Breanna Smith May 2012
I lay awake in bed one late night
Letting memories wash over me
When a memory wondered into my brain
A memory of my childhood
Back to late nights
Just as this one
When I was cuddled up
With my soft big blue blanket
It was torn at the edges
One edge missing completly

It kept me worm in the winters
Made a great fort in the summers
Held me tight during nightmares
Wiped my tears when I cried
Let me rest in its vast softness
Made an elegant dress for dress up
The best padding for play fights
Made for the best tug-of-war
Between my brother and I
It made me feel at home on long trips
Kept me company
On the couch when I was sick

Now where is my
Cuddly childhood blanket?
In a box in the attic
Waiting for once again
When it can be held tight
In the arms of a child
Sara Kellie Jul 25
Am I really that uncouth?
Have you lot yet worked out the truth.
The shit I write, it's so contrite.
I know you're dim
but I thought you might.
I've been feeding bananas to you all.
Big bananas, none are small.
All are bent, of course they are.
Enough's enough, it's gone too far.

Dear Voyeurs, to all my fans.
Some ride cycles, some drive vans.
for M&Y, yeah you're the guy.
So I bait my line and continue the lie.
But let's have it right, as well I might.
You wanted to play,
so pretended you're gay.
Now most I know aren't,
but one or two do.

Boiler repair guy with the twinkly eye.
Bent over in two, I spank with a shoe.
And all that he asks is, I call him Sue.
So I have him pegged,
for that's what he begged.
But now he knocks on my door
wanting much more.

Fuckin' Big Bent Bananas
by Kaydee.

(slurp, slurp)
Threw some big bananas out today.
Hope you all enjoyed the show.
How many of you busted a nut?
Fuckoff, none of you can even walk straight.
M&Y, Regenda, Big time Charlie, and you lot at 4am the taxi rank?
Not understanding what or why I'm doing what you can see, you just drank it all in.
Well here's some more. Only difference is here, just like I do mine, you all know your own truths and what is absolute shite, eh boiler repair guy!
Go on then drink it all up!
Lynn May 10
I'm sitting in the big chair
Taking my fingers and tracing them over the patterns
I'm making shapes and scratching into the fabric
A thread or two tug and make a noise as they cling to the tips of my nails

I'm looking at the wallpaper
Slowly moving my eyes and counting every stripe on the wall
White, blue, red, blue, white
I count 136 before i lose my place and have to start all over again
i notice a flaw in the pattern and move on

I'm closing my eyes and resting
Trying my hardest to ignore your gaze and your difficult questions
I don't speak
I don't listen
I don't feel
I just sit and rest
136 stripes, 208 triangles, 2 flaws- one in the wallpaper, the other is me

That's why i'm sitting in the big chair today
With the lady i don't care for
Listening to questions i don't know the answers to
Ignoring her cry for some sort of reply
therapy adventures
,I should be combating
No one else but you for who can tolerate an arrogant tyrant man
like you love of my life
And your defects and all your flows are way up so many
That even you can't
coun't them anymore
You just ruthless a Cal Hockley
for fiancee Rose in Titanic,
worse then Rhett for Scarlett
In Gone with The Wind, at least, Rhett asked that wretched greedy Scarlett to marry her with
a passionate killer kiss
You wanted me to cry of jealousy to earn my diamond ring and beg you to marry me like treating me
like garbage would earn you
me for your french HO wife!?
You act more like a spoiled brat capricious child than a grown up man day in and day out
You must always
be that great conquistador
you must always be
the only one who wins
You are the most selfish
and bully man
I have ever known to adore
But one fantastic thing about you
Erases all your selfish
And all at once I want
no other lover than you
At the precise right moment
You become this outworldly
other man Titanic Jack
Or Rick-Rhett I love and die for
Into a mad passionate lover man
You transform you are the best  
crazy lover in the world
How In an instant
You mature you get tall
an all grown-up a real man
You get biger then larger
and just huge, before my eyes
You are pure magic

Then there is this other you
I adore you make me laugh you make me cry you make me love make me mad you make me hate you make die for you
you make me jealous
madly in love with you I am
You give me life you sing to me we get drenched in sweat 
extasy and joy in each others arms underneath your
ivory silky Ruby that you are
In a second you shatter me
And with just one look  
In an instant, you make me,
whole again  no scars remain.
A wbole new me a work of art
in your arms reborn
and I can't remember any sorrows or any troubles that
you have ever put me through

I see how my friends are loved they seem placid
calmer and content with their man than you with me
You dig and dig my heart to bleed it you bring out
the worst in me I hate this
My friends receive gifts
and red roses
For their anniversary
and birthdays are a gathering
of simple married joys
Their man always say "yes" to them pleasing them in all
I tell them I am gold to you
That no favours I've denied
no birthing task ever too hard
to grant my man yet I sorrow
They never have constant disagrements they are convinced
That every couple enjoys simple pleasures like they do
and honored by their man
They just seem to thrive
Now compare just look at us
Look at this life, you give me love
Here nothing pleases you
always fighting through it all
is the life you give me yet you remain anchored to my heart
While you come and go
you are my wave you give me life I drown in tears of jealousy
you toss me up into your
wildest waves you're life
To me and death
Our many days of war
I wouldn't change them though
For I am as you want me to be
alive only in your arms

