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Cné May 2017
shadows in the morning mist
phantoms in the fog
echoes in the murky light
that bounce around the bog.

from the chasms in my mind
where darker creatures dwell.
i looked into the deep abyss
and caught a glimpse of Hell.

where winged angels fear to tread,
my dreams in twisted pose
descend with me to Hades' realm
where nothing ever grows.

except the fear i keep within
which never seems to sleep.
and this will grow in leaps and bounds
as lower down I creep.

but faith will rescue all despair.  
the morning mist will rise.
the sun will drive the demons back
to darkness where they thrive.

the angels take me in their arms
and raise me from the grave.
the darkest places close again
and trees, in breezes wave.

dark though dreams can often be,
the dawn will ever rise.
i wear faith like armor
and see through his disguise.

the Devil, ever vigilant,
invades when i am weak.
even if i'm innocent,
my fall he'll always seek.
Inspired by Traveler and Temporal Fugue
MeanAileen Oct 2017
And still...
I'd hand you my heart
on a silver platter
for you to throw at the wall
just to watch it shatter
I'm so f'n weak when it comes to him...
ryn Oct 2014
Don't deflect my insecurities
Acknowledge them for they are real
Don't brush aside my inadequacies
I can't help the way I feel

Hugging myself close, searching for reassurance
Through tear-stained glass I grief strickenly see
Seemingly I've lost my tight-rope balance
Clambering up ever so desperately

May think I'm wilful
Because I often get consumed
Don't judge me unstable
Just dormant emotions exhumed

Place a palm against my chest
Between sobs, my heart beats strong
Laying my turbid mind to rest
As I whisper me the comfort that I long

Don't be afraid of me
I know I tend to get lost
Alone in my storm swept dinghy
Susceptible to the chills of frost

I can't control, I get carried away
With the dream I'm set to pursue
I can't curb or hold myself at bay
I'm weak because I haven't got a clue...
Cné Sep 2016
A girl may fear but she is not a fright.
A girl may hurt but she is not pain.
A girl may cry but she is not weak.
A girl may fall but she is not a failure.
A girl may be down but she is not a mad.
A girl may lose but she is not a loser.
A girl may forgive but she does not forget.
A girl may be dreadful but she is not a tragedy.
A girl may want to die but she is not selfish.
A girl may feel worthless but she knows it shall pass.
A girl may be ****** but she is not Jil-flirted.
laura Jul 2018
America, she bleeds for a full week
fireworks, freedom, long sighs and holy nights
spend days with the couchless and meek
then light one up, sink between in her thick thighs

underage trickery, plastic cards
and daddies to sneak in clubs
lauv on the radio and fake love throbbing hard
forget ancient grudges, clean cars with new suds

party again, launching fire in the sky
avoid the cops and pray salvation
don't come around too soon, twilight and the sea
bug guts on my screen, drinking, repeat until the sun's return
The wolf came upon us all
to devour the wicked and the weak
he would stare into your eyes
if he sensed you were good and true
he would walk away
leave you and yours
to live another day
So when the wolf came near
I chose to stand
next to you
Skaidrum Jul 2015
It'll rain tears of sacrifice,
as the witching hour eclipses with my heartbeat.
I can see shadows that don't belong here.
They seek the throat of my poetry.
If six months stole the kiss of Jack Frost,
six months can stitch our love back together.
Thuh--hh....... thum--p...
I will die, every day,
waiting for you if I have to.

Lie?  I can.

© Copywrite Skaidrum
Carter Ginter Jan 2014
It's funny to think that you don't know
About the way I really feel
Maybe I'd even tell you
If I was given the chance to for real
You don't know how often
I contemplate to end it and say ***** fate
But I also saved that text when you called me sweet
That night I asked you on our very first date.
There's so many thoughts in my head
And you're not around to talk through anything
So I'm left alone to drive myself mad
And possibly ruin everything.
But what's there left to do now
When I'm the only one left fighting?
I want you, no, I need you to see what I feel
Because my heart can't endure this beating.
Spenser Bennett Jun 2016
A sickness we make excuses for
Is not a sickness but a love

We can never have enough
We always beg for more

And this violence is not a symptom
But the disease

When we ignore weeping pleas
As bullets and bodies flee wicked gunman

The only medicine
That can do the work

To rid us of this ill-loved curse
Is total acceptance of all our kin

So won't you join me
And give up the gun

Take up this love
Have love for the weak
Ashleigh Black Apr 2014
I can't tell if I'm sad
or lonely
or angry
or lost
because life has been
so cruel
that I fall weak at the knees
unable to withstand the weight
that it has cast upon my
breaking, brittle bones.
If I will have wrinkles,
let them be from too much smiling.

If I will have bad vision,
let it be from looking at good for too much.

If I will be starved,
let it be from me feeding you all the good I've had.

If I will have broken bones,
let them be broken because I
have taken the pain that would've gone to you.

If I will be weak,
let me be weak from being too strong.

When I will die,
let me die because I have done enough good here.
Umi Dec 2017
When everything dies an angel plays a tune
When everything leaves me is it bad to assume
That hatred is what keeps me strong ?
Though I could be wrong...
First mother then father now even my grandpa
Have all the lirycs of a forgotten song
Another day ends in defeat, another time I end up beat
Whats the point of ever even trying ?
If I would say that I am okey I would be lying
Its fine to die...we are all the same
Here hold this determinded flame...
Its all I have left....
Will someone take my hand ?
Or did my life already begin to end,
Like my father who has pathetically killed himself
A Umi who is left without any friend
Is worth nothing at all, maybe this is the right time, to take my fall
I cant take this anymore, not the blood I bled,
My vision begins to slowly turn red
Is this what is called fate ? Is this what I get ?
But we are not our past...not our fears..
Please someone rest with me...
Let me breathe and set me free,
Even if this wretched world with all its flaws might be beautiful
I don't want to be part of it anymore,
I want to rise into the heavens and soar..
I want to be free

~ Umi
girasol Jan 2
your strength means
pretending i don't matter
you tear me down with your rejection
that is not strength
strength comes from love
Call me bella Sep 2018
his magic radiates furiously
shines in the darkest places,
like my heart,
just like love.
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