MonkeyZazu Jul 2014
We are living wonders.
Our bodies, our minds, our souls,
unfathomably intricate beyond all knowing.
The true essence our being,
a microcosm of unlimited possibility.

Living in wonder.
Behold the marvels of this vast universe.
Consumed by the mysterious unknown,
desperately we seek to understand it,
eagerly trying to grasp all that is.

Wondering why we live.
What purpose is there for our existence.
Many say this. Others say that.
All answers become more questions.
Forever we wonder.

We are living wonders,
Living in wonder,
Wondering why we live.
Courtney Pruitt Jul 2014
Pants hang from my tree;
so please knock —
before bothering me.

I'm not homeless.

The park is my shelter
The grass, my bed.
The wind, my comforter
and sunny California,
my adopted mother.
Beloved, may Your eternal flame burn in me.

A fire that purifies and
illumines the darkness within
my thirsty heart.
20w. Title from  St. John of the Cross, an expression that he used to poetically describe a state of being in union with God.
sanch kay Jul 2015
think of all the people you've ever met,
and all the conversations that have ever left an impact on you.
think of all the thoughts that those words prompted in you,
and all the actions they led to,
which went and touched more people than you can count.
innumerable words and thoughts,
little cosmic representations of the
souls of people touching us
your life is forever and inexplicably interconnected with a million others.
forever intertwined, forever in tandem; forever solitary.
Sourodeep Jul 2015
The moon is now bright and full
showering silver romance,
to the leaves of tree so dull.

A cricket humming his chants
deep in meditation behind
the dark unknown shrub's branch.

Somewhere in a nest, a hatchling can't sleep
letting out feeble hunger cries
her mother did not fetch enough to feed.

While on my walk, I see those eyes
hiding behind a trunk, peeping
I assure it safety, I know may be lying

Night is the time for them to be,
struggling to enjoy independence and security
this unending night leading them to the unknown
what will remain I wonder at the crack of dawn.
What future can we give to these plants and animals, we have already invaded every inch of land and air.
Reese Mauro Oct 2014
Sometimes I wonder,
Should I wander?
Should I leave this world,
Should I become a ghost of my being?

Then I remember,
I already am a ghost.
My memories and feelings are existing too much
too little.  
I'm living,
not living.
Derick Smith Sep 2014
Your living water
ferments my soul.

Out spills wine—
a sweet elixir

for thirsty souls,
for hungry hearts.

(Your drinking songs
soothe parched throats)

For our hangovers:
Your living water
A glorious cycle
Living is a cross
That any one of the rock-faces

We are drawn
To many seas.
We drown wholesomely
In the failures of confrontation.
The rain
Our doorsteps
Has nothing to do
With the simplest desires
And lacerations
We bring
To the smallest acts
Of living.

The child
On the broken catwalk
Hearing the sounds of our hunger
Without understanding
Throws echoes back
To the earliest abandonments
Of love.

Minor devastations preceding
Resonate the ineffable.
The mothers that wake
At the slightest sound
And the fathers that
Smoke all night
And the rest of us who are
Vigilantes from the demons
Of oppressed sleep
Find at dawn the clearest
Images of bewilderment.
Even the best things
Collapse beneath the weight
Of ignorance.

Living is a fire
That any one of the wave-lashes
Megan Rose Feb 2015
I don't understand how
you can be like this
every time I try to get over you,
you do something
that makes me fall
head over heels in love with you

and the worst part
is that I'm not in love with you
I'm just in love with the idea of you
the idea that someone likes me
that someone wants to be with me
but no one does
you don't.
Cloin Kethren Apr 2015
I am living in a castle
With a great chandelier that warms me up
Very tall walls that protected me
And a mighty soldier named Love

Fantasy, indeed
But it was real in my broken dreams
I am living in a castle
A castle called "him"
MST Aug 2014
as if you know what you are saying.
Let it roll off the tongue,
snowballing like a Dung-beetle's shit,
and let me drink it up like a lapdog.
It tastes like heaven from where I sit,
not by comparison,
but lack of.
Alexander Monday Nov 2012
Am I really
The air that you breathe?
'Cuz I'm ready
To see the truth behind your lies.
I'm still dreading
When they shape into your eyes.
I've yet to shed a tear.

Bleeding tongues,
Burning hands...
That sound still hurts my head.
A click of the hammer,
My dreams will spill out,
This is my answer
To my questions of doubt.

Take away
That tone in your voice.
Shake me awake when you go;
For I long
To be
Close to you.

She cries out to her god
She begs him to come.
I'm sorry my dear
Bleeding tongues,
Burning hands,
That sound still lingers
In the back of my head.
I hope you realize your god is dead.

Your savior is gone.
Look at yourself,
Eating your cancer,
Showering me with
Pain that I know.
That fear in your heart
Is what keeps me around.

Your savior is nowhere,
Hiding in the clouds.
Please grasp this message
And look towards the ground.
The only thing you need,
Is the hope in your fear,
Now turn around, breathe
and face me my dear...
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