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Mark Lecuona Jan 2012
I'm not a person of color
I'm not gay
I'm not rich
I'm not homeless
I'm not religious
I'm not an atheist

I am a whisper

I'm not old
I'm not young
I'm not famous
I'm unknown

I am a whisper

I may be helpless
But I am not numb
I may be shackled
But I will not lie still

I am a whisper

I have an opinion
I have thoughts
I have feelings
I have a voice

I am a whisper

I have a memory
I have hope
I have a fantasy
I have a dream

I am a whisper

I give freedom
I will not judge
I will not control
I will not hurt

I am a whisper

I don't believe you
Why must I listen?
Why do you want my mind?
Why do you want control?

I am a whisper

I see what happens
I know who is suppressed
I know you are buying time for yourself
I know you need to fool me

I am a whisper

I am in your way
I am an impediment
I am a risk
I am to be mitigated

I am a whisper

It needs to be shouted
It needs to be aggressive
It needs to shock
It needs to awaken

I am a whisper

I see the fear tactics
I see the power
I see the judgements
I see the ridicule

I am a whisper

I know you are a liar
I know you are evil
I know you will ****
I know you will destroy

I am a whisper

I know these things
What can I do?
I can only write
I can only feel the anger

I am a whisper

"Who is lying?"
They are
"Who would ****?"
They would
"Who would send your child off to war?"
They would
"Who are they?"
The one's who want your vote

I am a whisper

"What about your children?"
There is still time
"What about my children?"
There is still time

I am a whisper

Would a man **** for God?
What do you think?
Would a man **** for his flag?
What do you think?
Would a man **** for his party?
What do you think?
Would a man **** who has been fooled?
What do you think?
Would a man let you die in his place?
What do you think?

I am a whisper

"Why do you whisper?"
I'm not
"You say you are"
Can anyone hear me?
"I can"
Can anyone else?

I am a whisper

"Why won't you shout? "
I am afraid
Afraid of what?
Of losing my job
Of losing my children
Of losing my life

I am a whisper

"Who are you afraid of?"
A person
A book
True believers
The enemies are all around

I am a whisper

"Why are they enemies?"
They do not want me
They want me to be them
They want my mind
They want my actions
They want my life

I am a whisper

So I work
So I pray
So I smile
So I agree
So I submit
So I bend
So I die

I am a whisper

Is existence on the other side of a laugh?
Is existence in the void of silence?
Is existence in the breath of a whisper?
Is existence in the quiet of God's spirit?

I am a whisper

When God is silent
Even a whisper can be too loud
Silence is the empty room
No color
No artifact
No sound

I am a whisper

Listen to the whisper
Then listen to God
Then you will know
Because you dared to speak
You forgot to think

I am a whisper

Blessed are the peacemakers
Did you remember this?
Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone
Did you remember this?
Turn the other cheek
Did you remember this?
Love thy neighbor
Did you remember this?
Judge not lest you be judged
Did you remember this?

I am a whisper

Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved. Mark Lecuona
Whisper, wolf
Cry as you first open your eyes
As you see the world for the very first time
The world breathes to you
It welcomes you in
Whisper, baby wolf

Whisper, wolf
Fumble and fall through your youth
Shoot for the stars with your eyes
Energy as of the stars
A soul made of sunlight
Whisper, young wolf

Whisper, wolf
Changes are coming for your world
Feel your paws start to ache and grow
Confusion of the world around you
It seems to breathe a different way
Whisper, growing wolf

Whisper, wolf
You've grown through your troubles
Though their echoes torment you so
She looks at you differently now
And you are so misunderstood
Whisper, adolescent wolf

Whisper, wolf
Walk through the chapters
Howl softly to the night
Lay your head beside her
As you dream and wander ever still
Whisper, lost wolf

Whisper, wolf
Trust was not always there
Some wolves were made to run
More beautiful things await you
Though the pain blinds you so
Whisper, heartbroken wolf

Whisper, wolf
Speak softly to the world
You see a familiar face today
Though it is not your own
You look to their soul
Whisper, father wolf

Whisper, wolf
They grow as they follow
As they are led through the night
Guidance is provided where it once was empty
The pack is stronger now
Whisper, proud wolf

Whisper, wolf
For today is the day of farewells
You wonder if your efforts were enough
The moon seems to look to you
And it looks to say that it loves you
Whisper, sad, sad wolf

Whisper, wolf
That old pain comes back again
She's in a better place now
You feel lost in the woods again
Though you know you are not alone
Whisper, crying wolf

Whisper, wolf
Your pack gathers around you
For today is the day of your final goodbye
Though it is not you crying this day
You rejoice for the opportunity
Whisper, dying wolf

Whisper, wolf
For you are home now
Your troubles are finally behind you
You are with her again
The cubs grow in the steps of your paws
Whisper, sleeping wolf
Zachary Hunter Sep 2012
To whisper in her ear all the things i love, so clear.
To whisper songs of love and dreams songs of passions for which they gleam
To whisper something in her ear, just to say "I missed you, dear!"
To Whisper that song that never fails the song that began all our fairy tales
To Whisper the things i hold so dear her sharing my thoughts, so sincere
To whisper hello and goodbye at the beginning and when we die
To whisper my thoughts of courage and distress my thoughts of love and happiness
To Whisper the words that make her tingle the words that start a jingle
To Whisper All she means to me and all she ever needs to be
To Whisper memories and thoughts from the past all those dreams that will forever last
To whisper the words of love in her ear, "Baby I will always be here."
Xan Abyss Oct 2014
A light in the dark shadows burn with a spark that ignites to a bright shining flame. The dead lie in groves of lost winter souls that wander with visionless aim. A rising relief ensues in the reef of the green and colorless gold. A raven takes flight in the deep death of night to escape from the black hell of old.
These wandering, murmuring, children of god storm wrath from the heavens and **** what is good. Devour the light as they drain all the life from the world we once called our brood.
Take us away. Drain us, defame us.
A whisper in the void.
Take us away, lock us away, **** us.
A whisper in the void.
Psychonatural Antichrist, bleeding the truth from false prophets. Summoning hellfire, demonic intrigue, desecration and violence. Infernal release, a smiling god weeps and a glare of rage seeps from beneath.
In an eternal sea of stones will they forever reap.
Death will be paid to the ones he learns to hate.
Black velvet draped across the coffin of grace.
Take us away, far and away.
A whisper in the void.
Take us away to destroy and remake.
A whisper in the void.
A whisper in the void.
Enter the darkness. Into the abyss. Far away. Thermonuclear enslavior.
Stay awake. Remaining.
Give your soul to the unknown, bleed into the black night air. The savior will come soon, to take you to His room, and liberate you from despair.
Suffocate quickly, quietly. Swiftly, so no one may hear you, or catch you dying. Slip away faster and faster the tighter you squeeze the noose around your neck.
Give yourself away. Death is your escape. Death does not betray like life will.
Give yourself to they, the keepers of the fade with intent to save and desecrate. And as they say, they will be they, and they will **** and humiliate. Break you down, drag you around, deny, defy and utilize. Every last bit will wallow in **** from the hate you created and ate from.
Suffer in pain, annihilation.
A whisper in the void.
Burn alone, in isolation.
A whisper in the void.
A whisper in the void.
A whisper...
Stream of consciousness piece from two year ago. Have fun trying to figure it out, I know I do.
Volta147 Nov 2014
Darkness sets …an anguished cry escapes, echoes and fades.  
Like a wave, breaking on a boulder; cursing the wind, skies, and moon.

This is Whisper.
Whisper is death.
Whisper is affliction.
Whisper is …silent.  

My name is Brink; yes that is my full name. I was born of Whisper, born from a demon possessed and hungry with power.

She is the mother of the silent abandoned.

