Rockie Oct 2014
He watched,
She waited,
For the world to say,
'No more wars today'
But that will never happen,
And so,
He carried on watching,
And she carried on waiting.
AlluringEnigma Sep 2015
I am waiting
you will
inside my
I am waiting
to take
a cup
of tea
with me
I am waiting
When you will say
I love you
///:thinking of you as ;  am gonna be out of control
looking as; my eyes will gonna to be blind
Kenshō Aug 2015
Among'st a non-judging expanse,
Creative clouds dance.

Through fields one might prance,
Find a tree and sit
Or take a different stance.

See it fully or just give a glance~

The clouds, they form in multiplicities,
Reflecting simplicity;
Expanding creative form explicitly.

What'll it be?
How'll it grow?

Beautiful sky of freedom's form,
Modify your figure and break the norm.
Show me what never dies and is forever born~!

And reveal to us in time what is on the inside,
Usually hidden when worn.

I saw this in the clouds today, when I was bored..
Ron Tranmer Nov 2011
You never know when someone

just might be watching you.

The little things you say,

and the little things you do.

Perhaps a pure sweet child,
or someone that you love.
Or someone who respects you,
or God, watching from above.

There never is a single time
you’re completely out of sight.
It may not matter how you live,
But then again…it might!
i like to watch the dophins swimming in the sea
playing having fun as happy as can be
leaping in the air beneath the sky so blue
doing lots tricks like the dolpins do.

with there smiley face smiling all day long
standing on there tail  very big and strong
there such a lovely creature bring delight to me
and to watch the dolphins is where i long to be.
i like to watch the dolphins swimming in the sea
living in the ocean with a lifes thats free
jumping up and down swimming in the sun
making life seem happy having lots of fun
standing on there tails standing way up high
skimming on the water as they go passing by
bringing lots of happiness for all the world to see
this creature thats so beautiful brings a smile to me
i love to watch the reindeer  playing in the snow
antlers seem to glisten there eyes they seem to glow
with there heads held high having lots of fun
rubbing heads together in the winter sun
a beast with so much beauty running in the wild
i just love to watch this mother natures child
i like to  watch giraffes with there head  up in the sky
chewing on the trees standing oh so high
they have big long legs that make them very tall
with a big long neck to look over any wall
they have a lovely face has handsome as can be
every time i see them brings happiness to me
such a lovely creature  taller than the rest
watching the giraffe is what i love the best
i like to watch the dolphins its my favourite thing
such a lovely creature oh what joy they bring
leaping through the air high in to the sky
such a sight to see as they go flying bye.

with there smiley face as friendly as can be
swiming in the ocean roaming wild and free.
mother natures child and master of the sea
just to watch the dolphins means so much to me.
Toni Sep 2014
I walk with my head down
trying not to be seen
But I can feel them staring
their eyes boring into the back of my head
as I continue down the empty street
Peter Balkus Oct 2015
He's watching porn not because
he's a dirty little man, no.
He's watching porn because there's nothing else to watch.
Fed up with bad news tv, with watching people teaching other people
how to kill, how to destroy.
Fed up with soap operas, and scripted crybabies world,
with actress's plastic nose
with crying over a loss of the fake love.
Fed up with Hollywood superproductions,
with violence, with shotguns noise
and James Bond-like action,
animal planet, human planet, just a different name
for a same show.

Blind, betrayed and bored, he's watching porn,
he has to watch something, like us all,
even if there's nothing to watch.
He's not dirty little man, no,
it's a dirty little world
he was tricked into, like us all,
world he owns,
while watching porn.
Frank Ruland Oct 2014
Good--I'm glad I have your attention.
Look, I don't have much time
before those nut-hoarding bastards
discover my secret contentions!
The furry devils want what's yours and mine
and won't stop until we're captured!
Some people think I'm lost my mind
but I think I can trust you with my words.
As I speak, those tree scurrying devils
spy upon all us of from behind!
Some fools think I'm absurd,
but in their pompous accusations I revel!
The heathens aren't just burying nuts--
no, food storage isn't what this is about.
They get what they need from bird feeders.
They've finally gathered enough guts
to plant listening devices all around,
while they listen inside oaks and cedars.
They want to take over the human race
and steal our resources for their own use.
The cretins are smarter than you think!
They feel scorned by the genocide taken place--
rendering them roadkill--flattening their faces!
We run them over; drive them to the brink,
and for this they wish to make us pay.
Please, heed my warnings and prepare
for a war unlike any you have ever seen!
There is carnage coming this way,
to be dealt by tiny, fuzzy hands, but don't despair.
It's not too late to stop their regime!
I am watching,
watching here
alone tonight,
watching as
The clouds float
by, and the night
goes whispering

Watching you, asleep tonight.
I write this in a room of sleepers, and I cannot help but wonder, what they dream, this fine tonight.
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