September Rose Nov 2017
My soul has started to rot
Charred black by the flame of heartbreak
Cold as the night you left
I don't think I'm breathing anymore
The feeling of dread carried in with the wind through every open window
Every shadow whispers your name
I feel myself fading as fast as you left
I don't feel the drive and passion anymore
My happy place has crumbled to dust, broken fragments of reality
The air I breath poisons my lungs as I fall faster and faster into the hellish hole that appears on every path
My heart as empty as the canyons that used to make me feel free
My breath as cold as the pouring rain that used to send me to sleep
My soul as rotten as the core of the witches apple
The witch that has cursed me
Cursed me with the boulders I carry on my shoulders
Cursed me to lie when I say I'm fine
Truly and honestly made for poetry not of reality
joshua ryan camp Apr 2017
i hope for forgiveness
for thinking you've heard
"your eyes read like sonnets
and i so love the words"
one too many times, like there's a limit
to my revelation of your beauty
you look more lovely, i implore
today than any day before
and evermore

i don't know when my heart ran cold
and tenderness receded
the day and place my hardened soul
had all your warmth defeated
but i do know it is deep-rooted
followed by a laugh so sly
as to hide the pain i inflict
from cold and glazed eyes
while yours, no longer dry
warm and welcoming
why do you put up with me?

is it because you see something
that i don't see?
a heart that beats but does not feel
a tear that wells but never falls
you see beyond my frigid glare
and sympathize with concrete walls

i have hurt you deeply
wit has been my sword
charm, my spear
this vagueness
my lasting shield

yet you have loved me and
my cold-heartedness
a cold-hearted mess
#love #lovepoetry #pain #heartbreak #depression #sadness #poems
September Rose Oct 2017
To watch one suffer
To be there as they slowly fall to the rubble
You reach out but as the tides pull in they go further and further from hope
From comfort
A never ending spiral they're falling your fingers slipping through theirs as you let them go
It isn't your fault but blood still runs
And you still remember
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