writerReader Feb 2015
i watched you turn to dust
saying nothing
my eyes screamed for you
Amanda 2d
I watch our love go up in flames
Feel my soul catch fire too
Summer reminds of happier days
The face I once knew

Distance is dangerous wind
Fanning flames, vacant of your smile each day
Your heart so numb you cannot feel the burn
Hear it beat even miles away

Patience the quality I lack
Forget to give my feelings time
So these hasty decisions catch up
When it's too late to change my mind

In forgotten days when your heart was better
Pleasant, simple, and unaware
Friendship quietly develops rust
Photographs more than eyes can bear

Broken glass, shattered hearts
It has all lead to this dead end
Perfectly synced self-destruction
Beautifully orchestrated lies descend

Peeking through darkness, cartwheeling midair
No stars left in our sky
The night alive with melancholy
Sorrowful birdsong in gusts low and high

My heart suspended in tragic beauty
Soul dies a little more every day
Waiting for eyelids to finally open to the light
Radiating from the glow of flames guiding the way
I swear I'd burn the city down to show you the light
JK Cabresos May 2015
We were lying down on the grass,
watching the beauty of the sky;
she had her eyes on the stars,
but I had my eyes on my world.
I see you watching somebody else.
What are you wanting? I'd really like to help.

Call it whatever you want,
You will not be ignored!
You say their ways are blunt,
They cut you like a sword!

Would you be wanting more?
Would you be wanting more?

I see you hurting, hear you silent screams.
Well done pretending- now wake up from your dream.

Come face reality:
Embrace your insanity!
This is not a nightmare,
It's just the true world that you fear.

Oh, won't you live until you die?
Naturally, not suicide!

You deserve life.

I see you loving though so many hate
You are still giving, though they steal, they take
Your mind, your heart
They rip you apart
You are climbing,
Reaching for the stars
You're healing and still sore,

A letter from myself to myself
J Klein 7d

below these temples of glass and rock
wax statues tarry in the streets
while nouveau riche and fancy flock
perch high upon their pixel seats
to watch the wax melt in the heat
watch the wax melt in the heat

English Jam Jun 14
The air is perfumed with fresh rosemary's
And the wild springs with lush berries
Their presence colours the nursery with a sweet loom
It bleeds into the forecast for tomorrow's gloom
Nostalgia hits hard, heartbreaking and eerie
For a day when I wasn't paranoid and weary
Well, I'll be down by the Brighton pier
Watching birds float past in lonely fear
I'd love to turn away

The pristine sun shines like Hades
The outside scent is yellow, maybe
Little daises laugh in the foreground
Gardens sow a loving sound
Once I could see hope in the trees
And the love that whispered on the breeze
Now the trees foreshadow longing
And the gale howls with wronging
I'd love to turn away

The intimacy in my yellow tinted flowers seems to have faded
And the soft orchards have been invaded
My words burnt in a smouldering pile of dust
And steaming with the heat of my lust
I told a crowd I had something to say
But the people turned away
patty m Dec 2014
Wool-gatherers work
while worry worms
whisper wraith-like warnings.
Whitchery's wellspring weaves webs
welcoming wildness when
wolfishness wheedles wantonly

Wildness warrants wrath
when worship wards-off wicked whims,
weakening will with waffled words

Who's watching, waiting, weeping,
weathered white when
Wednesday's weighty willfulness

Wounded woman,
we'll walk westward,
winding wave-like
within white-gold wildwood
whispering wintergreen wishes.
Wake-up, why withdraw,
when words well-intentioned wound?
Willows weep, wisteria wrapped
with wild-oak watching woodenly.
Wallflower what wondrous whirling warbles within,  
without, winding wayward winging.
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