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jane taylor May 2016
age old wisdom
silently watches
patiently calling
waiting until
i am ready
to hear

I'm watching my every single step
I'm careful not to stumble and fall
One stone on the road
could lead to a landslide
And one broken bone
could ruin it all
I'm watching my every single move
I'm careful not to scare you away
The faintest blow
could lead to a hurricane
And one wrong word
could be the last thing I say.
I never knew where I had you.
Umi Jul 2018
To my mortal enemy,
All lies and delusions you have carried so far are all but for nothing,
Deceiving you took from me what was a part of my fading heart once.
You are the only one I will never forgive, not until the night has been swallowed by the abyss and the sun is no longer rising in this hell.
What was the purpose of your selfish doing ? Was it greed or lust ?
Purified from all emotions but fury, I will let this fire rampage forever
The soul resented by life, creeps around in the somber fields,
Can you see it ? Of course your ignorant eyes haven't grasped the single truth yet, you cannot see anything, so keep wandering blindly,
Aimless and with displeasure we shall meet in the distorted dark,
I got even rid of the love in my chest, so that I may awaken as who I am now..if by chance I were to forgive you, could I be myself again ?
No! I don't want you to rest in your deepest sleep, I will show you the same nightmares until your dried tears turn into elusive blood.
George your amusement and be ruined, someday you will repay,
So be as it may, my courtesy must remain, I offer you my darkest passion, until you reveal that sweet soul of yours that dies.
Hey, are you watching ?

Yours truly,
Pure Furies

~ Umi
writerReader Feb 2015
i watched you turn to dust
saying nothing
my eyes screamed for you
grace Mar 2018
I cry too much.
It doesn't feel good anymore either.

Silence is when
i can hear my thoughts too clearly
or too loudly
sadness is when
its hard to see the beauty in things

Sunlight escapes me.
A girl held my hand until the moon pushed the sun away and darkness finally defeated light.
do you ever feel like you're in a bubble? I just need someone to talk to
Philipa James Feb 23
Cradle me in your arms
Surround me with your love
Stay with me a while
Watching stars appear above
Let the moonlight reflect
In yours eyes so loving and true
For here on this night
All I need is love from you
lowkeymorns Nov 2018
I sit watching with a lifeless gaze I see only the thoughts that grip my mind all an effect of words said.
Not the words spoken out loud but the words stringed into answered questions. Questions I have yet to ask and will never ask.

I see visions of what if's and what will, I see images depicting years of the most likely outcome influence by years of observation. i see them fall in place like falling leafs from a tree. A tree whos roots grew from insecurities of being nothing more then a seed.

I see not love stories nor happy ever afters but that timeless story life has forever told, the story of Truth.
I see a play of the willful becoming those who lack the will.

I see the stage set with actors holding back their desires fighting their inhibitions till the clock ticks hitting that split-second.
Release the lights!
Let the water run and split  the bar on the gate that is life.

I see the mind of those so many who jump ship in this flood, simply to drown in their waters. their last breath a regret! As They sink in their sea of pain calling out no name only asking who do I blame?
The waves washing over with no sway as if to whisper but one name.

I watch the outcome of this play day after day reeping my mind like the sun seeks the shade. it's fear, fear of loss and Fear To Love, it's of failing and failing to try, all the hellos and goodbyes. it's the moments and memories of with and without, its my thoughts and my doubts, it's no life with. And its a life going out.
I wrote this off of how I was feeling, the meaning behind it is how ever the reader interpreted it
J J Oct 9
sun fades to dawn;
sky blushed,cerise to maude
I'd love to live a day
in your mind, I'd stay
              starstruck in the mirror

but there is nothing here to reflect,
  only our eyes to record. Your teeth dissect
apple slices and shape a smile.
I love your eyes, I love how they forecast the sky

   wavering,blossoming in slow motion
and carving a sleekit masterpiece that parodies the ocean.

I could stay like this forever, imbued in
     beautiful silence, your beautiful presence;
I've no hesitance to let the time float by
   around us, by your side I feel safer than ever.
Ken Pepiton Oct 2018
It's beautiful, no gauge for perfection,

no scale of 1 to 10,

It coulda been better,
if I coulda seen it with you

in the best years of my life.

It's still, beautiful.
This has pictures at, add some slow acoustic plain folk music in the back ground, and weep a lonely tear with all the lonely people, wherever they come from.
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