JWolfeB Jul 2014
Love, well love is like a good cup of coffee

We all want to drink it without getting burnt
LN Apr 2014
We're candles that want to burn bright
and wouldn't mind dwindling in the flames.
- this was pretty short -
Negra Nov 2015
At the most recent party I went to
I was only warm.
The complete opposite of what I wanted to feel.
And you said warm is ideal. Right?
And I said no. Fuck the middle.
I. Want. To. Burn.
From the kind of dancing that makes your back sweat
Hips swing
From the Afro Latin beats
Whine to the Caribbean dance hall music
Naturally stepping without getting stepped on.
Screaming in unison to the lyrics of a dumb top 40's song.
Breaking my back to some nasty reggaeton
Throwin it back to the 90's classic. OW!
Gettin intimate body to body in a tasteful salsa.
Baby baby baby you make me wana holla.
I want to sweat!
But no one's dancing.
There's too much beer pong.
And I'm warm,
Only from alcohol.
I'm leaving this party.
Cat Fiske Jun 2015
I don't mind if you touch them,
but maybe she did,

I don't care anymore,
to me there just a pair of flesh,

but to her,
they're still innocent,

Mine have lost the specialness in the I want you to touch them,
Now it's met with I don't cares,

For I no longer have what she has,
those first time butterflies like i'm shy when I remove my top,

when it's the first time I show them off to you,
because they're not special anymore,

when a time in my life my brest made me happy,
were I could look in the mirror and feel good about something,

but they became nothing,
so now I look and see nothing but a black canvas of disappointment,

everytime I stare at my reflection,
every time I see my wound,

our wound,
because that's the one that everyone sees,

the rest I made are hidden just for me,
and I wish our wound was like that,

I wish I could totally remember what happened to my breast,
but all I remember was burning right over the year old scar again,

because the pain of remember hurt more then my second burn,
but the first time you were the one to burn me,

and I had hid it so well,
but there came a time where I didn't care,

and I showed it off,
battle scar? call it what you want,

if you wanna grab my tits go for it,
they have gone through worse assault,

if you wanna see them,
it's not going to mean shit to me,

and I am really sorry that thats hows it's been for me,
but it's not my fault my boobs innocence was stolen from me,

because of a prick,
with what used to look like the end of one of his cigarettes,
a boob poem, go figure......
Rafael Melendez Sep 2015
I plunged into what I thought was someplace beautiful, but I can no longer pretend. I only want to set this world on fire.
ic Mar 2014
look up
look at the sun
it shines bright
with its' all mighty power
it can blind you
and burn you
but it gives you strength
and energy
*just like you
give me.
SE Reimer Jun 2016

think again if you believe
light is but a rapid blur,
consider that the spark
that lives between
two lover-friends, is light
exchanged in slow fashion;
the slow burn of a campfire,
the sparkle of her passion,
the flicker of a candle,
whisperings of the starlight,
the way a moon beam
bends the tides,
and makes her eyes twinkle;
each my confirmation,
of light that moves
so satisfying slow,
allowing flames to ever grow
ever higher, higher,
kindling sparks into a fire,
for love that lasts
is not a spark alone...
love’s passion is a bon fire,
a sunset setting sky aglow;
an ever-building slow,
to effervescent ether;
a gently flowing kiss,
a living, colored tapestry
of drifting twilight mist;
this the speed of light...
my heart’s desire,
mirrored in my lover’s eyes.


*post script.

love at the speed of sunsets and star gazing;
evenings spent round the campfire
with only the light of the fire,
the stars and that sparkle in each other's eyes...
falling in love, all over again!
B Nov 2014
You burn bridges and take names
Playing love like its a game
You'll never be able to return
After all the bridges you've burned
You burn them trying to escape
That which is sealed in fate
I'll collect the charred scraps of wood
And build you a house for good
Maybe then you'll stop and realize
In fire, not everything dies
MaryJane Doe Jun 2014
Flames engulf
  This fragile heart
Tender burns
Leave hidden scars
Genevieve May 2014
Burn incense to block out the smell of death and self hate
 that lingers in your room
, as you sit up
 at 3am 
thinking too much
(your mind is
 never at rest)

Because the musky scent and stuffy atmosphere
, will breakdown your thinking pattern
 and leave you mellowed
 and able to sleep
 for a while…
WistfulHope Nov 2014
Why is it we cure pain with pain?

A burn with utter incineration?

A cut with mortal stabs and fatal slices?

A tear with larger rips and further shredding?

A break with complete shatter and growing fractures?

A love with a deeper, truer, more honest and raw  love?
I think I'm getting worse at this poem thing.
I've basically stopped rhyming altogether it seems,
at least to me.
Arlo Disarray Feb 2015
You hold the world inside your smile
I keep your smile in my eyes
You imprison my heart in denial
I feel at home in your lies

I hold Hell inside of my spirit
And I use my heartache to burn
The world is on fire, can you hear it?
The ashes can go in my urn

The world is on fire, and I'm laughing
I can't help but smile at the flames
As the people around me are gasping
And my selfish ways are to blame

I wait til there's nothing but ashes
And cry at this sad, empty place
My memories are gone in short flashes
And the glow is erased from my face
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
I'm a flame
Can't you see me burn?
I'm a fire
When will you ever learn?

I'm a match
Ignite me and feel me chafe;
I'm a blaze
Can't touch me and stay safe.
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