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writerReader Feb 2015
i watched you turn to dust
saying nothing
my eyes screamed for you
Umi Jul 14
To my mortal enemy,
All lies and delusions you have carried so far are all but for nothing,
Deceiving you took from me what was a part of my fading heart once.
You are the only one I will never forgive, not until the night has been swallowed by the abyss and the sun is no longer rising in this ****.
What was the purpose of your selfish doing ? Was it greed or **** ?
Purified from all emotions but fury, I will let this fire rampage forever
The soul resented by life, creeps around in the somber fields,
Can you see it ? Of course your ignorant eyes haven't grasped the single truth yet, you cannot see anything, so keep wandering blindly,
Aimless and with displeasure we shall meet in the distorted dark,
I got even rid of the love in my chest, so that I may awaken as who I am now..if by chance I were to forgive you, could I be myself again ?
No! I don't want you to rest in your deepest sleep, I will show you the same nightmares until your dried tears turn into elusive blood.
George your amusement and be ruined, someday you will repay,
So be as it may, my courtesy must remain, I offer you my darkest passion, until you reveal that sweet soul of yours that dies.
Hey, are you watching ?

Yours truly,
Pure Furies

~ Umi
Some really beautiful sounds
Come out of that peculiar human.
Wearing so many hats
Would be a little much, for some
But just one couldn’t do them justice.

It’s like watching the inner workings
Of a cuckoo clock
Spill out in a wave of creative chaos
Attacking the senses with the whimsical folly
Of a being in constant motion.

Every infinitesimal thought
They see with such resolute clarity.
It’s no wonder they cannot stop their spirit
However unintentionally,
That *** is at full capacity,
And the dial is stuck on full blast.
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