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Ashley Chapman Aug 2018
Here in the morning gloaming
my skin flaming
as I imagine red kisses
from smouldering lips!

How easily
in anticipation
you make me whimper
before with pleasure
making me simper -
each kiss
another hot coal
placed on my rawness
with searing softness.
last rainy night Apr 2018
our love was a candle
that burned out a long time ago

but the wax just melted
and did not disappear

so let's mold a new candle
from the remains that melted;
let it burn again and again
so we'll feel love
all over again

Noel Oct 2013
The Circle of the Mushroom Ring:
Apocalyptic Sanctification

Feasting I wonder when the crumble will begin?
Alas we wait with our circle like friend.
Darkness entwined the vines where I sit
This shall be a night we gnomes won't forget.

History, mystery they all fall down
The human like creatures know nothing in town
for when we feast from this beautiful ring
all us gnomes will dance and sing.

Singing of terror in shadows they fall
creeping through forests watching them all.
I feel the time it grows too near
my senses feel nothing but their unwelcome fear.

Fire to fire and dust to dust
Burn the village with pleasant disgust
Reap what you sow and scream what you plead
Ashes they fall, ashes they bleed.

Our minds are tuned with the ring of fate
We are the gods we create.
A mindless journey to tame the souls
to fill our empty heart-seeking holes.

Chanting and dancing we cheer through the streets
the wind of fire such a beautiful beat.
The cries of the children echo in flame
as I mock there howls with laughter of pain.

Steady I walk designing it all
Flooded by voices of the gnomes violent call.
Releasing the rage, spear-stick in my hand
right through the head, bold where I stand.

The village simmers but we do not
Tearing apart what we feel should rot.
The ground is no place for the blood of men
ashes to ashes amen to amend
The cravings wont stop, or my eyes will bleed.
for the fate of mankind is the mushroom ring.

-Do not forgive us for we have not sinned
We bless mother earth through our beautiful wind.-
cait-cait Apr 2018
i put my hands on your throat ;

veins pumping red
like little boats
inside the storm ,

your hands tangle around me ,
they grasp, tug, hit:
and this is a fight that
i am losing.

outside, it snows ,
and my pink skins flushes red
as you have burned me
from the inside out .

everything becomes white , when
you touch me
for the first time ,

and then i cry when you hit me .

we kiss.
he kissed me and it felt like i got hit.
Semicolon Jun 2018
You are made of stardust;
Your skin sparkles the way those stars do.
Your veins are made of the earth;
Your blood blooms flowers and leaves and trees.
Your breaths are made of the air of this planet;
You blow life into this world.
Your mouth, your lips are made of words;
You speak tales that nobody else feels.
Your eyes contain the universe in them;
They have stories to tell and stories to bury.
Your scars are made of the chronicles your life has lived;
They're constant reminders that you've felt emotions nobody has.
You are infinite.
How'd you think it's okay to burn yourself down?
Birdcaller Jul 2016
you tell me
you'd rather leave
than smell the smoke that lingers on my skin

you tell me
that i can't be happy
when all i have is nicotine and halfhearted lies

you tell me
not to play with fire
because i might burn myself to the ground

but what you don't realize
is i am a wildfire
and i want
to burn
inspired partially by Alaska Young
Nicole Alyssia Oct 2014
My heart has been engulfed
By an all consuming flame
Never mind the poison from the smoke
Nor the burning or the pain
The dancing embers of desire;
What a lovely sight to see
I choose torture from the fire
Over setting my heart free
I'd rather burn to death than live without this
His fingertips are doused in gasoline,
setting fire to everything he sees.
Each object he touches,
all the memories collected,
ash away and fall to crimes.
He's got eternal flames inside him,
and yet his eyes remain dimmed and submissive.
He's fragile and fractured,
and as his last heart string crackled,
you could see the hope unlit.
Fires and unsettling demons
are all he even seems to remember.
He might try and set his body ablaze,
to calmly dry off that crying pain,
sadly sticks and stones withhold his embers.
He won't die, but he can't learn,
the anguish manipulated to feed a burn.
His life was hanging in a balance of dry anger,
rather the deployment of washing hurt again,
he thought would dehydrate its annual return-
All feedback is welcome and appreciated!
Kaila Martin Nov 2014
This atmosphere lacks a certain kind of beauty
It's all too low, it must rise to the sky
The night is much too dark for me
I will ignite the fire, I'll bring the light

