Luis Gonzalez May 2014

You say you're gonna do things, but you do the opposite.
You promise me things, but never keep them.
You promise that you won't hurt me anymore, yet you do.

All these broken promises, all my hopes crushed...

Fate will make our paths cross
But is it what I want? My future is someone else's, and soon it will be yours.

People say we are for each other, but is it truly so? A companionable silence will follow but nothing will grow. They say time will bring us love
I think not. Acceptance will grow but not of love

Love eludes me in this destiny, this cage I'm trapped in
My choices are yours, your choices are others
We are what they define us to be.
Love for us - It's nothing but an illusion
The only love we will ever have is to forever be
In love
With the idea of love.

Emily Townsend Jan 2016

Lying makes a placeholder for the inevitable truth. The lie will become the truth, as a rectangle can be squeezed back into a square.

I'm not sure
      h o w

I can
     k e e p
          this              P

Third in my series of lies...
      Self Explanatory.....
Click #mylittlelies and #mytruths to read the rest.

   And Feel

But I Don't

Fourth in my series of 'lies', click on #mylittlelies and #mytruths to read the rest.
TheExpat Jun 2014

A lie cuts both sides
A lie never hides  
To your naked heart
Guile a flying dart
A lie once employed
Leaves a gaping void
Poison soon will win
The vacuum within

Donna Bella Sep 2014

Every word you say is
every lie you will tell
I'm quite tired of your words and lies
I'm quite tired of you

MdAsadullah Nov 2014

No hands no legs
for help another lie it begs.
Alone it can go only few yards,
together their strength like house of cards.
A delicate wind of truth
and they lay in state of pity and ruth.

Grimmest Apr 2016

A beautiful sigh
A beautiful high
A beautiful voice
A beautiful choice
A beautiful light
A beautiful night
A beautiful smile
A beautiful style
A beautiful look
A beautiful brook

It's all just a beautiful lie.

Nicole Dawn May 2015

"You are pretty"
Don't lie

"You are smart"
Yeah right liar

"You are nice"
More lies?

"You're fun to talk with"
Liar liar pants on fire

"You're amazing"

Don't lie to me please..... And if you think you're not lying, don't lie to yourself
Oktoberbarn Feb 2014

Tell me how you feel

Instead of telling lies

Instead of telling half truths 

And instead of confusing me

Tell me the truth


The truth went away
And what you are left with now?
Perpetual lie

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