked tired feet just to make sure they still do their job right
Today I ran fingers through hair and remembered there were teeth to brush, a face to wash
Today I woke to a bottle of water half full by my nightstand
Today I drank it's contents with a handful of vitamins
Today I remembered the importance that breakfast holds so I had it
Today I dressed a body that now and then can feel unfamiliar
Today I pushed the sheets back on the bed to make it almost neat
Today I fluffed a pillow to its full extent
Today I put lotion to skin that is too dry from the California sun
Today I put gas in my car
Today I fed myself without guilt
Today I filled my stomach with meals instead of anxiety
Today I breathed
Today I sighed
Today I did what most consider to be routine, but is so much more to me
All of these simplicities are proof of surviving
Doing so is not always easy
But I do
Today I lived even if I did so quietly
Today I am alive
And tomorrow I will be as well
Tomorrow I will say thank you to today
Tomorrow I will appreciate the effort of before
Tomorrow I will be too proud for too little
Tomorrow I will repeat
Tomorrow I will try again
Tomorrow I am human.
Star BG Jan 2020
Today is yesterdays dreams,
and tomorrows accomplishments.

Today is a yesterday wrapped in
present to opened so they become
tomorrows precious gifts.

Today is a whisper of the past just tweaked
with grand tomorrows.

Today is the day I write a masterpiece filled with yesterdays thoughts and tomorrows dreams.

Today is yesterdays sorrows wrapped in paper
gold that shines like sun to dry up tears making room for tomorrows with new wrappings.

Todays schedule is yesterdays thoughts, ready to expand into the tomorrows.

Yesterday don't leave home without it for it fuels tomorrows as todays motor revs.

Yesterday is infused in blood stream so heart beats with flow of aspirations today and riches for tomorrow.

Yesterday is culmination of tears and laughter
that unleash dam to float in more tears
but this time with a shinny dream boat.

One part Yesterday, and two parts today with table spoon of tomorrow makes a grand recipe for life.

Yesterday I recall mistakes well not to repeat in today so errors do not fill tomorrows.

Yesterday provides magical insights, so Today and tomorrow brings peace.

Yesterday becomes today and today becomes yesterday so... use it well.

Yesterday I planted a dream seed. It sprouted in today and grew tall inside tomorrows.

Tomorrow is todays yesterdays, so step lightly as not to mix them up.

Tomorrow will be the new today and is the first day of my life.

Tomorrow is today simmered in the sauce of life.

Tomorrow I will wake up inside today to live authentically inside peace.

Yesterday is today turned inside out so wisdom comes in tomorrow.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow are houses of God so one is never homeless or alone.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow is journeys gift to celebrate as if its Christmas.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow are the chapters in our books of life. Write them well.
just playing with the words today tomorrow and yesterday
Emeka Mokeme Jun 2018
Always remember that,
just for today,
it is well.
Just live for today.
love for today.
Believe for today.
Dream for today.
Be Inspired for today.
Hope for today.
Change for today.
Be respectful for today.
Do the right things for today.
Laugh for today.
Embrace that which endears
your heart today.
Invest in yourself today.
Dare to do today.
Leave your comfort zone
and be that which you want.
Be gentle to yourself today.
Always be true to yourself today.
Today visit the elderly
and your grandparents,
they are and will be your ancestors.
Remember the law of amra,
be generous and give today.
Today be kind.
Treat the weak and afflicted
with compassion today,
you will find yourself
in their place someday.
Arise now today
and do that which you
have never done before.
Remember you did not fail,
just do it differently today.
God speed you today,
and always.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Stephanie Irvin Aug 2013
I’m eighteen today.
My shirt is crumpled on the floor. My socks are still on.
I’m eighteen today.  
My eyes try and focus on the ceiling. That’s cheap tile. This house is old.
I’m eighteen today.
I drank too many beers.  I think my cigarettes are by the pool..
I’m eighteen today.  
I’m ******* Steve. He doesn’t know my name.
I’m eighteen today.
Not like I thought he’d  be. His cheeks are rough and sudden.
I’ll be eighteen tomorrow.
I’ll write down his name. I know it by heart.  Number 28.

I’m nineteen today.
I’m in a bathroom. The light is off. I’m kissing girls.
I’m nineteen today.
At a house that I couldn’t find my way home from.
I’m nineteen today.
Her hands squeeze my *******. She’s not into it, I can tell.
I’m nineteen today.
Four people are at my feet. Hands pull at my skirt.
I’m nineteen today.
I’m loving this. But it will be over before it gets good.

I’m twenty today.
A plastic cup in my hand. He’s pushing up on me.
I’m twenty today.
She’s standing on the stairs. I know I’ll walk her home later.
I’m twenty today.
The grass is cold and wet. Her hand on my arm.
I’m twenty today.
Walk her to the door. I wish she’d ask me up.
I’m twenty today.

