AmateurPoet Apr 2015
Wisps of cold wrap around me, strangling the warmth
Grasping hold of my feet, and is a strange sort
Of coldness this is, it’s abnormal
It is full of need and listlessness, definitely not normal
I am pulled closer to Death
His grasps my hand and leads me down the path
Poetictunes Dec 2015
My city is cold,
The people are cold.
The weather is cold too.
But, when the seasons change,
The city will no longer remain cold,
But, the people will.
Jude M Salazar Nov 2014
It's around midnight
My feet kiss the cold, hard floor
I should have worn socks
Jade Sep 2015
By the bus stop
By the lake
By the curb beside my leg
In the sun
Or in the rain
In the cold
I'm shivering in
Wait wait wait wait
Waiting for the falling rain
In a drought has never been
I am atoning for my sin
Wait wait wait wait
Waiting for the flowers to bloom
In a winter storm has never been
I am barely holding it in
Wait wait wait wait
For the love of god
My soul to take
I cannot run from my fate
If it is to waste away while I wait
River Scott Feb 2015
I hate the cold

Because I am naturally cold
And I never feel safe
Outside of heat
And the best heat

Is in your arms.

This is kinda crappy I dunno.
Natalie Neo Oct 2014
I caught a cold
from your words.

So chilled.
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Laying in the darkness

Pitch black surrounds

Can't wake up     I'm cold!!
spacequeen Jun 2013
Time keeps slipping away.
And we watch it fall into the abyss.
Forever lost.
So we think.

The silence is here now.
Have we hit our target?
Not yet.

My insanity keeps me awake at night.
Insomnia seems so routine.

Where dreams become just fragments of memories…

The streets are still hot from the summer’s day.
And I can’t help but still feel so cold.
Sa May 2015
Four seasons,
only winter he loved,
he let the coldness
caged in his heart
set free,
disguised as
the cold December winds.
Chuck Feb 2015
Her chill
Sends tears down my cheeks
Like a cataract over a hill

Her snow
Slaps my face
Like a pimp slaps a hoe

Her ice
Makes me slip
Like an alcoholic's vice
Chuck Feb 2014
Smashing the ice with a sledge hammer is exhausting
Pounding, sweating, blisters pulsating
Slowly chipping away at the vastness of frozen emotions
Yet, the ice is formidable from months of winter

Forced to recalculate, to innovate, to anticipate
Salt has the ability to melt ice into tears of joy
Unless the salt solvates in open wounds

Progress freezes until nature's spring decides
The sun is enlightened enough to slowly
Allow thawing in his Mother's time
Vanessa S Dec 2014
Your heart will be cold forever
no words no gifts no experiences could change that
cold blood just runs through your veins
Lily Mae Jan 2011
I remember us laughing
spending the day together
you blushed
so did I...

The following day
you laughed at me
and told me after
you went and fucked
your girlfriend all night...

I'm glad I could help you out...

That's the day my heart went cold...
"You" Playing with the hearts of many...
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