I am, and I am not.
I live, and I live not.
I die, and I die not.
I am the core of nothingness that resides inside every being.
The on that brings them to the brink of their destinies.
I unify.
I break apart.
Yes, I am a contradiction.
I am a raging cry, but a gently whisper.
An inner agony.
A pained reflection.
Whisper is my guardian.
I am an island, surrounded by her jealousy.
I do not have many friends.
Whisper paints the bark with her aqua hues, and hence paints the rocks with the bark’s despair.

Darkness sets …an anguished cry escapes, echoes and fades.  
Like a crack in the edge of darkness, an unsettling symbol of destiny
This is Brink
Brink is destiny.
Brink is purpose.
Brink is …impulse.
My name is Whisper; yes that is my full name. I was born of the Greater, and the essence of Brink.
He is the son of the forthcoming doom.
I am, and I am not.
I live, and I live not.
I die, and I die not.
I am the core of nothingness that resides inside every being.
The one that brings pain, affliction and prosperity.
I whisper.
I scream.
Yes, I am a contradiction.
I am a raging cry, but a gently whisper.
An inner agony.
A pained reflection.
It is my purpose to defend Brink.
I am a force, surrounded by evil.  
I do not have many friends.
Whisper paints the bark with her aqua hues, and hence paints the rocks with the bark’s despair.
Brink’s heart beats, and breathes life whilst emitting an ominous truth, and hence his heart is the essence of truth itself.

For all who dare attempt to walk upon these shores or sail these ere seas…

Welcome to hell.
This poem is a conversation between destiny and force. Destiny is represented by an Island called Brink (as in reaching the brink of a new discovery), where forceis represented by a surrounding sea called Whisper (a silent screaming death *Irony). They are also represented as mother and son. A strong-willed force protecting new discoveries and new destinies. An idea that however many things there are in life that try to take your destiny from you, it will be protected. What is your "Whipser?" What protects your destiny? Perhaps ...Whisper and Brink are the same thing ... Be passionate about protecting your dreams :)
Robin Carretti Jul 2018
A-Start the best part*
A-Healthy heart breakfast

Not so fast slow down of prayers
Just come and arrive
Sheer whispering Dress Aline
shapes of water are mine

The Green Gables sweeter lime
The twins whisper in doubles
The pink fur Hello Kitty
My best of the cattle in couples
Meet her friend the Furry Sable

The loud whisperers stealing hearts
Of sleepwalkers
They call her the wanderer
He whispers and she's the keynotes
"Her Real Estate' A-Steal for her estate diaries

But their children love to whisper

The crayons Highlights of the wonderland
Building more Ancient dreams

Stealing the grapes of whisper escapes
Like  A-dream planted to remain
A steal cannot take that away
Even if it's you're last meal

Walking with the one you love for miles
Come on baby light my fire
Whispering Morrison door to save
A dream to give the world peace
Like wishing well pulling the rope

Whisper could that be your prayer of hope?*
The guitar the invisible impossible star
And he steals another dream  
Whispering shadows pass like clouds

Australian Malamutes doing the salute *

Got strung along
And lost you

*A-STEAL for an eye for an eye
  just give a life

Whispering over again wasn't
the way to play smart
Losing my voice
How to trust someone's words
So hard like the concrete
The abundance of food
Ala carte or Dente

A-Steal dream putting it
into your mind

Whispering Falltime Women in her
Acorn-SHOE* prime time
Walk-in closet Godly light
Like the Viking of swords

Where to go who will ever know
Not a pin drop of a slight whisper
Clasping or gasping for air
The Holy Water was left

For the delicate minds
of the deer
That light talk of resistance
Lips of acceptance

With her silken pillows
Tied their dreams
Sopping wet rain
The French soothing whispering rainfalls
Wearing her trenchcoat
Whispering her sugar words
He could find me peace
to my river
Like two peas in a pod to float
A Steal how love can tweed his coat
My difference is hearts like "
Owl Hoot"
Just feel you know what's real
Often told the end is truly the taste
to breathe
Even if you are deep inside her dream
To justify her means
Like the Queen to the Diplomat
The highest authority

You almost felt only your whisper the priority
The Aristocrat cleaning up your
bad dreams
*High beams a spoiled love
Like a *** for the Tat

Not the fairytale Dr. Seuss
Cat in the Hat- or the desperation
of one last whisper
Up the sunrise eyes are speechless
The Astral my Goddess
You are the creature of the night
Shining the light never ending the battle night

Smells of baked cake through your nostrils
Rocky mountains of Colorado dreamy caves

Hearing  sounds but living in the distance
The romance blinded like a ghost
winning out the odds

The Even lovers like the Gods whisper
Canadian waterfall talking love deeper

Doing Pilates what *Yogalates loving the
yodeling dreaming watching him the diver
Going dirt biking just love the dreamy feel of hiking

"Hearing Attention ****** in the Summertime"

All blue eyes what a dreamer
The good Earthly brown so worthy
The Cafe Eyes

A steal dream like a spilled milk
Our cat "Jade Eyes" did I hear you
correctly an heir?

Summer the Kings speech air
The assembly line
Good and the bad memories
The years getting away with ******
The law of attraction what a steal in order

Erasing someone's scent
A- million stars you found your truth
Looking outside of your dream
Was your *Godly
Whispering has many advantages and its amazing to see someone in your dream like your lover the mountains hiking or dirt biking and the change of seasons to *******
The Power Of A Whisper

A whisper makes you listen
It can stop you in your tracks
Can gives words different meaning
Create memories that will last

Whispers cause new feelings
They can change a point of view
Will help to stop the anger
When someone's mad at you

A whisper gives true comfort
Allows a calming peace within
If you listen very closely
You'll hear a whisper in the wind

A whisper sometimes can be heard
From way across a room
To feel the power of a whisper
Just whisper I Love You


Carl Joseph Roberts
Steven Forrester May 2016
Whisper whisper
In the wind
Feeling somber
Let it begin
Whisper whisper
Let me in

Life is fleeting
Painful and plentiful
Disdainful and beautiful
Soft and mellow
Hard and brutal

Whisper whisper
In the wind
Feeling somber
Let me in
Whisper whisper
Let it end

Gracie Anne Nov 2014
Whisper to a scream
It doesn't matter anymore.
Whisper to  a scream
My whole life is just a chore.

Whisper to a scream
Someone just come and help me.
Whisper to a scream
All I want is to be free.

Whisper to a scream
I just can't wait to be free.
Whisper to a scream
It won't be that long, you see.

But yet, my whisper to a scream,
I'll still fight to the end.
Whisper to a scream,
I'll fight for you, dear friend.
Story of my life... lol
A wave-washed gull calls like a silver horn, on the whisper of the Portwinds.

A heavy trawler slices the water, chomping seaweed with its rudders; a distant thumping thunder, on the whisper of the Portwinds.

A woman gave birth today to a lad at sea, but what nationality shall she claim for he? A radio signal goes out to her parents, on the whisper of the Portwinds.

A creaking mass in the dark of night; "Did you see that captain, or was it my mistake?" The shadow of a trade-ship from centuries past, on the whisper of the Portwinds.

But something rumbles, something turns, something quakes and something churns; what lay in the deepest parts of the ocean that we cannot rule? There's rumours only, and their songs are sung, on the whisper of the Portwinds.

For who we are, and how we are bound; how we are governed and how we were found, Australia is a young tale, still being told, on the whisper of the Portwinds.