The sky is too blue, I'll turn it charcoal
The streets, they're far too serene, I'll make them sizzle
The people, too quiet, they'll soon be scorching with pain
The alley is dark, I'll make it flashing white
The wind is too calm, the ashes shall  flutter in no time
My skin, too smooth, I'll  singe it till it's rough

I'll burn this city down until the residue means something to you.
I'll make it all disappear
They'll all finally hear
They'll celebrate today, every year
The day I saved us from here.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
George Anthony May 2016
i never wanted to kiss her lips,
just hold her hand
maybe kiss her cheeks because she suited a gentler kind of treatment
something softer and more delicate, quiet;
quieter than the constant raging storms inside my stomach,
inside my mind
(never my heart)

those plump lips
she bit them raw when nervous, and they swelled
blossomed ruby as she looked at me
like she knew this wouldn't last
her eyes remained doughy and mellow
when i met her gaze.

my smile stung as it stretched the lines left by winter's bite
and split them open once more.
she brushed the blood beads away with her fingertips
with a touch so reverent that, for a moment, i thought
maybe she felt as though she were touching rosary beads instead,
and i held my breath to stop myself from chasing her
touch, and pressing her down into the mattress

unholy, chasing pleasure.
both agnostic, but she was much more pure than i;
chivalries always in mind, i wanted to preserve that.
there's always been something inside me
that presses down the animalistic urges with
a conscience caught on consideration and something akin to courtly love-
i wanted to woo her before i pursued her

but i never got further than pressing my lips to her forehead,
wrapping an arm around her shoulders.
i laced my fingers with hers but avoided tying any knots.
i am not a man to be bound,
too free-spirit, too restless, too claustrophobic;
a few months in and i was choking on the ghost of a future;
she kissed me first and i suffocated on the phantom of her hopes for us:
a future that didn't yet exist,
and i didn't want it to.
i never kissed her; i never let her kiss me again.

we tangled fingers over the duvet
the television a background noise to our unsteady breaths,
than my love for her
i enjoyed her quiet affection like one might enjoy curling into a blanket when cold and ill.
i wanted her smiles, i wanted to fill her memories with goodness
so that she never need feel hopeless, like all men are the same
so that she had something to smile about when she looked back on us;
once the bitterness of our breakup had left her mouth-
whenever that eventual end would be-
she could savour the taste of our sweet, slow-burn, love affair
and be reminded that not all love is true love, but nor is all love heart breaking

i broke her heart anyway.

nobody ever taught me how cruel kindness could be.
Lost Sep 2018
I held the flame
of a cigarette
to my arm

I closed my eyes
when I did it
But I still heard:
I sizzle when I burn

squeezed shut
my eyelids saved me
from having to stare
into the fire
as it ate up the skin
of my forearm

I melt

my flesh falls away
but mostly

I burn




further than
any cigarette
has managed
to reach
so far
CONTENT WARNING: Description of self harm
Carter Ginter Nov 2016
Get the **** out of my head
Why is it so hard to forget you
Yet all the negatives try to vanish
In an attempt to make me miss you

You were a horrible person
And I can look past what you did to me
But you hurt her too, your best friend
Who does that?
How can one guy convince you to drop your best friend
When I couldn't even get you to ignore the toxic ones

I hear he's controlling now
That's cute
I hope you enjoy how he ***** you
Cause that's all you care about you heartless *****

You left me cause I refused to beat you in bed
Cause I couldn't satisfy your fantasies
Well I hope you realize that
Your addiction will destroy your life
If somehow it hasn't already

You dropped out of college and now you're living on your own
I knew you wouldn't go back if you left
But you had your own plans
Your own agenda to live your life
Trying to get whatever you want
From anyone