I’m 31 today.
He’s naked next to me. He knows I love him.
I’m 31 today.
He asked me if I was gay. Said he just wants to know.
I’m 31 today.
I smile and say no and take his **** in my hand.

I was 22 that day.
Driving her back from the hospital.
I was 22 that day.
Her small warm hand rubbed the back of my neck.
I was 22 that day.
It was the first time I felt whole.
I was 22 that day.

I’m 34 today
And he’s stopped asking me.
Niesha Radovanic Aug 2017
today i listen to "Switzerland" by daughter. the soothing hums of her voice melt my soul. i'm dreaming of sitting on a yellow porch wrapped around the home i want to own. i sip green tea as a fall in love with you. today i learn to not let hands hold hands but to let hands hold hearts. to let fingers intertwine with feelings. today i learn to kiss birthmarks goodmorning. and to kiss bruises goodnight. today i let you put me in the bathtub let the warm water make waves that crash on my skin. let you lather me in big blue bubbles of hope. today i pray the hope bubbles never pop. not because i want them to pop tomorrow but because you told me to live in the present not the future. i hope to buy you a present in the future. today i eat fruit loops because your tastebuds love sugar. and i hope the next time we kiss i'll taste like the sweetest sugar you know. today i throw aveda smoothing infusion in my damp hair and scrunch it around until i've crinkled every crisp perfectly. today i brush my teeth with crest whitening toothpaste. let the bristles capture every leftover crumb of those crispy colorful circles. today i slip on my denim black skirt with rips and pull the black abbey road tank top over my head and tie the once white laces on my black high top vans.  i brush a light gold eyeshadow over my fatigued carmel eyelids and swipe mascara on each of my lashes, i put my cartilage piercing in, then my two ear piercings and i hook my black hoop into my nose. today i don't dress for you. today i dress for me because i'm starting to want to maybe try loving myself again. i have so much love bundled in big brown blankets ready to be pulled off. i've given all of my love to you because i stopped loving myself. but today you made me want to try wanting to love myself again. today i feel more like a person than a speckle of dust. today i don't see myself as leftovers in the fridge. today i see myself as a fresh cooked meal i want to eat. today i walk out of the front door. hair half up half down, back straight, teeth shining, eyes glowing, tears streaming down my face because it's pretty freaking crazy when you want to live again. today i am not a ray of sun. today i am the sun and i hope to brighten my heart with a dose of pure vitamin D. today i wear a colorful crystal crown because victoria always told me she didn't care who i was but i was a *******  queen. today i place a vase on my kitchen table filled with sunflowers and daisies because roses are overrated. today i gather up all of the scraps of rage and sadness and build myself a castle of poetry. today i listen to "Switzerland" by daughter. the soothing hums of her voice melt my soul. im sitting on the yellow porch wrapped around the home i own. i sip green tea as i fall in love with you all over again.
Caitlin Jan 2015
Today I was called spoiled.
Today I almost cried.
Today I reached my limit.
Today I fell.
Today I learned that I can't expect anything from you.
Today I lived.

Today I was ridiculed.
Today I was pushed.
Today I was disappointed.
Today I was tired of putting up with your crap.
Today I lived.

Today I was done with life.
Today I was discouraged.
Today I was alone.
Today I learned.
Today I lived.

Today I loved.
Today I learned.
Today I lived
J Jul 2017
How to conquer the world when you are manic and preserve it when you are depressed.

I had a close friend send me a text a few weeks ago
Reminding me how to breathe and that I had to get out of bed,
I thought if she could have read my mood from the west coast
As I rotted in cotton comforters in the east, I must have been pretty obvious
Maybe it’s because we have been friends for ten years or because
I plaster every up and down online to vague audiences, I cast out my emotions
Like frayed fishing line, trying to catch even a glimpse of someone who relates.
But when this friend texted me she said something that might help balance out
The high-highs with the unbearable lows is writing how I feel when I am both.
I did my best to put the feeling of flying at 100mph upside down with wings made of silken sheets into words but the minute I did they turned into wings of concrete and I lost my focus again. And so I went to answer my friend and I said ‘here is how to conquer the world when you are manic”

I am caffeine therapy,
engulfed in energy
I am yellow, I am green
I am everything at once,
I feel everything all at once.
Did I mention?
Hey, I'm really excited to tell you
I’m gonna save the world,
All of it.
try and stop me.
I woke up at 4 this morning
Watched the sun swallow shadows
Like it was yearning for something dark
To balance itself out.
Too much light is dangerous too.
I always like to watch the sunrise before I go out to save the world, Waking up early always gives me so much more time And today I will do a lot,  I want to save the world. I hope you know I'm going to.