Yes, Australia is a young tale, still being told, on the whisper of the Portwinds.
SassyJ Jul 2016
Tis' what we read on the papers
Tis' what we see on the television
Their vision and perceptions*
Their stereotypes and plans

What is the truth?
Tell me, show me, down in the valley
Tell me, show me the reflection of the river
Tell me, show me the hope I long to touch
Tell me, show me the wicked terrorists

Who are they?
Those who claim to be the heroes
Those that aim to pain the human race
Those whose politics is like poly-tricks
Those who control the media and sell reality

In the galaxy whisper.......
Whisper, as these mercenaries are ruthless
Whisper, as these crazed creatures rule the world
Whisper, as these ***** sell the same old story again
Whisper, as these lies they give are well spent to confuse

A reflection in the mirror glare
It's not ironic that my fuse is blowing in trips
It's not a rant, but open the wider realms and eyes
Its not a truth but the hamster wheel they rotate
It's not a lie that the manipulation they fixate aches

Edward Snowden, John Lennon, Noam Chomsky, Bob Marley
Whisper because if you speak loud as Snowden
they won't pardon but promise to crucify your flesh
Whisper because if you speak as John Lennon
they will sacrifice your fresh to the turbulent rivers
Whisper because if you speak loud as Noam Chomsky
they will eradicate you from the facade institution
Whisper because if you sing the truth as Bob Marley
they will put you in a volcano as it cries eruption

Attack their gravity of lies ??
My beautiful people, I am sick of the system
My body is weak and my soul denied it's nature
My mind knows that it is ridiculous, the blues
My heart rules but it is slowed by the dishonesty
My beautiful people, I am you, you are me, we are we
My tongue justified as it tears cloud in the dark alleys
My lungs are deprived of the radiant oxygenated air
*My all knows that the democracy they sail is an autocracy
For the recording follow the link:
Water Lily Sep 2014
When I find myself in love of Mr. impossible
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
And in the night of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

When my heart is broken by Mr. Possible
Pieces of my heart are floating in the Dead sea
There will be an olive branch coming with dove , let it be
For though  I am feeling desperate
There is still a hope you will see
There will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Yeah there will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Ah let it be, yeah let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

And when my mood is cloudy
There is still a smile that shines on me
Shine on until forever, let it be
I cry like the sound of wind,
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
Yeah let it be, let it be
Let it be, yeah let it be
Oh there will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Let it be, yeah let it be
Oh there will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Ah let it be, yeah let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

"Let It Be"  beatles

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

And when the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer, let it be
For though they may be parted
There is still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Yeah there will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

Let it be, let it be
Ah let it be, yeah let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be
And when the night is cloudy
There is still a light that shines on me
Shine on until tomorrow, let it be
I wake up to the sound of music,
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
Yeah let it be, let it be
Let it be, yeah let it be
Oh there will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Let it be, yeah let it be
Oh there will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Ah let it be, yeah let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be
Ashes2Ashes Mar 2016
Whisper whisper in my head
Please be silent when I tread

Whisper whisper in my room
Please go away soon

Whisper whisper in my dreams
Please, my mind is tearing at the seams

Whisper whisper everywhere
You know what,I don't even care

Whisper whisper of the dead
Please let me join you instead......
sara Dec 2013
pull me through time pull me through rips in the universe that my gods scratched with harsh voices
bask in the pale of ignorance and the lack of structure in my words
bathe in my pretentiousness
and look for the beauty
in the small things
the spot on her nose and the way a pine tree smells
scream scream scream because i'm almost something scream scream scream because i can't feel who i am from the inside of myself scream scream scream because i have lost so much i have suffocated a person inside of me scream scream scream
whisper whisper because i hurt myself today whisper whisper because there's ink in my veins now whisper whisper there's purple underneath my nails and it isn't my own whisper whisper whisper
i'm turning my suffering down so i can fit into the lives of others and be comfortable i cannot bare to take up all the space my body wants me too
what will happen?
i will slip under the quicksand and my body will go back to the earth
it's 11:57 pm
Always Ally Nov 2012
Give me a reason to love you
From every little thing that you do
Whisper my name
Whisper your love
Give a reason to love

May it be the way you see things
May it be that way you wink
Only at me
Calling me your baby

Just one reason is good enough

Give me a reason to love you
From every little thing that you do
Whisper my name
Whisper your love
Give a reason to love

The way you leave me notes
The way you try to hide it when you gloat
When you wrap your arms around me
At night
Keeping me safe
Making everything alright

Just one reason is good enough

Give me a reason to love you
From every little thing that you do
Whisper my name
Whisper your love
Give a reason to love

The way you kiss me under the moonlight
The way you always miss me
And tell me I'm right
I don't think I'll ever
Let you go
But you need
To know

Just one reason is good enough

Give me a reason to love you
From every little thing that you do
Whisper my name
Whisper your love
Give a reason to love

You gave me a million reasons to love you
And now I think
I do.
Tom Blake Apr 2016
I'm a whisper
A whisper
In the wind.
I am blowing
Through the trees
I am as fresh
As the morning breeze.
I am
Just a whisper, whisper in the wind.

My whisper echos over the hilltops,
Over the seas
And, ever so far;
Listen to that little whisper,
You may hear me say...

I am Blessed, ever so Blessed
By so many things;
Mortal Soul
Will one day be layed to rest.

May you hear
that little whisper.

By: Violet.
LJ Jun 2016
Miles turn away
My lungs deflate
Miles turn away
My soul dilate

Slate me if you may
In slips, pin me on ground
Trump your boots on flesh
In slopes do brace, dare me

My dear, whisper
as you voice fades
on electronic wire
our mire desires

My dear, whisper
as I am a quiet  
sat on the woods
under torrential rains

My dear, whisper
in the dense wood walks
as I journey in jungles
sting me in quagmires

My dear, whisper
again say it, tell it
that you love me
under lighted tunnel

My dear,whisper
cut the storm short
surround me utterly
shed your feelings

My dear, whisper
for all to see and stare
wipe my tears, my seer
give me all I need
Edward Feb 2012
Where are you my friends long forgotten by many? Why does this emptiness persist?
Loneliness dominates where happiness and laughter once resided.
Why do you not answer me? Be still no more my friends, laugh for me.
Whisper to me that all is fine

I am so alone; your company escapes me, I long to see your smiles
Empty spaces from my youth, we laughed and stood strong side by side.
Our laughter echoed throughout. We shed our tears in our comfort
Whisper to me that all is fine.

How do I survive on these memories that tear me apart?
This sorrow will not subside; Show me how to survive this ugly pain deep down.
Let this life be ended so that I may join you and laugh again.
Whisper to me that all is fine.

But go on I must, oh life, unwanted life, full of misery.
Why must I forever toil in this darkness without you my friends.
What worth am I, now you are gone? How shall I speak of your passing?
Whisper to me that all is fine.

Let the wind carry your words of comfort, Tell me that happiness is around the corner.
And yet, the emptiness persists, my heart aches with tears, shall I scream in utter frustration and longing.
Simple are the words that pass my lips. I miss you. Yet the weight is unbearable.
Whisper to me that all is fine.

Words can not describe this chasm of unrelenting sorrow.
Unfinished melodies, cast out to empty air. Unheard
Whisper to me that all is fine.

Written By
Edward Green
Dec 29/06
Ainsley Aug 2015
Whisper "nothing like a journey’s end"
Fire round the riverbend
Toes under sheets far beneath the sand
Smoke arise the dawn is high
She laughs to let the moment pass by
Whisper why, whisper why

Approval from a distant moon
Photography, an old saloon
Oh all this time, it was always just us two
Twirling round my silver spoon
A coffee stain, a baby croon
Oh you never knew, the song was you

Whisper downstairs where the music lies
Laughing bout late nights, long drives
Forgot our blues in the radio highs
Toss away all our plans
Build a new world with these hands
Whisper we can, whisper we can
This is a song I'm writing; I've barely even started but I was so excited that I couldn't wait to post it!
Brandon Apr 2011
Standing outside
Staring into your bedroom
Standing outside
Watching you undress
Standing in the corner
At the edge of your bed
Standing in the corner
Watching you sleep

And I whisper
You and I
We were made for each other
And I Whisper
You and I
We were made for the other
And I say
If only you knew

Standing outside
Staring into your bedroom
Standing outside
Watching you undress
Standing in the corner
At the edge of your bed
Standing in the corner
Watching you sleep

Long shadowed nights
Alone in the back of my car
Not too far from where you're parked
Long shadowed nights
Alone in the back
Not too far from where you are

And I whisper
You and I
We were made for each other
And I Whisper
You and I
We were made for the other
And I say
If only you knew

...And we were made for one another
...And we were made for each other
...And we were made to be together

And I whisper
You and I
We were made for each other
And I Whisper
You and I
We were made for the other
And I say
If only you knew

You and I
You and I
You and...
This is a love song...about stalking.
Whisper to my ear
what I already know
to be the truth
within my soul.

