nina Sep 2014
pick the flower
when you find one
and rip its petals off
like i would
your throat
Part of me will never forgive myself
for not following through on the promise I made to you

But another part
knows that you wanted me too
Forced me to

Part of my brain was already on the way to the store
to get cupcake making supplies

when the other part of me,
remembered that you don’t have a sweet tooth

Unless the cupcake was laced with misery,
there was no way you would sink your teeth into it

I wonder why you had wanted confetti cake
when all you know is grey

I wonder if you were hoping that I could bake some color
back into your throat

so that your own voice
mattered to you again

I convince myself that things are better this way
but it is like wishing on a cake the day after your birthday

Forced and futile
though appreciating the sentiments.

I would have given you the universe baked deep
inside of the cupcakes that were my proof that I could be worthy
Deepening Wells Feb 2016
I train my throat,
To take the smoke
But not to make these lyrics dope
Though I'm here to stay as I hoped
I'll smoke ya spirits and hope you choke
I'm getting better at rhyming guys. So excited cx
Matt Philips Mar 2010
She opened her mouth,
I shoved in my dick,
She swallowed so deep,
It made her sick,
Puke and saliva,
All over my cock,
But carried on thrusting,
She loved it, so I didnt stop.
I didn't have anything nice to say,
But my lips kept moving anyway.

I am not a violent person,
But I will verbally punch you in the throat.
JJ Hutton Oct 2010
whistle, call out,
bait me in,
i'm super fucking cool,
i can't forgive,
what i can't forget,
whistle, call out,
the neurons fire mad,
the adrenaline screams,
grinding teeth,
i'm super fucking cool,
whistle, call out,
taunt, bait,
think of your throat,
of your crippled arrogance,
i'd love to spill your blood,
i'd love to make you hate every breath,
but i'm super fucking cool,
so i'll watch from afar
as you spill your own,
going mad at the lack
of a response,
at the lack of an ally,
i don't have time to
to be bait,
to be horned,
to get drawn in and bitched,
i'm brando in a white t-shirt,
i'm fonzie decked in leather,
and you're a summer prick
whose season is in passing.
Copyright 2010 by J.J. Hutton
Please open,
I need to let it out,
I can't keep holding back,
I need to express myself,
But you won't let me,
You tighten,
Around my feeble words,
That cry from their prison,
To be allowed to show themselves,
But you won't let them,
I choke,
My whole body begins to shake,
And those lyrics that seemed so perfect,
I stare,
Into nothing,
Wishing I could speak,
But hoping more that I,
Can begin to sing in key,
But no,
You decide for me,
That my sentiment is not worth sound,
You refuse to permit my right to free speech,
By closing my vocal chords down.
Their eyes stare,
No sympathy,
Critical confusion,
In the end their glares usher me away,
I shuffle back from the microphone,
With an apologetic smile to my pianist,
I turn and leave the stage,
My hands hit the floor,
My head down,
Eyes down,
Tears fall,
Anger builds,
But only at my sorry self.
The rest of me was so strong.
But my throat gave away my pain.
Beth Richter Dec 2014
One step,
Bare feet.
Glance up,
Eyes meet.

Breath caught,
Dry lips.
Cheeks hot,
Stomach flips.

Throat clears,
Mouth parts.
Words catch,
Shiver starts.

Bright sun,
Sandy toes.
The ocean's words,
No one knows.

But you could hear,
Just like me,
Those salty waves,
That set us free.

We didn't speak,
Or make a sound.
You just took my hand,
Water bound.

There we stood,
Wet to our knees.
Closed our eyes,
And could finally breathe.
Marly Apr 2014
it feels like the blood inside my veins is moving like quick dry cement does ten hours after it's poured
simultaneously a storm brews in them
similar to how mom once brewed soup that tasted of distanced family and bile
bile which still resides in a clump at the back of my throat from the last time i said your name
you are he-who-shall-not-be-named since saying your name is as dangerous as saying Voldemort’s
monochromatic colour schemes make up my world, each day either tinted or shaded
usually shaded because I was told that dark colours are slimming and that thought never left my mind
rain smudges all of the pigments together and even my glasses can't correct my vision
i love rain but my rainbows are always brown-black
like those karate belts you had when you lived
or how she used to mix all of her playdoh together
i used to believe that she created the world that way
god i wish i was right.
things would be better with you her
Chelsea Nov 2012
Push Pull
Push Pull
Your behavior is unequivocal
Begging for change in the spiritual
But you are broke
Tied down by the literal
When your only inspiration is clitoral
Life is bound to be miserable
It's karma you have provoked
Stealing hearts is criminal
Your touch has become minimal
Your stratagem subliminal
Love is so cut-throat
ic Mar 2014
take the cough syrup,
it will help and heal
your sore throat and
bitter soul.
Ola Radka Jan 2017
Nourish your throat chakra.

Immerse yourself
in the ocean of your truth.

Let its blue waves of energy
carry you to the safe shore
of your inner core.
Have you ever stood outside
On a cold and windy day
And felt what the wind tastes like
As it moves along it's way ?

Have you tasted wind in summer
Hot and sticky in your throat
Have you tasted it while fishing
Standing on a sailing boat?

Have you tasted wind and liked it
Just before a summer storm
As it flows down past your gullet
Is it beautiful and warm ?

It is a simple gesture
Standing, tasting moving air
I don't think you'd really notice
Until it wasn't there

Esopheagal cancer
Stops the wind inside the throat
the simple act of tasting wind
Is now something in my note

Now, think of tasting wind again
Try tasting through a mask
You try but cannot taste it
It's not a simple task

Enjoy the feeling of the wind
Remember how it tastes
Different seasons, different textures
It's a feeling not to waste.
This is for my Mum who is presently fighting Espophegal Cancer along with cancer in a number of other areas. She is the strongest person I know.
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