I am yellow, I am green. I am everything at once.
I am traffic jams spread out across freeways,
I am six trips in a row to the same store because I kept forgetting what I needed,
Music playing so loud you can’t hear anything else
I wash down amphetamines with coffee
I am now Narrow energy. I'm traveling a perfectly paved road Home to a room where I cannot see the floor, but that’s okay because I’m
Going to save the world today.
It doesn't matter how fast I'm going as long as you see me get there.
I am validation starvation in calorie counting notebooks,
I am looks from strangers whose eyes wonder loudly how I got marks on my arms or how I'm bouncing my foot like energy is spewing out my body but still have bags under mine that insinuate exhaustion I never learned how to overcome.
I am a math equation stuck inside the text book
From that semester I dropped out;
I am heat energy dancing inside shattered beakers, I am weathered worn out sneakers still being used because it’s hard to let go,
I'm kissing catalytic conversations with those I love because I need a reaction to feel like they're listening,
I am potential energy ready to become kinetic,
I am energetic and today, I have the heart to save the world.
I am off track, my bad. Its like an “ADHD starter pack” but there's no warranty or handbook.
Anyway, I started by re-enrolling in classes because I have always been good at school,
Except for when I stopped going but I have always been good at school and I can understand why everyone around me might expect me to succeed, I emit determination from my mouth when my heart feels empty, but I did sign back up because
This time I'm ready, and this  time I won’t ever feel low again, I think i beat it finally
I feel it in my bones as I cross busy streets without looking either way
I'm invincible and incredible
I am yellow I am green
I am hydro energy feeding off the
Big deep blue sea,
I am gratitude as an action
Not a trinket I can break
and today I will save the world
and tomorrow I will not be low,
And today I will conquer my fears, all 647
And tomorrow I will tell my friends I love them
And today I will remind myself that skin cells
Replace themselves every 28 days
So I only have to wear long sleeves for that many more
And tomorrow I will wake up and do my homework
And today I will surely save the world,
I will never feel so low as I have ever again
How could I when there is so much to smile for?
I’m laughing so loud my neighbors are asking,
And my friends think I’m doing better and I tell them I am. I am.
I am yellow, I am serene,
I feel it in my skin that I am better
recovery feels like Holding hands at sixteen and iced tea, And this is easy!
I am yellow, I am green.
I am yellow, I am green.
I feel everything all at once.
floating between causes, altruism is a virus, slithering through my veins, celebrating how much I will do today. Did I mention how much I will do today?
I'm going to save the world.
After signing back up for classes I spread out my day like magazine clippings I'll never put onto a “dream board” because I will most likely forget about them, my dreams make better notes in my iphone where I can see them
As I check my contacts to see who I can talk to today. Or who will listen. I wonder who will listen. Or what kind of game I will play to make someone listen.
I am yellow, I am green. It’s noon and I am flying.
Here is how else I will save the world:
I will make sure I save myself first,
I'll clean my room and go to the gym
work off three weeks of sweets with three hours on the treadmill, I forgot how good it feels to run and I know that this is the last time I will ever, ever give up.
I’m better now. I run on a track that loops back in on itself because I find comfort in knowing it will always return no matter how many times I lose sight of where I'm going, I would get lost were I to run outside because when you are everything all at once you seldom stay in place, God there is just so much to look at. I will never look back at who I was even as late as yesterday.
I get lost inside rubix cube mentalities and short lived craft store hobbies, but I'm better.
I am yellow, I am green. And today I am going to be a wildlife photographer, And an artist, and when people ask me what I want to be I tell them
I will work for the United Nations and that I am going to save the world, they believe me and ask me how I'll do it and I realize that I have yet to start saving the world.
I woke up at 4, so sure today was the day,
I felt it in my heart like the time I took two of my adderalls by mistake because I forgot that I took one that day, I felt it and it was real. Throbbing like a bump from falling but real. I lost track of that feeling for a second and now it is fleeting.
What is happening?

I am yellow, I am green.
I am yellow, i am yellow I am yellow,
Are you still listening?
I'm potential energy locked inside a pendulum
Hanging from a chemical tree that dies fast and grows slowly, Im staggered progress dressed up like empathy, I'm baggage too heavy
I am yellow, I am green.
I am fleeting energy
The kind that sparks a few times
On telephone lines turned pink infront of sunsets in july, gone before your friends can see it too.
They never really see it, too.
I am yellow, I am green

I forgot to shower every day this week but
I'm too tired to get out of bed,
What is happening? Can you remind me what I was doing?
I was supposed to save the world today
I’m sorry.
I was really going to save the world today
I'm taking in as much caffeine as I can without
Making my heart feel like it will push its way
Through my ribs out of my chest
Though being able to feel in my chest again
Might not be so bad. I’m stuffing smoke inside my cavities to fill them up, doing my best to keep feeling inside the skin I wear when I can feel it
Going numb, even it hurts at least I can feel it, I wish I could inject caffeine right into my veins,
I wish you could jump infront of moving trains without Hurting everyone on board,
I wish I felt less like this but I wish I felt more,
I reread texts from last night where transitioning
Felt like fist fighting recovery, her having one up on me,

I am crimson, I am grey, I am fleeting energy.
I’m so sorry.

