Lindsey Ross Aug 2014
It feels like
I've been alone for years
And she is so beautiful
It hurts.
Suzanne Penn Jan 2013
I miss...
missing you
chasing you
wishing for you
to wish for me.

I miss...
excitedly telling you
who I am
and who I wish to be.

I miss...
not knowing
when I would see you
hold you
exhale your breath.

I love us now...
don't misunderstand...
but the anticipation
and the adventure
at times get over-powered
by the day.

I miss...
our breathless
and the almost violent need
to be close.
Craig Harrison Dec 2014
Love is when you are missing some of your teeth
but you're not afraid to smile
because you know your friends will still love you
even though part of you is missing

Love is when your hair is falling out
but you don't wear a wig
because you know your friends will still love you
even though part of you is missing

Love is when you lose your arms and legs
but you don't hide away
because you know your friends will still love you
even though part of you is missing

Love is when people accept you for who you are
and you can relax and breathe free
because that's what love is
Inspired by Emma k aged 6

I don't know this person but it was something I read online (first 4 lines) and I thought it was very cute and true and I wanted to share it with you
Sarah Spang Sep 2015
I think to be thoughtful
I speak to be heard
I write to decipher
The truth in my words.

I smiled to ensnare you
I laughed to secure
You slipped through the trap
That I built to procure

I kissed to consume you
I hugged to enfold
My arms close on nothing
You're no where to hold

I writhed to entrance you
I clutched you to keep*
Now the place where I hold you
Resides in my dreams.

I write so you'll read this
My hand pens the truth
All that I've written,
I've written for you.
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Atta Santoso Sep 2014
I lost a soul
Beautiful soul
In a blue dawn
I lost you

I lost my love
Now I have to live
My life without
I lost my cat, 14-9-14
Ellie Belanger Sep 2014
When I can't take the silence anymore
I type my little message,
send it to your cellular device
"Goodnight, sleep well."
When I really want to say
"I love you, sweet dreams."
And a few minutes later you say,
"Oh yeah. Good dreams."
And I want to kiss you,
smile at you, eat frozen raspberry yogurt
with you,
and I can't so
I guess I'll go to sleep.
Liz King Nov 2014
At sunset you told me
what you were holding back
your plans
your dreams
how wide they stretched
your eyes sparkled
at the road ahead

At sunrise
I found you missing

I recall
your plans
your dreams
the light in your eyes
did not include me
Le Lotus Aug 2014
On this rainy sunday night,
I am thinking about you,
My tears fall,
Down my cheeks.

It's a rainy sunday night,
And I am trapped here in my room,
Looking at the dark crying sky,
I am missing you ♥
It is sunday here in Malaysia! B)
Sandra Jun 2014
Why is it
When I see your face
All I could think of, is how much I miss you?
How much I want to keep laughing
And hugging
And cuddling you.
How much I want to keep you safe inside my arms
While your voice kept on mumbling about her.

I just can't help myself
From loving you
Even though you still don't understand it.

Why am I trying so hard to give you as much lights as I can
When I don't even have a small gleam to keep myself awaken
And alive?

All you're doing, is break me and hide the scars
Putting on as many band-aids as you can
And making my skin joins up together again
But you never take the time
To look inside my flesh
And see how much veins, and thews you have tore.

You flip my world upside-down
You break my bones all the time
You kissed my hopes away
Can you at least fix me once again?
it looks like you have my heart again.
adhi das Jan 2016
Wrapping me in a rose of love
She withered like dry leaves
Soaking me in endless deluge

Dear HP Family bro & sis & friends
Life is full of surprises here is one into the daily poem
Only just a month & few days into this big beautiful HP family so much of love affection support inspiration motivation got me here. I entered here becoz of myMuse & lucky I found precious souls here. My special gratitude to Eliot York ,pradip chattopadhyay, Brandon cory nagley,Salvatore ala, elsa angelica, Eddie Starr Poetry,jane bennet,Keith W Fletcher, Keith Edward Baucum Sassy Jchloe Elizabeth zobante,soul survivor, Rachel,anitha panicker shazia uallah, kuzhur Wilson melancholy of innocence, Sonja benskim mesher, Vanessa gatley, Rosalind heather Alexander,Richard riddle,poetic journal,Thomas a robinson,word vango, Vicki, ryn, tommy jackson,p venugopal, sk abdul aziz & of course all of u my dear HP Family.
Do I deserve it? Out there are many more worthy poets:)) I’m here today bcoz of u all & this poem is for all. my sincere warmest thanks love prayers to all HP brothers & sisters/ my muse/ moms/readers.
GOD LOVE YOU ALL dear HP Family 

♥for my muse♥
Michelle M Diaz May 2014
Fireworks, explosive sparkles of color filling the night sky
a way to show celebration, of any kind
Fireworks with the beautiful colors and shapes that
BOOM into the night
and all I can think about is you.
How I wish you were here, with me
tabitha Oct 2015
now it's come to this,
my sweet marijuana miss.
ugh i cannot sleep.
reporting live from my parents' couch
Dean Eastmond Sep 2014
I still find myself
feeling your skin
in the spaces between
bed-sheet creases

and if
missing you is like
swerving into
oncoming traffic,
then tonight
I’m sleeping
in the road.
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