I am dead in every other place
I hate you, love you,
And you hurt me, love
Do not ever leave me love
Transform my grown up man  get big larger and huge
like only you can do
You make me feel so alife
Then I die when you walk away
then I love you and I hate you
You hurt me and I love you,
Don't ever leave me behind
I want no other man but you
You are in my arms that
Medium ever green I adore
transform in an instant
Not small not large
Just perfect
grande grande grande
mi amor lay with me
Take my breath away
only yours I am
In your arms
No troubles

~All rights reserved.~
MA great lover erases all tribulations heals the soul mind heart sealing it with a kiss or with a night of mad passionate love like Rhett took to Scarlett up the stairs in her RED gownloved by Rhett like never before a bitter unrequieted love unleashed sometimes taking a lover by surprise is the best cure for
unrequieted love to apeace.
Behind the eight ball
she sits.
From her pimp's
she's lead.
Deadweight, she feels
his ways and ills,
like cattle, that's branded.
Best she hustles,
or be backhanded.
Once molded,
she learns to light up
Big Daddy's cigar
and bring him his pie loaded.
More cabbage to fill his gold baggage.
Sometimes he spares a small leaf for her.
Though times she short, his fist takes sport.
And every night
she plays for the band
of her john's,
singing their song,
while a thousand pricks of light
inches along all wrong.
The nameless, faceless and most relentless
getting their fill.
A flower in her wails loves not fear.
However, Big Daddy's eyes are always near.
She knows better than to run
past the pasture gates
onto verdant fields,
free as a bird,
without a home, money or vocation
and ever so fearful of Big Daddy's gun.
A flower in her wails loves not fears.
As she remembers those first tears.
A Big Daddy's indoctrination.
It started off on social media,
a whim
a fantasy went wrong.
Three nights her body violated,
Big Daddy's cavalry,
descending on her picnic,
wax and whips,
a thousand pricks of might,
and the scream of the night.
Say hello to the new girl on the block.
A flower in her wails loves not fears.
Her youth robbed as the days morph into years.
Like a blur.
The guise, the lure, the drugs, the fear.
The trap.
Eighteen young became twenty-four old.
A lost puppy to her folks back home.
And every lost night
she struts her Prada dress a little higher
Big Daddy has a buyer.

Logan Robertson

To Desiree sixx  phoenix I read your poem, 304, regarding pimps. What strikes me are the 8.9k views and not one acknowledgment. How odd is that? I see shortly after, you quit writing here. I don't blame you.
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 26
When the Sogdian king, lost his son
Across the river, hands in hands with step mom
Step mom told the king:
"Big cat fish ate him! King"
Crying to death
Regreting his wealth
No food many days
Tried many ways
Calling out for guards
Searching every yards
Paying the temples
Ignoring gambles
Bending to his knee
Praying to the sea
Asking for a sign
Hope to see a line
Old monk saw him sick
Told him: "go and pick
Best fishing hooks there
Try to saile the river
Find the Big Cat Fish
Get him to a dish
Cut his stomach
Imagine it's cake"
After all of it
Cat fish escaped it
Turning around the boat
Calling out : "You Goat!
You're wife killed your kid
So kill her! Indeed!"
King was deadly shocked
No mercy of God
Rage was his weapon
To kill this dragon....
" wish I was no king
Could have my son under my wing"
That's what Said the king.....
Karu Kapi is an old Sogdian Manichaeian story, which I made a poem of it, the original ancient text is in manual Sogdian book by prof.Zarshenas. Sodian were one of the middle/ancient Iranian tribes
They were known for trading goods over the silk road
They had sharp hats and they were mostly Buddhist and Manichaeian
Those days Turks were using Sogdian as language of commerce
Location: from nowaday Uzbekistan upto Xinjiang province of China
Farzaneh.Qaf,M.A Scholar of Historical Linguistics
Jessica H Oct 2012
I held her cold, dead hand
I kissed her lifeless face
Memorizing every moment
Knowing that I would never feel the comfort of a mother's love again.
Her selflessness was her demise
She neglected and gave all of herself
She smiled so big
She spoke soothing words
She needlessly apologized
All in her last hours
Rachel Rode Sep 2016
don’t tell me that you will love me forever
don’t promise me the world
don’t tell me that my eyes are like stars
don’t call me yours
despite the sincerity in your eyes
these are just brittle lies
and you will break my heart like all the rest
because there is no such thing as big love
there are no soul mates
there is no grand plan for the great escape
so i will not tell you i will love you forever
i will not promise you the world
i will not tell you that your eyes are like stars
and i will not call you mine
and when you leave
maybe it won’t break my heart
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