I thought I said that before
And I might have but I forgot, I feel cloudy
I stumbled through steel wool tall grass to make it
Out of bed today and the weight of every single mistake I have ever made feels like it will surely break my spine Right in half, I don’t know if I will make it through today.
I wish someone would save me today.
I am crimson, I am grey.
I need someone to save my world today.
Kenzee Rae Jan 2015
My Granny died today,
I don't know what to say,
My Granny died today.

My Granny died today,
So I began to pray,
I don't know what to say,
My Granny died today.

My Granny died today,
I've wept and wept all day,
So I began to pray,
I don't know what to say,
My Granny died today.

My Granny died today,
My rock has gone astray,
I've wept and wept all day,
So I began to pray,
I don't know what to say,
My Granny died today.

My Granny died today,
Her soul has gone to play,
My rock has gone astray,
I've wept and wept all day,
So I began to pray,
I don't know what to say,
My Granny died today.

My Granny died today,
So I bought her a bouquet,
Her soul has gone to play,
My rock has gone astray,
I've wept and wept all day,
So I began to pray,
I don't know what to say,
My Granny died today.

My Granny died today,
In the ground she'll lay,
So I bought her a bouquet,
Her soul has gone to play,
My rock has gone astray,
I've wept and wept all day,
So I began pray,
I don't know what to say,
My Granny died today.

My Granny died today,
I don't know what to say,
My Granny died today.
tread Sep 2010
Today is the first day,
Today is the last,
Today is the future,
And today is the past.

Today is a good day,
Today is so bad,
Today is so distant,
Today is so sad.

Today one has died,
Today one comes alive,
Today one has failed, but my God
How he tried.

Today someone chewed,
Someone spat,
Someone fell.

Today someone is living,
In their own man-made hell.

Today someone laughs,
Someone smiles,
Someone cheers.

Today people relax,
And buy a new round of beers.

Today is the only day,
Of the rest of your life.

Today can be a good day,
Just avoid all that strife.
Jackie Mead Jul 2017
Today is a wonderful day
Curtains wide open, the sun out to play
Today is such a wonderful day

Today is a wonderful day
Full of vitality and life
Today is such a wonderful day

Today is a wonderful day
Children singing, out to play
Today is such a wonderful day

Today is a wonderful day
Birds flying, high in the sky
Today is such a wonderful day

Today is a wonderful day
Walking in the park, hearing dogs bark
Today is such a wonderful day

Today is a wonderful day
The sun is out and families play
Today is such a wonderful day

Today is a wonderful day
Everyone wants another day
Today is such a wonderful day

Today is a wonderful day
I am thankful for another day
Today is such a wonderful day
Life is short, live each day and be thankful for the small things in life
Poet kiri Jun 2016
Is a beautiful day
So beautiful the walls
Are drizzling with

As the sun rays
Were the perfect artist
Of this morning.

I learn
What it means to be
As for today culture
Breaks the boundaries.
What peace may mean
What emotions
I live to tell and relive  
Cause today I care and tomorrow….

Mystery is believed
And imagined.

For fantasy has proven
It aint’ catchy
If you don’t know the different dimensions of the universe
I hold a hand
To lead and to be lead  
(To hear and be heard)
Cause today the books
Will not tell history as it is but
As it is

I tell you that
I the being are
A broken abandoned home
Scared of my essence
As it’s just how you perceive my existence
Of the foreign language
I speak.

For I will
Kneel and ask
Will you be my
Better of the half
I can’t achieve
Without, your driving
Force I have reckoned with

Without fear
I plan neither to regret
I did it
For I would just like to imagine
What fate the crystal ball
Has history all mysterious about.

I am music at its finest
That the flow of the currents
Is by the tide of the melody
I play in my mind.

For I dreamt in a dream
Of dreams so deep
That I may have
Broken the laws of attractions.
It could be at its finest
Yet, I repeat yet
Finest is for the
Fine china’s that
We break at home
At proper perfection
For it is just the day’s perfection
Considered a mistake to break
The perfect shine

Haven’t we executed the perfect crime?

Knowing that
Today I was served
Reality on a silver platter
For it’s the only dish
Of pure gold ingredients
Brutally mined and
Gently handled.

Today is today
And tomorrow
Will be today
With a greater twist
As beautiful as
The just today has planned.


