Mfena Ortswen Oct 2015
The day will be light
Darkness will be night
The wind will blow
While rivers flow
The sun will glow
As night creatures lay low
Why trouble incessantly
With what happens tomorrow
As long as earth remains earthly
All will come and go
Sam Shoyer Oct 2014
Mountain air so crisp
Eager sun to kiss my lips
Valley sings a song
Sweet as glacial water
Pooling, icy at my feet
Bare and cut
They pace me through
The highest mountain pass
zara socha vo
jo kabi na socha tha
usko socha to ek soch ayi
aur us soch ko sochke ye soch

zara socho kyun ek nalayak fail
se achanak pass hone lag jaata he ..
kyunki beta
class ka seating plan hi badal jaata he ..

koi aage to koi peeche ..
koi dur se hi dhyaan kiche..
ki bhai kuch to bta de
zyaad ni bas thoda ..
pas hi ho jaun main ..
chal padhe life ka ghoda .....

badi ajiib daastan he ye ..
koi pass hone ko sochta he ..
aur koi pura paper karne ko
chahe kuch na aata ho...
Bas extra sheet pe sheet bharne ko,...
esa bacha kehta he..
bhai kuch to bta ..
zyaada nhi bas thoda..
raat ko neend ni aayegi mujhe
jo ye question chodha..

jo bethta hai aage uske
liye ban jaati he hot seat ...
last seat number ke liye bache bole..

baaat to yahan tak badh jaati he
answer ke liye dushmani bhulani padh jaati he ..
jisko bahar kehte he bache kaun ho aap
paper ke awaaz aati he are kuch to bta mere baap!

paper chahe jitna marzi karke aaye
bahar aake ek dusre ko batien sunaye ..
ki beta pehle to tujhe kuch na aa rha rha .
aur paper me BC tu sheetien hi bhari jaa rha tha..
kya likhne me tujhe itna maza aa rha tha
ki tu likhe hi jaa rha tha aur bas likhe hi jaa rha tha..

bacha kahe .. bhaiyon ..
zara khud padhke aao ...
mere paper ko na nazar lagao ..
apne paper ko chod ke me kyu tumko btaaun ???  
kya hun mai ULLU ... ??

nahi padke aaye the tum ..
ab tumko kya mila ??


buried behind a wall of complacency
my contentment boils -- steams like pots of cleansing tea-- in the constant cold
pass the peace pipe over the bones of my enemies.
my rebellion is rooted
deep within my veins
                                       {burried under tact and sweet smiles}  but ready to return

the blood of warrior women waiting to return

runs within me- my abilities are their evolution

from the color of my eyes to my tolerance for pain-- rooted

into my skullspinesoul

in a field of dinosaur bones-

only the strong survive the cold

this ever present frost
follows me like the windigo; its return

deep in the decemberjanuaryfebuary ache of my bones
a disease malignant in the
deep r
tap-roots of elms-  etched
time like
               skeletons in the ice
tested {thawing} with every return
of this fucking season, evolving
from the lifeless bones
of trees to the wings of birds

brittle, but strong;
bundled with love(hate) protecting me from the cold

letting go, but wanting them to
fall back like
cigarette ashes in the wind

this is no place or time in my life for slow acceptance but
I find safety in the muscle bound bones
aware, lying (insomniac), waiting for someone to breathe
life into the marrow.

my love- deep, engrained, rooted
the pulse of human heat keeping me from the cold
will I ever change?

bundled against the cold, the cracking of my bones
is like the creaking of the dead trees i stare up at
with their songs of change
and the end of fears never to thaw out again
This was something I had written after a LONG spirit trip, too much Johnny Cash, and whiskey with a bit of remolding.
amidst Jeffersonian opulence
the Prez broke bread with his
GOP poker face friends
to solve government gridlock
and sequester predicament trends

citizens of the republic
hopeful for nonsense to cease
sat at the table asking

“would you pass
the biscuits please?”

Obama perused the wine list
boldly choosing a luscious Merlot
senators ordered the finest hors d'oeuvres
the guests were all aglow

numerous delectable dishes
were liberally splayed on the table
revelers sipped flowing vintages
wine a surefire icebreaker

sparkling crystal Lennox flutes
tinkled with convivial release
while America’s disenfranchised
voices ask

“would you pass
the biscuits please?”

chutney meat, curried hens and
sweet walnut rainbow trout
the table a horn a plenty
the guests gorged on fine cuisine
a blessed nations bounty

the feast consumed
the Senators sated
said it was some
of the finest ever served
but the taxpayers only
got a peak of the banquet  
a whiff of senators nerve
and asked

“would you pass
the biscuits please?”

the dessert cart was rolled in
with custards, cakes, creme brulee
cordials, cognac and VSOP tastes
rounded out the wholesome feast

when the check was presented
for payment all guests headed
for the door with haste
they told the waiter the bill of fare
was covered
by the guy asking...

