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Tatiana Sep 14
Hands wrapped around my throat
      like a bow
A gift to the present times.

Am I pretty enough in this
Squeeze my throat until I fall in line.
© Tatiana
This is the chorus from a song that I wrote.
cait-cait Apr 3
i put my hands on your throat ;

veins pumping red
like little boats
in the storm ,

your hands tangle around me ,
they grasp, tug, hit:
and this is a fight that
i am losing.

outside, it snows ,
and my pink skins flushes red
as you have burned me
from the inside out .

everything becomes white , when
you touch me
for the first time ,

and then i cry when you hit me .

we kiss.
he kissed me and it felt like i was hit.
Shadow Dragon Sep 16
Three orange lights
waiting in a cue.
Warm, pudgy and sweating.
Squeezing the last drop
of pure sweetener
down your throat.

Delicious syrup
growing and spreading
on the finger tips.
Feeding the eager.
Melting bright nectar
dropping down the thighs.

Saliva sprinkels
on the piano lips.
Playing chants
of **** and thirst.
Lavish liberation
buzzing for more bees.
Nat Lipstadt Mar 29
I'm your man,
your very own first Northern Star,
the first of the 3 legged stool,
upon which enthroned poets,
the world, do rule

the honor bequeathed me  
to be a  first follower cannot be
disdained nor diminished,
in this case,
the greatest is to be the first,
a quenching of thirst
so long in the parching,
the throat left burning

so come to me,
message me a message,
find me a find, a poem so fine,
I vow,
our vowed embrace will n'ere be broken

give me this honorific,
let us together be terrific,
raise our glasses,
arms entwined toasting you
and all that breast of yours
bursting full of fulfilling future~contains

I am a father.
I am a grandfather.
I am a First Follower.
I am a First Responder
for all who need a leg up.

my legs are as old as time,
measure me not by the rings and  the
metered scales of gray hair aging,
but by the muscles of my affection,
the solemnity of my irrevocable promise

the blessing we earn when you post,
while we wait in quiet attendance -
for your good works

"Blessed are You Lord our ***, Ruler of the Universe
who has given us life, sustained us, until just now,
allowing the reader and the writer, to reach this day."
zebra Jul 9
it was a dark dance
of an immovable body
as she was taken by the throat
death causing stupendous distortions
and an addiction to a lunar landscapes
somewhere between smothering
and seeing through a miraculous inner eye
deepening her sense of nothingness
as if pickled in a jar, and suspended in
like a cloud you can not fall through
where there is no reason for anything
and everything
movesless in a veiled corridor
an innerness, like a one-sided face

her  ******* wet with the scent of fear
she fell through the earth
into the infernal arms of

his kisses like eyes
she could see through
Mak Jul 2014
i love you i love every breath you take i love every sound that escapes your lips as i kiss that spot between your jaw and neck i love the way your hands touch my skin, no rush, nothing to prove, nothing but pure love braiding itself within my heart and reassuring my mind i love the way your voice sounds in the morning when sleep is thick in your throat and your eyes are heavy

KitaRaizal May 2014
The wolf howls
To let others in the pack
Know where he is
The wolf howls
When apon lonely
Calling out in the dead of night
Hoping to hear a call back
When he doesnt
His howls become more
Desperate a cry for help
A plead for another to be out there
Wearing their heart on their shoulder
Their pain buried deep with in
The unforgettable  truth
The pleas to be called back
Fur shivering in cold
Hearted rejection
Fever sets in
The wolf is loosing who he is
Kneeling over
Falling into a stream
Half covered
Half not
The chill of the November water
Biting into his skin
Fever crawling up the back of his throat
This poor wolf isnt going to make it
His heart beats faster
Black crawling at the edges of his sight  
Letting out one last heart felt howl
He slowly drifts away down stream
Trembling hard
Finally it all stops
Hes gone
His eyes roll back
His body falls limp
This lone wolf
Fell apart

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