Whisper, darling,
loud and clear,
until I hear your calling.

Whisper once again
and whisper more
for I dare not yet believe.

Whisper, keep on whispering
until I see the shining light
that's covered up in lies
inside me.

Whisper to my ear
until I kneel and bow
and to my faith

Until I remember
what I already know:
how true the calling
of my inner whisper.
Jazzy Lake Sep 2013
You are famous to me, but I'm just a cigarette break to you.

It's been a while. My skin still burns when I think of how you touched me. I have permanent bruises in all the places your beautiful hands caressed my body and it still burns where your hot mouth has met my skin. You've done things I'll never forget, burnt holes in my sensitive skin with your ravishing mouth. Sometimes, if I think too much, I still crave your expert touch. I still remember everything. Everything...

~Sunday, August 25th, 2013~

I can feel you watching me. Your red glassy eyes flicker towards me as I switch positions on the couch, blinking at the large TV mounted on the wall. But never the less, I know you're watching me, can feel your gaze on me, and I love it. The amount that I crave your attention is literally insane. I crave to hear you speak, your voice is calm but drives me inwardly insane. You are everything that is attractive, you are everything my boyfriend is not...
    I don't think you know I see you watching me. I lick my lips and blink slowly, turning my head to look right back you. Our eyes, and you, with your greedy gaze, doesn't break the contact. It's like a challenge. Your lidded eyes like a puzzle that mine need to piece together. I cannot look away. I watch as you get up from the floor where you've been sitting, and make your way over to me. Still not breaking our eye contact. I try to keep my mouth from going too dry, my heart from beating too fast. All you're doing is walking, that's it. But. You move behind where I'm seated on the couch and and I feel your steady hand firmly grasp my shoulder, stinging my skin. You bend down and whisper in my ear, breath tickling my cheek. "Come outside with me?" My stomach twinges pleasantly. My mouth does, in fact, go dry. Your breath smells like hard liquor and the sweetest of roses mixed together. I nod slowly in reply to your question, a question we both know is really a command that I could never refuse. Even in... present company. After glancing at your brother, who is watching me with a look like I have just slapped him in the face, I ease myself off the plush cushions of your families expensive couch, and into an unsteady standing position. I follow you out the door and into the cooling backyard. Closing the door behind me, I turn to see you lighting up the blunt you were rolling when it was light out. Placing the bud between your lips, you take in a huge inhale, holding your breath and then blowing swirls of smoke towards the sky, your eyes closed in bliss. You sit down on the old wooden chair, and I sit on it's arm as you pass me the joint. Our fingers touch. The connection is held for too long. My fingers burn, not from the heat... I pull my hand away slowly and put the drug to my mouth. Then, on my second inhale, it happens, "Could you kiss me?" You ask, almost like you're asking me to pass the sugar. I cough, and the smoke escapes my nose and mouth.
"Excuse me?" my voice sounds raspy and quiet. Again, my eyes can't leave yours.
"Do you think," you say, and your face moves closer to mine, so you can whisper to me from only inches away, "that you could kiss me?"
      Again, it's not really a question. I lean forward, so that our lips brush, just the smallest amount, I inhale as I let my eyes fall shut, and then I push forward, and kiss you. Finally. You're rough, right away sinking your sharp white teeth into my bottom lip, but not letting me have your tongue. I can only lick at your teeth begging for entrance, but I can't get what I really want. It's over way too fast. You pull back and look at me smugly. But then... your look changes so quickly from smug to something like're reaching up suddenly, to run your soft thumb over my lower lip, feeling where you ****** it until blood almost broke it's surface. I let out the breath I didn't know I'd been holding.
"I--You good?" You question, and you seem genuinely concerned. And I really can't think why you should be.
"Fine." I say. My mind feels fuzzy and I hear a buzzing in my ears and I'm craving your rough touch all over again. It's all I can do not to reach out to you, to touch you, your lips, cheeks, your sharp chin, fluttering eyelashes, run my hands all over you. And you know exactly how I feel. As I stare into your light brown, slightly clouded eyes, I know you're going to give me what I want, because I know you want it too.
"Commere baby…" you whisper, nodding in encouragement as if to say yeah, that's right... The corner of your mouth twitches when I straddle your lap, sinking down, my legs wrapping around your muscular waist. Your huge hands snake around my lower back, pulling me that much closer and then you wrap one hand around the back of my neck so that our foreheads are pressed together. And then, as you're pecking me on the tip of my nose with your perfect lips, you ask me. You ask me if this is okay. If what we are doing right now is okay with me. I want to let out a laugh containing no mirth whatsofuckingever. Because of course it ******* isn't! It is so incredibly not okay on more than 100 levels. But, incase you're wondering, here are several that I thought of instantly: I have a boyfriend at home. You have a girl living in the valley. Your little brother, the one who brought me with him to this very house, is in love with me and everyone knows it. Your little 15 year old brother's worst fear is happening right now. What I told him would never happen because I cared about him too **** much. This is so not okay. But maybe...maybe that's why I love it. And I need it so baldly. I have been patient. I have waited. I have wanted this for too long. Wanted you even before the first time we met when you held out your hand, white sleeves of your sweatshirt rolled up to reveal your soft skin, to shake my quivering one at the studio, three months ago. I didn't know I would ever feel that same, soft, tanned skin, those long, smooth fingers on the back of my neck, on the hot skin of my lower back. But I am. And right now, it is my job to make you feel good. I want to. So...Is this okay? I smile.

       "It's perfect." I breathe, because right now, with our foreheads pressed together, with our eyes connected in ferocity, with our bodies so close, it is so terribly perfect. And that is all the implication you need. In one soft movement, you slide your fingers from the back of my neck to my chin, tilting it upwards, allowing our lips to meet once more. Our mouths smash together, my breath catches in my throat as you take that same hand and run it through my knotted, wavy hair, ******* a handful as you let your warm mouth open, and finally allow my searching tongue to explore. But my dominance is short-lived, because I feel your tongue begin a battle for power with mine, and I give up and sigh into your mouth when I feel your teeth woking at my lip again. Our tongues dance, playing roughly and ruthlessly and I grind down on top of you, squeezing your waist with my thighs.