You didn't stay because I didn't put up with your ****
I stood up to you when no one else would
And luckily it got me out of a toxic relationship that
I didn't even realize was that bad

First love never dies
Here I am trying to justify
Why I can't get you out of my mind
No matter how hard I try
When I genuinely do not want you
Who I'm with now is so much better
She and I, we build together
Instead of me building for you
Leaving nothing to nurture myself
And you still seem to remove pieces from my wall
Threatening my progress without you
Because why would you do anything different

And I try to remind myself that
You cheated on me
And at least I can sleep
Without the raging guilt
That I hope fills your lungs
And chokes you in your sleep
mc ish Jan 15
it fills me with warmth
i don’t remember feeling
ever since you left.
Colten Sorrells Nov 2016
she came and saved me from myself
and when she dared to ask for help
I left her in the flames to burn
'cos I knew i'm no good for her


You're the best person I'll ever know
Spenser Bennett Aug 2016
I want my eyes to explode
And the colors to wash
The sky in pure gold
And burn down red
Ruby seas
Like you
Yet warring
Like twin starlings
Fighting for the love
Of all of existence
Turning forever, always
Alysia Marie Aug 2016
Even a flower
Can grow from something
That was once burned to ash

                                       Alysia Marie 2016 ©
We all have the potential to grow from our previous self and bring light to a moment that was once dull
Kenya83 Oct 2017
You must understand
I'm feeling this way
And struggling to translate
Through my head, and on paper

My body is more alive than it's ever known
Or being slowly tortured
I don't know

I burn from the inside out
Like a raging forest fire
I will burn until I destroy myself
Kagami Jun 2017
The source of my sorrow
Has been resurrected
Along with the memories I had buried.
Everything before you was buried,
But the burn of whiskey
Has robbed every grave I created;
Truths brought back by the
Numbness of my lips and
Willingness of my neighbors ears.
sarah Dec 2014
skin as delicate as worn out tissue paper,
i want to get ****** and write about something that matters.
if i can say one thing for certain (which is not much),
it is that i am all too familiar with loss.
not only people, things, but myself.
i start anew on the daily. feelings that come and go like spring showers.
a burnt out cigarette heart.
damage that will never allow me to taste the same.
these blue eyes are ******* sad. scars on my arms that scream i haven't seen what i want to yet.
i broke myself because i heard that's how the light gets in, but it's still so dark.
one time, i saw what it was to be unconditionally loved. a season full of cigarettes and freckled noses.
i must learn,
i am incapable of giving nor receiving.
i am a car crash, an abandoned house, a new school that will never see a child.
"tell me what is missing", i screamed in a dream where i ever loved you.
i fear i will never get over it
sara Jul 2018
It became a long
and drawn out mess.
You push me back, I'd pull you in
just to counteract the loneliness.

I don't really want you,
I'll confess.
I just want things that I'm not meant to;
the feel of forbidden sweetness.

I will wear a little less,
each time you say no more;
just as you feel like you forget,
you'll smell the smoke beneath your door.
Sorry if this offends anyone?
SG Rose May 2014
Strike me as you would a match,
against the surfaces of your skin.
Not once, but many times
Until we catch fire.
chichee Dec 2018
Sometimes when I
light a cigarette,
I dream of the embers
burning down the line.
My fingers,
my whole body,
going up in smoke too.
The image hit me like a hurricane at night. Something short.
r May 1
There’s a 55 gallon drum
in my yard beside the deck
half full of empty bottles
black ashes from burned poems
worthless words, regrets, bad
checks, the busted up scorched
bridge of Kurt Cobain’s Martin D-18E
half finished lyrics, melted Nirvana
vinyls, suicide notes charred and scared
every-bit as sincere as when written.
harlee kae Jun 2014
i wish i could burn through
my heart like i burn through
my arm because then maybe
i wouldnt have to feel the way
you betrayed me

tomorrow is the day i break
my own heart by telling you
that we are over because i
simply cant take the way
you **** me anymore
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