©Hansmind, 2016
Hello to my followers and fans.
It is yet another Poet Kiri original under a new collection

Thank you for your continuous support. I highly appreciate it.
Persephone Feb 2022
Today I wish to not wake up
I wish to go from yesterday to tomorrow and forget that today ever exists
I wish for the sun to stay below the horizon and the song birds to sleep past noon
I wish this world to skip today

Today I wish to be nothing
I wish to not be a mass of energy or to take up space on this planet
I wish for Einstein to be wrong and Newton to be full of sh*t
I wish this world breaks physics today  

Today I wish for fire
I wish to have water scald my throat and for food to become ash on my tongue
I wish the air I breathe turns to smoke in my lungs and my skin to char from the heat of the sun
I wish this world to burn today

Today I wish for ice
I wish for no smile to melt my bitter heart and no embrace to warm my calloused soul
I wish for Arctic wind to bring forth a new ice age and for frost to encircle my home
I wish this world to freeze today

Today I wish for disaster
I wish for my tears to flood the highest cities and my screams to cause cracks in the sea floor
I wish for wild fires to incinerate all forests and global warming to evaporate all oceans
I wish this world to destroy today

Today I wish to have a chat with death
I wish to be kissed by the lips of a viper and down hemlock until I’m no longer parched
I wish for the gods to send down a new plague and Mother Nature to take revenge on us all
I wish this world to die today

Today I wish for you to not care
For today I wish that you turn your check the other way when you see me and you don’t whisper a word for the wrongness I am causing
I wish for you to let my anger consume me until she can see it from the heavens and let me destroy myself until her absence feels less empty than I do
I wish for today that you let me embrace death with open arms so I can be close to her once more
Because Today I wish to no longer exist

But if you refuse to grant me any of these wishes than grant me this one simple request
That today of all days you let me have this hate
You let me have the same hate for myself that I have for this world on the day that it took her away
brandon nagley Mar 2016

Today, O' today
I got her letter in the mail;
Filled with pictures of mine
Queen, she sent me
Poems done by me, in her


Today O' today
I got lipstick kisses on
Her notes, the red stood
Out of all she wrote;
As her amour was
So fine.


Today O' today
Anon mine spirit's soared,
That fashionable vellum
O' I adored. O' Jane Sardua,
O' Jane of Earl. O' rose of Asia;
The Luzon's pearl.


Today O' today
I smiled again, because mine lover,
And mine best friend. Her ardent sonnet
Displayed her touch, grabbing mine soul,
In heaven's blush, silently tear's came to
a rush; from joy's overtaking.


Today O' today
O'er the blue, I made mine stay.
Consatero, ah veray,
Queen Jane, Queen Jane,
Of Asia's praise;
Today O' today
How I fell in
Love again.

©,Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( àgapi mou)
Vellum- smooth writing paper...
Anon- at once, or immediately.
Blush- not of embarrassment... Meaning as of color...
O'er- over in archaic form .
Consatero- is a word I created meaning... ( blissful in sound and color)
Ah veray - is another word or words put together meaning- ( venerated ( meaning regard with great respect) and elevated in honor and glory ..

Note- I made this poem about the amazing love letter Jane sent me in the mail. The old fashioned way of sending love if ones far away how it used to be sent and still should be sent. Though everyone's so inter-web connected now they've lost touch with humanity in themselves and others... As big reason I took break from poetry sometimes we need it. Now I'm back. Plus I've been sick lately and not doing best but I'll be OK with God with me... Jane sent me a lovely envelope an envelope I've never seen before with a beautiful skin texted layer... Her handwriting is so beautiful, and her message in the two page letter touched mine soul where I did have tears because seeing how much she loves me really makes me feel blessed again and again daily!!! And she sent me three pics... Older ones. One of her as she was a little girl. One during elementary school and a later one... Alll so beautiful and queen like!! And she is a well know calligraphist and getting better by the day. Though really a starter shes already professional as she's getting professional lookers looking her way ... Calligraphy is the old fashioned style handwriting practiced from long ago. Like the beautiful old way of writing you used to see in poetry. She sent me poems that are mine own poems though handwritten in her calligraphy!!! Such a gift it was as I was very down yesterday and this was a pickmeup!!! A blessing!! And a treasure I will cherish until we meet and beyond!!! Thank you so much mine Reyna Jane... Soulmate... Best friend!! Lover...alll... My àgapi mou. Zoi mou, anasa mou!!!m se letrevo queen!!!!!

