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A Sad Alex Sep 7
can not be found in the flesh
For as warm it may be
As soft to your fingers it is
It will lay soft and cold eventually

can not be found in gold
Yes, it never loses its luster
But many coins you need to muster
And no number will fill the gap in your soul

can not be found in others
For the laughs may distract
The facade will *****
And still you will be empty inside

ilusive as it may be
It follows you around
It never left
For within you she rest
Waiting to be awoken
And while the rest might feel great
They serve as nothing but crutches
On your own you must stand
If you are to revel
On the pleasures life offers...

To improve one self
To look on path troded
It´s essence

To know there is more
With hunger jump forth
It´s rushes

To balance the mind
With the desire of the heart
It´s key

And once held in hand
You will understand
That happiness flies like a bird
But behind she left
And the knowledge
That you can get it again...
Some say
I am a Vagabond
in my own flesh carrying a heart
desperate enough to fly with
wounded wings.
My tears look like a
wondering rain-forest filled with
white lilies and baby breath.
My words ache to write you into existence.
Who am I? I am poetry,
but you can call me a Vagabond.
Stu Harley Oct 4
a worm
slowly eat
flesh and bone
Infernally speaking, Your thoughts are blood clots when your internally leaking.Your strength is weaken. The path is gradually steepen. Their conscience Of destabilized political lies suddenly peeking. Despise white lies and be surprise of the wise look in your eyes because truth is love and love is what I’m seeking. I’m that open soul to love and take control. A bowl of happiness to mold the world. To look in my eyes is to look at the sunset apond the sea. I bring tidings among the seasons the beautiful reasons that changes the color in the leaves. The truth that believes in light over disease. Passion that brings any man to his knees. It’s the birds and bees, and I am he. Truly divine times three. The tree of life not of eve. Conceive to self deceit. To live in error is to be deceived. Believe in terror and Eternally you’ll  bleed. Plead To lies and selfishness and greed was imply. Defeat the fall of man before you die. Admitting errors clears the score and proves you wiser than before. The taste of tears is sweet and bitter when it falls from fear. The storm drives  near. Blackened clouds as light disappeares your life drowns. Pounds to grams, grams to ounces. You’re living in reverse when taking no actions. One step forward, five steps back. For ever falling into this atrophied trap
meGaThOr Jun 25
world is a fallen butchery of meats,
spreads meat over and over
gives no names,
the meats smoke lives,
rot or dies,
other meats appear,
other meats rot and dies,
the meats spread out like a butchery,
the meats move and dies,
the meats rot,
or dies from accidents,
other meats appear,
other meats dies,
the world is a butchery of meats,
as do not know where to lean,
invents policies, policies,
is space arrangement of meats,
a place, a flesh meat dies,
there would be no policies,
many meats a place of dead,

but the world of dead  meats
butcher the planet butcher dies.
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