Phoolmatee Dubay Dec 2014
dipping, soaring. swerving
with sounds of their symphony
which they could only know
I hear, I listen
I see, I believe
with so few words to say
I wish I could say more
ic Apr 2014
you hear that?
-that's the siren
of desperation you're hearing.
Archita Dec 2014
I've been listening
  Not to the sounds
      To the silence
         Not of the beauty
           Of the sadness
              And I can tell
                      It screams.
Eefs Jungmann Oct 2014
Pitter patter,
Is that the sound of the drops of rain streaming outside down my windowpane or is it in the pain I am feeling while the tears cascade down on my swollen cheeks?
I try to speak but no words come out,
The rain stops.
Pitter patter, the sound of my tears and the thudding of my heavy heart are now one.
I try to speak but no words come out.
Sorry if this is terrible, it's my first attempt at writing and uploading.
Hannah Mary Jun 2014
you hear the waves of the ocean, right?
That sound is water smashing water.

You hear the clapping of hands, right?
That sound is hands slapping together.

You hear the cries of a girl, right?
That is the sound of her heart being shattered by her virtues.

You can hear various sounds
If you just ponder
About your universe.
Not my best but I like the idea of all the different noises created in the world
Logan Humphreys Mar 2015
Of all the sounds and sights we've shared;
Singing, sunset,
Screaming, sunrise..
I loved most
The silent darkness
For even then
I couldn't mistake
Your brightness
For daylight.
Hillary Gurney Dec 2015
Standing in the corner,
Of an old Victorian house,
Only light is the candle,
Nothing else;
Only sounds is the breathing,
As I listened carefully.
Silence surrounding,
Then footsteps followed;
I quickly took a step back,
Quickly got into the corner,
My mind had been made up,
As the gun held tightly;
It's his turn to die,
To never be rewarded,
If I can't have him,
Then no one else should.
As he walked into the room,
I pointed the gun at him,
Not even shivering with fear;
But fearless and fiercely.
He had turned around,
Saw the gun,
Made no sound,
The trigger was pulled;
I smiled gleefully,
As his body hit the floor.
Impulzez Nov 2012
Beyond the butterfly feelings

In the whirlwind of our intimacy
A full option sensual desire
Distance distancing distance
All at once till we hit the climax
The zenith of pleasures and feels
Like the breakthrough of Miracles
Sounds of Soughs, ex and in hales
Hot Moments of breathlessness
Scratches of speechlessness
Mouth agape, dead-in-moments
long squeezes, short grips, sweats
Body vibrating, breath whispering
Emotions revealing, turn ons
Passions imploding, hard ons
Intense kinetic motions of kardias
Slippery shining fleshy mammalians
Till the moment of implosion: climax
That sweet ecstasy moment when
all that exists is what you feel
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
I wanted to sing
So badly, but it only
Opened my closed wounds.
Sound Of Rain Sep 2013
Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop.
The water drops make this sound;
At day time it's not as loud as it is,
At night time; mesmerizing.

With none by your side, all alone in bed;
Listening to the sounds.
Trying to understand everything, as you slowly slip away,
Into the unknown vastness of unconsciousness called "sleep."
Sound of rain at night. Beautiful.
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