your little voice
                    Over the wires came leaping
and i felt suddenly
     With the jostling and shouting of merry flowers
wee skipping high-heeled flames
courtesied before my eyes
                             or twinkling over to my side
Looked up
with impertinently exquisite faces
floating hands were laid upon me
I was whirled and tossed into delicious dancing
with the pale important
                          stars and the Humorous
dear girl
How i was crazy how i cried when i heard
                                            over time
and tide and death
          your voice
Jacob Mar 2015
Your voice
I can hear it
With my eyes closed
I can feel it
With my ears shut
The wind
I listen to
To find your voice everytime
Luna Craft Jan 2015
My voice trembles
words spill over lips chaotically
I want to fix my mistakes
and I want to explain
but my trembling voice makes all seem like lies
and the shaking voice that had felt like my own
smoothed out
letting the lies flow through
without my own consent
heather jackson Sep 2014
he growls
low & deep
in my ear
sweaty face tangled in my sweaty hair
"this is intimate"
a rumble with a giant hand squeezing my throat
"this you can not do with just anyone...'
& since i can barely breathe
i just look at him
a look that can only mean
i am
come back every night if you want.
Faith Gabito Sep 2014
You are the powerful voice that ordered the universe to be
You are the still voice that whispers into the depths of my soul and delights in me
You are the commanding voice that drives out demons
You are the gently guiding voice in every season
seasonalskins Aug 2014
her voice
tripped over cobble stones
drifted through waves

her voice
echoed in empty rooms
cracked through walls

her voice,
stays knotted in her throat
TAB Nov 2014
I can only hear your voice now
Through recordings
How sick is that?
I mean I do know for a fact
That you are dead.
But honestly I can't get it through my head.
Lukas Dec 2014
Open your lips, but nothing comes out
Open your lips, but the sound has gone mute
When you need it most your voice flounders
But when you don't need it, it sticks around
Find the voice to speak against something
Find your voice to stand for something you believe in
Find your voice and be the person you want to be
A voice for the voiceless
karins simanis Aug 2014
(Beats of our breath,takes our hearts to do it )

Sounds surrenders our community
Melody beats our voice
Movement is faster then sound

World is spinning like a coin
Truth or Dare
Imagination or Reality

Voice is our biggest weapon
Sometimes words hurt badder then actions
I am voice of voiceless,We are voice of voiceless
Styles Nov 2016
Touch you with my touch
make you feel the rush
of our bare skins brush
rubbing against each other
forever isn't long enough
for me to get enough
the sound of your voice
enjoying pleasures
making your whole blush
diving deeper than an ocean
the vibes got us open
we let it slide like some lotion
I'm in rhythm with your motion
slowly stirring our love potion
sunxset Apr 2015
she spoke to me
with a cold, hard voice
and i looked at her
like a sweet soft
touch on the bare skin,
and i loved her
just like that.
i don't know what to say
Penthesilea Nov 2014
Your voice was deep
like an endless well

Your voice was gentle
it made my heart swell

Your voice reached me
Your voice touches me with tenderness
Let it crawl underneath my skin
crack me open, baby I will let you in
His voice was enchanting, he catch me off guard once again :)
LN Apr 2014
I like music and catchy tunes
but the song that is your voice
is my favourite one yet.
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