“would you pass
the biscuits please?”

Music Selection:

Andre Williams:
Pass The Biscuits Please

Conor Oberst Sep 2012
There's a middle aged woman; she's dragging her feet.
She carries baskets of clothes to the laundromat
while the Mexican children kick rocks into the street;
and they laugh in a language I don't understand,
but I love them.
Why do I love them?
So the neighborhood is dimming as I smoke on the porch
and watch the people as they pass, enclosed by their cars;
on their faces just anger or disappointment.
I start wishing there was something I could offer them.
A consolation, what could I offer them?
And they are sad in their suburbs; robots water their lawn
and everything they touch gets dusted spotless,
and so they start to believe they've not touched anything at all
and the cars in the driveway only multiply.
They are lost in their houses.
I have heard them sing in the shower,
making speeches to their sister on the telephone
saying, "You come home.
Woman, you come here."
Don't stay so far away from me.
This weather has me wanting love more tangible.
Something I can hold 'cause it's getting cold.
I say, "Hold up our fists to the flame in the sky.
to block out the light that's reaching for our eyes."
'Cause it... 'cause it would blind us. Yeah, it will blind us.
Well, I've locked my actions in the grooves of routine.
So I may never be free of this apathy,
but I wait for a letter that is coming for me.
She sends me pictures of the ocean in an envelope
so there is still hope.
Yes, I can be healed.
There is someone looking for what I've concealed
in my secret drawer, in my pockets deep.
You will find the reasons I can't sleep and you will still want me.
But will you still want me? Will you still want...?
Well, I say come for the week.
You can sleep in my bed,
and pass through my life like a dream in my head.
It will... it will be easy. I will make it easy.
But all I have for the moment is a song to pass the time;
a melody to keep me from worrying.
Oh, some simple progression to keep my fingers busy,
and words that are sure to come back to me
and they'll be laughing, and they'll be laughing.
My mediocrity.
My mediocrity.
(and they'll be laughing.)
Bra-Tee Dec 2014
I'm Doper than I were 2 blunts ago...
Damn, I'm so High I should've been a pilot.
Poetry by MAN Jan 2015
As days do pass we look and seek
Our hearts have words we never speak
To our minds our hearts do tell
Who we love we love them well
To some we are mystery
Discovered in ones history
All out there like the news
Read a page then we choose
Adventure in the discovery
Pain in the recovery
Some will never read the book
Regret the chances never took
Life goes on till we're dead
Reality still moves ahead
Time moves slow and then real fast
Precious moments that we cast
Created like the finest art
Add our flavor do our part
To reach a common destiny
Cherish each others company
So much love we all waste
Don't let frustration change your face
Let it in then let it go
Release the breath of your soul
In our mind we make the turn
Learn from all the pain we earn
Gather it up create a giant fireball
Shoot it out release it all
Ashes blow in the wind
Time for this Phoenix to be reborn again
Challenge me take me to task
To love you as the moments pass
M.A.N 12-31-14 I'm trying to write longer for Slam competition material! ^_* I look forward to competing/performing this poem in the future..
Ellie Geneve Feb 2015
Stabilizing sentiments
try to control me,
but little do they know;
this too shall pass

Pass to they Rendezvous of Light,
Pangless except for us—
Who slowly for the Mystery
Which thou hast leaped across!
RAJ NANDY Jun 2015
               KHYBER PASS!
              By Raj Nandy

“When spring-time flushes the desert grass,
Our caravan wind through the Khyber Pass.
Lean are the camels but fat the frails,
Lighter the purses but heavy the bales!
As the snowbound trade of the North comes down,
To the market square of Peshawar town.”
- Rudyard Kipling (Dec1865- Jan 1936).

Those immortal lines of Kipling had enticed me,
To delve into famous Khyber’s exotic History ;
And today I narrate its wondrous story!