      But as I do that, you pull away.
     "W--Please...!" I choke, grabbing for the back of your neck, trying to let my lips catch yours again. But you have something else on your mind. Pushing my hair from my neck, you sink you teeth into the sensitive area behind my ear, licking over the bite, only to press your lips to the soar spot again. You're mouthing at it, ******* and biting as you overwhelm me with your ******* expertise. My breath falters. Your fingers are crossed behind your back, as you breathe your pretty lies into my neck. You're so're like a little gorgeous, precious, perfect little body...I need you...I want you...have to taste you...(Myname). Let me taste you. And I actually moan aloud. It's an accidental sound that escapes through my slightly parted lips, but it's filled with this deep need that consumes me so thoroughly. And my little sound shoots straight through your body, down your spine making you shiver. I can feel you growing under me and I grind down harder onto you, because I need to make you feel good. My hands are on your shoulders and my back is arching toward from you, your lips attached to my neck, working down lower and lower until your mouth reaches my collarbone. When you sink your pearly teeth into it, I gasp and continue to grind down onto your lap, letting your big comforting hands snake their way under my cotton shirt and explore my bare back. I, in turn, give your firm shoulders a quick squeeze before releasing my hands, only to grab the hem of your sweatshirt and pull it roughly over your head, leaving just your think red T-shirt, whose sleeves stretch over your bulging muscles. I attach our lips again, letting you tease under my shirt, letting you **** and bite at my puffy, kiss swollen lips. But for you, this isn't enough. If I wasn't lying to myself, I would have known this wouldn't be enough for you since we first began. You absolutely crave the feeling of pushing boundaries, know that maybe, if you try hard enough, you can get whatever it is that you want. And you're whispering to me again, biting my ear, ******* my throat...
     "Come with me baby. I need to taste you. Let me *******..."
     I let out an audible breath into your shoulder, but this time it's finally my turn to pull away. I look into your eyes, which seem to be slowly clearing as you stare intensely back at me, licking at your plump lips, raising your eyebrows in the smallest of questioning looks.
      "What is it baby? You all right?" Your voice is low, hoarse, concerned, but still, coated with sugary want. I literally need you so much right now that I cannot even stand it. I find my voice.
      "It's--I'm fine...It's just--" And as I look into your dark eyes, I cannot tell you anything but the raw truth: "It's that I haven't done this before." I whisper, so quietly I can hardly hear myself say it. You do though, because for a split second something that I can't quite place flashes across your face. But in one swift movement, whatever it was that clouded your mind, you brush away as you pull my shirt over my head, revealing my plain black bra. And now It's all I can do not to wine out loud at how much I carve contact, full contact, for us to be pressed, chest to chest with each other. And you're muttering to me again.
    "Let me take you inside, take you to my room, make you feel so good, feel so amazing like you deserve. I wanna be the first to make you feel the best you've ever felt. I wanna ******* babygirl, let me."
     I cannot believe you said babygirl. Another boy flashes through my mind. I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to block him out. I've never been able to do that very well. Self control never has been my strong suit. **** this.
    "Yeah," I breathe, "yeah, make me feel good. **** me." And really, I know it must have been the 'babygirl' that did it for me more than anything. But how were you to know? When you say it, I'm done. So ******* done. And I need you now. In this moment, I need you more than I've ever needed anyone in my whole entire seventeen years of living.
     I let you lift me up like I weigh as much as a bag of snowflakes, while my shirt lays forgotten on the ground, my arms around your neck and my legs wrapping around your beautiful body. As you push through the door back into your warm house, I bury my face in your neck breathing in your delicious smell and knowing in my whole body what's about to happen. Next thing I know, I feel myself land softly on your bed, in your bedroom, your shirtless body looming gracefully above me, with the most ******* ****** song (Kiss Land by The Weekend) playing in the background. (JAKE: THIS SONG WAS ACTUALLY PLAYING GOD HELP ME) I have to touch you, I think to myself as you lean teasingly over me. But as I reach out, you pull back, just letting the tips of my fingers graze your soft stomach muscles for barley one second and I don't think you understand how you're taunting me. Its like you've just lit up a cigarette in a closed elevator and I'm trying to quit my addiction. I have to touch you. But then again, of course you know what you're doing to me. You're a ******* expert.
      "Close those beautiful eyes baby." You whisper, still just far enough away where I can't quite reach you. My body literally shivers. Before I do as I'm told, I look up and down your body, biting my lip to stop from doing... I don't know what. Making sound? Licking my lips? All I know is I'm biting it so hard that I'm almost drawing blood. I can't show you how much of a weakness you are to me. You're standing above me as I lie on the soft, red, masculine smelling sheets of your bed breathing like I just ran a race against a cheetah. I can't keep my eyes open any longer, it's like you staring at me is hurting my eyes and forcing them shut. As I let my eyes flutter closed, I feel you lean down and place your hands on either sides of my head, moving yourself into a position above me, but still not touching me. Our faces must be inches apart because I can feel your hot breath. I jump when your finger brushes my bottom lip, making me release where I've been obsessively chewing it. And then, you place your cool palm on my stomach, painfully slowly dragging it downwards until it rests on the zip on my jeans, and as your fingers scrape down my stomach, as you touch me, it feels like you're cutting me open with a jagged piece of glass. It hurts when I look at you, and it hurts when I don't. But at the popping of my jeans button, my eyes instinctively flash open again. Breathlessly I watch your thumbs hook the belt loops of my jeans and pull them down, all the way to my ankles. And suddenly, I feel your hot breath on my stomach. You're so close. And I need you so bad. And your hands are running delicately up and down my thighs. But you're not giving me what I want, because you're so ******* cocky. Maybe it's because you know how much I want it. As and your breath ghosts lower, I take in a shuddering breath...and whimper.
     "Yeah?" you ask, "you want it?"
     "Yeah," I reply, because I do. So much that I can't say anything else.
     "Then tell me how much." You whisper, your breath right on me, making me try to push my hips up off your bed, but your hands hold me in place. How do you know you're supposed to say that.
     "Hmmm...How bad baby? How bad do you want it, huh? How bad you want me?" Your voice is like the smoothest silk, like velvet, like cream. I didn't know this kind of thing happened in real life. Something so perfect. But this is real. This is really happening. You. You, in this moment, want me. Just like I've been wanting you. So I open my mouth, speaking as calmly as I can, and I tell you just how ******* bad I need you. How I need your mouth on me and how I need you to taste me... otherwise? "I don't think I'll be able to be quite so good...if you don't-- take me right now. I need you so bad...So bad." And then, you look up at me. Our eyes meet. And you say one more word.
     "Beg." You breath, pressing your lips to me and saying it again, "Beg."
     "Please..." is all I can say. And finally, you rip away the unneeded layer, and take me. Your tongue is slow and languid and you're an expert at work. And it is the best feeling in the world when my body shudders, my toes curl, my back arches. And all the while, you're telling me how good I am. How you don't deserve me like this. You're thanking me. And it doesn't make sense. I should be thanking you for the best ******* ****** of my life. But I can't even move...and as you brush your tongue over me again, my body shudders violently and I let out a soft cry trying to twist away.
    You crawl up my body.
    "Wanna taste?" You whisper. I lean up and meet our lips again. You taste amazingly sweet with just a hint of liquor left. But I can still feel you hard against my leg and it's you who needs it now. I let out a little wine, trying to reach down for you, and you understand. Smiling like you mean it, like you know how good I'm trying to be, you move to my entrance, tracing it with your ****.
    "Wait." I whisper. You continue your slow teasing, but I know you're not going to do anything I'm not ready for, really. "I'm scared." I breathe.
    "I know bab
Marnelli Abian Aug 2014
Would you please
Look into my eyes
And entropy you will see
(you, distorting the spectrum of light,
Exploding all there is to me.)
Would you please
Inch your lips to mine,
And there just leave it be.
(just a stroke of lush
To sow the spring of kiss.
Ohs of delightful rush
To a cascading lovers’ bliss)
Would you please
A word of touch.
A love or too much
To catch me breathless
To keep me soulless
Would you please
Move in sync with me,
Let out a gasp of ecstasy,
And taste the thrilling mystery
Of yours and mines rhapsody.
Just a look, just a kiss
Just a touch to give me bliss.
One more stroke, one more wheeze,
One more…would you please.
A parade of leaves dancing within the willow,
Draping branches dangling in the breeze.
Chattering sparrows
Laughing with the hint of rain.
Rumbles of thunder humming
A loud whisper.

A growing whisper
Takes shelter within the willow,
Quietly humming
A song for leaves in the breeze,
Droplets of rain
Shower the chuckling sparrows.

Feathers of the sparrows,
Drift away, soft as a whisper.
Sprinkling rain
Gets lost within the branching willow,
The feathers play hide and seek in the breeze,
And the thunder continues humming.

The thunder is still humming,
While the feathers of the sparrows
Float in the breeze,
And storm clouds whisper
A strong kiss of wind through the willow,
Allowing a canopy of rain.

The creek floods with rain,
While the rumbling remains humming,
Dancing willow,
The sky imprisons the sparrows
The lightning sings a whisper,
Disguised as a breeze.

The fall leaves stir up in the breeze
Drenched in fresh rain,
Rainbows whisper
Over the thunder’s loud humming,
The return of the laughing sparrows
As they perch within the willow.

