My moon drips silver;
Gliding from its craters, flown
Across galaxies

Alien beings
Stare at its state; leaking a
Peak at what it is

But the moon's just the
Moon to us; nothing more than
A dab to the sky

How I wonder the
Way y'all see it tonight; can
You find the beauty?*

~Or is it just the moon?~
I feel sometimes I underappreciated things I never really seem to think are so incredible...
All feedback is welcome :)
OC Jul 30
Soon I will forget
and soon after
I will forget even remembering
For the world is several
times my size
imprinting its pieces in me
as fading images
The raindrops that pool to a puddle
forget how they once were an ocean
and the tree trunk loses sight of
its humble stem origin
Just like those
I’ll forget in a while
what was once
where I head
who am I
piece by piece
past and future break from the
knowing nothing but grief
and not knowing
for what
Sorry for the lame translation. Proper English just could not capture what I was aiming for.
i often think,
of empty grocery store aisles,
dusk in summer,
the home i grew up in,
tea leaves,
and sugar,
and cigarettes,
and you –
forever an anomaly,
a notion at best.

Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
She's so sweet snd tender
I'm so glad I met her
And when it's all over
I won't forget her

She sends me to rapture
She's so hard to capture
Bohemian stature
So go up and ask her

Can you find me a reason?
Through changing seasons
Through love and treason
When I'm hot and freezing

She's so fine to gaze on
She's got life to take on
Even when she does wrong
She still sounds like a sweet song

She's so sweet and tender
I'm so glad I met her
And now that it's over
I won't forget her
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
Deadbeat street heat
Dust on the window
Like the dead of night
Screaming like a crow
I didn't mean to fall down
But that's what happens when you move
And as long as you're around
Can you help me keep the groove?

In the storm, keep me warm
Under blankets or your arms
Tune the magic of your mind
And let me breathe in your charm
When the loneliness is killing me
And I know it's killing you
Would you mind if I rang you up,
To help me see it through?

Today is lazy, tomorrow's crazy
I won't worry until then
Because right now is where I'm in
And this dream will never end
Have you thought much about me
Since the sun rose in the West?
Because I haven't been able to keep you out
Though I haven't tried, I guess
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