Steeped in adventure, bloodshed and mystery,
The Khyber remains the doorway of History!
Winston Churchill, then a young newspaper
correspondent in 18 97 had said, -
‘Each rock and hill along the pass had a story
to tell! ’
Cutting across the limestone cliffs more than
thousand feet high,
This narrow winding path of 45 km’s stretch,
Cuts through the Hindu Kush mountain range!
Forming a part of the ancient Silk Route between
Central and South Asia;
Linking Kabul with Peshawar town during those
early days of Pre-Independent India!
The area is inhabited by fierce Pashtun tribesmen,
who live by their ancient Honor Code;
They value their land and liberty, and their winding
mountain roads !
They can be the greatest of friends and deadliest
of foes;
And as the saying goes, for a friend a Pashtun
can even give up his life;
But he never forgets a wrong or when rubbed on
the wrong side !
He always avenges a wrong deed done, -
Even after decades, through his sons!
The indigenous tribes living along the pass,
Regard this area as their sole preserve!
They have levied a toll on all travelers from
the earliest days,
For their safe conduct and passage through the
Khyber, - as Historians say!

At its highest point the Khyber is 3500 ft in height,
But its strategic importance can never be denied!
Around 2000 BC came the Indo-Aryan tribes
from Central Asia,
Migrating to the rich fertile plains of Ancient India!
In 326 BC, the great Alexander came through,
By bribing the local tribes to gain their favour,
To defeat King Porus on the banks of Jhelum River;
And set up his short-lived Bactrian Empire!
In 1192 AD Afghan warlord Mohammad Ghori, -
Invaded India to set up The Sultanate at Delhi!
In 1220 Genghis Khan with his Mongol hordes
came through the Khyber;
With the help of local tribesmen to plunder the
ruling Arab Empire!
In 1380 through this pass came Timur Lane,
To wreck and destroy the Delhi Sultanate!
And finally from Kabul through the Khyber path,
Came Babur to establish the Mogul Empire with
his victory at Panipath!
From 1839 till 1919, here the British had fought,
- three bloody Anglo-Afghan Wars!
And before retreating, drew the famous Durand
Line to ally fears;
But this Line is now the cause of bickering and
tribal tears!

At Jamrud Cantonment town 17 km west of
Lies the doorway to the historic Khyber!
The track passes through a breath-taking rugged
mountainous terrain, -
Through 34 tunnels, over 92 bridges, a 42 kilometer’s
of winding stretch!
A five hour’s journey at Laudi Kotal gets complete;
The line stands as a tribute to British Engineering
The legendary Khyber Rifles had guarded the
western flanks of the British Empire,
With garrisoned troops guarding this route entire! @
Since 1990 this train is run by a private enterprise, #
With local tribesmen always taking a free joy ride!
Recent Taliban attacks made Pakistan to close
the Khyber Pass,
An uneasy truce prevails, only God knows how
long it will last ?!
But with that Durand Line of 1893 demarcated,
Forty million Pashtuns today stand divided, -
Between Pakistan and Afghanistan!
With hopes, aspirations and dreams of becoming
- Raj Nandy
New Delhi .

Battle Of Panipath, April 1526, where Babur defeated numerically
superior forces of Ibrahim Lodhi; thereby establishing the Moghul
Empire in India!
On 04Nov1925, the British inaugurated the Khyber Railway to carry
troops up to Laudi Kotal on the other end, short of the Afghan border
to guard the western flanks of the British Empire!
@KHYBER RIFLES: - Raised in early1880s with HQs at Laudi Kotal,
& garrison troops manning the Forts at Ali Masjid near the
mid-way point of the Pass, and also at Fort Maud to the east of the
Khyber Pass.
KHYBER RAILWAYS: With 75 seats, a kitchenette, and two toilets;
pulled by two old Lancashire engines of 1920 vintage! It cuts across
Peshwar Airport under Air Traffic Control! It was stopped in 1982, as
economically not viable! Started again by a Private Enterprise
in 1990, in collaboration with the Pak Railway! After the Partition of
India in 1947, the Khyber is under the Federal Administered Tribal
Area of Pakistan! A difficult and a volatile region to govern! The
Khyber now remains closed due political reasons! Thanks for
Showman Jul 2013
Right by the house with the samurai wearing the green swim goggles.
You passed out
Right by Beach Ave
Happened three weeks ago today.
Your still wearing the hospital bracelet.
Let’s revolutionize the ethereal butchered up remaining bits of intergalactic attack.
Both victims to the same tyrant.

Incessant and volatile death,
those who never were
didactic masters for themselves
turn to speak;
no words remain.
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