A Thomas Hawkins Sep 2012
Never fall in love with a poet
for their words are sometimes lies
on occasions they're a shield
on occasions a disguise

They will take you on a journey
upon which they bare their soul
in a bid to ease your burdens
in a bid to make you whole

But in every word they choose
for the stories that they tell
lies a little piece of heaven
and a little piece of hell

Tormented souls we poets are
sometimes quite broken and despaired
in search of lost expressions
missed by others who once cared

Never fall in love with a poet
unless you're prepared to share their pain
to hold them close on the darkest nights
over and again
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Bo Burnham Oct 2016
with leaves spilled
like colored pencil shavings ---

the streets dicing our town
into neat, unfair portions ---
and me, eatin' that pussy.
BianchiBlue Nov 2014
the daylight declines
to linger as the leaves fall
away with the wind
Flowers grow nearby
Awaits every sunrise
Fall asleep at night....
AnActualToaster Jan 2015
Mirror, mirror on the wall
When's my turn to finally fall?
rained-on parade Jun 2014
You fell in love with me.

I just hope you jumped.
Not slipped.
Meteo Aug 2015
I saw you in winter,
and thought of tree branches feathered by starlight in poorly lit neighborhoods. A hearth where the more honest parts of myself, I am bared fetal, warmed upon, welcomed.

I saw you in spring,
and thought of long drives in the countryside in the rain. Ice cream melting from our chins dancing petrichor upon our toes, kissing by the sea shore.

I saw you in summer,
and thought of sleepy boathouses, uncovering ancient childhood treasures in the woods. A secret lake somewhere, the sky's reflection in promise. Windy hilltops upon which to blame each other for the sunrise.

I saw you in autumn,
and thought of scarfs and cafes, city streets and sunsets where we watched each others breath escape. Apartment staircases where windchill hibernates, the world slowing down around us from your window.

The first time I saw You, I thought to myself, "I could live there."
Liv Mar 30
when a poet falls in love with you
you can never die
they will notice the way
you rub your palms and look down
when someone is angry at you
and the way you smirk
as you pull away from a kiss

they will notice how you can't sleep
without your body touching someone else's
how you never crease any pages of books
and how you close your eyes when you dance in your kitchen
with your record player on

they will find all of the words
that they see you as
and turn them into something beautiful

people say you die twice
once when you stop breathing
and when someone says your name
for the last time

if you fall in love with a poet
they will never stop
mentioning your name
you will be alive
for eternity
Another year gone, leaving everywhere
its rich spiced residues: vines, leaves,

the uneaten fruits crumbling damply
in the shadows, unmattering back

from the particular island
of this summer, this NOW, that now is nowhere

except underfoot, moldering
in that black subterranean castle

of unobservable mysteries - roots and sealed seeds
and the wanderings of water. This

I try to remember when time's measure
painfully chafes, for instance when autumn

flares out at the last, boisterous and like us longing
to stay - how everything lives, shifting

from one bright vision to another, forever
in these momentary pastures.
Solaces May 2015
The summer time storms..
The summer rain..
The summer with you..
The summer change..

The summer sunlight..
The summer in Texas..
The summer night..
The summer nexus..

The summer dreams..
The summer flowers..
The summer stars..
The summer night showers..

The summer cools..
The summer sighs..
The summer dies..
When fall arrives...
Enjoy your summer...
Josh Overson Oct 2016
This time she may not come back.
This time I may not fight that.

You can't ever say I didn't love you or that I didn't try and I can't ever say that about you. Let's realize that.

Like you did last time, erase me from your life... smudge my name with your dirty looks.
And I'll just sit and wait, because I know you're confused. I am, strong enough.
I have faith in our friendship...
Lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all, but lend me your heart and I'll just let you fall. -Mumford and Sons
Nicole Dawn May 2015
Mirror mirror
On the wall
Who's the fairest
Of them all?

Not you

Mirror mirror
On the wall
Who's the one
About to fall?

You are

I shatter the mirror
And use the shards
To bleed the memories
From my skin

Mirror mirror
On the wall
You pushed me
Off the cliff so tall

*You deserved it
This is really cheesy.....
Sarah Spang Feb 2016
I worry
For the unmoving mountain
Unable to move an inch
In the midst of an earthquake.
The shaking ground
Does not mean to destroy it
But it cannot be helped
When some things
Are just so obstinate.
They must survive
Or crumble.

The earth is changing beneath us all.
When the dust has settled,
Nothing will ever be the same.
Fall apart or carry on.
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