Sebastian Dec 2013

You know those tears you get
When you can't stop laughing
Because you don't want to
And they just rest on your cheeks
Until you finish your laughter
And you wipe them away

You know those tears you get
When you watch a sad movie
And you feel like the characters are real
Even though they're not
And the tears just rest by your lips
Until the movie is over
And you wipe them away

You know those tears you get
When you say goodbye to a friend
And you don't want them to go
But they need to go
And the tears just rest on your chin
Until the dust settles
And you wipe them away

You know those tears you get
When you walk down the aisle
And everything is perfect
When love is beautiful
And the tears just collect on your eyes
Until you need to blink
And you wipe them away

You know those tears you get
When you remember yesterday
And you wish it were alive again
But it isn’t
And the tears just fall to the ground
They soak into the Earth
And you can't wipe them away

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Lunar Love Apr 2014

from rain,
should i turn into a storm?
howling like the wind,
making noise,
to get you to hear me?
more raindrops; more tears,
to make you feel
drenched in remorse?
harsher and faster,
much like a hurricane,
to get you to see
how messed up i am?
when i'm stronger
like the storm,
would you love me more?

The second part of 'love the rain—love me'.

stargirl Sep 2014

the only thing i feel now is the weight of my own tears

Satsuki Mar 2014

I've cried tears of sorrow
And tears of joy
And as these tears spill from my eyes
I can't help but to wonder
If they both elicit the same reaction
Is it because there's happiness in the sorrow
Or sadness in the smiles.

Emma May 2014

Tears like diamonds
Fall down my face
Scraping against it
Tearing the skin
Ripping the flesh
And easing the pain
Or increasing it

At this point
I don't know

Lunar Love Apr 2014

you said that
you love it when it rains.
little did you know that
it rains
whenever i shed a tear.
maybe that's why
you seem happy
even if i'm hurt;
you enjoy
whenever i cry.
and i'll always end up
exchanging your sorrow
for my euphoria,
in hopes of you
loving the rain—
me, my tears, and my pain.

IamMsIves Aug 2014

Feel my tears as it pour you today

It's the simple and only way

To let you know

That I love you

Oh God,

Don't stop the rain

The rain and my tears

Are one and the same.


I was talking to a friend on viber and tears just keep on flowing.
Caitlin Jul 2014

I care.
and its the one thing that causes me the most pain.
It breaks me to see and to discover that the people that I care for the most don't care at all, not necessarily for me. But not at all completely.

I have felt the deepest pain due to this "problem"
and no, I can't just stop caring.
Its not that easy.

Kassey Lane Jan 2015

Tears pooling in her eyes
Slowly, steady, realize.
Pull back to the beginning
Shamelessly pretending that your winning.
The hollow feeling in your chest,
How you pray for it to rest.
Hold your head above the shame,
Pull yourself together and play the game.

Ayesha Malik Nov 2014

A pair of glimmery eyes...

Almond brown

Shimmery eyes....

There lies misery untold...

and a true love to unfold...

From beginning to the end

Tears are their only friend!!!

Kerli Tulva Jan 2015

Gentle drops of Love
Slide down my heart
The foggy waterfall grows
When the drops gather in one.

The reflection
Of the crystal clear lake
Which resides at the bottom
Of the heart in tears
Is formed in the retina
Of the lucid eyes.

The lake is icy and cold
When the drops are frozen
To melt again in the warmth
Under the tears of Love.

Inspired by Vangelis.
Taya Nata Jun 2014

please don't fall in public
don't let them see
tears are just a reminder
of the pain inside of me

I never had a friend
who saw when my tears rained down
I never had a friend,
who cared if I was around

I used to try and hold them in,
late nights where spent pondering if death was the way
it seemed I was drunk off my pain, and my tears helped numb that

it seems to me that tears are just another way of numbing myself.

Sorry this is rough, my head is all over the place
Legion Apr 2014

When you see her cry
     you get a rag,
a gentle delicate cloth.
                                        Lovingly grasp her hand
                                               and dab its tip;
                                       dry each tear as they come.
                                                           ­                               And ask each drop
                                                            ­                                   why it'd leave
                                                           ­                               such beautiful eyes.

  If she wishes
to be in the sky,
  tell her to go.
                              Take the sun ransom,
                              and replace its shining
                                    with her own.
                                                            ­          So you can see her every morning
                                                         ­                          and wish for her
                                                                ­                  return each night.

When you see her scars
  both visible and non-
    touch each gently.
                                             And remind her
                                       that each and every hurt
                                            she has survived,
                                                       ­                                 has only made her
                                                                ­                   that much more unique;
                                                         ­                              that much stronger.

  Show her that she
  is a special person
and is worthy of love.
                                     That she deserves the love
                                            she fears to give...
                                            show her so that
                                                            ­                     one day after you're gone
                                                            ­                      she can find the strength
                                                                ­                    to go on without you.

    Tell her that while
she might not be a goddess
far above worldly desires,
                                          that she is amazing,
                                         for just being herself
                                    for being that beautiful girl
                                                            ­                   who thinks herself damaged
                                                         ­                         when in truth she's just
                                                            ­                    a different kind of beautiful.

   And finally, love her.
  Like a boy loves a girl
Till she finally remembers
                                            that that's what she is:
                                          not a scar, not a goddess,
                                             not a star. But a girl.
                                                           ­                         That deserves to be loved.

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