I've lived you.
the lensing of solitude,
the breeze, the trees, figures surrounding
the dark grey moisture-laden clouds;
All of these ingredients,
must've been tasted before--
For you to rinse the sweetness in them
tinhearts Aug 9
On the tightropes
In the valley of decision
Darkness overwhelms high hopes
Step by step reasoning precision

Flickering flax losin grips
Looking down at fate
A beacon of spot light slips
Deadman walking a blind date

Sending out hopeful prayers
Overrides a Living Hope
Needing nets of faith in layers
Step by step is enough to cope

Lost in a wilderness dream
Years of famine in the land
This old world makes me scream
There's gotta be more to understand

Calling out like a violinist string
Vibrations broken hearts desire
Overwhelming peace begins to sing
Whispering breath fans the fire

Darkness embalms a stray
Lightening strikes the highest towers
Falling at the speed of light May Day
Remembering Well dressed flowers

Solomon in His finest apparel
Flashing Wisdom's vision
Distracted is a falling stars betrayal
Caught in a net of imagination

Facades dance all around
Entertaining silly souls fantasy
Starring at a fallen ground
Face first into mishaps tragedy

Who sees the Light
At the pitts of hell
Masquerading is the devil's flight
Once fallen is hard to tell

Do we see Light first
Waking up from a dream
Or flames of fire bursts
Who listens to the scream

An understatement in obituary
Never ending stories of unbelief
Oblivious to the adversary
Hanging on to memories thief

Incense arises upward
Savoring a lost soul
Believe The Word
Before the call's toll

Blind Men walking everyday
Unaware of their Living hope
Never stopping to pray
Till they're at the end....of their rope

Pray for the awakening in the souls of mankind everywhere
to avoid a dead man's fate in the heat of despair
Ozioma Ogbaji Apr 2015
On every side was a wall of mesh
And in the middle she sat in her chair of mesh
What is out there beyond these walls?
What if her visions of the world outside were false?
She was caged

She grew tired of her little house
She wondered if her wings were for something else
What if I could get on the other side?
What if my wings were made not to only beautify?
She wondered

One push and her mesh house gave way
She stepped out and was greeted by the sunrays
Then she slipped, for her house was high up in a tree
She was falling; this must be the end of me
She cried

Suddenly, she noticed others with wings like hers
Why weren't they falling, crying?
Then she saw why and so she spread her wings
And for the first time she flapped them
She flew

And so began a new life for her
The world she dreamed of was right before her
She found herself, she found her wings, she learned to fly
She lived her dream, she soared up high
She was free
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