The humming of thunder in the distance, the whisper of lightning,
The after smell of rain, lingering in the breeze
The buzzing of sparrows, perching within the willow.
a sestina.
WistfulHope Apr 2015
When I look out and see the Boston skyline

I whisper like you're still here next to me
     I whisper like you can here me
          I whisper like you never left
               I whisper like I'll be okay
                    I whisper like it won't bring a tear

And sometimes you whisper back.
preservationman Feb 2015
Praying coming from the heart
My faith in believing from the start
Yet the Lord spoke to me in both of my ears
He told me I had nothing too fear
Heaven may seem far, but he is always near
Later my joy became a shout
My whisper was praise in what I was talking about
Assurance having influence
Heaven’s wonders providing endurance
The whisper being silent words
Yet through the Lord they were heard
My soul is full of Hallelujah
The praise that was my target aim
To the unbeliever I don’t feel shame
My daily whisper is the encouraging words from Heaven
Every whisper that became its own joyful voice
Being the servant and making a choice
My spiritual time for all the world too see
The whisper prayer for the world consisting of we
Thank you Lord for that whisper with you
It’s my daily walk and praise you deserve that’s due.
Kerrigan Reyes Apr 2014
Hush little Whisper
dont you cry
Daddys gonna sing you a lullaby
and when the lullabys all said and done
Mommas gonna sing another one
and when that songs done and gone
Daddys gonna buy you a dead mockingbird
And when that mockingbird tries to sing
Daddys gonna  stab it with a blade
Then hes gonna go far far away
And leave you to fend for youself
and youll cry youself to sleep every night
and Mommas gonna **** herself with a knife
Hush little Whisper
dont you cry
not everything is at it seems
and one day its all too much
and you whisper to yourself
"Hush little Whisper
dont you cry
everythings gonna be alright

In another day, in another year, in another life."
Ollllllllllld,as in 4 years old xD
Mark Lecuona Jan 2012
I’m ready
To be inside you
Inside your life
Inside your mind
Inside your body

I’m ready
To feel you
Feel your life
Feel your mind
Feel your body

I want your passion
Let me give you mine
When you look at me
Can you hear my mind?

Can you?
I am calling for you
I will set you free
As no other man can do

I’m ready
To join you
Join your life
Join your mind
Join your body

I want your passion
Let me give you mine
When you look at me
Can you feel my mind?

Can you?
I'm going crazy for you
I will set you free
As you dreamed I would do

Yes I am the answer
I am no longer a fantasy
I am the man you want
What's real will be our ecstasy

I want to look deep inside
I want to see who you are
I want you to let me go inside
Where no man has been before

I’m ready
To love you
Love your life
Love your mind
Love your body

Yes I want to make love to you
All day and all night
Yes I want to make love to you
Your fire I will ignite

I’m ready baby
Can you let go?
I’m ready baby
I’m telling you so
I’m ready baby
Will you hold back?
I’m ready baby
This is no act

Let me whisper
And tell you what I want
Let me whisper
And tell you what I will do
Let me whisper
So you can forget your fears
Let me whisper
And tell you how beautiful you are
Let me whisper
And tell you how you make me feel
Let me whisper
I will never hold back
Let me whisper
And tell you I love you
Let me whisper
Until my voice drowns in our passion

I’m ready
To be inside you
Will you take me in?
Will you take my life?
Will you take my mind?
Will you take my body?
Will you?
I’m ready*

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved. Mark Lecuona
Jared Van May 2012
The echoes of silence whisper
Before you first kiss her
And the cruel love vender
Tempts you with splendor.
With a touch so tender
An elephant won’t remember.

What’s to remember?
After the three words she’ll whisper
With a look so tender
Directions to kiss her
And feeling of splendor
From this stomach butterfly vender.

The memory vender
Will cause you to constantly remember
The way she makes you feel splendor.
Sorrow is at a whisper
And it’s silent when you kiss her
And lock hands tight and tender.

Love is a butterfly beautiful and tender,
Sold carefully by a careless vender.
Pitching his sale every time you kiss her
With his silver tongue you won’t remember,
Love can hurt, cuts can be made out of a whisper
But even roses have thorns and sorrow its splendor.

How come I feel splendor
When my words touch tender
Like the hand of a whisper
And the feel good vendor
Sales. She’ll always remember
The way you make her feel when you kiss her.

So never forget to kiss her.
Because it makes her feel splendor
And will make you both remember
Through the touch so tender,
Why you sought out the cruel love vendor
And can’t keep your three words at a whisper

So kiss her tender,
Serenade her with splendor and be the vendor.
Make her remember the echoes of silence whisper.
BarelyABard Nov 2012
Is that what we wake up to every day?

Fast food and gas stations are forever stamped in the corners of my eyes as they are looking through the glass of minimum wage to the red flashing lights of a man hoping to get back to his children safely.

Is life is a pointed dagger then my blade is rusted and dull when I wonder why I even try some days.

Do I dare defend my pride and still demand something more than this? Is this a call for engines in the air or wings made of wax? Death would be more alive than waking up to another day of shampoo commercials and microwave dinners.

You are always whispering in my ear though dear and telling me that you're more than just a particle flown into my imagination from a world so oh very different than ours.

Are your eyes as bright as I imagine? Will the glare from them blind me from the tax collectors whip and will your laughter drown out the screams of onlookers who are throwing peanuts through the bars at my feet?

Will your kiss melt me and cause me to fall into wind like leaves in a storm, a tornado of color and beauty..?

I lay in bed and my eyes close tightly, my breathing slows and thoughts drip into pits men drown themselves in, the murky waters of nihilistic cynicism...

Though my hand will still not be closed around yours when the sun rises, the whisper lets me know you are still awake and searching for me too...
Third Mate Third Jun 2014
you cannot wish love into existence (or how it came to be)*

came and was asked,
make us a star.

smiled and whispered to the
mother night belly black and
and their star,
unequivocal was given

came and was asked, for a cooling fooling breeze.

smiled and whispered to the clouds,
rush past us faster and shed us thy ease
and so refreshed,
gave up hands high grace salutes

came and was asked, why be alone,

whisper for her
to love you

smiled and whispered
this I cannot
nor would I want to do

came and was asked,

why be alone,
whisper for you
to love her

smiled and whispered
this I cannot
nor would I want to do

whisper what you will
but love
is a wondering and a wonderment eternal

a perpetuity of never knowing,
perfect surety is not love

it is a why without an answer,
a question's question imperfection

why you love today,
maybe a continent different
why you used to, or first to,
and tomorrow's raison d'être
as yet undreamt, unrealized,

you can whisper many things into being,
but beings in love are motions special,
and entitled to a category special

admixture of reason and lust,
hunger and thirst,
needy to be needed
needy to be giving,
the balance whacked,
constant change its formulae
called vagaries, chemical imbalances,

should I whisper,
call out for love,
making it so,
there would be no why,
without the why,
what worth this be

so when you do whisper

I love you,*
admit it is a question
and an answer simultaneous,
it is a whisper of certain uncertainty
Levi Andrew Jun 2014
You whisper to him...

"I love you.."

I whisper to her..

"I love you.."

What if it's you I love?

What if it's you that I want?

I dream..

You whisper to me...

