Brandi R Lowry Jul 2015
Life is a test
A series of choices

Your time here is measured
By the venom in your voices

Give unto others without reservation

Help your neighbor
With no hesitation

Feed the hungry

Remove discrimination

Offer a hand

Become an inspiration

Open your mind
Start a revolution
Inspire a change
To create the solution

With our eyes cast downward
We pretend not to see
The misery and demise  
In the wake of our greed

If someone is hungry...
Cold or unloved
Offer your heart
Give them a hug

What you share
Will return tenfold
So offer a hand
Help carry the load

Offer a smile
Share your bliss
Inspire others
Change what is

Share your joy
Inspire others to love
We can change the world.

Cat Fiske Feb 2016
I have read so many wonderful poems,
haiku's, 10 words, so many more, and none are alike!
But we tend to forget about spoken word poems,
Hello Poetry, can you make it possible to share our spoken words as well as our massive pile on's of endless poetry. Spoken Words would add to the sight, and only make it better.
I wish I could also Use Hellopoetry on my mobile phone, in an app,
I'm not sure about anyone else, but that would maybe add to HP

Please consider what I've had to say, c:
Please send repost like and share and comment anything else you think the sight needs since it's growing in great ways. Please share and like if you agree c:
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
Gave him my sandwich
Because he was hungry, and
Wouldn't have eaten.
But I have something greater...
He needed that more.
Give a man a sandwich, you'll feed him for a day (or if he's a teenage boy, for an hour)
Give a man the gospel, and you'll feed his soul for eternity.
Steele Jun 2015
There are 10 kinds of people in this world,
and binary accounts for them all.

They're happy and sad.
They're ones and zeros.
Villains and heroes.
Villains, yet not all bad.
Despite everything life decides to hurl;
Despite every brick ball of fear
Through the stained glass windows of their minds,
Through it all, they survive.
They're angry and glad.
They're happy and sad.

And in their duality, they're still smiling there
at your sharp hasty words
at your venomous hurt
that you wish so desperately they, too, shared.
Love thy enemy.

Special thanks to Kelley A Vinal for the binary inspiration. You can read her poetry here:

It's pretty solid.

Edit: Holy Daily, Batman! Wow, I'm so honored. Glad you all like it so much! :D
Nina May Oct 2015
Dust on fans, cluttered rooms
you're still beside me
I know that's true
red nights, take it how you like
you're still beside me  
I have to thank you
Darker thoughts, and mistrust
you've reassured me, no matter what
I trust you, I do
Past has bruised me,
but eventually they disappear
yours have not, I see that daily
Ill tread with caution,
you seem to save me
Daisies, and messy clothes
my muddy water remains,
We share a lake, you and I
with turtles, fish, and cranes
dragonflies coasting above our rippled waters
our lake is never dry,
you seem to save me,
you and I.

We think them

We feel them

We share them

We write them

We visualize them

But what prompts us to think of a thought?

Are thoughts created?

Or were they already there from the start?
Jack Thompson Mar 2015
I'm cold. A chill in the air.
Wood fire dwindling to smolders.
Ash crisped cinders to share.
Cotton between our shoulders.
That endearing musk of burnt wood.

A soft kiss on your cheek.
My arm wrapped round you.
I whisper in your ear
those words I do love to speak.

"I'll distract you not from the beauty of this world,
nor the loves you've counted.
I'll never let you waver from your hearts dream.
Stay true - look up ahead and mine will be seen."

This faint light up ahead.
It flickers and dances.
Clawing and bubbling to break.
Daylight will be upon us, no chances.
Don't blink or you'll miss this.
The birth of life - light years away.
An explosion of color flooding the sky.
Life inspiring feeling - opposite to grey.
Rain of warm power filling my voids.

A dream born anew each day.
A love found in you.
Explored in every single way.
A never ending gift.
If only we're awake.

Just then as it broke.
Did you feel it?
I felt yours and you mine.
Our hopes and dreams become one.
A valley of trust now glowing.
Warm tones red through yellow.
Delivered by the morning saint.
My dream revealed.
Endless passion only the sun could paint.

Has it made its way to you?
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Mike Hauser Apr 2014
Here's a little something to make you feel good
In hopes it brightens up your day
A poem to let you know that you are not alone
Come what will, come what may

Here's a little invite to the morning
To what is now the start of your day
If you could RSVP that we can expect your company
Then we'll be all packed and on our way

Here's a little tune that we can all hum
Laying it out in perfect harmony
Finding what's important in life setting all else aside
Will be the one song that we sing

Here's a little moment to make it happen
The perfect amount of right in our frame of mind
If you find that you are hoping that the good times now are open
Then you my friend again are right on time

So here's a little something to make us feel good
To help send us all along our way
If we all jump into this flow, no telling where it will go
Through out this new bright and wonderful day
AnActualToaster Apr 2014
Silent feeling you called pain
You'd scream at me, "Is this a game?"
But I just sit, an empty shell
You ask me why, but I won't tell
It's not that I've no faith in you
It's not that I don't care
My love for you is just too much,
So this burden, I won't share
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
Look at the happy people

Are they not all mad?

They’ll empty out their pockets

To give more, they wish they had

& they’ll do it with a smile

Because they genuinely care

May God bless the crazy people

Who give a damn when life’s not fair
Written Circa October 2011
Raghu Menon Aug 2015
It isn't difficult to befriend
Especially in this virtual/real world
A warm smile
A simple "hi"
A "like" in the social network
A "share" of a posting..

Just a spoon of warmth
A pinch of freshness
A drop of love
A bit of seasoning
Is all that  needed for a
Perfect recipe of friendship..

A show of solidarity
A mark of respect
A word of compassion
That is more than enough

If we cant even do that much
Then what is life for??
Joel M Frye Jul 2016
Come to me with tears, my eyes have cried.
Laugh until you hurt, I've been that manic.
Deceive me if you can, I know the lies
we tell ourselves in fear. I will not panic.
Pound my chest in anger, feel my strength;
know I know your pain, yet do not feel it.
Tell me of your breaking heart at length;
words absorbed and heard the salve to heal it.
We together know we can survive;
after all, we'd chosen different roads and
gone our separate ways just to arrive
in time to hold up one another's loads.
You think you weigh me down, yet do not see
my burden's lighter when you lean on me.
Do you hear me friend?
supman Dec 2015
Minsan ako,
minsan siya
pilit mong pinaghahati,
ang oras mo sa aming dalawa

Ayaw ko ng may kahati,
gusto ko ako lang
Gusto ko masabi,
masabi  na ikaw ay akin lamang

Hindi ka isang tinapay na pwedeng paghatian
Hindi ka isang laruan na pwedeng ipahiram
Isa kang babae na dapat pahalagahan
Isang babae na mahal ko at dapat pagingatan
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