ShamusDeyo Sep 2014
I saw a Man both Lean and Hard,
Who smiled at me with warm regard.
As I notice the Bulge within his jeans,
I stretch out my hand. to stroke his seams.
And see the Size of his Manhood Rise,
From Soft Flesh, before my eyes.
Then Kissing the Now Swollen Tip,
As it Slides between my trembling Lips.
Engulfed within, my Lips Now Part,
I feel the Beating of his Heart.
His sighs give rise to other tones
As I Hear the coming of His Moans
And he Collapses, Having Spent
His sweet Manhood now Content.
JMF '98
All the Work here is licensed under the Name
®SilverSilkenTongue and the © Property of J.Flack
Kim Santiago Feb 2015
Welcome to society,
We hope you enjoy your stay,
And please feel free to be yourself,
As long as it's in the right way.

Make sure you love your body,
Not to much or we'll tear your down,
We'll bully you for smiling,
And then wonder why you frown.

We'll tell you that you're worthless,
That you shouldn't make a sound,
And then cry with all the others,
As you're buried in the ground.

You can fall in love with anyone,
As long as it's who we choose,
And we'll let you have your opinions,
But please shape them to our views.

Welcome to society,
We promise that we won't deceive,
And one more rule now that you are here,
There's no way that you can leave.
La Mer Oct 2014
You shed light onto my darkness,
the only shimmering light,  illuminating from a fish tank..

A face lit up in washed-out waters
with his notebook-empty-blues I'd like to thank

Persuasive and endearing,
a warm heart is heating mine.
I can feel the beat illuminating from a fish tank,
kept cold but inevitably shines.
Emmy Apr 2014
Her heart was warm
Knifed cuts bled shivering blood outside in
But her heart whispered screams warm.
Your fingertips warm, softly etched words in a language unknown
Confusion sat upon a throne and ordered darkness her heart a home
Yet her heart fought on, still warm.
Seasons blurred by in sunsets warm, her hands may have been cold
Her story silently untold as fury shook her hands
But her heart was always warm.
Coldness hid the light of a muddy warm
Tangled words told and mangled thoughts sliced skin
Morose shadows truth and her heart is still warm.
Forgiveness feels sunshine fall lightly on two worlds making it warm
Your fingertips no longer touch her heart
But sit quietly upon her fingertips, palm to palm
Her hands are warm.
Frank Ruland Dec 2014
Simply said; I'm soft for you
Out of sight, but in my mind,
For I adore the things you do
T**hinking of what we may find
Feeling soft
September Oct 2013
The switch is welcomed
with arms open
like a soldier's homecoming.

It's not love,
but it's
certainly not hate.
and it is exactly what i need right now.
Phoenix Wilkins Jun 2014
That is what I feel lying beside you
You breath out and I breath in
As soft city lights filter through the curtains
We lay in silence arms and legs draped lightly on one another
As we drift slowly we begin to melt into one beautifully beating heart
In this moment we are perfect
We are not meager human souls that are earnest and unsettling
We are simply souls who know where we belong
Souls that settle into each other without having to struggle to fit
We are a melting mixture of overwhelming warmth
This is love at its finest
Jed Nov 2012
I'm homesick for warm sunshine
here come the spins
and the feeling of a face going pale
tired of staying in

I'm seasick for warm sunshine
don't rock the boat
there is a chance that I'll go overboard
cold without a coat

I'm homesick for warm sunshine
Seen the sea,
swore the snow to flee
and saw what it has done to me
Elise Law Aug 2014
To be hugged by someone you love,
Is not a simple matter.

The first hug was shy and awkward,
But the second hug was warm and complete.

The heat radiating from him on a cold winter's day,
Warms me up.

His arms circling around me,
It feels like home.

It is like we are meant to be,
As we fit completely with each other.

I feel safe in his arms,
Like he is protecting me from the outside world.

I can tell that every hug I get from him is full of love,
As I also put all my love into my hugs.

One hug can make you feel special and happy,
So treasure that hug and do not forget.
If you have read my other poem 'Hugs', you will know that it was very simple. This one has more of a meaning to it.
The hugs from this special person are wonderful!
Enjoy :)
Pinkbun17 Oct 2016
The warmth of its glow slowly follows
Sleepy birds start their wondrous chirps
The sweet morning rises with clean fresh water
Morning with this sunrise shall
become a day of pure bliss
I dislike this old poem of mine, but hey at least it is cheerful.  Written 5/21/10
Zainab Attari May 2014
Colourful and soft
Hearts, stars and polka dot
Pull me on when it turns cold
Entangle me, don’t fold

Woollen, netted or cotton
Worn at the bottom
Warm, cosy and neat
That’s how I keep your feet

I am always in two’s
You can wear me with shoes
Wear me wherever you like to
But take me off when you enter the loo

Please don’t get me wet
Even I stink when I sweat
Don’t misplace my twin
It will break my heart and that’s a sin

I won't  let your feet turn cold
I will be there when you are old
I am comfort, I am the best
Used in north, south, east and west.

I am stretchy, I am a sock
I ease your feet for a run or walk
If I take the back seat
Numb, tanned and torn feet.

So pay my parents well
Don’t let your feet swell
I promise to serve you
I know you need me too.

-Zainab Attari
Adel May 2014
just like a shooting star across the sky
just like a sunshine peeks behind the green leaves
with its rays and bright lights all over my dull eyes
just like a warm coffee in a rainy days
just like the pigeons that fly happily on the big blue sky
my world stops when you smile at me
and the time stands still when you look at me
and i'm so over with inks
and papers
and words
because you are too beautiful to describe
and my love for you can't be contained in thousand words.
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