*"I love you.."
Allison Rose Nov 2011
A girl sits listening to the sky whisper
Secret lines to the brilliant sun
That listens to the apple tree
Where she defies gravity
Closing her eyes tightly; swinging
Keeping rhythm to the beats of the butterfly’s wings

And suddenly she too has wings
And can hear the clouds whisper
The branches all around her swinging
Shielding the heat from the sun
The sun needn’t fear gravity
Flying high above the tree

A boy sits under an apple tree
And watching the silky sparrow’s wings
As it flits away from the ropes of gravity
He calls out, a whisper
Wishing he were bold as the sun
But never stopping swinging

And with two feet on the ground he keeps swinging
Even standing tall as a tree
Looking to the bright sun
For inspiration on the sun beams’ wings
The wind merely a whisper
The boy can feel the gravity

The girl too, feels the gravity
But still she’s swinging
In the light of the setting sun
She hears a distant whisper
She slows under the heavy, wilting tree
And closes her wings

Softly the boy looks to the disappearing sun
As it gives in to gravity
Handing over weary wings
To steady his heart’s swinging
Looking past the haggard tree
To hear the reply to his whisper

Two hands together swinging
Two names carved in a tree
Two voices barely a whisper
hazem al jaber Jul 2017
Let me whisper ...

i'd like to whisper ...
into your ear now ...
would like ...
would love to do ...
to whistle to you ...
all my poems ...
old and new ...
which it all tells ...
only about you ...
about my feelings ...
and how i fell in you ...

let me sweetheart ...
whisper my words ...
while i'm hugging you ...
with a smile of happiness ...
showed into my eyes ...
and covered my heart ...
with a fast beats ...
running happily ...
because i'm so close now ...
only with you ...
whistling my words ...
into your ear ...
words comes from my heart ...
directly to yours ...
while my arms around you ...

yes sweet angel mine ...
i want to whisper and whistle ...
to you ...
because you touched me ...
and gave me the happiness ...
that happiness i need ...
and need nothing than ...
only want to be with you ...

today it's our day ...
our feast's love day ...
and i'm going to sing my words ...
as a love's song ...
only for you ...

i will whisper to you now ...
into your ear ...
telling you ...
love you my sweet bird ...
and will let all people know ...
how much i love you ...

hazem al ...
A Symphony


To Jessie


. . . Parts of this poem have been printed in "The North American
Review, Others, Poetry, Youth, Coterie, The Yale Review". . . . I am
indebted to Lafcadio Hearn for the episode called "The Screen Maiden"
in Part II.

     This text comes from the source available at
     Project Gutenberg, originally prepared by Judy Boss
     of Omaha, NE.



The sun goes down in a cold pale flare of light.
The trees grow dark: the shadows lean to the east:
And lights wink out through the windows, one by one.
A clamor of frosty sirens mourns at the night.
Pale slate-grey clouds whirl up from the sunken sun.

And the wandering one, the inquisitive dreamer of dreams,
The eternal asker of answers, stands in the street,
And lifts his palms for the first cold ghost of rain.
The purple lights leap down the hill before him.
The gorgeous night has begun again.

'I will ask them all, I will ask them all their dreams,
I will hold my light above them and seek their faces.
I will hear them whisper, invisible in their veins . . .'
The eternal asker of answers becomes as the darkness,
Or as a wind blown over a myriad forest,
Or as the numberless voices of long-drawn rains.

We hear him and take him among us, like a wind of music,
Like the ghost of a music we have somewhere heard;
We crowd through the streets in a dazzle of pallid lamplight,
We pour in a sinister wave, ascend a stair,
With laughter and cry, and word upon murmured word;
We flow, we descend, we turn . . . and the eternal dreamer
Moves among us like light, like evening air . . .

Good-night!  Good-night!  Good-night!  We go our ways,
The rain runs over the pavement before our feet,
The cold rain falls, the rain sings.
We walk, we run, we ride.  We turn our faces
To what the eternal evening brings.

Our hands are hot and raw with the stones we have laid,
We have built a tower of stone high into the sky,
We have built a city of towers.

Our hands are light, they are singing with emptiness.
Our souls are light; they have shaken a burden of hours . . .
What did we build it for?  Was it all a dream? . . .
Ghostly above us in lamplight the towers gleam . . .
And after a while they will fall to dust and rain;
Or else we will tear them down with impatient hands;
And hew rock out of the earth, and build them again.


One, from his high bright window in a tower,
Leans out, as evening falls,
And sees the advancing curtain of the shower
Splashing its silver on roofs and walls:
Sees how, swift as a shadow, it crosses the city,
And murmurs beyond far walls to the sea,
Leaving a glimmer of water in the dark canyons,
And silver falling from eave and tree.

One, from his high bright window, looking down,
Peers like a dreamer over the rain-bright town,
And thinks its towers are like a dream.
The western windows flame in the sun's last flare,
Pale roofs begin to gleam.

Looking down from a window high in a wall
He sees us all;
Lifting our pallid faces towards the rain,
Searching the sky, and going our ways again,
Standing in doorways, waiting under the trees . . .
There, in the high bright window he dreams, and sees
What we are blind to,-we who mass and crowd
From wall to wall in the darkening of a cloud.

The gulls drift slowly above the city of towers,
Over the roofs to the darkening sea they fly;
Night falls swiftly on an evening of rain.
The yellow lamps wink one by one again.
The towers reach higher and blacker against the sky.


One, where the pale sea foamed at the yellow sand,
With wave upon slowly shattering wave,
Turned to the city of towers as evening fell;
And slowly walked by the darkening road toward it;
And saw how the towers darkened against the sky;
And across the distance heard the toll of a bell.

Along the darkening road he hurried alone,
With his eyes cast down,
And thought how the streets were hoarse with a tide of people,
With clamor of voices, and numberless faces . . .
And it seemed to him, of a sudden, that he would drown
Here in the quiet of evening air,
These empty and voiceless places . . .
And he hurried towards the city, to enter there.

Along the darkening road, between tall trees
That made a sinister whisper, loudly he walked.
Behind him, sea-gulls dipped over long grey seas.
Before him, numberless lovers smiled and talked.
And death was observed with sudden cries,
And birth with laughter and pain.
And the trees grew taller and blacker against the skies
And night came down again.


Up high black walls, up sombre terraces,
Clinging like luminous birds to the sides of cliffs,
The yellow lights went climbing towards the sky.
From high black walls, gleaming vaguely with rain,
Each yellow light looked down like a golden eye.

They trembled from coign to coign, and tower to tower,
Along high terraces quicker than dream they flew.
And some of them steadily glowed, and some soon vanished,
And some strange shadows threw.

And behind them all the ghosts of thoughts went moving,
Restlessly moving in each lamplit room,
From chair to mirror, from mirror to fire;
From some, the light was scarcely more than a gloom:
From some, a dazzling desire.

And there was one, beneath black eaves, who thought,
Combing with lifted arms her golden hair,
Of the lover who hurried towards her through the night;
And there was one who dreamed of a sudden death
As she blew out her light.

And there was one who turned from clamoring streets,
And walked in lamplit gardens among black trees,
And looked at the windy sky,
And thought with terror how stones and roots would freeze
And birds in the dead boughs cry . . .

And she hurried back, as snow fell, mixed with rain,
To mingle among the crowds again,
To jostle beneath blue lamps along the street;
And lost herself in the warm bright coiling dream,
With a sound of murmuring voices and shuffling feet.

And one, from his high bright window looking down
On luminous chasms that cleft the basalt town,
Hearing a sea-like murmur rise,
Desired to leave his dream, descend from the tower,
And drown in waves of shouts and laughter and cries.


The snow floats down upon us, mingled with rain . . .
It eddies around pale lilac lamps, and falls
Down golden-windowed walls.
We were all born of flesh, in a flare of pain,
We do not remember the red roots whence we rose,
But we know that we rose and walked, that after a while
We shall lie down again.

The snow floats down upon us, we turn, we turn,
Through gorges filled with light we sound and flow . . .
One is struck down and hurt, we crowd about him,
We bear him away, gaze after his listless body;
But whether he lives or dies we do not know.

One of us sings in the street, and we listen to him;
The words ring over us like vague bells of sorrow.
He sings of a house he lived in long ago.
It is strange; this house of dust was the house I lived in;
The house you lived in, the house that all of us know.
And coiling slowly about him, and laughing at him,
And throwing him pennies, we bear away
A mournful echo of other times and places,
And follow a dream . . . a dream that will not stay.

Down long broad flights of lamplit stairs we flow;
Noisy, in scattered waves, crowding and shouting;
In broken slow cascades.
The gardens extend before us . . .  We spread out swiftly;
Trees are above us, and darkness.  The canyon fades . . .

And we recall, with a gleaming stab of sadness,
Vaguely and incoherently, some dream
Of a world we came from, a world of sun-blue hills . . .
A black wood whispers around us, green eyes gleam;
Someone cries in the forest, and someone kills.