Note - wanna follow Jane and her calligraphy on Instagram you can find her I believe at yellow_majesty or Earl Jane sardua maybe that is try Earl Jane Nagley... But try yellow_majesty first. Also Earl Jane Nagley on fbook. To ask her for info on her calligraphy... As she needs support ... Thank you friends!! And thank you for all of your support!!! (:::
I stepped into your shoes today
and I felt devestation
a death in the family took you by surprise
now you're contemplating suicide again
I stepped into your shoes today
and I felt so proud
you graduated High School
you're screaming in your victory voice so loud
I stepped into your shoes today
and your heart is breaking
your boyfriend just broke up with you
you're throwing everything away that’s no longer worth saving
I stepped into your shoes today
and I felt guilty
you cut after almost a year
now you're feeling ugly
I stepped into your shoes today
and I felt depressed
you're getting ready to **** yourself
because you feel so helpless
I stepped into your shoes today
and I felt scared
you're about to have your first baby
and the father isn’t there
I stepped into your shoes today
and I got a really bad tummy ache
you have Cancer and you're dying
there’s not much more your body can take
I stepped into your shoes today
and I started to cry
your husband was called into war
this could be your final goodbye
I stepped into your shoes today
and I felt nervous
you're leaving for college in two days
and you can’t seem to find your courage
I stepped into your shoes today
and I felt lost
you're five years old, you lost your Mom and it’s almost getting dark
I stepped into your shoes today
and I felt overjoyed
you won an award for your writing
you are filled with so much pride
I stepped into your shoes today
and I felt peace
you lived your life, you reached your dreams
you're as ready for death as you will ever be
I stepped into your shoes today
and I felt in love
you just married the love of your life
in front of your family, friends and God
I stepped back into my own shoes today
and I felt grateful
I realized I’m not the only one on earth with problems
and I’m thankful for all that I have
WRITTEN BY: Mandie Michelle Sanders
WRITTEN ON: June.21, 2013 Friday 9:39 P.M.
Caterina Correia Jan 2021
‎4 years ago today, we were all gathered together
4 years ago today, we were all losing our minds
4 years ago today, the doctor couldnt lie
4 years ago today, we knew we were going to cry
4 years ago today, we saw you suffering
4 years ago today, you had your last sight
4 years ago today, you had your last movement
4 years ago today, you had your last hearing
4 years ago today, you had your last breath
4 years ago today, all our tears were coming down hard
4 years ago today we knew god was whispering "come with me"
4 years ago today we had no choice but to say goodbye
4 years ago today, god took you to his kingdom
4 years ago today, we knew you were the new queen of angels    
4 years ago today, is the anniversary of your death
4 years ago today, is the day i will never forget
4 years ago today, is the day i cry the most
4 years ago today, is the day i visit your place
4 years ago today, next year is another hard day
Lyra Brown Nov 2013
today i learned that your favourite
colour is red.
(i also happened to be wearing it.)
today i learned that everything i’ve ever wanted to happen
will eventually happen,
but not in the ways i imagined they would.
today i learned that i can love you from a distance,
that i can say it with my eyes and maybe you will
hear me.
(or maybe you won’t but
either way i’m going to keep looking at you.)
today i learned that you care about me because
you told me to put on my scarf so that i wouldn't get cold.
today i learned that love is a language all on its own,
of laughter and long embraces and jokes and
spur of the moment decisions and unrequited heartache
and other things
i cannot find words for.
today i learned that instead of being a fool for
not being able to control my heart i might in fact
just be human.
today i learned that every solid foundation was once
a battleground.
today i learned that i could one day maybe trust again but
i am still not ready yet.
today i learned that black friday
is now a thing in Canada.
today i don’t feel so afraid.
today my mother let me read her journal from 1988
(when she was the age that i am right now)
and i learned that i am more like her than i ever
thought i was,
i learned that that might be more of a blessing
than a curse.
today i learned how to use my mind as a camera, that it might
be okay to let so many precious moments remain
today i learned that i cannot force you to be enamoured with me.
today i learned that i might just have to settle on the fact that my inability to express myself with words has no bearing on how nervous i get when i am around you.
today i learned that there is so much love everywhere.
today i learned that everyone is stunning.
today i learned that there is no such thing as having too big
of a heart.
derelictmemory Dec 2013
Dear Prince Charming;
          Today is the first time I've heard of you!
          I'm so excited for the day you'll find me
          Then we'll live happy-tedly ever after!

Dear Prince Charming;
          Today is my nine-eth birthday
          I hope I get you next year!
          Then I'll have someone real to play with

Dear Prince Charming;
          Today is a scary day
          Daddy isn't smiling at Mommy
          You have to promise
          to always smile at me okay?

Dear Prince Charming;
          Today it's been 4 years since I first heard of you
          Mom and Dad aren't speaking anymore
          I need a friend

Dear Prince Charming;
          Today Dad left the house
          I can hear Mom crying in her room
          Don't ever leave me okay?

Dear Prince Charming;
          Today I found out that my friends hate me
          You won't hate me right?
          They said I'm fat and an orphan

Dear Prince Charming;
          Today the kids at school tripped me
          I suppose accidents happen
          When will you be here?

