My Scarlet Amora Dec 2014
There's a tight rope laid in front of me
I've been balancing for some time
Never moving just waiting
But I can wait no more
And neither can you
To fall or to walk
The decision is mine
I've been waiting for so long
For a gust of wind to blow me
To decide for me
But this is my life
And faith is for the weak
Poetic T Mar 2015
The weak will
Over run those
Who think they
Are strong
With false power.
Those who are strong,
Will lose to those
Who have strength
But not the
Intelligence to use it.

Those with intelligence
Will not be smart if
They abuse the gift
Given and find it
Taken away.
Never think we are better than any other
You spoke.

My hands were shaking.

I couldn’t respond.

I couldn’t believe what you just said.

I ignored you.

For a little while,

I ignored you.

I thought it over.

I responded.


Still ignoring the words you spoke.

You tried again.

I gave in a bit.

Maybe I made the wrong decision,

By letting you know you are my weakness.
Annie Coleman Feb 2016
You told me to hold onto a feeling
and I couldn't even do that,
What makes you think I can hold onto
the railing ?
Laney Mejias Nov 2012
i may not be strong
but every ounce of strength i have
i will use to hold you
as tightly as i can.

i may not be tall,
but i will take you higher than you have ever been
where there is no color, race, fear, or pain
and all is filled with beauty, love, and hope.

i may not have money,
but i am rich in love, and happiness, and soul
and i will share everything i have with you
each second i am by your side.

i may not have been whole,
but that was only because
i did not have my souls twin to complete me,
i had not yet found myself in you.
Cade May 2014
Am I weak?
I certainly
hope not.
Deepening Wells Dec 2014
Men so heartless ruled the earth for many years
And still today heartless and soulless men claim their hands are free of blood when it's on every inch of their body, and still they control us

Why do men so heartless hold the power with their pride?
Why do the weak have more heart than the strong and heartless?

*I have to be heartless to be strong
Have the most heart and be weak
Nothing ever changes, it just takes a new form ;-;
“Nothing new under the sun." ~Unknown
Styles Jul 2014
She had some weak spot; between her legs, in her chest,  in her mind. Others, smaller ones, all over her body; Hidden, in places she had forgotten, or never knew existed - all over the place, some of my favorite places. One by one -  we found them. I enjoyed taking my time. We didn’t fuck, that’s easy. I made our bodies come together, we didn’t have orgasm; we shared one. Don’t get me wrong, I pulled her hair, made cum there, and over there. Whispered disgusting things into her ear, while pulling her hair- went from kissing her lips, to sucking her tongue; to licking down there. Turning her on, then giving her hand, getting it done. All of that, was just, the prelude, to us becoming one...
Alex Vice Apr 2014
When I'm tired and I close my eyes,
Is when i really wake up...
Dead Lock Apr 2015
I truely hate that word
Its so weak
So absurd
You can grovel all you want about your neglect
Or you can shut the hell up
And earn some respect
Know anyone who this reminds you of?
Joann Pena Nov 2014
The cold air stabbing there skin like knives.
While it brushes agenst mine.
They shiver
I stand strong
They breath frost
And I breath fire.
Who is weak now.
Chloe Elizabeth Sep 2014
The day you said I was yours forever,
my jaw dropped

The day you changed your mind,
it was my whole body

By Chloe Elizabeth
The amateur poet Nov 2012
The essence of one's soul
Soothing, cleansing,running
Freely down the cheek
Allowing one to release feuding
Thoughts held inside.
A sign of weakness
To the outside world
Even though everyone has to sometime
Alone in the dark,
Crying to herself
As she tries to forget the pain.
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