We flow to the east, to the white-lined shivering sea;
We reach to the west, where the whirling sun went down;
We close our eyes to music in bright cafees.
We diverge from clamorous streets to streets that are silent.
We loaf where the wind-spilled fountain plays.

And, growing tired, we turn aside at last,
Remember our secret selves, seek out our towers,
Lay weary hands on the banisters, and climb;
Climbing, each, to his little four-square dream
Of love or lust or beauty or death or crime.


Over the darkened city, the city of towers,
The city of a thousand gates,
Over the gleaming terraced roofs, the huddled towers,
Over a somnolent whisper of loves and hates,
The slow wind flows, drearily streams and falls,
With a mournful sound down rain-dark walls.
On one side purples the lustrous dusk of the sea,
And dreams in white at the city's feet;
On one side sleep the plains, with heaped-up hills.
Oaks and beeches whisper in rings about it.
Above the trees are towers where dread bells beat.

The fisherman draws his streaming net from the sea
And sails toward the far-off city, that seems
Like one vague tower.
The dark bow plunges to foam on blue-black waves,
And shrill rain seethes like a ghostly music about him
In a quiet shower.

Rain with a shrill sings on the lapsing waves;
Rain thrills over the roofs again;
Like a shadow of shifting silver it crosses the city;
The lamps in the streets are streamed with rain;
And sparrows complain beneath deep eaves,
And among whirled leaves
The sea-gulls, blowing from tower to lower tower,
From wall to remoter wall,
Skim with the driven rain to the rising sea-sound
And close grey wings and fall . . .

. . . Hearing great rain above me, I now remember
A girl who stood by the door and shut her eyes:
Her pale cheeks glistened with rain, she stood and shivered.
Into a forest of silver she vanished slowly . . .
Voices about me rise . . .

Voices clear and silvery, voices of raindrops,-
'We struck with silver claws, we struck her down.
We are the ghosts of the singing furies . . . '
A chorus of elfin voices blowing about me
Weaves to a babel of sound.  Each cries a secret.
I run among them, reach out vain hands, and drown.

'I am the one who stood beside you and smiled,
Thinking your face so strangely young . . . '
'I am the one who loved you but did not dare.'
'I am the one you followed through crowded streets,
The one who escaped you, the one with red-gleamed hair.'

'I am the one you saw to-day, who fell
Senseless before you, hearing a certain bell:
A bell that broke great memories in my brain.'
'I am the one who passed unnoticed before you,
Invisible, in a cloud of secret pain.'

'I am the one who suddenly cried, beholding
The face of a certain man on the dazzling screen.
They wrote me that he was dead.  It was long ago.
I walked in the streets for a long while, hearing nothing,
And returned to see it again.  And it was so.'

Weave, weave, weave, you streaks of rain!
I am dissolved and woven again . . .
Thousands of faces rise and vanish before me.
Thousands of voices weave in the rain.

'I am the one who rode beside you, blinking
At a dazzle of golden lights.
Tempests of music swept me: I was thinking
Of the gorgeous promise of certain nights:
Of the woman who suddenly smiled at me this day,
Smiled in a certain delicious sidelong way,
And turned, as she reached the door,
To smile once more . . .
Her hands are whiter than snow on midnight water.
Her throat is golden and full of golden laughter,
Her eyes are strange as the stealth of the moon
On a night in June . . .
She runs among whistling leaves; I hurry after;
She dances in dreams over white-waved water;
Her body is white and fragrant and cool,
Magnolia petals that float on a white-starred pool . . .
I have dreamed of her, dreaming for many nights
Of a broken music and golden lights,
Of broken webs of silver, heavily falling
Between my hands and their white desire:
And dark-leaved boughs, edged with a golden radiance,
Dipping to screen a fire . . .
I dream that I walk with her beneath high trees,
But as I lean to kiss her face,
She is blown aloft on wind, I catch at leaves,
And run in a moonless place;
And I hear a crashing of terrible rocks flung down,
And shattering trees and cracking walls,
And a net of intense white flame roars over the town,
And someone cries; and darkness falls . . .
But now she has leaned and smiled at me,
My veins are afire with music,
Her eyes have kissed me, my body is turned to light;
I shall dream to her secret heart tonight . . . '

He rises and moves away, he says no word,
He folds his evening paper and turns away;
I rush through the dark with rows of lamplit faces;
Fire bells peal, and some of us turn to listen,
And some sit motionless in their accustomed places.

Cold rain lashes the car-roof, scurries in gusts,
Streams down the windows in waves and ripples of lustre;
The lamps in the streets are distorted and strange.
Someone takes his watch from his pocket and yawns.
One peers out in the night for the place to change.

Rain . . . rain . . . rain . . . we are buried in rain,
It will rain forever, the swift wheels hiss through water,
Pale sheets of water gleam in the windy street.
The pealing of bells is lost in a drive of rain-drops.
Remote and hurried the great bells beat.

'I am the one whom life so shrewdly betrayed,
Misfortune dogs me, it always hunted me down.
And to-day the woman I love lies dead.
I gave her roses, a ring with opals;
These hands have touched her head.

'I bound her to me in all soft ways,
I bound her to me in a net of days,
Yet now she has gone in silence and said no word.
How can we face these dazzling things, I ask you?
There is no use: we cry: and are not heard.

'They cover a body with roses . . . I shall not see it . . .
Must one return to the lifeless walls of a city
Whose soul is charred by fire? . . . '
His eyes are closed, his lips press tightly together.
Wheels hiss beneath us.  He yields us our desire.

'No, do not stare so-he is weak with grief,
He cannot face you, he turns his eyes aside;
He is confused with pain.
I suffered this.  I know.  It was long ago . . .
He closes his eyes and drowns in death again.'

The wind hurls blows at the rain-starred glistening windows,
The wind shrills down from the half-seen walls.
We flow on the mournful wind in a dream of dying;
And at last a silence falls.


Midnight; bells toll, and along the cloud-high towers
The golden lights go out . . .
The yellow windows darken, the shades are drawn,
In thousands of rooms we sleep, we await the dawn,
We lie face down, we dream,
We cry aloud with terror, half rise, or seem
To stare at the ceiling or walls . . .
Midnight . . . the last of shattering bell-notes falls.
A rush of silence whirls over the cloud-high towers,
A vortex of soundless hours.

'The bells have just struck twelve: I should be sleeping.
But I cannot delay any longer to write and tell you.
The woman is dead.
She died-you know the way.  Just as we planned.
Smiling, with open sunlit eyes.
Smiling upon the outstretched fatal hand . . .'

He folds his letter, steps softly down the stairs.
The doors are closed and silent.  A gas-jet flares.
His shadow disturbs a shadow of balustrades.
The door swings shut behind.  Night roars above him.
Into the night he fades.

Wind; wind; wind; carving the walls;
Blowing the water that gleams in the street;
Blowing the rain, the sleet.
In the dark alley, an old tree cracks and falls,
Oak-boughs moan in the haunted air;
Lamps blow down with a crash and ****** of glass . . .
Darkness whistles . . . Wild hours pass . . .

And those whom sleep eludes lie wide-eyed, hearing
Above their heads a goblin night go by;
Children are waked, and cry,
The young girl hears the roar in her sleep, and dreams
That her lover is caught in a burning tower,
She clutches the pillow, she gasps for breath, she screams . . .
And then by degrees her breath grows quiet and slow,
She dreams of an evening, long ago:
Of colored lanterns balancing under trees,
Some of them softly catching afire;
And beneath the lanterns a motionless face she sees,
Golden with lamplight, smiling, serene . . .
The leaves are a pale and glittering green,
The sound of horns blows over the trampled grass,
Shadows of dancers pass . . .
The face smiles closer to hers, she tries to lean
Backward, away, the eyes burn close and strange,
The face is beginning to change,-
It is her lover, she no longer desires to resist,
She is held and kissed.
She closes her eyes, and melts in a seethe of

— The End —