Andy Cave Jun 2012
The littlest things make life so great
they lead you to a certain fate,
but you do not know what is to be
because fate's more vast than the sea.
Jade Sep 2015
By the bus stop
By the lake
By the curb beside my leg
In the sun
Or in the rain
In the cold
I'm shivering in
Wait wait wait wait
Waiting for the falling rain
In a drought has never been
I am atoning for my sin
Wait wait wait wait
Waiting for the flowers to bloom
In a winter storm has never been
I am barely holding it in
Wait wait wait wait
For the love of god
My soul to take
I cannot run from my fate
If it is to waste away while I wait
Fate will make our paths cross
But is it what I want? My future is someone else's, and soon it will be yours.

People say we are for each other, but is it truly so? A companionable silence will follow but nothing will grow. They say time will bring us love
I think not. Acceptance will grow but not of love

Love eludes me in this destiny, this cage I'm trapped in
My choices are yours, your choices are others
We are what they define us to be.
Love for us - It's nothing but an illusion
The only love we will ever have is to forever be
In love
With the idea of love.
Anna Sandberg Nov 2014
Along an unknown path
Distant from the place you call home
Voices summon you in the distance
Edging you to claim your destiny
New legends unfold and lessons learned while
Traveling to new lands
Under the strings of fate
Reach out to that light within and
E**scape through your dreams to release your inner self
amie Dec 2014
do you think it's a coincidence
that falling asleep
and falling in love
both start with falling
and end with you?
a short one today.
Pax Mar 2015

No bad deeds goes unpaid
strings of fate, never lose its raid.

a shout-out, tired, played to be a fool.
I've been played by my employer.
Manipulative and such a liar.
A Thomas Hawkins Aug 2010
Is our path laid out before us,
or is it something that we choose?
Are we guaranteed a victory,
is success just ours to lose?

How much free will do we have,
if any after all,
it seems when things are on the up,
that is when we fall.

Is that the way its meant to be?
A life of ups and downs,
ever shifting waters,
in which we're doomed to drown?

Or do the choices that we make,
determine how life goes?
I'd like to think this is the case,
but who amongst us knows?
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Ashleigh Black Apr 2014
It wasn’t our eyes when they met
or our smiles that we gave
or our hands when they touched
but our hearts when they felt
-- that was kismet.
Sorry for all of the updates. I'm just transferring old poems to here.
Paramount Pawn Apr 2015
Your being here
Is a testimony of fate.
That your existence alone
Is the reason for my existence.
James K Dec 2014
Either or; Neither nor
What good is it for?
The choices we make
And the steps we take
All lead to the same:
At the end of the game
With no pieces to move
And no one to love
We concede to the king
And accept the thing
(That is, our own death,
When we take our last breath).
Either way we try,
Neither plead nor cry
Can change our fate.
John-Chris Ward Aug 2014
Fate brought you here into my heart,
And fate tore us apart,
But I have faith in fate that it'll bring you back to this place,
The place where you belong.
One of  my best and most cherished friends, Tremain, left to attend her freshmen year in college at Berea in Kentucky. I want her to know that even though her friends and family miss her dearly, that we believe in her and know she'll do great things! :):):)
Roxxanna Kurtz Mar 2015

our paths

see you
Toni Oct 2014
Does Lady Fate guide my hand?
My eyes?
My mind?
My Soul?

And when I try to stray from her,
she brings
me back
on goal?

Does Destiny watch my life?
and guide
me through
bad times?

Does she know it will work out?
As she
and Fate
will guide
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