Dear Prince Charming;
          Today I wore a long sleeved shirt to school
          No, don't worry, it isn't cold here
          The kids at school hate me

Dear Prince Charming;
          Today is my 16th birthday
          Will you be here soon?
          I think I need a friend

Dear Prince Charming;
          Today Mom and Dad are finalizing their divorce
          You won't give up on me,
          Will you?

Dear Prince Charming;
          Today I'm staying with Dad
          He has a special friend over
          Don't forget to come find me

Dear Prince Charming;
          Today I've been told that you won't find me
          That's not true right?
          It's very lonely

Dear Prince Charming;
          Today I slept through school
          I just couldn't find a reason to get up
          Reach here soon

Dear Prince Charming;
          Today is already tomorrow because it's midnight
          If you're close by please let me know
          I need you

Dear Prince Charming;
          Today I know you're not real
          But I wish you were
          Who else would love me in this cruel world?

Dear Prince Charming;
          It's 2am and everything is looking darker than before
          I can't stop crying
          Please be real

Dear Prince Charming;
          I don't know who you are
          I don't know if you exist
          But I love you

Dear Prince Charming;
          I couldn't wait for you anymore
          So I hooked up with the guy next door
          I don't like him

Dear Prince Charming;
          I'm still wearing long sleeved shirts
          The mirrors are broken
          I need you

Dear Prince Charming;
          Today is my 18th birthday
          I'm sorry
          You need to find a new princess to love
David Ehrgott Nov 2015
Tell me mr. brown, my friend
How are you today?
Oh Rider, I'm not very good today
Oh Rider, not very good today

Tell me mr. white my friend
How are you today?
Oh Rider, I'm not very good today
Oh Rider, not very good today

Say there red in chains not free
How are you today?
Oh Rider, I'm not very good today
Oh Rider, not very good today

Freedom ringing sounds of cheer
How are you today?
Oh Rider, I'm not very good today
Oh Rider, not very good today

Why so sad under the clouds?
Please tell me today
Oh Rider, I'm afraid to say
Oh Rider, I'm afraid to say

Russia come to take you down
Make you look so played
Oh Rider, I'm afraid to say
Oh Rider, I don't want to play

Own your bank and knock you down
You know we don't play
Oh Rider, please not me today
Oh Rider, how much more to pay

Owning all the people plan
We'll start with businesses
Oh Rider, please not me today
Oh Rider, please not me today

Take your home, still make you pay
That's the new wing way
Oh Rider, how much do we pay?
Oh Rider, not very good today
Oh Rider, not very good today
S E Whitney Dec 2011
Today, today
First day of forever
Beginning of tomorrow
Last stand of yesterday filled with hopefulness borrowed

Today, today
Beginning of the end
The story will begin pick your poison and commence

Today, today
At the head end of blue skies
The tail of shaking heads and rainy days and hazy days that are a daze

Today, today
My life begins
Or does it end?
I can't recall...
A day at home or in the mall
Or on the mall

Today, today
Ready to go, to know to flow

Today, today
Why so grand?
Only a sow dressed as a belle
Just yesterday's tomorrow
And who couldn't tell?

Why today, today
Special is she
So neat and perfect
Promised, pretty...

Today, tomorrow, yesterday
All akin, all so same
So similar in every way
I'll start my story yesterday

New Year’s Day 2011
Brenda Nalugo Apr 2020
Well today could have been our anniversary
Today....I would have dressed just for you
Today, I would have written you a poem or a love letter, maybe both
Today...I would..
But today marks 634 days since you broke my heart
634 days since I found you in her arms
Today, could have been our anniversary,but instead... today serves as a reminder of my foolishness and immaturity.

I had you were getting married
And oh, thank you for asking
If I was "okay" with it, like my opinion ever mattered
And thanks for the apology,but I think it's too late
It was too late  the moment I caught you
And oh thanks for the invite..
What a blissful reunion it would be if I showed up at your wedding

Today, exactly 634 days ago,I slit my wrists
I felt at peace as I bled
I found peace in my dark thoughts
But today 634 days ago,I was saved by my mother
And I realized she had raised me better
That I was never really in love with you,I was in love with a version of you that you switched on when you wanted to get laid
That I deserved better.

Today, therapist gave me a punching bag with your face on it
She asked me to hit hard to let go of all my anger
But today I realized it wasn't worth it, you weren't worth it
Today I realized I owed myself an apology for my stupidity
For trying to **** myself
For putting you before me
Today... could have been our anniversary but am glad it isn't
Cause today...I realized am glad I lost you
Rachael Netznik Apr 2014
Love me today,
for any other way is untrue.
Love me today,
in all you do.

I do not wish a promise for tomorrow,
Nor a passing gesture for room to doubt.
It allows fear to create great sorrow.
Love me today leaves no room for mind to figure out.

Love me today,
In these three words, happiness can grow.
Love me today
is the way our bond will sow.

Love me today,
For I rather not have our egos battle vast fears.
Love me today,
Draw my presence near.

Love me today,
Makes our atoms dance together.
Love me today
and not just fair-weather.

Love me today,
More of a vow than any other.
Love me today
and anger does not become our individual cover.

Love me today,
All shields laid to rest.
Love me today,
makes us, as individuals, love at our best.

Love me today
As our struggles break.
Love me today,
starting in the a.m., the moment you wake.
Nikita Marley Jun 2013
Today left me with questions
Some pretty confusing questions
I thought a lot today
Tried to answer a lot today

I woke up today
In a good feeling way
I was early
Earlier than my parents
Which doesn't happen often

I felt good today
I laughed today
A lot
With the people I don't normally talk to

I worked today
And well
And I kept trying

I played today
In the park
With my friends

And I thanked them
Just now
For being such awesome people
And such great friends

I laughed today
With everyone
At everyone

I cursed today
More than usual
It felt good
And it was unexpected

I rocked today
And I'm guessing that'll happen again tomorrow
And the next day

And I talked today
And read today

I felt today.
Full name Sep 2014
today was a good day because even though you cried you survived and that deserves an award -
today was a good day because nothing makes sense but it doesn’t matter
today was a good day because everything ***** but still you smiled
today was a good day because you laughed because everything is beautiful and
today was a good day because nothing is determined and our minds make up lots of things which aren’t true but then again our minds wander
today was a good day because it is nice to say that it was a good day- and even if it was a bad day it doesn’t matter
today was a good day and even though people **** themselves and our country is now involved with killing innocent people in the middle-east, there is still beauty left on this earth;
today was a good day because we, the human race can love
and we cry and we love and we fight and we hate, way too much but we love and loving is forgiving and loving is kissing and laughter
and love is everything
love cures and love understands and you can love yourself so that you’ll never have to experience a loveless day - again. self love is important
today was a good day because no matter how many land mines erupted, good things happened and
today people got married and today a couple decided to split up but to remain friends - which will never work but it will make them both happier
and today a girl decided she would never love again but then again she will fall in love
at this very moment a boy decided he doesn’t want to get married, he wants to love as many people as possible and that is beautiful
today a girl had the guts to tell her best friend that she is in love with her - or has been in love with her, since the day they met
today a woman of old age decided to leave her husband because he kept beating her up
we are taking baby steps and as sarah kay said
‚this world is made out of sugar ; it can crumble so easily, but don’t be afraid to stick out your tongue and taste it’
you are a work of art and i can hear you thinking ‚i’m very normal and i am not that beautiful’ but believe me once you start thinking of yourself as beautiful from the inside and the outside
life will be so much better
i'm a mess
Curtis C Aug 2018
Today, nothing to say
Today, is just what it is
Today, being in the flow, working with what comes my way
Today, love is at the base of it all. If it moves up Great but if it's
             just apart of the foundation of it all, Wonderful
Today, wondering and wandering...knowing the adventure is
             the discovery
Today, HAPPY with what is, where I am, what I have
Today, the beginning, the end and the beginning again
Today, a low key celebration but a celebration none the less
Today, deep breath, a smile, maybe a laugh, a song, a dance
Today, no judging. No labeling. No comparing. No competing
             ...just being
Today, Today, Today
              I Love. I am Loved, I share, I receive
Today, is what it is...
Curtis C Aug 2017
Today, nothing to say
Today, is just what it is
Today, being in the flow, working with what comes my way
Today, love is at the base of it all. If it moves up Great but if it's
             just apart of the foundation of it all, Wonderful
Today, wondering and wandering...knowing the adventure is
             the discovery
Today, HAPPY with what is, where I am, what I have
Today, the beginning, the end and the beginning again
Today, a low key celebration but a celebration none the less
Today, deep breath, a smile, maybe a laugh, a song, a dance
Today, no judging. No labeling. No comparing. No competing
             ...just being
Today, Today, Today
              I Love. I am Loved, I share, I receive
Today, is what it is
CAM Oct 2017
Today is one of those days that makes you feel just nauseous
Today is not a very good day to be so self-conscious
Today is one of those beatdown days
The days that make think you’re in a phase
Of life.

Today is like the day you find your crush kind of hates you.
Today is the day you’re almost starting to hate food.
Today is not the kind of day you just give up and faint
Into the arms of some unwilling, kindly saint.

You think today couldn’t be worse but just imagine how it could.
Actually never mind it’d be stranger if you would.
Today is one of those days you think is about to **** you.
But maybe that’s just because you aren’t seeing the whole view.

Today is one of those days that makes you just a little bit cautious.
Today is one of those days you wish you had something like phosphorus.
Although I'll never say it loud,
I think my story I have found.

Today might be a beatdown, but you have to see tomorrow.
Because sunrises are beautiful to take pictures of.

So I hope I see you tomorrow.

— The End —